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  • Chinese, Teahouses
  • 137-81 Northern Blvd, Flushing 11354 40.764246 -73.828467
  • (Btwn Leavitt & Union St)
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  • (718) 886-2988
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A1. Cold Jelly Fish     10.95
A2. Jelly Fish with sliced smoked meat    10.95
A3. Aromatic Beef     7.25
A4. Fried Pig's Intestine     10.95
A5. Deep Fried White Fish     9.95
A6. Crispy Fried Seafood Roll     8.95
A7. Assorted Cold Cut Platter (s)     22.00
A8. Boiled Duck Tongue with soy pepper    9.95
A9. Salt Baked Duck Tongue* with pepper    10.95
A10. House Special Sauce* with duck tongue    10.95
A11. Snails with fish sauce    10.95
A12. Sauteed Snails with black bean sauce    10.95

Special Dishes

SD1. Deep Fried Spare Ribs with flavor sesame    9.95
SD2. Fried Cream & Jumbo Shrimp with mayonnaise sauce    22.95
SD3. Fillet Steak In Barbecue Sauce     14.95
SD4. Herb & Lotus Root Mixed Vegetable Mushroom & Lotus Roots     12.95
SD5. Mushroom & Lotus Roots with jumbo shrimp & scallop    21.95
SD6. Chilean Sea Bass In Barbecue Sauce     16.95

Shark's Fin, Abalone & Sea Cucumber

SA1. Braised Superior Shark's Fin per person  
SA2. Braised Shark's Fin with crab meat (4-6 people)    65.00
SA3. Braised Shark's Fin with shredded chicken (4-6 people)    55.00
SA4. Assorted Seafood with bamboo shoots shark's fin (4-6 people)    45.00
SA5. Sliced Fresh Abalone with chinese vegetables    18.95
SA6. Abalones with sea cucumber    24.95
SA7. Braised House Shark's Fin Soup    pp 15.95


S1. Fish Maws with crab meat soup    14.95
S2. Assorted Seafood with fish maws soup    14.95
S3. West Lake Beef Soup     10.95
S4. Dried Scallops with seafood soup    14.95
S5. Minced Scallops with seafood soup    8.95
S6. Pork Mustard Greens with bean curd soup    10.95
S7. Subgum Winter Melon Soup     10.95
S8. Bean Curd Hot & Sour Soup*     9.95
S9. Mixed Vegetable & Bean Curd Soup     8.95
S10. Egg Drop Soup    pp 2.50
S11. Wonton    pp 2.50

Baked Rice

BR1. Baked Seafood Rice     7.25
BR2. Baked Cheese with grouper rice    7.00
BR3. Baked Vegetable Curry Rice     6.00
BR4. Baked with curry rice    6.25
BR5. Baked Pork Chops Rice     6.25
BR6. Baked Black Pepper Pork Chop Rice     6.25

House Special Poultry

H1. Peking Duck    half 14.95 whole 28.00
H2. Deep Fried Crispy Chicken    half 12.95
H3. Deep Fried Chicken with minced shrimp   whole 35.00
H4. Steamed Chicken with ginger & scallion    12.95
H5. Chicken with chinese green in broth    12.95
H6. House Special Squa    (1) 13.95
H7. Roasted Duck    half 12.95

Casserole & Special

C1. House Special Casserole     22.95
C2. Bamboo Pith, Squash & Mushroom Casserole     11.95
C3. Braised Fish Head Casserole     13.95
C4. Beef Tenderloin Casserole     13.95
C5. Braised Sea Cucumber & Fish Maw with veg    25.95
C6. Thai Style Clam Soup with noodle    16.95
C7. Clam House Style     13.95
C8. Goose Web & Chinese Mushroom     18.95
C9. Fish Maws & Goose Web     22.95
C10. Sea Cucumber Goose Web     22.95
C11. Frog Casserole     18.95
C12. Beef Belly with dry bean curd    12.95
C13. Lobster & Vermicelli   
C14. Seafood Bean Curd     16.95
C15. Salted Fish Diced Chicken & Bean Curd     12.95
C16. Mushroom & Duck Feet     18.95
C17. Bean Curd & Braised Filet Fish     12.95
C18. Sha Cha Beef*     12.95


SF1. Sauteed Two Lobster with ginger & scallion  
SF2. Sauteed Dungeness Crab with ginger & scallion  
SF3. Spicy Salted Two Lobster   
SF4. Spicy Salted Dungeness Crab*   
SF5. Sauteed Sliced Fresh Conch with crispy bean curd    26.95
SF6. Sauteed Fresh Conch     21.95
SF7. Sauteed Sliced Fresh Conch with squid    19.95
SF8. House Special Sauce Scallops with squid    16.95
SF9. Fresh Scallops with black pepper sauce    16.95
SF10. Dry Squid with chives    20.95
SF11. Dry Squid with pork stomach in xo sauce    22.95
SF12. House Special Sauce with sea clams    19.95
SF13. Sauteed Clams with black bean sauce    13.95
SF14. House Special Sauce with clams    14.95
SF15. House Special Sauce with dried squid    18.95
SF16. Salt Baked Sea Clams*     19.95
SF17. Jumbo Shrimp with walnuts mayonnaise sauce    18.95
SF18. Jumbo Shrimp Hong Kong Style*     18.95
SF19. Seafood In The Nest     18.95
SF20. Salt Baked Prawns* with chili (in shell)    18.95
SF21. Sauteed Jumboshrimp     18.95
SF22. Sauteed Baby Shrimp     12.95
SF23. Kung Po Shrimp with peanuts    12.95
SF24. Baby Shrimp* with garlic sauce    12.95
SF25. Jumbo Shrimp* with garlic sauce    18.95
SF26. Jumbo Shrimp with lobster sauce    18.95
SF27. Jumbo Shrimp with sweet & sour sauce    18.95
SF28. Fresh Oyster* with xo sauce (steamed)   ea 3.50
SF29. Fresh Oyster with black bean sauce (steamed)   ea 3.50
SF30. Hong Kong Style Frogs*     16.95
SF31. Frogs with chives    16.95


B1. Fillet Steak, Cantonese Style     14.95
B2. Sizzling Fillet Steak with black pepper sauce    13.95
B3. Sizzling Veal Chops with black pepper sauce    13.95
B4. Steak Kew     19.95
B5. T-Bone Steak     19.95
B6. Sliced Beef with garlic sauce    10.95
B7. Crispy Orange Flavor Beef     12.95

Over Rice Dishes

11am-4pm. After 4pm $1 Extra.

L52. Curry Beef*     4.25
L54. Curry Chicken*     4.25
L54. Braised Fish with bean curd    4.95
L55. Seafood with vegetable    6.25
L56. Chicken & Sweet Corn     4.25
L57. Beef In Egg Swirl     4.25
L58. Minced Beef with green pea    4.25
L59. Beef & Tomato     4.25
L60. Beef & Bitter Melon     4.25
L61. Pork with vegetable    4.25
L62. Shrimp & Egg Swirl     5.25
L63. Prawns with vegetable    6.25
L64. Mixed Vegetable     4.25
L65. Spicy Minced Meat & Bean Curd*     4.25
L66. Chicken with celery    4.25
L67. Beef with green peas    4.25
L68. Sliced Fish with chinese vegetable    4.95
L69. Seafood & Pork     4.95
L70. Spare Ribs with black bean sauce    4.25
L71. Peking Style Sauteed Pork Chop     4.25

Frothy Tea With Pearl Tapioca

Sm / Lg / Hot. Choice Of Pudding/Coconut Jelly.

Special Black Tea with milk    3.50  2.75  2.75
Green Tea with milk    2.75  3.50  2.75
Onion Green Tea with milk    2.95  2.95  3.75
Coconut Milk Tea     2.95  3.75  2.95
Taro Milk Tea     3.75  2.95  2.95
Tea - Coffee Mixed with milk    2.95  3.75  2.95
Almond Milk Tea     2.95  2.95  3.75
Mint - Flavored Milk Tea     2.95  3.75  2.95

Black Tea & Green Tea Series

Sm $2.75 / Lg $3.50 / Hot $2.75.

Passion Fruit Black Tea / Green Tea   
Lemon Black Tea / Green Tea   
Honey Black Tea / Green Tea   
Peach Black Tea / Green Tea   
Plum Black Tea / Green Tea   
Strawberry Black Tea / Green Tea   
Mango Black Tea / Green Tea   
Orange Black Tea / Green Tea   
Pomegranate Black Tea / Green Tea   
Mint Green Tea   


Sm / Lg

Pure Lemon Juice     4.00  3.00
Lemon Juice with honey    4.25  3.25
Orange Juice     4.00  3.00
Tonic Yolk Cocktail     4.75  3.95

Smoothies $3.75

Green Bean   
Red Bean   
Passion Fruit   
Green Plum   
Strawberry Mango   

Frappe Milk Shake $3.75

Pina Colada   

Delectable Crushed Ice $5

With Condensed Milk

Green Bean   
Red Bean   
Combo Of Three   

Mellie's Coffee

Classic Hot Coffee     1.95
Iced House Coffee     2.50
Iced Vanilla Coffee     3.00
Iced Hazelnut Coffee     3.00

Fresh Tea

Sm $2.50 / Lg $3 / Hot $2.50.

Black Tea   
Green Tea   
Oolong Green Tea    sm 2.75 lg 3.25

Aromatic Milk Tea

$3.50 / $4 / $3.50

Honey Milk Tea   
Matcha Milk Tea   
Strawberry Milk Tea   
Peach Milk Tea   
Rose Milk Tea   
Lavender Milk Tea   


Soda coke, diet coke, iced tea, ginger ale    1.50
Bottled Water     1.00

Lunch Special

11am-4pm. Come With White Rice And Soup.

L1. Chicken with mixed vegetable    5.50
L2. Sauteed String Beans with meat    5.50
L3. Chicken with cashew nuts    5.50
L4. General Tso's Chicken*     5.50
L5. Crispy Orange Chicken     5.50
L6. Chicken Curry*     5.50
L7. Beef Curry*     5.50
L8. Crispy Battered Fried Spare Ribs In Sweet & Sour Sauce     5.50
L9. Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs     5.50
L10. Pork Chop Peking Sauce     5.50
L11. Shredded Pork* with garlic sauce    5.50
L12. Beef* with garlic sauce    5.50
L13. Chicken* with garlic sauce    6.50
L14. Baby Shrimp* with garlic sauce    6.50
L15. Veal Chops* with black pepper sauce    6.50
L16. Salt & Pepper Veal Chop     6.50
L17. Beef* with hot chili pepper    5.50
L18. Beef with bitter melon    5.50
L19. Chicken with bitter melon    5.50
L20. Sweet & Sour Chicken     5.50
L21. Sesame Chicken     5.50
L22. Kung Pao Chicken     6.50
L23. Seafood with bea cud casserole    6.50
L24. Seafood with eggplant casserole    6.50
L25. Slated Fish with eggplant casserole    6.50
L26. Salted Fish with bean curd casserole    6.50
L27. Chicken Chunk Casserole     6.50
L28. Braised Fillet Fish Casserole     6.50
L29. Bean Curd with sable fish casserole    6.50
L30. Duck Feet with black mushrooms casserole    5.50
L31. Pork with reserved vegetable casserole    5.50
L32. Beef Belly with dry bean curd casserole    5.50
L33. Bitter Melon with spare rib casserole    5.50
L34. Beef & Onion with vermicelli casserole    5.50
L35. Steamed Flounder with ginger & scallion    6.50
L36. Pan Fried Flounder     6.50
L37. Preserved Vegetable Steamed Sable Fish     7.50
L38. Steamed Sable Fish with black bean sauce    7.50
L39. Seasonal Veg with fillet fish    6.50
L40. Baby Shrimp* with szechuan sauce    6.50
L41. Steamed Scallop with bean curd in black bean sauce    6.50
L42. Baby Shrimp with mixed vegetable    6.50
L43. Baby Shrimp with sweet pea    6.50
L44. Baby Shrimp with lobster sauce    6.50
L45. Squid In Brown Ox Sauce*     6.50
L46. Mined Meat with eggplant in brown sauce    6.50
L47. Sauteed Spinach     5.50
L48. Sauteed Chinese Vegetables     5.50
L49. Sauteed Chinese Broccoli     5.50
L50. Sauteed Broccoli In Garlic Sauce     5.50
L51. Chicken with broccoli    5.50


137-81 Northern Blvd
Btwn Leavitt & Union St
(718) 886-2988
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