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Main Street Imperial Gourmet

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  • Asian (other)
  • 59-14 Main St, Flushing 11355 40.743581 -73.825691
  • (Btwn 59th & 60th Ave)
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  • (718) 886-8788
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Minced Pork On Rice   
Pork Roll   
Oyster Pancake   
Tainan Rice Cake   
Sweet Rice Cake   
Oyster And Thin Noodle Soup    (for 2) 5.95
Rice Cake Sausage   


House Special Soup   
Ginger Clam Soup   
Sour Mustard Clam Soup   
Ginger Oyster Soup   
Sour Mustard Oyster Soup   
Intestine, Sour Mustard Soup   
Shredded Pork, Mustard Soup    lg 13.95
Ginger Pork Liver Soup   
Sliced Pork Stomach with sour mustard soup  


House Special Over Rice pork chip, chicken leg.  
Rice with chicken leg  
Rice with pork chop  
Shredded Pork Over Rice   
Seafood Over Rice   
Shredded Beef Over Rice   
Shrimp Over Rice   
Mixed Over Rice   
Shredded Beef with hot chili over rice  
Shredded Pork Fried Rice   
Shredded Beef Fried Rice.   
Shrimp Fried Rice   


Taiwanese Noodle Soup   
Noodle Soup with minced pork  
Chicken Leg Noodle Soup   
Pork Chop Noodle Soup   
Shredded Pork And Mustard Noodles   
Taiwanese Stir-Fried Noodle   
Seafood Combo Noodle   
Pork Mushroom Thick Noodle   
Taiwanese Stir-Fried Rice Noodle   
Taiwanese Mixed Rice Noodle Soup   
Mixed Stir-Fried Noodle   
Taiwanese Noodles Soup   
Shredded Beef with hot chili noodle  
Intestine Rice Noodle   

Bean Curd

Three Cup Bean Curd   
Bean Curd Casserole   
Taiwanese Braised Bean Curd   
Bean Curd with black mushroom  
Baby Shrimp with bean curd  
Oyster with bean curd  
Bean Curd with mined garlic  
Chinese Celery Tempura   
Chive Tempura   
Loofah with bean curd  


Bok Choy with dried shrimp  
Loofah with dried shrimp  
Loofah with clam  
Sauteed Green Bean Shoots   
Sauteed Chinese Watercress   
Sauteed Spinach   
Sauteed Spinach.   
Sauteed Spinach.   
Bitter Mellon with spicy bean sauce  


Shredded Beef with basil  
Putz Shredded Beef   
Shredded Beef with chinese celery  
Shredded Beef with leek and diced bean curd  
Shredded Beef with ginger and scallions  
Shredded Beef with chive  
Shredded Beef with chili pepper  
Shredded Beef with leek  
Sa Cha Beef   


Fish with spicy bean sauce  
Braised Fish   
Stir-Fried Or Steamed Milk Fish whole  
Cod with scallion  
Fu Show Fish with black bean sauce  
Fu Show Fish with mined garlic  
Cuttle Fish with yellow chive  
Cuttle Fish with leek  
Cuttle Fish with chive  
Cuttle Fish with five ingredients  
Cuttle Fish with chinese celery  
Sauteed Cuttle Fish   
Fried Calamari   
Squid with celery  
Steamed Squid   
Squid with chinese celery  
Squid with ginger and scallion  
Sauteed Squid   
Squid with yellow chive  
Three Cup Squid   
Squid with leek  
Shrimp with fine spices  
Shrimp with scallion  
White Vinegar Shrimp   
Shrimp with minced garlic  
Steamed Shrimp   
Clams with basil  
Clams with minced garlic  
Oyster with scallion and ginger  
Crispy Fried Oyster   


House Special Pork   
Shredded Pork with basil  
Shredded Pork with bamboo shoot  
Shredded Pork with celery  
Shredded Pork with yellow chive  
Shredded Pork with ginger and scallions  
Shredded Pork with leek  
Shredded Pork with chili pepper  
Shredded Pork with diced bean curd  
Kidney with sesame oil  
Kidney with hot spicy sauce  
Kidney with ginger  
Sliced Stomach with ginger  
Sliced Stomach with sour mustard  
Sliced Stomach with chili pepper  
Taiwanese Liver   
Pork Liver with sesame oil  
Pork Liver with hot pepper sauce  
Salt And Pepper Pork Chop   
Sweet And Sour Pork Chop   
Pineapple Pork Chop   
Putz Pork Chop   
Bitter Mellon Pork Chop   
Steamed Pork with mined garlic  
Intestine with sour mustard  
Intestine with pig blood sour mustard and hot source  
Duck Intestine with ginger  
Duck Intestine with yellow chive  
Duck Intestine with yellow chive.  
Duck Intestine with chive  
Duck Intestine with chili pepper  
Crispy Duck Duck Intestine with chili pepper  
Crispy Duck Duck Intestine with fine spices  


Three Cup Chicken   
Pineapple Chicken   
Crispy Salted Chicken   
Putz Chicken   


Duck Tongue with basil  
Duck Tongue with ginger and scallions  
Duck Tongue with leek  

Popular Dishes

Chef's Special   
Putz Fish   
Plum Ribs   
Milk Fish with pineapple - boneless  
Steamed Milk Fish - Boneless   
Pomfret with five ingredients  
Spicy Garlic Squid   
Intestine with ginger  
Intestine with pineapple  
Braised Intestine   
Intestine with black bean sauce  
Putz Bitter Mellon   
Bitter Mellon with salty egg  
Fried Oyster Thin Noodle   
Hot Pepper Squid   
Clams with black bean sauce  


Main Street Imperial Gourmet
59-14 Main St
Btwn 59th & 60th Ave
(718) 886-8788
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