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Lucky Cat

  • $
  • Japanese, Noodles
  • 232 E 53rd St, New York 10022 40.756976 -73.96826
  • (Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)
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  • (347) 537-3728
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Edamame Soybean    5.00
Japanese Fried Chicken Fried chicken    6.00
Chashu Bun Pork belly with hoisin soy    4.00
Chicken Bun Cucumber, guacamole, mustard soy    4.00
Shrimp Bun Cucumber, guacamole, chipotle mayo    4.00
Seaweed Salad Seaweed, corn    4.00
Ebi Shumai Steamed shrimp dumpling    7.00
Ika Geso Deep fried calamari legs    5.00


Green Salad Served with mustard soy    5.00
Tuna Avo Salad Tuna, avocado with sesame dressing    9.00
Seaweed Salad Seaweed, onion, corn    6.00


Miso Tofu, scallion, wakame    2.50
Mushroom Miso Shitake and honshimeji mushroom, truffle oil    4.50


Spicy Tuna Bowl Spicy tuna, scallion, sesame    9.00
Chashu Bowl Braised pork, cabbage    8.00
Chahan Fried rice with pork, egg    8.00
Sukitama Bowl Beef, onion, boiled egg on the rice    9.00
Japanese Curry Carrots, potato    8.00
Chirashi     14.00

Ramen - Pork Broth

Served with lucky cat special edible roasted seaweed

Lucky Cat Chashu, scallion, egg, kikurage, spinach, menma, spicy miso, chili oil    12.00
Tonkotsu Shoyu Chashu, scallion, egg, kikurage, menma    11.00

Ramen - Chicken Broth

Served with lucky cat special edible roasted seaweed

Shoyu Chashu, scallion, egg, menma, spinach    9.00
Spicy Miso Chashu, scallion, corn, bean sprouts, fire ball    10.00
Yuzu Shio Chashu, scallion, egg, menma, spinach, yuzu skin    11.00
Nagoya Minced pork, chinese leek, scallion, bean sprouts, chili pepper    11.00
Chicken Chicken meat balls, scallion, poached egg, menma, spinach, black sesame    10.00

Ramen - Vegetables Broth

Served with lucky cat special edible roasted seaweed

Yasai Carrots, corn, taro, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli    9.00

Lunch Menu

Salmon Teriyaki Set French fried, kara age, japanese pickle    11.00
Chicken Kara Age Curry Set Green salad, japanese pickle    11.00
Beef Stamina Set Slow-cook beef with onion in soy sauce, kara age, japanese pickle    11.00

Tsunami Tapas

Edamame Soy bean    5.00
Spicy Edamame Soy bean with chime spice    6.00
Shio Cabbage Cabbage, kombi with shao sesame oil    4.00
Umami Cucumber Cucumber with piri and chime spice    4.00
Tako Wasabi Octopus wasabi    6.00
Kimchi Spicy napa cabbage    5.00
Tomato Mozuku Onion, seaweed, cherry tomato    5.00
Crispy Kale Parmesan cheese, sweet soy    4.00
Cauliflower Paprika powder    5.00
Brussel Sprouts Crispy brussels sprouts with sweet soy and balsamic    7.00
Chashu Bun Pork belly with spicy mayo    4.00
Gyoza Pan fried pork dumpling    6.00
Sui Gyoza Garlic chip, pork, garlic, chive, spicy oil    7.00
Kara Age Garlic batter fried chicken    6.00
Ebi Shumai Steamed shrimp dumpling with ponzu sauce    7.00
Age Takoyaki Crispy octopus balls    6.00
Ika Geso Deep fried squid legs    6.00
Kani Croquette Crab cream croquette    6.00
Veggie Harumaki Deep fried vegetable spring rolls    5.00
Eihire Grilled string ray fin    6.00
Sabashio Yaki Grilled salted mackerel    9.00
Buta Kimchi Pork belly, poached egg, kimchi, scallion    9.00
Stamina Motsu Itame Motsu, cabbage, onion, garlic with stamina sauce    10.00
Beef Liver Sashimi Garlic, scallion, sesame    7.00
Beef Tongue Shio Scallion    8.00
Mentai Cheese Wonton Wasabi mayo    8.00
Kimchi Tofu Poached egg, garlic, chive    8.00
Dashi Maki Omelet Baby sardine, radish, bonito flake    6.00


Spicy Tuna Tacos Scallion, shichimi pepper    10.00
Salmon Avocado Tacos Served with mustard soy sauce    9.00

Rice and Donburi

Chahan Fried rice with pork and egg    8.00
Ebi Chahan Fried rice, fresh shrimp with egg    10.00
Jalapeno Chahan Jalapeno fried rice with pork and egg    9.00
Spicy Tuna Don Spicy tuna, scallion, sesame    9.00
Chashu Don Braised pork with teriyaki soy    8.00
Sukitama Don Beef, poached egg, tofu, onion with soy    9.00
Curry Rice Pork, potatoes, carrots over rice    8.00
Pork Katsu Curry Pork cutlet with curry rice    11.00
Kara Age Curry Fried chicken with curry rice    10.00

Wok Noodles

Yakisoba Pork belly sliced, napa with soy    10.00
Ebi Yakisoba Shrimp, napa, bean sprouts    11.00
Vegetable Yakisoba Cabbage, napa, broccoli, carrots    10.00


Served with lucky cat special roasted seaweed

Lucky Cat Chashu pork, scallion, egg, spicy miso, chilli oil kikurage, spinach, menma    12.00
Tonkotsu Shoyu Chashu pork, scallion, egg kikurage, menma    11.00
Shoyu Chashu pork, scallion, egg, menma, spinach    9.00
Nagoya Minced pork, bean sprouts, chinese leek, scallion, chili peper    11.00
Spicy Miso Chashu pork, scallion, corn, bean sprouts, fire ball    11.00
Yuzu Shio Chashu pork, scallion, egg, spinach, yuzu skin, yuzu powder    11.00
Yasai Corn, cabbage, cauliflower, taro, broccoli, napa, spinach, carrots    9.00
Chicken Ramen Chicken meat balls, scallion, poached egg, menma, spinach, black pepper    10.00
Hiyashi Chuka Chashu pork, cucumber, corn, tomatoes, scallion, red ginger, egg, kikurage    11.00
Uni Sea urchin, scallion, tomatoes, parmesan cheese    12.00


Poached Egg     2.00
Cha-Shu Pork     2.50
Fire Ball     2.00
Corn     1.00
Pickled Cabbage     1.50
Boiled Egg     1.00
Scallion     1.00
Menma     1.50
Red Ginger     1.00
Kaedama     2.00
Spinach     2.00
Bean Sprouts     2.00

Sushi Menu - Sushi Bowl

Served with miso soup

Chirashi Bowl Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, kanikama, shrimp, scallop, egg omelet tobiko, pickled radish, scallion    14.00
Hanabira Bowl Tuna, salmon, egg omelet, shiso leaf, kale, beetroots, pickled radish, scallion    13.00
Energy Green Bowl Kale, brussels sprouts, avocado, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, pickled radish    10.00
Tuna Pokke Bowl Tuna, avocado, pickeled radish, seaweed salad    14.00
Tuna with Mountain Potato Tuna with mountain potato bawl    12.00
Minced Fatty Tuna Fatty tuna, scallion, pickled radish    12.00
Seared Salmon Seared salmon, salmon roe    12.00

Sushi Menu - Sushi Roll

Tuna     6.00
Salmon Avocado     6.00
Yellow Tail Jalapeno     6.00
Shrimp Tempura     6.00
California     6.00
Philadelphia     6.00

Sushi Menu - Special Roll

Green Father Kale, green bean, avocado, pickled radish, soy paper with 15 grain rice    7.00
Veggie Potter Beetroot puree with cashew nuts    7.00
Sweet Potato Slacker Sweet potatoes puree with cashew nuts    7.00
Wabisabi Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, pickled radish, avocado, white rice, wasabi flake    10.00
Naked Beach Shrimp tempura, kanikama, tobiko, shishito pepper, forbidden black rice    9.00


Lucky Cat
232 E 53rd St
Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave
(347) 537-3728
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