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Liang's (CLOSED)

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  • Asian, Chinese, Dim Sum, Lunch Specials, Noodles
  • 107 - 12 70th Rd, FOREST HILLS 11375 40.70925 -73.852905
  • (Btwn Austin St & Queens Blvd)
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  • (718) 268-2404
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Roast Pork      7.50
Chinatown Roast Duck (1/4)      7.95
Shrimp Dim Sum      6.95
Spring Roll, Veggie Roll Or Egg Roll      1.75
Pot Sticker Or Steam Dumplings  (Vegetable or pork).     6.95
Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs Chinatown Style (6)     8.95


Duck Bone Soup With Veggie      7.95
Fresh Corn Soup      7.95
Egg Drop Soup      1.95  4.00
Wonton Soup      2.50  4.95
Hot & Sour Soup  (Plus wonton $0.50 each).    2.95  4.95


Peking Duck  W/ candied walnuts, hoisin and peach glaze.     9.95
Seasonal Salad  S.P. Mango, strawberry, roasted corn and a mirin mango vinaigrette.  

Noodles And Fried Rice

Fried Rice Lo Mein     (Chicken) 9.95 (Beef) 10.95 (Roast Pork) 9.95 (Shrimp) 11.95
Fried Rice Lo Mein - Veggie     9.50
Fried Rice Lo Mein - Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice     10.95
Fried Rice Lo Mein - Young Zhou Fried Rice     11.50
Pan Fried Noodle     (Chicken) 13.95 (Beef) 15.95 (Roast Pork) 13.95
Pan Fried Noodle - Seafood     15.95
Pan Fried Noodle - Sub Gum     14.95
Main Fun Chow Fun     (Chicken) 11.95 (Beef) 12.95 (Roast Pork) 11.95 (Shrimp) 13.95
Main Fun Chow Fun - Singapore     11.95
Main Fun Chow Fun - Sub Gum     11.95


Crispy String Beans  (With or without meat).    9.95
Spicy Tofu      9.95
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables  (Request with fresh garlic). Baby bok choy, bok choy, spinach, choy sum, chinese broccoli.     10.95

Liang's Entrees

Sesame  (With broccoli).    (Chicken) 11.95 (Beef) 13.95 (Tofu) 11.95 (Shrimp) 14.95
Garlic Sauce (With mixed veggie).   (Chicken) 11.95 (Shrimp) 13.95 (Tofu) 11.95 (Scallop) 13.95
Garlic Sauce - Eggplant     10.95
Orange Sauce (Baby corn & chili). Sliced chicken, sliced beef.   (Chicken) 12.95 (Beef) 14.95 (Tofu) 12.95
Black Bean Sauce    (Chicken) 11.95 (Beef) 13.95 (Tofu) 11.95 (Shrimp) 14.95
Broccoli (With white sauce). Sliced beef (brown sauce).   (Chicken) 11.95 (Beef) 12.95 (Tofu) 10.95 (Shrimp) 13.95 (Scallop) 13.95
Hunan Style  (Bell peppers & snow peas).   (Chicken) 12.95 (Beef) 13.95 (Tofu) 12.95 (Shrimp) 14.95 (Scallop) 14.95
General Tso's  (With broccoli).   (Chicken) 11.95 (Shrimp) 14.95 (Tofu) 11.95 (Scallop) 15.95
Lobster Sauce (With or without meat).   (Shrimp) 13.95 (Tofu) 11.95 (Scallop) 15.95
Sweet & Sour (With pickled vegetables).   (Chicken) 12.95
Sweet & Sour - Pork     12.95
Mixed Vegetables (With white sauce). Sliced beef (brown sauce).   (Chicken) 11.95 (Beef) 13.95 (Tofu) 11.95 (Shrimp) 14.95 (Scallop) 14.95
Mixed Vegetables - Roast Pork     11.95

Liang's Lunch Specials

Monday to saturday : 11:30 am – 3:30 pm. After 3:30 pm plus $2.00. Served with pork fried rice, veggie fried, brown rice or white rice. Choice of hot & sour, wonton, egg droop sour or egg roll or house salad.

Sesame (With broccoli).   (Chicken) 5.95 (Beef) 6.95 (Tofu) 5.95 (Shrimp) 7.95
Garlic Sauce (With mixed veggie).   (Chicken) 5.95 (Shrimp) 7.95 (Tofu) 6.50
Garlic Sauce - Eggplant     6.50
Garlic Sauce - Fish Filet     6.95
Orange Sauce (Baby corn & chili).   (Chicken) 6.95 (Beef) 7.95 (Tofu) 6.95
Black Bean Sauce    (Chicken) 5.95 (Beef) 6.95 (Tofu) 5.95 (Shrimp) 7.95
Broccoli (With white sauce).   (Chicken) 5.95 (Beef) 6.95 (Tofu) 5.95 (Shrimp) 7.95
Chow Mein    (Chicken) 6.50
Hunan Style (Bell peppers & snow peas).   (Chicken) 5.95 (Beef) 6.95 (Tofu) 6.95 (Shrimp) 7.95
General Tso's  (With broccoli).   (Chicken) 5.95 (Shrimp) 7.95 (Tofu) 5.95
General Tso's - Scallop     10.95
Lobster Sauce (With or without meat).   (Shrimp) 7.50 (Tofu) 10.95
Lobster Sauce - Scallop     10.95
Mixed Vegetables (With white sauce).   (Chicken) 5.95 (Beef) 6.95 (Tofu) 5.95 (Shrimp) 7.95
Mixed Vegetables - Roast Pork     5.95
Roast Or Fried Chicken Wings     7.95
Roast Duck Or Roast Pork Over rice.    7.95
Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs (4)     7.95

Liang's Summer Special - Early Dinner

Early dinner special mon-thurs, 4-6 pm. 10% off excludes lunch specials.

2 Lobsters In One Sauce     32.00
Lobster Prepared with one of four styles - ginger scallion, black bean stir fry, garlic soy glaze, canton lobster sauce.    18.95
Liang's Mixed Grill Grass fed angus 6oz strip steak, chinatown bbq spareribs and salt roasted chicken on a bed of onions & bell peppers.    24.95
Corn & Egg Scallion Pancake Wrap Fresh roasted corn, egg, scallions, cilantro and hoisin sauce rolled up in our famous homemade scallion pancake.    7.95
Summer Shrimp Stir Fry Baby shrimp, fresh roasted corn, bell peppers and a hint of spicy thai chili lightly stir fried to perfection. Lunch (mon-sat11:30 am 3:30 pm), salad (with mirin vinaigrette), dinner.    (Lunch) 7.95 (Salad) 10.95 (Dinner) 15.95

Liang's Chef's Specials

Grand Marnier Shrimp With creamy asian citrus aioli, candied walnuts and broccoli.    20.95
Peking Duck  With scallions, cucumber, hoisin sauce and moo shu wrappers duck bone soup $2.00, person.   (Half) 19.95 (Whole) 37.95
Seasonal Whole Fish S.P. Served steamed or fried with fresh scallion and ginger sauce please ask about available fresh fish and prices.  
Moo Shu Vegetable or choice of with hoisin sauce and moo shu wrappers. Choose between chicken, pork, beef ($2.00) or shrimp ($3.00).    11.95
Two Flavor Shrimp Szechuan style and mixed veggie stir fry.    20.95
Sub Gum Wonton Deep fried wonton with jumbo shrimp, roast pork, white chicken, seasonal veggie and brown sauce.    17.95
The Famous Four Jumbo shrimp, scallop, beef, chicken in white sauce.    18.95
Salt And Pepper Shrimp Jumbo shrimp dry stir fried with salt and pepper.    18.95
Black Pepper Scallops Bokchoy and black pepper sauce.    19.95
Fried Bean Curd With Shrimp Stuffing Fried tofu medallions with shrimp stuffing and a side of spicy scallion infused soy so use.    14.95
Szechuan Shrimp Onions, bamboo, jumbo shrimp and spicy szechuan sauce.    19.95
Salt Roast Chicken  Local organic chicken rubbed with grandma's salty spice mix.   (Half) 7.95 (Whole) 14.95
Sauteed Squid With Vegetable Wooer chestnut, carrots, winter bamboo, snow peas with white sauce.    19.95
Prawns With Oyster Sauce     19.95
Choy Sum With Black Mushroom     11.95

Liang's Desserts

Chocolate Molten Cake Warm cake with an oozing chocolate center sauce served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and strawberry cake are baked to order, please allow 12 minutes for preparation.    11.00
Fresh Strawberry Salad On Mousse Fresh sliced strawberries topped with a fig balsamic reduction and chocolate shavings served on a cut of strawberry mousse.    10.00
Warm Taro Pudding Homemade taro pudding, vanilla ice cream and cram garnish.    8.00
Lychee Tart Fresh whip cream, seasonal fruit, lychee and air brushed with gold dust.    10.00
Organic Black Bean & Wild Rice Porridge Homemade organic red bean, black glutinous rice and coconut milk homemade organic red bean, black glutinous rice and coconut milk served with cold or warm plus vanilla ice cream $2.00.    8.00
Ice Cream 3 Scoops, please ask your server about available flavors.    5.00

Liang's Kitchen - Appetizers

Spicy Red Oil Wonton      6.95
Steam Vegetable      8.95
Pancake Wrap With Beef      8.95
Pancake Wrap With Pork      7.95
Pancake Wrap With Perking Duck      10.95
Pancake Wrap With Vegetable      6.95
Pancake With Green Onion      4.95
Gua Bao Soft Steam Bun With Beef     7.95
Gua Bao Soft Steam Bun With Pork      7.95
Gua Bao Soft Steam Bun With Vegetable      5.95
Gua Bao Soft Steam Bun W/ Peking Duck      9.95
Stewed Tofu      4.95
Crispy Tofu Medallions      6.95
Sliced Stewed Bean Curd     4.95
Stewed Pig Ear      5.95
Salty Pork Stuffed Chili      6.95
Stewed Bamboo Shoots      4.95
Stewed Bitter Melon      4.95
Cold Cucumbers      4.95
Ginger Squids      7.95
Sesame Bun With Beef      4.95
Sesame Bun With Pork      3.95
Sesame Bun With Duck      5.95
Sesame Bun With Veggie      2.95
Mixed Combination      6.95
Salt Roasted Chicken  (Half chicken).     7.95

Liang's Kitchen - Noodle Rice

(Classic or hand pulled).

Beef Tendon Noodle Soup      8.95
Beef Noodle Soup      7.95
Dry Beef Tendon Noodle      8.95
Dry Beef Noodle      7.95
Sichuan Cabbage Pork Noodle Soup      6.95
Snow Vege Pork Noodle Soup      7.95
Black Bean Dry Noodle      7.95
Spicy Bean Noodles      7.95
Tomato Pork Dry Noodle      6.95
Sour Cabbage Dry Noodle      6.95
Special Oil Onion Noodle With Egg      6.95
Special House Cold Noodle      7.95
Special House Cold Noodle With Chicken      8.95
Stew Oxtail Rice, Noodle      9.95
Dan Dan Noodles      5.95
Minced Pork Rice, Noodle      7.95
Fried Pork Cutlet With Rice, Noodle      8.95
Salt Roasted Chicken Over Rice, Noodle      7.95
Beef Soup With Onion Pancake      8.95
Beef Tendon Soup With Onion Pancake      9.95
Three Tasty Chicken With Rice      9.95
Basil Leaf Ground Pork Rice With Egg     8.95
Coke Stewed Pig Feet Over Rice      4.95


Prix Fixe

Pre fixe menu: choose one per course.

Course 1- Hot

Choose one per course.

Chinatown Style BBQ Spare Ribs   
Taiwan Style Spicy Wontons   
Crispy Tofu Medallions   

Course 1 - Cold

Peking Duck Salad   
Seasonal Salad   
Stewed Bamboo Shoots   

Course 2

Beef Noodle Soup (Dry, soup).  
Beef Tendon Noodle (Dry, soup).  
Fried Pork Curlet Rice   
Snow Vege Pork Noodle   
Special Oil Onion Noodle   
Scallion Pancakes Wrap Choice of - peking duck, soy braised pork, beef or veggie.  
Grand Marnier Shrimp   
General Tso's Chicken   
General Tso's Tofu Choice of - white rice, brown rice, pork fried rice or veggie fried rice.  

Course 3

Warm Taro Pudding   
Strawberry Salad On Mousse   
Chocolate Molten Cake (Add $2.00).  
Organic Black Bean & Wild Rice Porridge (Cold or warm). (Add vanilla ice cream $2.00).  
Ice Cream   


107 - 12 70th Rd
Btwn Austin St & Queens Blvd
(718) 268-2404
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