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  • Bagels, Deli Food, Sandwiches
  • 1024 2nd Ave, New York 10022 40.757371 -73.966366
  • (At 54th St)
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  • (917) 924-1436
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Lenny's Breakfast

Two Egg Sandwich     2.29
Two Eggs Sandwich With Nova & Tomatoes     7.99
Breakfast Platter     5.25
Side Of Ham     3.50
Side Of Bacon     3.50
Side Of Sausage     3.50
Side Of Turkey Bacon     4.50
Small Side Of Homefries     2.50

Omelettes $6.29

Western black forest ham, onion & bell pepper  
Spanish bacon, cheddar, bell pepper & onion  
Ham & Cheese black forest ham & choice of cheese  
Atkins egg whites, turkey, onion, tomato & roasted red pepper  

Wraps $4.95

Turkey BELT eggs or egg whites, turkey bacon, lettuce, and sliced tomato.  
Athens eggs or egg whites, spinach, feta cheese, tomato and turkey.  
Wild Western eggs or egg whites, jalapeno, onion, grilled ham, salsa and sriracha.  
Portobello Brie eggs or egg whites, portobello, brie cheese, arugula, and sliced tomato.  
Pastrami Hash eggs or egg whites, grilled pastrami, home fries and ketchup.  
Egg White Delight egg whites, avocado, cucumber, kale and muenster cheese.  


Creamy Home-Style Oatmeal     2.29

Healthy Breakfast

Fresh Fruit Salad     3.29
Banana     0.75
Green Apple     1.00
Red Apple     1.00

Gourmet Soups

Chicken Noodle small or large   (8oz) 3.50 (12oz) 4.50

Homemade Salads

Garden romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers, radish, red cabbage and tomato.    5.99
Greek kalamata olives, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers, radish, red cabbage, tomato and feta cheese.    6.99
Caesar romaine lettuce, croutons and parmesan cheese    5.99
Chef romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers, radish, red cabbage, tomato, hard boiled egg, and chef roll (ham, turkey, american cheese, genoa salami, and fresh mozzarella cheese)    8.99

Create Your Own Tossed Salads

Build Your Own Romaine Salad     4.99
Build Your Own Spinach Salad     4.99
Build Your Own Mesclun Salad     4.99
Build Your Own Arugula Salad     5.74
Build Your Own Kale Salad     4.99
Salad Additions alfalfa sprouts, black beans, broccoli, carrots, celery, chick peas, chinese noodles, corn, croutons, cucumber, edamame, egg white, grape tomato, hard boiled egg, kalamata olives, kidney beans, mandarin orange, mushroom, roasted red pepper, raisins, radish, red beets, mixed bell peppers, apple, sunflower seeds, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese    0.79
Salad Additions dried cranberry, walnuts, artichoke hearts, crumbled bleu, quinoa, sliced almonds, fresh mozzarella, feta    0.99
Salad Additions asparagus, avocado, bacon bits, brussel sprouts, hearts of palm, grilled mixed peppers, grilled squash & zucchini, tofu    1.49
Salad Additions chicken cutlet, buffalo chicken, dry tuna, grilled chicken, pesto chicken, portobello mushroom    1.99
Salad Dressing lime sriracha, honey balsamic, greek dressing, house dressing, balsamic viniagrette, asian sesame, thai sweet chili dressing, sherry shallot, chipotle ranch, caesar, blue cheese, balsamic vinegar, italian, honey mustard, ranch, french dressing, roasted garlic viniagrette, red wine vinegar, oil, oil & vinegar, fat free italian, low fat honey mustard, low fat caesar, russian, fat free raspberry viniagrette, fat free ranch  
Dressing Placement dressing on side, dressing mixed in  

Bagels, Muffins & Pastries

Bagel sesame bagel, plain bagel, cinnamon raisin bagel, poppy seed bagel, pumpernickel bagel, whole wheat bagel, everything bagel, onion bagel, bialy    1.29
Bread roll, club, whole wheat roll, whole wheat, white, marble rye, 7-grain bread, rye, pumpernickel, seeded rye, sourdough, english muffin    0.75
Bread ciabatta, spinach wrap, whole wheat wrap, wrap, sun-dried tomato wrap    1.00
Bread whole wheat hero, hero    1.50
Bread croissant    2.00
Muffin corn muffin, bran muffin, blueberry muffin    2.00
Yogurt Muffins mixed berry muffin, banana chocolate chip muffin, double chocolate chip muffin, cappuccino muffin, cranberry orange muffin, banana walnut muffin, marble crunch muffin, french vanilla muffin, apple bran muffin, blueberry crumb muffin    2.25

Create Your Own Sandwich

Avocado     4.99
Corned Beef     6.49
Grilled Steak     6.99
BLT     4.79
Capicola     6.29
Chicken Cutlet     6.79
Chicken Salad     6.29
Grilled Chicken     6.79
Genoa Salami     6.29
Boiled Ham     6.29
Black Forest Ham     6.29
Virginia Ham     6.29
Hummus     4.29
Pastrami     6.29
Prosciutto     6.49
Smoked Salmon     7.49
Sopressata     6.49
Tuna Salad     6.29
Turkey     6.29
Turkey Pastrami     6.29
Cracked Pepper Turkey     6.29
Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey     6.99
Honey Turkey     6.29
Smoked Turkey     6.29
Turkey Club     7.99
Peanut Butter     2.50
Peanut Butter & Jelly     3.00
Peanut Butter & Banana     3.50
Bread choose one: marble rye, 7-grain whole wheat bread, white bread, seeded rye, rye, pumpernickel bread, whole wheat roll, roll, sourdough bread, poppy bagel, sesame bagel, plain bagel, pumpenickel bagel, whole wheat bagel, cinnamon raisin bagel, club, everything bagel, onion bagel  
Bread choose one: spinach wrap, wrap, ciabatta, whole wheat wrap, sun-dried tomato wrap    0.50
Bread choose one: hero, whole wheat hero    1.50
Toasted Bread toasted, toasted well, lightly toasted, scoop  
Add Protein corned beef, cappicola, chicken salad, ham, black forest ham, virginia ham, pastrami, soppressata, tuna salad, turkey, turkey pastrami, cracked pepper turkey, honey turkey, smoked turkey    1.50
Add Protein chicken cutlet, grilled chicken, genoa salami, prosciutto    2.00
Add Protein grilled steak    3.49
Add Protein nova    5.49
Grilled Meat     1.00
Add Cheese american cheese, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, monterey jack cheese, mozzarella cheese, muenster cheese, provolone cheese    0.50
Add Cheese alpine cheddar cheese, alpine swiss cheese    0.75
Add Cheese brie, fresh mozzarella, gouda    1.00
Melted Cheese     0.50
Sandwich Extra Topping onion, tomato, lettuce, horse radish  
Sandwich Extra Topping sprouts, grilled tomato, grilled onion, capers, basil, apple, cucumber, coleslaw, carrots, mushroom, hot pepper, leaf lettuce, roasted red pepper, pickles, red cabbage, sourkraut, sweet pepper    0.50
Sandwich Extra Topping grilled mushroom    0.75
Sandwich Extra Topping sundried tomato, hummus    1.00
Sandwich Extra Topping portobello mushroom, bacon, avocado    1.50
Condiments balsamic vinegar, chipotle ranch, ranch, honey mustard, oil & vinegar, oil, russian, vinegar, low fat honey mustard, mayonaise, mustard, spicy mayonaise  

Cheese Sandwich

American Cheese     4.00
Cheddar Cheese     4.00
Swiss Cheese     4.00
Mozzarella Cheese     4.00
Jalapeno Monterary Jack Cheese     4.00
Muenster Cheese     4.00
Provolone Cheese     4.00
Alpine Cheddar Cheese     4.50
Alpine Swiss Cheese     4.50
Brie Cheese     5.00
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese     5.00
Smoked Gouda Cheese     5.00

Salad Sandwiches $7.99

S1 chicken salad with cucumber, shredded red cabbage, green leaf lettuce & tomato  
S2 chicken salad & crispy bacon with green leaf lettuce & tomato  
S3 tuna salad with carrot, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts & tomato with dijon mustard  

Cold-Cut Sandwiches

C1 cracked pepper turkey & pastrami seasoned turkey breast with jalapeño monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & capers    7.99

Chicken Sandwiches $7.99

Classic Grilled grilled chicken breast with melted fresh mozzarella, grilled onion, green leaf lettuce & roasted red peppers  
Teriyaki grilled chicken breast with melted fresh mozzarella, grilled onion, green leaf lettuce, tomato & teriyaki sauce  
Spicy Grilled grilled chicken breast with melted fresh mozzarella, grilled onion, green leaf lettuce, hot peppers & tabasco sauce  
Chicken Parmesan breaded chicken cutlet with melted fresh mozzarella cheese & special parmigiana sauce  
Smoked Chicken Deluxe breaded chicken cutlet & grilled pastrami with melted smoked gouda cheese, pickles, lettuce & tomato  
Chickavo grilled chicken breast with avocado, roasted red peppers, mesclun and ranch dressing  
Tonkatsu Grilled grilled chicken breast with melted fresh mozzarella cheese, grilled onion, romaine lettuce, tomato and tonkatsu sauce  
Chicken Cordon Bleu breaded chicken cutlet & grilled virginia ham with melted mozzarella cheese, grilled onion, lettuce & tomato  
Chicken Cheddar breaded chicken cutlet with melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce & tomato  
Buffalo Chicken breaded chicken cutlet with melted crumbled bleu cheese, spicy buffalo sauce & green leaf lettuce  

Home-Style Sandwiches $7.99

H1 fresh oven roasted turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce & gravy  
H2 fresh oven roasted turkey with crispy bacon, american cheese, grilled onion, lettuce & tomato  
H3 fresh oven roasted turkey with grilled roast beef with melted mozzarella cheese, grilled onion & tomato  
H4 fresh oven roasted turkey & grilled corned beef with melted swiss cheese, coleslaw & russian dressing  

Grilled Sandwiches $7.99

G1 grilled roast beef with melted fresh mozzarella cheese, grilled onion & roasted red peppers  
G2 grilled roast beef with melted american cheese, grilled onion, coleslaw, green leaf lettuce, hot peppers and tabasco sauce  
G3 grilled roast beef with crispy bacon, melted american cheese, grilled onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles & a-1 steak sauce  
G4 grilled smoked ham & smoked turkey with melted swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce, coleslaw & russian dressing  

Lite Sandwiches $7.99

Mozzarella Delight fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, tomato, basil & capers on toasted rye bread with italian dressing  
Veggie Delight fresh mozzarella cheese with grilled vegetables  

All-Time Favorites $7.99

#1. Lenwich Combo hot pastrami and corned beef with finlandia swiss cheese, coleslaw and russian dressing  
#2. Italian Style genoa salami & capicola with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, hot peppers, oil & vinegar  
#3. American Style virginia ham & black forest ham with american cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo  
#4. Diet Style alpine swiss & alpine cheddar cheese with green leaf lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber, shredded red cabbage and alfalfa sprouts  
#5. Jimmy T breaded chicken cutlet with melted mozzarella cheese, grilled onion, sweet peppers & honey mustard  
#6. Emmas Combo smoked ham & smoked turkey with swiss, coleslaw & russian dressing  
#7. Joes Combo turkey breast & roast beef with swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion & horseradish  
#8. Mikey's Combo grilled roast beef with melted american cheese, lettuce, tomato & grilled onion  
#9. Novie smoked nova with cream cheese, tomato & onion on a bagel  
#10. TC turkey & corned beef with coleslaw & russian dressing  
#11. Vegetarian Special avocado, green leaf lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, shredded red cabbage & sweet peppers with honey mustard  


Lay's & Doritos Chips classic lays chips, bbq, baked lays, baked ruffle cheddar chips, sunchip original, sunchip cheddar, sunchip french onion, crunchy cheetos, fritos, fritos bbq twist, rold gold pretzels, rold gold honey wheat pretzels, nacho doritos, cool ranch doritos    0.99
Kettle Brand Chips salt & pepper, sea salt, buffalo bleu, bbq    1.59
Chobani Yogurt strawberry chobani, blueberry chobani    2.50
Fage plain, honey, strawberry, peach    2.75
Red Apple     1.00
Green Apple     1.00
Banana     0.75
Fresh Fruit Salad     3.29


Dressing    lg 0.79
Slaw     1.00
Cranberry Sauce     0.75

Desserts & Treats

Chris's Bag Of Cookies chocolate chunk cookies, white chocolate cranberry cookies    2.49
Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie     2.25
Jumbo Black & White Cookie     2.25
Pound Cake plain pound cake, lemon icing pound cake, marble pound cake    2.25
Tates Cookie Chocolate Chips     2.75

Specialty Drinks

Coffee     1.50  2.00
Decaf Coffee     1.50  2.00
Hazelnut Coffee     1.50  2.00
Café Au Lait     2.00  2.50
Cappuccino     2.99  3.99
Latte     2.99  3.99
Mochaccino     3.50  4.50
Espresso Shot    sgl 1.99 dbl 2.99
Lipton Tea     1.50  2.00
Decaf Lipton Tea     2.00  1.50
Herbal Tea     1.50  2.00
Hot Chocolate     2.50  3.25

Iced Specialty Drinks

Coffee     2.29  2.79
Decaf Coffee     2.29  2.79
Hazelnut Coffee     2.29  2.79
Cappuccino     3.50  4.50
Latte     3.50  4.50
Mochaccino     3.99  4.99


Bottled Soda coke, diet coke, coke zero, cherry coke, cherry coke zero, fresca, sprite, diet sprite zero, dr pepper, diet dr pepper, fanta orange, gingerale, diet gingerale, seltzer   (20oz) 1.99
Honest Tea peach, lemon    2.25
Honest Tea honey green, pom blue, limeade    2.75
Tea's Tea apple, peach, greeh white    2.75
Snapple lemon, diet lemon, raspberry, diet raspberry, cranberry raspberry, diet cranberry raspberry, peach, diet peach, snapple apple, half & half    2.25
Lenny's Water    med 2.50 sm 1.50
Vitamin Water essential, revive, energy, xxx, xxx zero, power-c, mega-c zero, squeezed zero, go-go zero    2.75
Zico Water natural    3.25
Nesquick     2.75
Gatorade cool blue, orange, lemon lime    2.25
Naked Juice mighty mango, green machine, blue machine, power-c, orange- mango    3.99
Naked Juice protein zone    4.49
Nantucket Nectar 1/2 & 1/2, lemonade, cranberry, apple, orange mango    2.50
Tropicana homestyle pulp, orange pineapple, orange tangerine, orange peach mango, strawberry banana orange, calcium    2.49
Bai5 limu lemonade, brasilia blue, molakai coconut, malawi mango, pomegranate, panama peach, dragon fruit    2.99
Milk    qt 2.25
Skim    qt 2.25
Half & Half    qt 3.75
Cup Of Ice    lg 0.75 sm 0.50


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