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Mark's Pizzeria Restaurant

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Pizza, Italian
  • 326 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn NY11231 40.6788529 -74.0114849
  • (Btwn Pioneer & King St)
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  • (718) 684-9362
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Fried Calamari    9.50
Sautéed Broccoli    6.50
Sautéed Spinach    6.50
Chicken Wings (6) 5.00 (12) 10.00 (24) 20.00
French Fries    2.50
Garlic Knots   (6) 1.50
Beef Patty    2.50
Beef Patty With Cheese    2.75
Mozzarella Sticks   (5) 4.00
Coco Bread    1.25
Italian Garlic Bread    2.75
Side Order Of Meatball Parmigiana   (3) 6.00


(16oz) Cup

Chicken Noodle Soup    3.50
Minestrone Soup    3.00

Fresh Homemade Salads

House Salad lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and black olives.   5.00
Chef Salad ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.   7.00
Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and homemade croutons.   6.00
Chicken Cutlet Salad lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives and cucumbers.   7.75
Caesar Chicken Cutlet Salad romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, black olives and grated cheese.   7.75
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, black olives and grated cheese.   9.00
Grilled Chicken Salad lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives and cucumbers.   8.25
Antipasto Salad lettuce, tomatoes, ham, salami and provolone cheese.   8.50

Cold Cut Heroes

Ham & Cheese Hero lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.   6.50
Salami Hero provolone, lettuce and tomatoes.   6.50
Fresh Mozzarella Hero lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and balsamic vinegar.   6.50
Turkey Hero cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.   6.50
Chicken California Hero lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mayo.   7.00
Italian Hero ham, salami, provolone, fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.   7.50

Hot Heroes

Grilled Chicken Hero with lettuce and tomatoes.   7.50
Chicken Parmigiana Hero    7.00
Veal Parmigiana Hero    8.00
Meatball Parmigiana Hero    6.50
Shrimp Parmigiana Hero    8.00
Sausage, Peppers & Onions Parmigiana Hero    7.50
Eggplant Parmigiana Hero    6.50
Fra Diavola Chicken Hero    7.50
Peppers & Egg Hero    5.00
Potatoes & Egg Hero    5.00
Potatoes, Ham & Egg Hero    5.50
Sausage, Potatoes & Egg Hero    6.00
Ham, Sausage, Potatoes & Egg Hero    6.50

Philly Cheese Steak Heroes

Cheese Steak Hero    6.50
Cheese Steak With Onions Hero    6.75
Cheese Steak With Onions & Mushrooms Hero    7.00
Cheese Steak With Peppers, Onions & Mushrooms Hero    7.00
California Cheese Steak Hero with lettuce, tomato, onions and mayo.   7.25
Mark's Cheese Steak Hero with peppers, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.   9.00


Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap romaine lettuce, black olives and caesar dressing.   6.50
California Wrao chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and house dressing.   6.50
Red Hook Wrap grilled chicken, roasted peppers, onions and fresh mozzarella.   7.50
Spicy Chicken Wrap marinara sauce.   6.50
Chicken Parmigiana Wrap marinara sauce and mozzarella.   6.50
Buffalo Chicken Wrap chicken, bleu cheese and lettuce.   6.50
Sausage, Peppers, Onions & Mozzarella Wrap    6.50


Hamburger lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup.   4.50
Cheeseburger lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup.   5.00
Cheeseburger Deluxe with fries.   7.00
Hamburger Deluxe with fries.   6.00


Grilled Chicken Gyro lettuce, tomatoes and onions with white sauce.   5.50
Grilled Chicken Gyro Deluxe with fries.   7.25
Lamb Gyro lettuce, tomatoes and onions with white sauce.   5.00
Lamb Gyro Deluxe with fries.   7.25

Homemade Calzone

Baked Cheese Calzone ricotta and mozzarella.   4.25
Fried Cheese Calzone    4.25
Baked Cheese & Ham Calzone    5.25
Fried Ham & Cheese Calzone    5.25

Homemade Rolls

Chicken Roll    4.75
Spicy Chicken Roll    5.50
Buffalo Chicken Roll    5.50
Spinach Roll    4.75
Broccoli Roll    4.75
Eggplant Roll    4.75
Sausage, Pepper & Onion Roll    5.00

Pizza By The Slice

Regular Pie Slice    2.25
Sicilian Pie Slice    2.50
1. Supreme Pizza Slice fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, basil and parmesan cheese.   2.75
2. White Pie Pizza Slice no red sauce. ricotta and mozzarella.   3.00
3. Chicken Cutlet Pie Slice    3.25
4. Chicken Cutlet & Broccoli Pie Slice    3.75
5. Buffalo Pie Slice grilled chicken, mozzarella, frank`s hot sauce and bleu cheese.   3.25
6. BBQ Chicken Pie Slice grilled chicken marinated in bbq sauce.   3.25
7. Philly Cheese Steak Pie Slice sliced steak, mushrooms, mozzarella and american cheese with onions and pepeprs.   3.25
8. Spicy Chicken Pie Slice chicken cutlet marinated with fresh garlic and spicy sauce.   3.25
10. Eggplant Pie Slice    3.00
11. Mark's Special Pie Slice pepperoni, sausage, meatball, green peppers, mushrooms and black olives.   3.75
9. Hawaiian Pie Slice pineapple and ham.   3.50
12. Vegetable Pie Slice broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, onions, black olives and green peppers.   3.75
13. Grandma Pie Slice thin sicilian with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and fresh garlic.   3.00
14. White Chicken Vegetable Pie Slice chicken cutlets, diced onion, diced tomatoes and peppers.   3.75
Deep-Dish Lasagna Pie Slice ground beef, mozzarella and ricotta.   3.50
Deep-Dish Meat Lover's Pie Slice saausage, pepperoni, meatball and ham.   3.75

Red Hook's Finest Pizza

Pie  (med 16") 12.50(lg 18") 13.50
Sicilian Pie brings eight slices. (sm 8 slices) 14.00(lg 12 slices) 16.00
Pie Slice  reg 2.25sicilian 2.50

Specialty Pizza From Mark's

Med / Lg.

1. Supreme Pie fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese.  14.00 16.00
2. White Pie ricotta and mozzarella. no red sauce.  14.00 16.00
3. Chicken Cutlet Pie   15.00 18.00
4. Chicken Cutlet & Broccoli Pie   16.00 20.00
5. Buffalo Pie grilled chicken, mozzarella, frank`s hot sauce and blue cheese.  16.00 20.00
6. BBQ Chicken Pie grilled chicken marinated in bbq sauce.  18.00 20.00
7. Philly Cheese Steak Pie sliced steak, mushrooms, mozzarella and american cheese, onions and peppers.  18.00 20.00
8. Spicy Chicken Pie chicken cutlet marinated with fresh garlic and spicy sauce.  18.00 20.00
9. Hawaiian Pie pineapple and ham.  18.00 20.00
10. Eggplant Pie   14.00 18.00
11. Mark's Special Pie pepperoni, sausage, meatball, green peppers, mushrooms and black olives.  19.00 22.00
12. Vegetable Pie broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, black olives and green peppers.  19.00 22.00
13. Grandma Pie thin sicilian with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and fresh garlic.   19.00
14. White Chicken Vegetable Pie thin sicilian with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and fresh garlic.  19.00 24.00

Deep-Dish Pizza

Deep-Dish Pizza    16.00
Deep-Dish Lasagna Pie ground beef, mozzarella and ricotta.   22.00
Meat Lover's Deep-Dish Pizza sausage,peppers, meatball and ham.   25.00

Pasta Dishes

Served With Toasted Bread.

Pasta With Mushroom Sauce    7.00
Pasta With Marinara Sauce    9.00
Pasta With White Clam Sauce    9.00
Pasta With Red Clam Sauce    9.00
Pasta With Meat Sauce    9.00
Pasta With Spinach    8.00
Pasta With Broccoli    8.00
Pasta With Grilled Chicken & Broccoli    10.00
Pasta With Grilled Chicken & Spinach    10.00

Baked Manicotti

All Dishes Served With Melted Mozzarella And Bread.

Manicotti Parmigiana   (4pcs) 7.00
Manicotti With Meatballs   (4pcs) 9.50
Manicotti With Sausage   (4pcs) 9.50
Manicotti With Chicken Cutlets   (4pcs) 10.00
Manicotti With Veal   (4pcs) 12.00
Manicotti With Shrimp   (5pcs) 13.50
Manicotti With Breaded Eggplant   (4pcs) 9.00
Manicotti With Mushrooms   (4pcs) 8.50
Manicotti With Meat Sauce   (4pcs) 8.50

Baked Stuffed Shells

All Dishes Served With Melted Mozzarella And Bread.

Stuffed Shells Parmigiana   (4pcs) 7.00
Stuffed Shells With Meatballs   (4pcs) 9.50
Stuffed Shells With Sausage   (4pcs) 9.50
Stuffed Shells With Chicken Cutlets   (4pcs) 10.00
Stuffed Shells With Veal Cutlets   (4pcs) 12.00
Stuffed Shells With Shrimp   (5pcs) 13.50
Stuffed Shells With Breaded Eggplant   (4pcs) 9.00
Stuffed Shells With Mushrooms   (4pcs) 8.50
Stuffed Shells With Meat Sauce   (4pcs) 9.00

Baked Ravioli

(5pcs). All Dishes Served With Melted Mozzarella And Bread.

Ravioli Parmigiana    7.00
Ravioli With Meatballs    9.50
Ravioli With Sausage    8.50
Ravioli With Chicken Cutlets    9.50
Ravioli With Veal Cutlets    12.00
Ravioli With Shrimp    13.50
Ravioli With Breaded Eggplant    9.00
Ravioli With Mushrooms    8.50
Ravioli With Meat Sauce    9.00

Baked Ziti

All Dishes Served With Melted Mozzarella And Bread. Ricotta And Mozzarella Cheese.

Baked Ziti    7.00
Baked Ziti With Meatballs    9.50
Baked Ziti With Sausage    9.50
Baked Ziti With Chicken Cutlet    11.00
Baked Ziti With Veal Cutlet    12.00
Baked Ziti With Shrimp   (5pcs) 13.00
Baked Ziti With Breaded Eggplant    9.00

Homemade Lasagna

All Dishes Served With Melted Mozzarella And Bread.

Meat Lasagna ground beef, ricotta and mozzarella.   8.75
Lasagna With Meatballs    10.00
Lasagna With Sausage    10.00
Lasagna With Chicken Cutlet    11.00
Lasagna With Veal Cutlet    12.00
Lasagna With Shrimp   (5pcs) 13.50
Lasagna With Breaded Eggplant    9.50

Hot Dinner Plates

Served With Your Choice Of Pasta And Bread.

Chicken Parmigiana    9.00
Meatball Parmigiana    9.00
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana    11.00
Sausage & Peppers Parmigiana    9.00
Shrimp Parmigiana    12.00
Eggplant Parmigiana    9.00
Eggplant Rollatini Parmigiana    9.00
Grilled Chicken Parmigiana    10.00

Special Hot Plates

With Light Creamy Sauce. Served With Bread.

Fettuccine Alfredo    9.00
Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken Cutlet    11.50
Fettuccine Alfredo With Grilled Chicken    12.00
Fettuccine Alfredo With Shrimp   (5pcs) 13.00
Penne Alla Vodka    9.50
Penne Alla Vodka With Chicken Cutlet    12.00
Penne Alla Vodka With Grilled Chicken    11.75
Penne Alla Vodka With Shrimp   (5pcs) 13.00
Tortellini Alfredo    9.50
Tortellini Alfredo With Chicken Cutlet    12.00
Tortellini Alfredo With Grilled Chicken    11.75
Pasta With Garlic & Olive Oil    6.50
Pasta With Garlic, Olive Oil & Broccoli    7.50
Tortellini Alfredo With Shrimp   (5pcs) 13.00
Pasta With Garlic, Olive Oil & Spinach    7.50
Pasta With Grilled Chicken & Broccoli    9.00

Homemade Entrées

All Plates Served With Italian Bread And Your Choice Of Side.

Chicken Francese tender pieces of chicken dipped in egg batter and sautéed with lemon, butter and wine.   13.50
Chicken Marsala mushrooms in marsala wine and butter.   13.75
Veal Francese dipped in egg batter and sautéed with lemon, butter and white wine.   14.50
Veal Marsala mushrooms in marsala wine and butter.   14.75
Calamari Marinara calamari sautéed over fresh garlic and marinara sauce.   15.00
Fried Calamari Parmigiana    16.00


Canned Soda canned soda choice: coke, diet coke, dr. pepper, sprite, iced tea, ginger ale, pepsi, diet pepsi   1.25
2 Liter Soda 2 liter soda choice: coke, diet coke, sprite, fanta orange, ginger ale, pepsi, diet pepsi, orange crush, brisk iced tea   3.00
20 Oz. Soda 20 oz. soda choice: coke, diet coke, dr. pepper, sprite, iced tea, ginger ale   1.75
Stewart's Fountain Classics stewart`s fountain classics choice: orange n' cream, black cherry, root beer, cream soda   1.75
Snapple snapple choice: lemon iced tea, diet lemon iced tea, peach iced tea, diet peach iced tea, apple, fruit punch, orangeade   1.75
Mark's Pizzeria Restaurant
326 Van Brunt St
Btwn Pioneer & King St
(718) 624-0690
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