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Lychee House

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Hot Appetizers

Egg Roll (1) 2.95
Spring Roll or Vegetable Spring Roll (1) 2.95
Scallion Pancake (1) 5.95
Fried Shrimp Ball (2) 6.95
Prawns in Black Bean & Egg Sauce w/ Minced Pork (2) 7.95
Prawns w/ Grand Marnier Sauce (2) 7.95
Chicken Soong or Vegetable Soong Served with 2 pcs lettuce 9.95
BBQ Spare Ribs or Honey Baby Spare Ribs 10.95
Cold Appetizers

Dinning Cabbage 5.75
Soy Sauce Braised Duck 7.95
Vegetable Duck 7.95
Spicy Tangy Shrimp 9.25
Cold Sesame Noodle Served with or without shredded chicken 6.95

Hot & Sour Soup Served with or without chicken 3.75
Wonton Soup with Shrimp 3.75
Egg Drop Soup 3.75
Vegetable Wonton Soup 3.75
Corn Soup Served with or without chicken 3.75
Bean Curd & Spinach Soup 3.75
Vegetable Wintermelon Soup 3.75
Meatball & Cellophane Noodle Soup 5.25
Seafood Soup 6.25
Eight Treasure Wintermelon Soup 6.25
Tom Yum Seafood Soup 6.95

Shanghai Steamed Soup Dumplings w/ Pork & Crabmeat (6) 10.75
Shanghai Steamed Soup Dumplings w/ Pork (6) 10.50
Pork Dumplings (6) Steamed or pan fried 6.75
Vegetable Dumplings (6) Steamed or pan fried 6.75
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (4) 8.75
Steamed Chicken Dumplings (4) 7.75
Szechuan Wonton or Vegetable Szechuan Wonton (8) 7.75
Seafood - Shrimp

Shrimp Chow Mein 14.50
Plain Sauteed Baby Shrimp Shanghai Style 16.75
Jumbo Shrimp w/ Mixed Vegetables 17.95
Jumbo Shrimp w/ Spicy Barbecue Sauce 17.95
Jumbo Shrimp w/ Szechuan Sauce 17.95
Jumbo Shrimp w/ Chef Ken's X.O. Sauce 19.95
Prawns Our Style Tender jumbo prawns in a white wine sauce w. snow peas, broccoli & green & red peppers. 18.25
Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce Jumbo shrimp with black bean sauce sauteed w. green, red pepper & onion 18.25
Crispy Palace Prawns Flavorful jumbo prawns lightly fried & coated w/ ground walnuts. 19.95
Duet Prawns Jumbo shrimps served in two flavors. They are lightly fried until crispy, then one side is in a mild Grand Marnier sauce 19.95
Pattaya Prawns 19.95
Seafood - Scallops & Squid

Fresh Squid w. Salt & Pepper 15.75
Sauteed Scallops w. Garlic Sauce & Shredded Pork 17.95
Sauteed Scallops w. Mixed Vegetables 17.95
Sauteed Scallop w. Black Pepper Sauce 17.95
Seafood - Fish

Sauteed Sliced Striped Bass w. Shaoshing Wine Sauce 19.50
Steamed Whole Sea Bass 23.75
Spicy Crispy Whole Sea Bass 23.75
Braised Scallion Wrapped Whole Sea Bass w. Bean Sauce 23.75
Sauteed Flounder Filet in Sauce 23.75
Seafood - Lobster

Lobster Sauteed w. Ginger & Scallion 26.95
Lobster w. Szechuan Sauce 26.95
Lobster Cantonese w. Minced Pork in Black Bean Sauce 26.95
Chef Ken's Braised Lobster w/ X O Sauce Fresh live lobster out of the shell sauteed w. snow peas & red pepper 27.95

Served with white rice or brown rice

Chicken Chow Mein 12.50
Sliced Chicken w/ Broccoli 12.50
Slippery Chicken w/ Spinach 12.50
Diced Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts 12.50
Diced Chicken w/ Peanuts & Hot Pepper Sauce 12.50
Amazing Chicken 12.50
General Ching's Chicken Sauteed w/ vegetable 12.50
Sliced Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables 12.95
Lemon Chicken 12.95
Sliced Chicken w/ Garlic Sauce 12.95
Chicken w. String Beans 12.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken 13.25
Sesame Chicken 14.50
Asparagus Chicken 14.50
Moo Shu Chicken w/ 4 Crepes 14.50
Braised Chicken w/ Chinese Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots 14.50
Dry Sauteed Shredded Crispy Chicken 14.50
Diced Chicken w/ Sweet & Hot Peppers 14.50
Szechuan Peppery Chicken Tender chicken sauteed in a spicy & tangy sauce, served on a bed of fresh spinach & crispy walnuts 14.95
Li Po Chicken Shredded white meat chicken w/ shredded snow peas, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, green & red peppers served in a cantonese white sauce 14.95
Country Chicken Large chunks of fresh chicken fried in a light batter, then sauteed in a hot spicy sauce 14.95
Chicken w/ Abalone Mushroom Sliced white meat chicken w/ tender abalone mushroom 14.95
General Tso's Chicken Large chunks of tender chicken prepared w/ hot peppers, in a dark spicy garlic sauce 15.50
Homestyle Chicken Casserole Boneless chicken simmered in a chinese clay pot w. mushrooms, bamboo shoots, snow peas, rice wine & many delightful spices & herbs 15.50
Crispy Fried Boneless Chicken Chinatown Style 15.95

Served with white rice or brown rice

Duck Wrapped in Lettuce w/ Pine Nuts Minced duck meat sautéed w. diced carrots & celery, fresh pine nuts, spices & herbs, served in a crisp lettuce leaf. A healthy Chinese dish, recommended as an appetizer 13.95
Aromatic Duck 15.95
Crispy Boneless Duck w/ Vegetables 15.95
Peking Duck A tender duckling grilled until crispy golden, carved & served w. homemade crepes, spring onions, fresh cucumber & hoi sin sauce 37.00

Served with white rice or brown rice

Sliced Beef w/ Broccoli 14.25
Sliced Beef w/ Snow Peas 14.25
Sliced Beef w/ Spicy Barbecue Sauce 14.25
Shredded Beef w/ String Beans 14.25
Shredded Beef Szechuan Style 14.95
Dry Sauteed Shredded Crispy Beef 14.95
Asparagus Beef 15.25
Tangerine Beef 16.50
Diced Filet Mignon w/ Broccoli & Sesame Seeds 20.95
Diced Filet Mignon w/ Peanuts & Hot Peppers 20.95
Diced Filet Mignon w/ Black Pepper Sauce 20.95
Chrysanthemum Beef Sliced filet mignon sautéed in a tangy brown sauce, sprinkled w/ sesame seeds on a bed of broccoli 21.95

Served with white rice or brown rice

Pork Chops w/ Salt & Pepper 12.50
Peking Style Pork Chops 12.50
Shredded Pork w/ Garlic Sauce 12.50
Moo Shu Pork w/ 4 Crepes 13.95
Shredded Pork Peking Style w/ 4 Crepes 13.95
Shanghai Style Whole Braised Pork Shoulder 16.50
Hunan Style Pork w/ Leek A hearty peasant dish of shredded pork & an abundance of leeks in a hot & spicy country sauce 16.50

Served with white rice or brown rice

Sauteed String Beans 10.75
Family Style Eggplant 10.75
Broccoli w/ Garlic Sauce 10.75
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables 10.75
Sauteed Snow Peas w/ Water Chestnuts 10.75
Moo Shu Vegetable w/ 4 Crepes 11.25
Sauteed Chinese Broccoli w/ Fresh Garlic 11.25
Braised Chinese Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots 11.25
Braised Chinese Mushrooms & Vegetable Hearts 12.50
Bean Curd

Served with white rice or brown rice

Braised Bean Curd w/ Spinach 10.95
Sauteed Bean Curd w/ Vegetable 10.95
Szechuan Bean Curd 10.95
Szechuan Bean Curd Creation of a legendary master chef. Bean curd in spicy sauce w. shredded pork, hot pepper & garlic 13.95
Rice and Noodles

Pan Fried Noodles Choice of pork, chicken, beef, veg, baby shrimp or yang chow 11.75
Lo Mein Choice of pork, chicken, beef, veg, baby shrimp or yang chow 9.95
Chow Fun Choice of pork, chicken, beef, veg, baby shrimp or yang chow 10.95
Mei Fun Choice of pork, chicken, beef, veg, baby shrimp or yang chow 10.95
Singapore Mai Fun w/ Curry Flavor 10.95
Pad Thai Choice of chicken, beef, vegetables or baby shrimp 10.95
Fried Rice Choice of roast pork, chicken, beef, veg, baby shrimp or yang chow 9.75
Chinese Ham & Egg Fried Rice 9.75
Fresh Pineapple & Chicken Fried Rice 10.75
Steamed White Rice (Sm) 1.50
Steamed White Rice (Lg) 3.00
Steamed Brown Rice (Sm) 1.50
Steamed Brown Rice (Lg) 3.00
Authentic Malaysian Curry

Malaysian Curry Country Style Vegetables 11.50
Malaysian Curry Chicken & Beef Combination 13.95
Flounder Filets in Curry Sauce 22.75
Diet Conscious Dishes

All dishes are steamed

Steamed Mixed Vegetables 10.95
Steamed Chicken w/ Broccoli 12.75
Steamed Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables 12.95
Steamed Chicken w/ String Beans 12.95
Steamed Shrimp w/ Broccoli 18.50
Dim Sum Menu

Veiled Lady Dumplings 7.50
Sea Scallop Dumplings Served with shrimps & pork 9.00
Cha Shu Bao Steamed cantonese roast pork bun 6.50
Seafood Shu Mai Seafood shu mai topped w/ tobiko 9.50
Coral Dumplings Served with sliced whole shrimp & chinese broccoli stem 8.50
Vegetable Garden Dumplings Served w/ black vingar & ginger sauce 6.95
"Hawker" Style Fishball Traditional style w/ crispy rice 8.50
Steamed Chive Dumplings Served with shrimp & pork 7.50
Malaysian Fishball Served with shrimp & pork 7.50
Watercress Shu Mai Served w/ shrimp & pork wrapped in sheer skin 8.50
Malay Fantail Shrimp Shrimp covered with chinese melon seed 8.50
Pomegranate Dumplings Beijing style shu mai w/ shrimp 8.50
Chow Cho Dumplings Traditional pork filling & flecks of cilantro 7.50
New HK Style Spring Roll 6.50
Shrimp Shu Mai Shrimp in transparent wrap 8.50
Snowflake Mochi Sweet rice flour dessert w/ hazelunt & rich cocomut cream filling 5.95
Banquet Soup 6 House broth w/ special wonton & two types of dumplings 9.00
Lunch Special

Specials served with steamed pork dumpling and steamed white rice

Sauteed Assorted Vegetables 8.50
Sauteed Broccoli w/ Garlic Sauce 8.50
Lo Mein Choice of beef, chicken, pork or shrimp 8.50
Shredded Pork w/ Garlic Sauce 8.95
Shredded Beef w/ Garlic Sauce 9.50
Beef w/ Green Pepper & Onion 9.50
Shredded Chicken w/ Garlic Sauce 8.75
Chicken w/ Mushrooms & Snow Peas 8.75
Beef or Chicken w/ Broccoli 8.75
Sauteed Baby Shrimp w/ Garlic Sauce 9.75
Hot Spicy Baby Shrimp 9.75
Sesame Chicken 9.75
General Tso's Chicken 10.75
Dry Sauteed Shredded Crispy Beef or Crispy Chicken 10.95
Family Style Eggplant 8.50
Bean Curd Our Style 8.50
Spicy Szechuan Bean Curd Served with or without minced pork 8.50
Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork 9.25
Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts 9.75
Szechuan Peppery Chicken 10.75
Prawns Our Style (5) 13.95
Prawns w/ Broccoli (5) 13.95
House Special

Sauteed Shanghai Flat Noodles Choice of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, mushrooms or eight precious ingredients 11.95
Sauteed Shanghai Rice Cake Choice of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, mushrooms or eight precious ingredients 11.95
Spicy Shanghai Rice Cake W. X.O. Sauce Shrimp, scallops & squid w. mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, flowering chives, bean sprouts sauteed W. X.O. sauce 16.95
Chicken & Shrimp Combination Shredded pork, chicken or beef 13.95
Chicken & Shrimp Combination w/ Flowering Chives & Pressed Bean Curd 13.95
Lion's Head Giant meatballs & vegetable hearts in brown sauce 15.95
Spicy Rack of Lamb Our Style Hearty portions of lamb chops grilled, then sautéed in our spicy garlic sauce, finished in chinese sherry wine 23.50
Mandarin Paradox Slices of sauteed shrimp & tender shredded pork w/ snow peas and green & red peppers in a savory brown sauce 16.95
Mixed Seafood in Chef Ken's Red Curry Sauce Shrimp, scallops & squid w/ mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, bean sprouts sauteed malaysia style 18.95
Seafood Delicacies Ocean scallops & shrimps cooked in our famous garlic sauce w/ fresh broccoli, straw mushrooms & water chestnuts. Served in a bird's nest 18.95
Dragon & Phoenix A banquet style dish of fresh lobster & white meat chicken prepared w. black & straw mushrooms, snow peas & water chestnuts. Served in a delicate white sauce 24.95
Lobster & Shrimp Our Style Chunks of lobster & jumbo shrimp sauteed w/ ginger & scallions in a white wine sauce 25.95
Triple Crown Fresh jumbo shrimp, lobster & scallop sauteed w/ scallion in chef's special oyster sauce 26.95

Lychees 3.95
Ice Cream Pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, green tea 3.95
Orange Sherbet 3.95
Fresh Pineapple 4.95
Crispy Golden Sesame Banana or Apple 4.95
Chinese Crepe w/ Red Bean Paste (2) 4.95

Coke 1.50
Diet Coke 1.50
Sprite 1.50
Diet Sprite 1.50
Ginger Ale 1.50
Club Soda 1.50
Poland Spring Water 1.50
Snapple Ice Tea Peach flavor 2.25
Pellegrino (Lg) 4.25