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Miss Lily's

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Ackee Dip & Plantain Chips 12.00
Jerk Chicken Wings jerk marinated & grilled 11.00
Melvin's "Body Good" Salad organic raw kale, apple, radish, celery, swiss chard, walnuts, ginger-citrus vinaigrette. 12.00
Quinoa Salad corn, grilled jerk tofu, lemon vinaigrette 15.00
Fish Tacos escovitch fish, jicama 12.00
Cod Fish Fritters curry dipping sauce 9.00
Jerk Chicken Jaquitos tomatillo salsa 9.00
Jerk Grilled Corn toasted coconut, jerk mayo 5.00
Miss Lily's Hot Pepper Shrimp 13.00

West Indian Curry Vegetable Stew grilled okra, buss up shut, tamarind chutney 18.00
Jerk Salmon quinoa, roasted bok choy 25.00
Jerk Pork miss lily's signature jerk sauce, baked yams with coconut glaze, charred pineapple slaw 22.00
Steamed Bronzino tomato escovitch broth, okra, sweet peppers, chaayote 28.00
Oxtail Stew natural gravy, rice & peas 21.00
Grilled Mackerel Run Down coconut rundown sauce, charred kale, green onions 24.00
Buss Up Shut grilled shrimp, curry vegetable casserole, tamarind chutney. 23.00
Curried Goat pasture raised goat, jamaican curry, irish potatoes 24.00
Jerk Chicken slow cooked and grilled, marinated cucumber salad, rice & peas 21.00
Jamaican Sampler curry goat, oxtail stew jerk chicken, callaloo. 42.00

Sweet Plantains 5.00
Festival 5.00
Rice & Peas 5.00
Mac & Cheese Pie 6.00
Bok Choy 7.00
Callaloo 7.00
Jerk Fries 6.00

Miss Lily's Banana Cream Pudding 7.00
Home Made Rum Cake 9.00
Favourite Cake Of The Day 9.00
Mum's Olde Fashioned Toffee Pudding 8.00

Sodas 3.00
Fresh Pink Lemonade 5.00
Sorrel 6.00
Coconut Water 5.00
Ting & Pink Ting 4.00
Homemade Ginger Beer 5.00
Tea 3.00

Coconut Pancakes berries, toasted coconut, maple syrup 12.00
Brioche French Toast bananas foster topping 12.00
Fried Chicken & Waffles seasoned fried chicken, coconut waffle, maple syrup 17.00
Jerk Chicken slow cooked & grilled, cucumber salad, rice & peas 17.00
Grilled Fish Sandwich lettuce, jerk mayonnaise 12.00
Lily's Burger beef, caramelized onions, pickle, tomato, spicy sweet potato 15.00
Lily's Burger add cheese 1.50
Organic Green Salad mango, cucumber, tomato, citrus vinagrette 9.00
Organic Green Salad add jerk chicken, grilled fish. 5.00

2 Eggs Any Style served with roasted potatoes, mixed greens salad 10.00
Egg White Omelette callaloo, baked tomato, sliced avocado 12.00
Jamaican Rancheros eggs over easy, plantains, stew peas, scotch bonnet 12.00
Herb & Cheese Omelette caramelized onion, roasted potatoes, mixed greens salad. 12.00
Jerk Pork Belly Hash served with 2 fried eggs 13.00
Steak & Eggs skirt steak served with eggs any style, roasted potatoes, caramelized onions 17.00
Jamaican Breakfast ackee & saltfish, sautéed callaloo, fruit, festivals, ripe plantains 18.00
Prix Fixe $30

Brioche French Toast bananas foster topping
Coconut Pancakes shaved coconut, warm maple syrup
Ackee & Saltfish served with festivals & callaloo
Jamaican Rancheros eggs over easy, plantains, stew peas, scotch bonnet pepper
Egg White Omelette callaloo, baked tomato, sliced avocado

Grilled Jerk Corn 4.00
Roasted Potatoes 4.00
Callaloo 7.00
Festivals 5.00
Mac & Cheese 6.00
Chicken Sausage 5.00
Country Bacon 5.00
Seasonal Fruit Bowl 9.00

Coffee jamaican blue mountain coffee blend 4.00
Espresso 4.00
Cortado 5.00
Macchiato 5.00
Americano 5.00
Cappuccino 5.00
Cafe Latte 5.00
Tea english breakfast, earl grey, mint, green, chamomile, black cinnamon 3.00
Melvin's Juice Box

Sweet & Dandy apple, beet, lemon, ginger, carrot, pineapple 9.00
Body Good kale, collard greens, green chard, celery, apple, lemon, ginger 10.00
Orange Pop orange, pineapple, carrot, apple, pear 9.50
Coco Lime coconut water, lime juice, alkaline water 7.00

Hotstepper soju, spicy bloody mary, scotch bonnet pepper 12.00
Champion Bubbla lillet, rasberry, lemon, prosecco 14.00
Uptown soju, elderflower, prosecco 12.00
Sorreltini soju, elderflower, sorrel, served with candied ginger 12.00
Dutty Wine red or white wine sangria 10.00
Dutty Wine add prosecco for 2.00
One Love Bellini champagne, passion fruit purée 13.00

Orange Juice 4.00
Sorrel 6.00
Iced Tea 4.00
Sodas 3.00
Pellegrino & Acqua Panna (1 lt) 7.00
Caribbean Classics

Grilled Fish Salad 12.00
Jerk Chicken Salad 11.00
Curried Chicken white rice 13.00
Jerk Chicken rice & peas 16.00
Oxtail rice & peas 16.00
Sandwiches & Roti

Jerk Chicken Sandwich 10.00
Grilled Fish Sandwich 12.00
Curry Chicken Roti 10.00
Jerk Chicken Roti 11.00
Vegetable Roti 9.00
Body Good

Mixed Green Salad 7.00
Avocado On Spelt Toast 7.00
Body Good Salad with kale, swiss chard, apples and walnuts 10.00
Quinoa Salad with miso dressing 10.00
Famous Patties

Beef Patty 4.00
Curried Chicken Patty 4.00
Veg. Patty callaloo & potato 4.00
Special Patty Of The Day 5.00
Homemade Specialties $5

Sorrel iced ginger hibiscus tea
Organic Lemonade sweetened with agave
Strawberry Lemonade
World Famous Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mtn. Blend med 2.25 sm 2.00 lg 2.50
Cold Brew Iced all coffee locally roasted by brooklyn roasting co. 2.75
Organic Tea 2.50

Miss Lily's Jerk Corn 5.00
Grilled Jerk Tofu 4.00
Plantain 4.00
Callaloo 6.00
Rice & Peas 4.00
White Rice 3.00
Dessert $6

Cake Of The Day
Miss Lily's Banana Pudding

Ting & Pink Ting 4.00
Alkaline Water 2.00
San Pellegrino 3.00
Fresh Whole Coconut 9.00
Red Stripe no delivery 7.00
Guinness no delivery 7.00

Strawberry Riddim apple, banana, strawberry 9.00
Caribbean Coco coconut with 2-choices of fruits: strawberry, blueberry, pineapple or banana 10.00
Harry Fontabella rice milk, banana, blueberry or strawberry, granola 9.00
Rootsman coconut, kale, banana 9.00
Tuff Gong banana, blueberry or strawberry; rice, soy or almond milk 10.00
Peanut Butter & Jelly blueberry or strawberry, banana, granola, organic peanut butter; rice, soy or almond milk 10.00
Fresh Juices

Sweet & Dandy apple, beet, lemon, ginger, carrots, pineapple 9.00
Orange Pop orange, pineapple, carrot, apple, pear 9.50
Melvin's Kick organic sports drink coconut water, lemon, lime, orange, alkaline water 7.00
Organic Lemonade lemon, agave, alkaline water 5.00
Catch A Fire apple, beets, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper 9.00
Green Light kale, celery, collard greens, swiss chard, lemon, ginger 10.00
Garden Of Vegan kale, beets, collard greens, cabbage, red pepper, tomato, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper 10.00
Jamaican Green kale, apple, lemon, ginger, celery 10.00
Body Good kale, collard greens, swiss chard, celery, apple, lemon, ginger 10.00
Immunity Booster apple, beets, blueberry, ginger, carrots, vitamin c,echinacea, b-complex, banana 11.00
Rise-Up wheat grass, pineapple, apple, strawberry, banana 11.00
Simple Juice

Watermelon Juice (16oz) 7.00
Pear Juice (16oz) 7.00
Carrot Juice (16oz) 7.00
Apple Juice (16oz) 7.00
Orange Juice (16oz) 8.00
Grapefruit Juice (16oz) 8.00
Pineapple Juice (16oz) 9.00
Fresh Coconut whole coconut 9.00
Booster Shots

Wheat Grass (1oz) 2.50
Wheat Grass wheat grass with ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, lemon (2oz) 3.50
Ginger Shot ginger, apple, lemon, cayenne pepper (2oz) 3.00
Aloe Shot (2oz) 3.00
Chlorophyll Shot (2oz) 3.00
E3 Live Shot (2oz) 3.00

B-Complex 1.00
Echinacea 1.00
Wheat Grass 1.00
Protein Powder whey, vegan, gluten free, hemp 1.00
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