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Melt Bakery

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  • 132 Orchard St, New York 10002 40.71971 -73.989319
  • (Btwn Rivington & Delancey St)
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  • (646) 535-6358
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Ice Cream Sandwiches

Melt Core Flavors

Classic Ice Cream Sandwich Classic = Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies + Vanilla Ice Cream Combining high-quality ingredients and simple, quintessential flavors, our Classic ice cream sandwich is anything but basic. Another family recipe, our original sandwich combines a chocolate chip walnut cookie with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla ice cream that?ll leave your tastebuds begging for just one more bite. Now you might be wondering?why add walnuts? And you wouldn?t be the first! These little nuts make the cookies taste better, and heighten the textural experience of the sandwich itself. Even if walnuts aren?t your thing, you?ll be surprised how quickly you?ll convert once trying one of these sweet treats. Chef?s Note: ?This is made from my Mom?s cookie recipe. The ice cream is the result of testing to recreate my favorite local frozen custard in upstate New York as a kid.?    5.00
Lovelet Ice Cream Sandwich Lovelet = Red Velvet Meltcakes + Cream Cheese Ice Cream This deviously delicious treat started out as a one-time Valentine?s Day sandwich back in 2011, and quickly became a Melt signature flavor. The Lovelet combines red velvet Meltcakes with smooth cream cheese ice cream, and it?s a melt-in-your-mouth delight. These light and velvety sandwiches transcend traditional red velvet desserts, and will quickly become your new favorite. And the name Meltcake? That comes from the batter these little fluffy cakes come from! They?re not actually cookies (keep that one a secret!). Instead the two red velvet layers actually come from a tweaked red velvet cupcake recipe. This sandwich is definitely a standout in our collection for more reasons than one?you don?t want to pass up giving this treat a try. Chef?s Note: ?I?m proud of our red velvet because very often I find that red velvet has a metallic flavor from the food coloring. Ours, as our first pastry cook put it, ?tastes like food!? It seem    5.00
Morticia Ice Cream Sandwich Morticia = Crackly Chocolate Cookies + Malted Chocolate Rum Ice Cream Named after the first lady of the Addams family, our Morticia ice cream sandwich is a dark and elegant delight! Made with crackly chocolate cookies and malted chocolate rum ice cream, one bite of this rich and irresistible sandwich will leave you desperate for more. The crackly chocolate cookie tastes like the inside of a rich and creamy ice cream cake, while the malted chocolate rum ice cream is exquisite and full of deep and delicious flavor reminiscent of childhood milkshakes. Months of careful experimentation led to this perfectly balanced ice cream sandwich that puts all others to shame. Chef?s Note: ?One of my favorite ice creams I?d made in restaurants was malted chocolate rum. The malt is the star for me and reminds me of milkshakes I had as a kid, and ones I made for people at a drive-in restaurant in my hometown.?    5.00
Cinnamax Ice Cream Sandwich Cinnamax = Snickerdoodles + Cinnamon Ice Cream Mom?s snickerdoodles are the inspiration behind our delicious Cinnamax ice cream sandwich. Combining cinnamon sugar cookies and cinnamon ice cream, this nostalgic favorite will take you back to your childhood with its rich, round flavor and ?true? cinnamon taste. We only use the best ingredients - including fine Saigon cinnamon - in order to stay true to our humble roots, and our dedication is apparent once you take your first bite. Twelve months of trial and error went into crafting this signature recipe, and its mouthwatering flavor is the proof. Chef?s Note: ?I wanted to make something that expressed cinnamon very clearly, without it being a ?complementary? flavor, as it so often is. The best thing I could think to pair a cinnamon ice cream with was the Snickerdoodle, an epic cinnamon sugar cookie that I knew well and loved from childhood, and an old fave.?    5.00
Thick Mint Ice Cream Sandwich Thick Mint = Double Chocolate Cookies + Peppermint Ice Cream If you love Peppermint Patties and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, then the Thick Mint is definitely for you! Even if you?re not a mint fan, this deliciously refreshing sandwich might quickly convert you. Created during the holiday season of our very first year, this invigorating sweet treat has been a favorite ever since. It combines crisp peppermint ice cream and a rich DOUBLE chocolate cookie. Yes. You read that right?DOUBLE. Because regular old chocolate chip cookies just won?t cut it when paired with this rich and rejuvenating peppermint ice cream. The combination is a fulfilling and fresh ice cream sandwich that is as pure as it is pretty. Don?t suffer through another unsatisfying mint treat ever again! Chef?s Note: ?You?ll note that the peppermint ice cream is not green! We use only pure, food-grade peppermint essential oil to flavor this ice cream. The result is a crisp, crystal-clear peppermint flavor that?s as ref    5.00
Elvis Ice Cream Sandwich Peanut butter cookies and banana ice cream.    5.00
Big Deb Ice Cream Sandwich Chewy oatmeal cookies and vanilla ice cream.    5.00
Josh Pond Shortcake Sugar Cookies + Josh Pond Blueberry Ice Cream    5.00
Lumberjack Oatmeal Bacon Cookies + Maple Ice Cream    5.00
Evil Twin Ice Cream Sandwich Evil Twin = Chocolate Chip Cookies + Chocolate Ice Cream Everyone?s got a dark side, even our Classic ice cream sandwich! The Evil Twin is a spin on our signature flavor, but dark chocolate gives it a tasty twist. This chocolate chip cookie and chocolate ice cream combo holds a deep and dramatic flavor just lurking beneath its surface?one bite and you?re hooked! If you thought our Classic ice cream sandwich was your favorite, just you want until you try its dark and delectable evil twin! Chef?s Note: ?This is the same quality Belgian chocolate we use elsewhere, and it?s chocolatey enough to satisfy the most severe chocoholic. Our chocolate ice cream is killer!?    5.00
Lex Brown Sugar Cornmeal Cookies + Maker's Mark Bourbon Ice Cream    5.00
Knickerbocker Shortcake Sugar Cookies + Strawberry Ice Cream    5.00
Cocoa Mama Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies + Butterscotch Ice Cream    5.00
Seduction Ice Cream Sandwich Double chocolate cookies and espresso ice cream    5.00
Jack Ice Cream Sandwich Molasses cookies and pumpkin pie ice cream    5.00
Bold Salted Peanut Cookies + Brooklyn Brewery (Black Chocolate) Stout Ice Crea    5.00
Luigi Ice Cream Sandwich Chocolate Cherry Cookies + Pistachio Ice Cream    5.00
Tenny Ice Cream Sandwich Chewy Vanilla Cookies + Banana Pudding Ice Cream    5.00
Little Miss Sunshine Ice Cream Sandwich Chewy Lemon Cookies + Strawberry Ice Cream    5.00
Daniel Ice Cream Sandwich Double Chocolate Cookies + Peanut Butter Ice Cream    5.00
Downeaster Ice Cream Sandwich Brown Sugar Cornmeal Cookies + Maine Blueberry Ice Cream    5.00


Melt Bakery
132 Orchard St
Btwn Rivington & Delancey St
(646) 535-6358
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