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Lunch Boxes To Go

Vegetable Lunch Box 2 vegetable, sambhar, rice and paratha.    8.00
Chicken Lunch Box 1 chicken, 1 vegetable, sambhar, rice and paratha.    9.00
Lamb Lunch Box 1 lamb, 1 vegetable, sambhar, rice and paratha.    9.00
Fish Lunch Box 1 fish, 1 vegetable, sambhar, rice and paratha.    10.00

Vegetable Starters

Paruppu Soup lentil coconut soup.    5.00
Rasam Vada lentil donuts in a light tamarind lentil soup.     6.00
Idli Sambhar mini idilis in a lentil soup with pearl onions.     6.00
Thair Vadai cold lentil donuts soaked in spiced yogurt, tempered with curry leaves.     6.00
Savitri Amma's Idli steamed rice cakes served with sambhar and chutneys.    6.00
Medhu Vadai fried lentil donuts served with sambhar and chutneys.    6.00
Idli Vadai Combo steamed rice cake and crispy lentil donut.    6.00
Pakora  crispy onion fritters.     6.00
Katrika Bhajji batter fried eggplant served with chutneys.     6.00
Parippu Vadai  fried lentil cakes with chilies and onions.     6.00
Aloo Bonda spiced potato balls served with chutneys.    6.00

Non-Vegetable Starters

Egg Roast * spiced boiled eggs with onions.    8.00
Kumily Chicken Fry * spiced chicken tossed with curry leaves.    10.00
Lamb Pepper Fry * spiced lamb sautéed with coconut and peppercorns.    11.00
Shrimp Kokum marinated shrimp in kokum juice and sautéed with shallots.    12.00
Fish Poriyal flaky fish tossed in lime and roasted spices.    12.00
Kochi Fish Fry * pan-fried fish in red marinade.    12.00

Mini Meals

Upma steamed cream of wheat with vegetables and cashews.    8.00
Ghee Pongal steamed rice and lentils with peppercorns and cashews.     8.00
Puri Aloo Masala spiced potatoes served with fried puffed bread.    8.00
Bisi Bela Houliana rice cooked with vegetables, lentils and curry leaves.    8.00
Egg Appam appam with poached eggs served with vegetable or chicken stew.    12.00
Iddiappam steamed rice string hoppers served with vegetable or chicken stew.    12.00
Egg Kothu Paratha pan grilled bread with eggs, onions, tomatoes and green chilies.    12.00

Dosa Stall

Sada Dosa rice lentil crepe.    9.00
Paper Dosa thin and crispy lentil rice crepe.    10.00
Uttapam rice and lentil pancake.    10.00
Vegetable Uttapam uttapam smothered with vegetables.    11.00
Onion Chili Uttapam * uttapam with onions and green chilies.    11.00
Tomato Onion Uttapam rice pancake smothered with fresh tomatoes and onions.    11.00
Onion Dosa dosa layered with onions and fresh coriander.    11.00
Masala Dosa dosa stuffed with spiced potatoes and onion.    11.00
Mysore Masala * spicier masala dosa with red chutney.    11.00
Madurai Masala Dosa * smothered with green chilies.    11.00
Green Chili Masala Dosa smothered with green chilies and spiced potatoes.    11.00
Ghee Masala Dosa smothered with ghee and spiced potatoes.    11.00
Rava Dosa crisp semolina and rice flour crepe.    11.00
Onion Chili Rava Dosa * smothered with green chilies and onions.    12.00
Onion Rava Masala Dosa rava dosa stuffed with spiced potatoes and onions.    12.00
Onion Chili Rava Masala Dosa smothered with potato masala and green chili.    12.00

Muniyandi Dosa Stall

Egg Dosa * crepe with masala omelete.    11.00
Chicken Pepper Dosa * stuffed with dry pepper chicken.    12.00
Lamb Keema Egg Dosa stuffed with minced lamb and egg.    13.00
Lamb Pepper Dosa crepe stuffed with dry pepper lamb.    13.00


Chettinad Chicken Kulambu * chicken cooked in tamarind and fresh coconut.    12.00
Melugu Chicken Chettinad * pepper chicken curry from the house of chettiyars.    13.00
Chicken Kottumalli chicken cooked in green masala and fresh coconut.    14.00
Mirapakai Kodi * chicken sautéed with fresh coconut,onions and curry leaves.    14.00
Chicken Keerai chicken cooked with spinach and lentils.    14.00
Kerala Chicken Stew chicken and vegetables in a coconut stew with whole masalas.    14.00
Kori Gassi a manglorean-style red chicken curry with coconut.    15.00
Coondapur Chicken chicken and potatoes cooked in coconut cream with curry leaves.    15.00

Lamb & Goat

Keema Beans minced lamb with green beans.    15.00
Lamb Egg Roast a dry lamb and egg preparation with garden herbs    15.00
Lamb Madras * lamb cooked with coconut chutney and dry red chilies.    16.00
Lamb Keerai lamb cooked with spinach and lentils.    16.00
Goat Kulambu goat cooked with tomatoes and roasted spices.    16.00
Kochi Goat Curry curried goat on the bone tossed with curry leaves.    16.00

Sea Food

Nadan Fish Curry country-style red fish curry with kokum.    18.00
Fish Moilee fish cooked in a turmeric infused coconut milk.    18.00
Fish Polichathu * fish roasted in a plantain leaf.    19.00
Allepy Fish Manga Curry coconut fish curry with green mangoes.    19.00
Chemeen Theeyal shrimp curry with shallots and fried coconut.    18.00
Konju Pappas red shrimp cooked with tomatoes, coconut and kokum.    19.00
Manglorean Shrimp coconut shrimp curry with curry leaves.    19.00
Shrimp Ajadina a monglorean dry shrimp preparation with red chili powder and coconut.    19.00
Soft Shell Crab Roast kerala-style crab roast with black pepper and shallots.    22.00

Vegetables Dishes

Eriserry red pumpkin and black-eyed beans in a mild gravy.    11.00
Red Pumpkin Thoran red pumpkin with jaggery, mustard seeds and curry leaves.    11.00
Spinach Masiyal spinach and lentils tempered with coconut.    12.00
Kovaka Podi gherkins topped with lentil powder.    13.00
Kovaka Aloo  gherkins and potatoes tossed with garden herbs.    13.00
Kerala Kootu mixed vegetables in lentil gravy.    13.00
Kerala Vegetable Stew mixed vegetables in a whole coconut stew masalas.    13.00
Aloo Gobi Curry Pata potatoes and cauliflower tossed with mustard seeds and curry leaves.    13.00
Green Bean Patani green beans and green peas with coconut and mustard seeds.    13.00
Savitri Amma's Okra Fry okra tempered with mustard seeds and dry lentils.    13.00
Eggplant Chennai Curry a dry eggplant preparation with onions and tomatoes.    13.00
Cauliflower Kottumalli cauliflower in a mild green masala gravy.    13.00
Avial Malabar eclectic vegetables with coconut, yogurt and garden herbs.    13.00

Famous Malabar Biryani

Vegetable Briyani     12.00
Egg Biryani     13.00
Chicken Biryani     14.00
Lamb Biryani     15.00
Goat Biryani     16.00
Shrimp Biryani     18.00
Fish Briyani     18.00

Rice On The Side

Plain White Rice steamed white rice.    3.00
Paripu Podi Rice steamed rice with lentil powder and ghee.    5.00
Tomato Rice rice cooked with lentils, tomatoes and curry leaves.    6.00
Coconut Rice rice tempered with appalam and mustard seeds.    6.00
Tamarind Rice rice tempered with tamarind, peanuts and split chana dal.    6.00
Lemon Rice rice tempered with peanuts and lemon.    6.00
Thair Sadam Rice yogurt rice tempered with ginger and curry leaves.    6.00


Appalam fried lentil wafers.    2.00
Hot Pickle lemon, vadumanga, fenugreek.    2.00
Mango Chutney sweet mango relish.    2.00
Melaga Podi dry red chili and lentil powder.    2.00
Chapati whole wheat bread cooked on open fire.    4.00
Plain Paratha multi-layered pan-grilled bread with ghee.    4.00
Kerala Paratha 3 baby pieces. multi-layered pan-grilled bread.    4.00
Carrot Thair Pachadi refreshing yogurt with coconut, carrots and garden herbs.    4.00
Tomato Thair Pachadi refreshing yogurt tempered with coconut, tomatoes and garden herbs.    4.00
Sambhar lentils prepared with garden herbs.    5.00
Thattu Dosai 2 pieces of amma-style dosa. enjoy with any gravy dish.    6.00
Plain Appam fermented rice crepe. enjoy with any gravy dish.   (2pcs) 6.00
Vegetable Chili Paratha * paratha bread stuffed with green chilies and vegetables.    6.00
Chennai Aloo potatoes tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.    6.00
Theeyal yam and green banana tempered with coconut.    6.00

Desserts $5

Rava Kesari contains nuts. semolina with saffron and ghee.  
Payasam lentil pudding with jaggery and raisins.  
Gulab Jamun fried milk balls in sugar syrup.  


Masala Chai tea with milk and ginger.    2.00
Green Tea  refreshing hot tea.    2.00
Soda coke, diet coke, sprite.    2.00
Madras Coffee coffee with milk.    3.00
Voss Bottled Water     3.00
Moru spiced buttermilk.    4.00
Lassi mango, sweet, rose.    5.00


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