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Katz's Delicatessen

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Breakfast Specials

Eggs 7.95
Pancakes 7.95
French Toast 7.95
Bagel, Lox And Cream Cheese new york on your tongue. 11.75
Bagel And Cream Cheese 3.85

Bagel With Cream Cheese 4.50
Bagel With Lox includes cream cheese. 12.50
Bagel With Lox Platter includes cream cheese. 14.25
Oversized Omelets

Pastrami Omelet 14.95
Corned Beef Omelet 14.95
Salami Omelet 13.95
Tongue Omelet 15.95
Lox And Onions Omelet 15.95
Starters, Salads And Sides

Tossed Green Salad salad dressing is served on the side. 6.95
Potato Salad 5.45
Cole Slaw 5.45
Macaroni Salad 5.45
Steak Fries 5.95
Square Knishes square potato. 4.25
Round Knishes 4.75
Sweet Potato Knishes 5.75
Vegetarian Baked Beans 5.45
Kishka stuffed derma. 8.25
Chopped Liver With Onion 9.25
Noodle Pudding kugel. 5.95

Matzo Ball Soup if the soup weren`t surrounding it, this matzo ball would float away. 6.45
Chicken Noodle Soup thick with chicken and noodles. 5.95
Split Pea Soup 6.45
Salad Platters

Tuna Salad Platter 12.45
Chicken Salad Platter 12.45
Egg Salad Platter 12.45
Individual Tuna Platter canned tuna. 14.95
Individual Salmon Platter canned salmon. 14.95
1/2 Sandwiches

1/2 Sandwich With Matzo Ball Soup 16.45
1/2 Sandwich With Split Pea Soup 16.45
1/2 Sandwich With Chicken Noodle Soup 15.95
1/2 Sandwich With House Salad 15.95
Cold Sandwiches

Katz's Tongue Sandwich either center cut or tip, this is the finest example of this delicacy. our specialty, cured in-house. 17.45
Katz's Original Recipe Salami Sandwich our salami is famous all over the world. choose either soft or the harder aged and see why people have been sending this katz staple to loved ones for years.
Katz's Original Recipe Salami Sandwich soft salami 12.95
Katz's Original Recipe Salami Sandwich hard salami 15.25
Bologna Sandwich 12.95
Roast Beef Sandwich fresh daily. 16.95
Chopped Liver Sandwich like grandma made, only better. 14.25
Liverwurst Sandwich 13.95
Egg Salad Sandwich 11.75
Tuna Salad Sandwich 12.95
Chicken Salad Sandwich 12.95
Cheese Sandwich 11.30
Hot Sandwiches

Katz's Pastrami Sandwich smoked to juicy perfection and hand carved to your specifications. 18.45
Katz's Corned Beef Sandwich our secret "dry cure" pickling formula requires a full month to be ready to serve. the secret to finishing one is to pace yourself. 17.45
Katz's Brisket Sandwich baked. 17.45
Katz's Knoblewurst Sandwich our garlic beef sausage. 14.95
Reuben Sandwich our corned beef, swiss cheese, russian and sauerkraut combo. 18.95
Turkey Sandwich hot, moist and tender. 17.45
Combo Sandwiches 19.45
Reuben Combo Sandwiches 20.45
Noshes & Grill Favorites

Frankfurter our best of new york natural casing all beef dog. 3.75
Knoblewurst 1 piece and 1 slice rye. 7.45
Chili Dog 5.75
Bowl Of Meat Chili served with bread and pickles. 9.95
Two Knockwurst With Beans served with bread and pickles 12.95
Katz's Cheese Steak this would make rocky leave philadelphia. 14.25
Grilled Cheese 6.75
Hamburger 8.75
Cheeseburger 10.25
Chili Burger 10.75
All Day Specials

Hot Open Faced Sandwich Plate served with your choice of 2 sides. 18.45
Three Meat Platter generous portions of hand sliced pastrami, brisket and corned beef. 32.75
Dinner Platter start with a bowl of our matzo ball soup, then feast on this platter of hand sliced brisket with potato pancake and noodle kugel. 24.25
Traditional Favorites $12.25

Potato Latkes three per order. served with sour cream, apple sauce or both.
Blintzes cheese with fruit.

New York Cheesecake creamy and sinful. 6.95
New York Cheesecake original
New York Cheesecake strawberry, blueberry, pineapple. 0.80
Layer Cake chocolate cake, carrot cake. 6.95
Fruit Pie apple pie, walnut pie. 6.95
Cookie black & white cookie, chocolate chip. 4.25

Soda dr. brown`s black cherry, dr. brown`s diet black cherry, dr. brown`s cream soda, dr. brown`s diet cream soda, root beer, diet root beer, sunkist, diet sunkist, pepsi, diet pepsi, welch`s grape soda, canada dry, diet canada dry, 7 up, diet 7 up. 2.75
Bottled Water 2.75
Seltzer 2.95
Juice orange, apple, strawberry-kiwi, cranberry, grape. 2.95
Homemade Iced Tea 2.95
Lemonade 2.95
Unsweetened Iced Tea 3.00
Coffee 1.95
Tea 1.95
Iced Coffee 2.90
Espresso 2.90
Cappuccino 3.95
Hot Chocolate 1.95
New York Egg Cream chocolate or vanilla syrup, milk and a spirtz seitzer. 3.75