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Michelle's Kitchen

  • $
  • Belgian, French
  • 1614 3rd Ave, NEW YORK 10128 40.781739 -73.951844
  • (Btwn 90th & 91st St)
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  • (212) 996-0012
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Vegetarian and Salads

Arugula Salad    Small 3.50 Large 6.00
Garden Salad    Small 3.25 Large 5.00
Caesar Salad    Small 3.25 Large 5.00
Spinach Salad    Small 3.25 Large 5.00
Cucumber Tomato Salad    Half Lb. 3.25
Plum Tomato Salad    Half Lb. 3.25
Carrots and Raisin Salad    Half Lb. 3.00
String Bean Vinaigrette    Half Lb. 3.90
Heart of Palm    Half Lb. 4.50
Artichoke Hearts    Half Lb. 4.75
Tabouli Salad    Half Lb. 4.50
Hummus    Half Lb. 4.50
Baba Ganouj    Half Lb. 4.50
Black Eyed Beans    Half Lb. 3.00
Lentil Health Salad    Half Lb. 3.00
Corn Salad    Half Lb. 3.00
Wild Rice With vegetables and walnuts   Half Lb. 3.90
Fresh Fruit Salad    Half Lb. 3.00
Fusilli Salad    Half Lb. 3.00
Baked Rigatoni With sun dried tomatoes   Half Lb. 3.50
Shells with Vegetables    Half Lb. 3.00
Linguine Salad    Half Lb. 3.00
Vegetable Fettuccini    Half Lb. 3.00
Sesame Noodles    Half Lb. 3.00


French Onion     5.00
Black Bean     4.00
Cream of Broccoli     5.00
Vegetable     5.00
Tomato Basil     4.00
Chicken Noodle     4.00
New England Clam Chowder     5.00
Lobster Bisque     7.00
Gazpacho Cold     5.00
Vichyssoise Cold     5.00
Cucumber Yogurt Cold     5.00

Entrees - Chicken and Poultry

Chicken Francaise    Half Lb.  5.50
Baked Chicken Breast Stuffed With spinach   Half Lb.  5.50
Stuffed Cornish Hen With wild rice   Half Lb.  4.75
Chicken Cordon Blue    Half Lb.  5.50
Chicken Kiev    Half Lb.  5.50
Cajun Chicken    Half Lb.  5.50
Roast Herb Chicken    Half Lb.  4.00
Grilled Chicken Breast    Half Lb.  5.50
Barbecued Chicken    Half Lb.  4.00
Fried Chicken    Half Lb.  4.00
Roast Chicken    Half Lb.  4.00
Chicken Cutlet    Half Lb.  5.50
Chicken Tomato Basil    Half Lb.  5.50
Chicken Pinwheel    Half Lb.  5.50
Roast Duck L'orange    Half Lb.  5.50
Grilled Duck with Herbs    Half Lb.  5.50
Roast Turkey Whole    Half Lb.  5.00
Roast Turkey Breast    Half Lb.  6.00

Entrees - Lamb

Rack of Lamb    Half Lb. 12.00
Roast Leg of Lamb    Half Lb. 9.00

Entrees - Fish

Sauteed Shrimp with Garlic & Wine    Half Lb. 12.50
Breaded Shrimp    Half Lb. 12.50
Grilled Shrimp    Half Lb. 12.50
Shrimp Cocktail    Half Lb. 12.50
Poached Whole Salmon    Half Lb. 8.50
Baked Salmon Filet with Herbs    Half Lb. 9.75
Breaded Filet of Sole    Half Lb. 9.00
Scallops Marinara    Half Lb. 12.00

Entrees - Beef

Beef Bourguignon    Half Lb. 8.00
Beef Stroganoff    Half Lb. 8.00
Filet Mignon w/Sauteed Mushrooms    Half Lb. 16.00
Roast Beef    Half Lb. 7.00
Meat Loaf    Half Lb. 6.00
Swedish Meatballs    Half Lb. 6.00

Entrees - Veal

Veal Scaloppini    Half Lb. 13.00
Roast Veal Shoulder with Herbs    Half Lb. 10.00

Hot Pasta

Bowtie Pasta    Half Lb. 3.20
Oriental Sesame Noodle    Half Lb. 3.25
Rigatoni Marinara    Half Lb. 3.25
Angel Hair Pasta    Half Lb. 3.25
Meat Lasagna Slice    8.50
Eggplant Lasagna Slice    7.50


Lorraine    Slice 5.00 Whole Pie 22.00
Broccoli    Slice 5.00 Whole Pie 22.00
Spinach    Slice 5.00 Whole Pie 22.00
Mushroom    Slice 5.00 Whole Pie 22.00

Hors D' Oeuvers & Finger Picks

Crepes Stuffed With goat cheese & cherries   Dz 18.00
Shrimp Cocktail    Dz 18.00
Breaded Shrimp    Dz 18.00
Coconut Shrimp    Dz 18.00
Grilled Shrimp    Dz 18.00
Stuffed Mushrooms with Vegetables    Dz 12.00
Spinach Pastry    Dz 12.00
Veal Pastry    Dz 15.00
Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed With mozzarella basil   Dz 12.00
Chicken Pinwheel    Dz 15.00
Coconut Chicken    Dz 15.00
Chicken Shish Kebab With tahini sauce   Dz 15.00
Filet Mignon on Cocktail Bread With horse radish   Dz 24.00
Duck Scallions Stuffed in Puff Pastry    Dz 15.00
Alaskan Crab Cakes    Dz 18.00
New Potatoes Stuffed with Caviar    Dz 24.00
Hearts of Plam Wrapped in Smoked Salmon    Dz 15.00
Salmon Mousse Stuffed in Cucumber    Dz 12.00
Smoked Salmon on Cocktail Bread    Dz 15.00
Assorted Mini Quiches    Dz 15.00
Asparagus with Prosciutto    Dz 15.00
Brie Wrapped in Puff Pastry Wheel    34.00
Cheese Platter PP    3.00
Pate Platter PP    2.00
Crudites with Dip PP    2.00

Cocktail Party Ideas

Per person

Savoy Duck in puff pastry, coconut shrimp, cherry tomato, stuffed with mozzarella, chicken shish kebab, crudites & dips    15.75
Boardroom Salmon mousse stuffed in cucumber shrimp cocktail, brie in puff pastry, stuffed mushroom    14.75
Wine Platter Assorted cheese platter, assorted crackers, crudites & dips    6.75
Wall Street Filet mignon on cocktail bread, breaded shrimp, chicken pinwheel    13.75
Negotiator Breaded shrimp, chicken pinwheels, brie in puff pastry stuffed mushrooms, cherry tomato, stuffed w/mozzarella crudites, and dips    16.75
Executive Hearts of palm, wrapped with lox, coconut chicken, spinach pasry, breaded shrimp, crudites and dips    15.75


Chocolate Mousse Cake    Slice 3.50
German Chocolate Cake    Slice 3.50
French Country Cheese Cake    Slice 3.50
Chocolate Grand Marnier Cake    Slice 3.50
Chocolate Crunch Cheese Cake    Slice 3.50
Carrot Cake    Slice 3.50
Hazelnut Cake    Slice 3.50
Chocolate Raspberry Cake    Slice 3.50
Lemon Mousse Cake    Slice 3.50
Orange Valencia    Slice 3.50
Assorted Coffee Cake    Slice 1.75
Pecan Pie    Slice 3.00
Chocolate Pecan Pie    Slice 3.00
Apple Pie    Slice 3.00
Cherry Pie    Slice 3.00
Blueberry Pie    Slice 3.00
Key Lime Pie    Slice 3.50
Brownies Each    2.50
Assorted Mini Fruit Tarts Each    2.00
Raspberry Squares Each    2.25
Lemon Squares Each    2.50
Assorted Cookies Lb    12.00
Strudel Lb    12.00




Per person

Good Morning Orange juice, coffee, sliced fruit, bagels with cream cheese & lox assorted croissant, pastries, danishes, coffee cakes and muffins, with butter and jam    12.75
Sunshine Orange juice, coffee, bagels with cream cheese, assorted croissant, pastries, danishes, coffeecakes and muffins, with butter and jam    6.75
Soft Morning Orange juice, coffee, sliced fruit, bagels with cream cheese, assorted croissant, pastries, danishes, coffeecakes and muffins, with butter and jam    8.75
European Elegance Orange juice, coffee, smoked salmon, sliced fruit, egg & omelets to order, french toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, ham, bagels with cream cheese, assorted croissant, pastries, danishes, coffeecakesa and muffins, with butter and jam. Chef additional    16.75



Cold Luncheons

Per person

Elite Chicken pinwheels, artichoke hearts, new potato salad, garden salad, assorted french rolls    13.75
Themis Baked salmon with herbs, grilled vegetables, arugula salad, sliced fruit, assorted french rolls    17.75
Lincoln Chicken salad, w/mustard sauce, shells vinaigrette, garden salad, assorted french rolls    12.75
Dow 30, 000 Shrimp and lobster salad, sliced chicken breast, w/dill sauce, hearts of plam, fusilli salad, garden salad, assorted french rolls    24.75

Hot Luncheons

Per person

Continental Beef bourguignon, noodles, grilled vegetables, garden salad, assorted french rolls    14.75
Roosevelt Chicken francaise, roast potatoes, grilled vegetables, garden salad, assorted french rolls    14.75
Pinnacle Swedish meatballs, wild rice, string beans, plum tomato salad, assorted french rolls    14.75


Choice of sandwich, for exotic and affordable combination add one, two or three sides: Per person, Sandwich and 1 side $9.50, 2 sides $11.50, 3 sides $13.50, 4 sides $15.50. Cookies and bars $2.50, soda or minera

Brie on Baguette with Butter   
Tuna Salad with Lettuce & Tomato   
Black Forest Ham w/Lettuce & Tomato   
Grilled Vegetables with Sun Dried Tomatoes   
Roast Beef, Watercress and Boursin Cheese   
Cajun Chicken with Avocado w/Lettuce & Tomato   
Chicken Salad With dill sauce w/lettuce & tomato  
Chicken Salad With mustard sauce w/lettuce & tomato  
Smoked Turkey and Fresh Mozzarella   
Fresh Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Basil   
Grilled Chicken Roasted peppers and arugula  
Sopressata Black forest ham, swiss cheese & basil  
Prosciutto Fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers & basil  
Genoa Salami Provolone, sun dried tomatoes & basil  

Lunch Boxes

Per person

Elegant Lunch Box Fried chicken, potato salad, cucumber tomato salad, rolls, cookies    15.75
Central Park Lunch Box Sandwich, fruit salad, cookies    13.75
Business Lunch Box Chicken salad w/mustard sauce, fruit salad, shells with pesto, rolls, cookies    15.75
Empire State Lunch Box Sandwich, fruit salad, pasta salad, cookies    15.75
Quick & Easy Lunch Box Shrimp & lobster salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, garden salad, rolls, cookies    29.75


Corn Salad   
Potato Salad   
Caesar Salad   
Heart of Plam   
Arugula Salad   
Garden Salad   
Artichoke Hearts   
Shells with Pesto   
Fresh Fruit Salad   
Black Eyed Beans   
Carrot & Raisin Salad   
Shells with Vegetables   
String Bean Vinaigrette   
Cucumber Tomato Salad   
Fusilli Salad With lemon lemon & olive oil  
Wild Rice With vegetables & walnuts  
Baked Rigatoni With sun dried tomatoes  


Michelle's Kitchen
1614 3rd Ave
Btwn 90th & 91st St
(212) 996-0012
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