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Lahori Chilli Restaurant & Sweets

  • $
  • Halal, Indian, Pakistani
  • 1026 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn 11230 40.63245 -73.96711
  • (Btwn Foster & Newkirk Ave)
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  • (929) 381-0821
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Drinks (All Day)

Sweet Lassi     4.00
Salt Lassi     3.00
Mango Lassi     5.00
Mango Shake     5.00
Milk Shake     5.00
Soda     1.50
Snapple     2.00
Kashmiri Chai Tea.    2.00
Tea Speial Tea with milk (You can choose without milk too)    1.50
Beef Nihari (Beef curry) Beef cooked with spices    7.99
Lemonade Special lemon juice with sugar or spleda or salt    3.50
Beef Nihari large size     15.99
2 pieces Lamb Chomps over Rice Grilled lamb chomps come with vegetables Rice salad and sauces    10.99

Nashta (Breakfast) Available All Day

Plain Paratha Special Bread with Butter    2.99
Aloo Paratha Special Mashed Patato Bread    3.99
Reddish Bread (Moli Pratha)     3.99
Keema Paratha (Chicken Bread) Special Ground Chicken Bread Healty used olive oil    3.99
Halwa Puri 2 pieces comes and chick peas and sweet comes in order delecious for breakfast    6.99
Cholle Pathure Pitta make with Butter and enjoy with chick peas and special sweet    6.99
Goat Feet Curry (Paya)     7.99
Cow Feet Curry (paya)     7.99
Omlete 2 eggs with onion green pepper and spices    3.99
Fry Eggs 2 eggs u can choose half fry eggs or full fry eggs    3.99
Chicken Tikka Masal     7.99

Appetizers(Available All Day)

6 Pieces Chicken Tikka Special Grilled Chiken normal spices and comes with salad and yougurt sauce    7.99
Chicken Shish Kabab Ground chicken and use spices making on Grill    1.50
3 Pieces Lamb chops Grilled and Rice Special grill Chomps comes with rice and salad and sauces    15.99
Chicken Leg Grilled chicken leg comes with salad and sauce    4.99
Whole Chicken (chargha) Whole chiken making on grill normal spices comes with salad and sauces    16.99
Shami Kabab grounded chicken and grounded beans    2.00
Chapli Kabab grounded chicken    3.99
Potato Cutlus (Aloo Tikki) Mashed patatoes normal spices    1.99
Chicken Kachori     2.00
Fried Fish with 1 butter Bread Swai Fillet serve with salad sauce    8.99
Fish Pakora 1 lb Boneless skinless Fish    12.99
GRILLED Fish with 1 Naan Bread     7.99
Grilled Fish with Rice Healthy Fish with rice and salad and sauve    9.99
3 Pieces Lamb chops Grilled & 2 Naan Bread Grilled lamb chomps withBread    16.99
Goal Gupay 12 pieces     7.99

Chaat(All Day)

Samosa Chaat make with patatoes samosa and chikes peas and all kind sauces    6.99
Dahi Bhale     6.99
Chana Chaat     6.99
chiken tikka over Rice Grilled chiken and Basmati Rice come with salad and sauce    9.99
12 Pieces Pani Puri     7.99
Papri Chaat     6.99
1 Lb. Pakora Flower onion patatoes and spice    6.99
2 Samosa Make with Mashed pataoes and flower and spices    2.99

Rice(All Day)

Veg Rice     5.99
Chicken Biryani     7.99
Chicken Pulao     7.99
Goat Pulao     8.99
Small Sweet Rice     4.99
Chicken and veg over Rice     7.99
Lentil over Rice     6.99
Butter Chiken over Rice Bonless chicken cooked with tomato sauce and Rice    8.50
Goat curry over Rice     9.99
Lamb curry over Rice     8.99
Vegetables over vegetable Rice     7.99
Chicken tikka masal over Rice     8.50
2 pieces Lamb chomps over Rice Grilled chomps pieces over Rice serve with salad and sauce    10.99
Chick peas over Rice     7.50
Chicken curry over Rice     7.99
Fish Pakora with Rice     9.99
Rice with grounded Chicken     7.99

Bread (Roti & Naan) All Day

Whole wheat Bread(Roti) whole wheat flower    1.00
Naan Bread make with flower    1.50
Special Kulcha     2.00
Garlic Naan Bread with Garlic    3.00
Onion Kulcha Bread Onion inside    3.00
Keema Naan or chicken Bread Bread with Grounded Chicken inside    4.00
Patato Bread Bread with Mashed Patatoe inside    4.00
Tawa Roti Whole wheat hand made home Bread    1.50

Vegetables (All Day)

Aloo Palak (Patatoes and Spinach)     5.99
Mixed Vegetables Cooked all mix vegetable with spices and vegetable oil    5.99
Aloo Gobi (patatoes and Cauliflowers)     6.00
Bhindi (Okra)     6.00
Curry Pakora. ( youghurt cury And Veg) yougurt cooked with vegetable and used spices    6.00
Dal Mash (Lentil)     6.00
Split chik peas (chana dal)     6.00
Dal Makhni (lentils)     6.00
Chana Masala Chickpeas cooked with spices and olive oil    6.00
Saag (Mustard)     6.99
Potato spinach Large size     12.99
Spinach Chicken large size     13.99
Chick peas large size     12.99
Okra Large size     12.99
Potato Cauliflower Large size     12.99
Chana dal Lentil over Rice     7.99
Palak chicken. (Spinach and Chicken)     6.99

Specials (All Day)

1 Lb. Karahi Ghosht     20.00
Karahi Chicken     15.00
Lamb Curry (Large size) Lamb cooked with spices mostly people love to eat    14.99
Chicken Nihari     6.99
Butter Chicken large size Boneless chicken cooked with tomato sauce less spicy    14.99
Chicken Haleem large size Grounded chicken and grounded beans cooked with spices (spicy)    14.99
Chicken Nihari large size     14.99
Mustard and Spinach Large size Mustard and spinach cooked together with spices    13.99

Lunch All day

Butter Chicken Lunch Boneless chicken cooked with tomato sauce less spicy    6.99
Buter Chicken Large Size     14.99
Chicken Qorma Lunch     7.00
Chicken korma (large size )     13.99
Chicken Curry Lunch     6.99
Lamb Curry Lunch     7.99
Lamb curry Large     14.99
Grounded chicken with green peas (kema muter)     7.50
Grounded chicken with potato (kema)     6.99
Grounded Chicken or Keema (large size )     13.99
Grounded chicken curry (Kofta and Eggs)     7.00
Chicken meat ball and Eggs curry Large size Grounded chicken meat ball and eggs curry cooked with spices    14.99
Haleem Lunch     6.99
HALEEM (Large Size) Grouned Chicken and mix grounded Beans Spicy    13.99
Spinach Chicken (palk Chicken)     6.99
Spinach with Goat     7.50
Spinach with Goat (Large Size)     13.99
Potato and lamb curry (Alo gosht)     7.99
Goat Feet Curry (Paya)     7.99
Beef Nihari Lunch     7.99
Pickle Chicken (Achari chicken) Chicken cooked with pickles and spices    6.99
Chicken Tikka Masala     7.99
chicken Tikka masala Large size     14.99
Goat Karahi     11.50
Goat krahi Large     20.00
Spinach with Chicken(Large size)     13.99
Butter Chiken over Rice bonless chicken cooked with tomato sauce less spicy    8.50
Chick peas over Rice     6.99
Chicken Jalfrezi Lunch     6.00
Chicken over Rice     7.99
Chili Chicken Lunch     6.00
Lamb Chop Curry Lunch     7.00
Lamb curry over Rice     8.99
Mix Vegetables Over Rice     6.99
lamb curry over Rice     8.99
patato Bread     7.00

Special Sweets (Available All Day)

1 Lb. Special Gajar Halwa     7.00
1 Lb. All Kinds of Sweets     6.99
Jalebi     6.00

Desserts (Available All Day)

2 Pieces Rasmalai make with cheese and milk    4.50
Rice Pudding( Kheer)     5.00
Carrot sweet (gajar halwa)     5.00
Small Sooji Halwa     5.00
Falooda     6.00
Kulfi     2.00
Small Custard     5.00
Sweet Rice     5.99
Large Rice Pudding     10.00
Large Carrot     10.00


Lahori Chilli Restaurant & Sweets
1026 Coney Island Ave
Btwn Foster & Newkirk Ave
(929) 381-0821
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