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Little Pepper

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
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    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $Less than $7
  • Chinese
  • 18-24 College Point Blvd, College Point NY11356 40.7824679 -73.8459616
  • (Btwn 18th & 20th Ave)
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  • (718) 939-7788
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Lunch Special

11:30am-4pm. Served With Rice

L1. Shredded Pork* with garlic sauce   5.50
L2. Pork Meatball* with garlic sauce   5.50
L3. Tofu Home Style* with vegetables   5.50
L4. Chicken & Peanut In Hot Pepper Sauce*    5.50
L5. Baby Shrimp* with peanut in hot pepper sauce   6.50
L6. Shredded Beef* with spicy pepper   6.50
L7. Sichuan Double Cooked Pork*    6.50
L8. Mapo Tofu* stir- fried tofu in hot sauce   5.50
L9. Tofu with brown sauce   5.50
L10. Sesame Chicken    5.50
L11. Tangerine Chicken*    5.50
L12. General Tso's Chicken*    5.50
L13. Beef with broccoli   5.50
L14. Chicken with broccoli   5.50
L15. Chicken Nugget In Garlic Sauce*    5.50
L16. Eggplant In Brown Sauce    5.50
L17. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce*    5.50
L18. Chicken with mixed vegetable   5.50
L19. Chicken with string bean   5.50
L20. Shrimp with mixed vegetable   6.50
L21. Shredded Pork* with dry bean curd   5.50
L22. Shredded Pork* with bamboo shoot   5.50
L23. Sauteed String Bean*    5.50
L24. Beef with mixed vegetables   6.50
L25. Shredded Pork* with spicy pepper   5.50


A1. Beef Lungs In Chili Sauce*    7.95
A2. Thin Sliced Beef Tendon* with chili sauce   7.95
A3. Sliced Pork Belly* with chili garlic sauce   7.95
A4. Preserved Egg* with green pepper   5.95
A5. Steamed Chicken* with special chili sauce   9.95
A6. Smoked Tea Duck Sichuan Style    14.95
A7. Silken Tofu* with fresh scallion   5.95
A8. Five Spices Roast Beef Slices    7.95
A9. Beef Jerky* with hot sauce   7.95
A10. OX Stomach In Garlic Sauce*    7.95
A11. Bamboo Shoots In Chili Sauce*    5.95
A12. Szechuan Picked Vegetable    4.95
A13. Fresh Cucumber with mashed garlic sauce   5.95
A14. Surf Clam In Wasabi Sauce    11.95
A15. Pork Kidney In Chili Sauce*    7.95
A17. Tree Mushroom with chinese spices   5.95
A18. Chinese Sausage Szechuan Style*    7.95
A19. Pork Stomach with fresh garlic   7.95
A20. Eggplant with garlic   7.95


SO1. Hot & Sour Soup**    1.95
SO2. Egg Drop Soup    1.95
SO3. West Lake Beef Soup    7.95
SO4. Tofu with chinese cabbage soup   6.95
SO5. Fish Filet with pickled cabbage soup   9.95
SO6. Fried Egg Soup    6.95
SO7. Cilantro Meat Ball with winter melon soup   7.95

Seafood & Fish

SE6. Crab** with chili pepper   14.95
SE7. Prawn** with chili pepper   13.95
SE8. Prawn* with pepper salt   13.95
SE9. Fresh Fish In Hot Bean Paste**    19.95
SE10. Home Style Fresh Fish** with minced pork   19.95
SE11. Fresh Fish** with bean curd   19.95
SE12. Whole Fish * with chinese pickles   14.95
SE13. Sliced Fish* with hot pepper   14.95
SE14. Sliced Fish * with bear curd   14.95
SE15. Sauteed Sliced Fish    14.95
SE16. Sliced Fish In Hot Bean Paste**    14.95
SE17. Braised Sliced Fish In Spicy Soup Base***    39.95
SE18. Hot & Spicy Fish Soup***    29.95
SE19. Sea Cucumber Home Style**    26.95
SE20. Sea Cucumber with scallion   26.95
SE21. Sliced Fish with tomato sauce   14.95
SE22. Sliced Fish Double Cooked*    14.95
P24. Baby Shrimp* with peanuts in hot pepper sauce   11.95
P25. Crust Of Cooked Rice with baby shrimp   13.95
P26. Crust Of Cooked Rice with sliced fish   13.95
P27. Squid* with hot pepper   14.95
P28. Shrimp* with chili sauce   14.95

Pork & Beef & Lamb & Chicken

P1. General Tso's Chicken*    9.95
P2. Sesame Chicken    9.95
P3. Orange Chicken*    9.95
P4. Lamb/Beef/Pork* with hot & spicy sauce (w. onion)   14.95
P5. Dried Stir Pig's Intestines** with hot pepper   13.95
P6. Lamb* with scallion   14.95
P7. Beef with scallion   14.95
P9. Chicken* with peanuts in hot pepper sauce   9.95
P10. Shredded Pork* with garlic sauce   9.95
P11. Chicken In House Special Sauce**    9.95
P12. Sliced Pork* with wood ear   7.95
P13. Sichuan Style Double Cooked Pork**    9.95
P14. Enhanced Pork** with salt & pepper   9.95
P15. Shredded Beef** with green pepper   11.95
P16. Sauteed Shredded Pork In Sweet Bean Sauce    9.95
P17. Shredded Pork* with celery   7.95
P18. Shredded Pork* with bean curd   7.95
P19. Shredded Pork* with bamboo shoots   7.95
P20. Sauteed Pig's Kidney*    9.95
P21. Preserved Pork with vegetables country style   11.95
P22. Meat Ball (Pork) In Garlic Sauce*    9.95
P23. Meat Ball In Brown Sauce    9.95
P24. Crust Of Cooked Rice with pork   11.95
P25. Crust Of Cooked Rice with triple delight   13.95
P26. Pork Kindey with sesame oil   9.95
P27. Chicken with string bean   9.95
P28. Chicken with mixed vegetable   9.95
P29. Chicken with broccoli   9.95
P30. Chicken Nugget In Garlic Sauce*    9.95
P31. Pork Stomach with sour picked   9.95
P32. Chicken In Sichuan Style***    11.95
P33. Double Cooked Pork with veg. country style   9.95
P34. Shredded Smoked Tea Duck with ginger veg.   16.95
P35. Sweet And Sour Pork    11.95

Grilled Cooked Dishes

G1. Grilled Cooked Mushroom* with preserved pork   15.95
G2. Grilled Cooked Mushroom* with sliced pork   15.95
G3. Grilled Cooked Prawn**    29.95
G4. Grilled Cooked Intestines    29.95
G5. Grilled Cooked Crab**    29.95

Braised Dish

B1. Braised Sliced Fish In Spicy Soup Base**    14.95
B2. Braised Sliced Beef In Spicy Soup Base**    14.95
B3. Braised Sliced Lamb In Spicy Soup Base**    14.95
B4. Braised Intestines & Pork Blood In Spicy Soup Base**    14.95
B5. Braised Ox Stomach & Pork Blood In Spicy Soup Base**    14.95
B6. Braised Pig Kidney In Spicy Soup Base    12.95
B7. Braised Beef Stomach In Spicy Soup Base    14.95
B8. Braised Pork In Spicy Soup Base    14.95

Vegetable & Tofu

V1. Mapo Tofu* stir - fried tofu in hot sauce   7.95
V2. Minced Pork* with clear noodle   7.95
V3. Tofu In Brown Sauce    7.95
V4. Home Style Tofu*    7.95
V5. Cabbage* with dried pepper sichuan style   7.95
V6. Cabbage In Chinese Sweet & Sour Sauce    7.95
V7. Dried Sauteed String Bean*    7.95
V8. Shredded Potato* with pickled cabbage   7.95
V9. Broccoli* with dried hot pepper   7.95
V10. Chinese Mushroom with vegetable   9.95
V11. Shredded Potato* with green pepper   7.95
V12. Sichuan Pickled Cowpea* with minced pork   7.95
V13. Spicy Whole Green Pepper In Salt & Sour Sauce**    9.95
V14. Sauteed Pine Nut & Corn    7.95
V15. Fried Potato In Hot Sauce**    7.95
V16. Sauteed Snow Pea Leaves    11.95
V17. Sauteed Water Spinach with garlic   9.95
V18. Lotus Root* with dried pepper sichuan style   7.95
V19. Lotus Root In Chinese Sweet & Sour Sauce    7.95
V20. Sauteed Luffa    9.95
V21. Chinese Mushroom with luffa   9.95
V22. Eggplant In Brown Sauce    7.95
V23. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce*    7.95
V24. Cabbage with sour pickled   7.95
V25. Sauteed Three Kinds Of Mushroom    9.95
V26. Sauteed Shredded Potato*    7.95
V27. Tofu with seafood combo   7.95
V28. Sauteed Baby Shrimp with tofu   9.95

Rice & Noodle

N1. Spicy Cold Noodle*    5.95
N2. Dumpling In Hot Sauce*    4.95
N3. Wonton In Hot Sauce*    4.95
N4. Wonton In Hot & Sour Sauce*    4.95
N5. Wonton Soup    4.95
N6. Clear Bean Gelatin In Hot & Sour Soup*    4.95
N7. Scallion Pancake    4.95
N8. Yang - Chow Fried Rice    6.50
N9. Fried Rice with baby shrimp   6.50
N10. Shredded Pork Fried Rice    5.50
N11. Fried Rice* with sichuan brined veg. & minced beef   5.50
N12. Scallion Fried Rice    5.50
N13. Egg & Tomato Noodle    6.50
N14. Shrimp Lo - Mein    6.95
N15. Pork Lo - Mein    5.95
N16. Beef Lo - Mein*    6.95
N17. Beef Stew Noodle Soup    6.95
N18. Beef Stew Noodle Sichuan Style*    6.95
N19. Noodle* with minced beef in hot sauce   5.95
N20. Dandan Noodle* pork   5.95


D1. Glutinous Rice Dumpling In Sweet Wine Soup    2.95
D2. Eight - Treasure Mashed Taro    6.95
D3. Small Sesame Glutinous Rice Dumpling    2.95
D4. Steamed Crystal Eight - Treasure Rice    6.95
Little Pepper
18-24 College Point Blvd
Btwn 18th & 20th Ave
(718) 939-7788
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