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Kang Suh

  • $$$
  • Korean, Sushi
  • 1250 Broadway, New York 10001 40.748214 -73.988189
  • (At 32nd St)
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  • (212) 564-6845
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3-1. Miso Guk soy bean paste soup.    4.50
3-2. Jogae Guk a light soup with fresh clams.    6.95
3-3. Miyuk Guk seaweed soup with sliced beef.    6.50
3-4. Mandoo Guk traditional korean dumpling soup.    6.50

Jook & Porridge

4-1. Junbok Jook abalone and rice porridge.    14.50
4-2. Buhsot Gul Jook fresh oyster and mushroom porridge.    14.95
4-3. Gae Jook sesame porridge.    14.50
4-4. Yachae Jook fresh vegetable porridge.    13.95


40-1. Jin Mandoo steamed dumpling.    7.50
40-2. Mandoo Gui deep-fried dumpling.    7.50
40-3. Japchae stir-fried vermicelli noodles, vegetables and meat.    9.95
40-4. Saewoo Tuikim fried shrimp.   reg 20.95 dlx 22.95
40-5. Sushi Appetizer    (5) 16.95
40-6. Sashimi Appetizer    (12) 21.95
40-7. Shumai steamed shrimp dumplings.    7.50
40-8. Cho Muchim vegetables with vinegar dressing and shell fish.    8.95
40-9. Saewoo Cho Muchim boiled shrimp dipped in seasonal sauce.    9.95
40-10. Yakidori skewered chicken and vegetables broiled with teriyaki sauce.    12.25
40-11. Negimaki thinly sliced beef rolled with scallions and vegetables.   reg 12.25 dlx 19.50

Korean Pancake

41-1. Pa Jeon scallion pancake stir-fried with egg and shellfish.    15.99
41-2. Kimchi Jeon kimchi pancake.    14.99
41-3. Gool Pae Jeon oyster pancake stir-fried with egg and scallions.    17.99
41-4. Haemool Pae Jeon seafood pancake stir-fried with egg.    17.99
41-5. Saengsun Jeon one bite sized codfish pancake stir-fried with egg.    17.99
41-6. Gochoo Jeon pan-fried pepper filled with pork.    16.99
41-7. Bindae Duk traditional korean mungbean pancake with ham, chopped kimchee & vegetables.   (3) 17.99
41-9. Busut Jeon pan-fried shiitake mushrooms with shrimp.    20.99

Chongol & Korean Style Chowder

53-1. Busot Chongol mushroom (champignon, shiitake, garlic etc.) chowder with crabmeat, beef and noodles.    44.95
53-2. Kimchi Boodae Chungol kimchi and pork chowder with ham, sausage, pork and vegetables.    37.95
53-3. Haemool Chungol assorted seafood chowder with noodles and vegetables seasoned in spicy red pepper sauce.    49.95
53-4. Heuk Yumso Chungol black goat meat chowder with noodles and vegetables seasoned in chopped sesame leaves and spicy red pepper sauce.    42.95
53-5. Gopchang Chungol casserole of tender beef entrails and vegetables with red pepper powder with noodles.    42.95

Gui & The Broiled Dishes

50-1. Jogi Gui broiled yellow fish seasoned with salt.    21.99
50-2. Kongchi Gui broiled pacific saury seasoned with salt.    16.99
50-3. Yeonuh Gui broiled salmon seasoned with salt.    19.99
50-4. Samchi Gui broiled boneless king fish seasoned with salt.    18.99
50-5. Janguh Gui broiled eel with hot sauce.    22.99
50-6. Godeunguh Gui broiled mackerel seasoned with salt.    19.99


51-1. Kalbi grilled boneless short ribs marinated in soy sauce.    33.95
51-2. Saeng Kalbi grilled prime boneless short ribs.    33.95
51-3. Bulkoki grilled tender prime rib-eye marinated in soy sauce.    27.99
51-4. Chumooluck grilled prime rib steak marinated in soy sauce.    33.95
51-5. Deungshim Gui grilled sirloin steak.    36.95
51-6. Chadolbaki Gui grilled beef briskets.    27.99
51-7. Hyomit Gui grilled thin slices of ox tongue.    27.99
51-8. Samkyupsal Gui grilled slices of pork.    27.99
51-9. Dak Gui grilled boneless sliced chicken.    27.99
51-10. Jaeyook Gui grilled sliced pork strips marinated in spicy soy sauce.    27.99
51-11. Saewoo Gui grilled shrimp.    29.99
51-12. Ojinguh Gui grilled squid with hot and spicy sauce.    27.99
51-13. Pyoko Busut Gui grilled shiitake.    24.99
51-14. Yache Gui grilled vegetables.    24.99


52-1. Beef Teriyaki broiled beef with teriyaki sauce.    25.99
52-2. Chicken Teriyaki broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce.    24.99
52-3. Salmon Teriyaki broiled salmon with teriyaki sauce.    20.99
52-4. Shrimp Teriyaki broiled shrimp with teriyaki sauce.    25.99

Korean Style Hard-Boiled Food

54-1. Godeunguh Chorim mackerel hard-boiled in soy sauce.    22.99
54-2. Euntaegu Chorim silver codfish hard-boiled in soy sauce.    27.95
54-3. Kalchi Chorim hairtail hard-boiled in soy sauce.    22.95

A La Carte

55-1. Nakji Bokeum pan-broiled octopus seasoned in red pepper paste.    23.95
55-2. Nuetari Sokoki Bokeum pan-broiled agaric and beef.    22.95
55-3. Jaeyook Bokeum pan-broiled pork seasoned in red pepper paste.    21.95
55-4. Ohjinguh Bokeum pan-fried squid with stir-fried kimchi seasoned in red pepper paste, served with noodles on a hot plate.    20.95
55-5. Kimchi Bokeum pan-broiled kimchi, seasoned in red pepper paste, with chopped pork.    20.95
55-6. Tockbokyi pan-broiled sliced rice cake with red pepper paste, and chopped pork. does not come with rice.    18.95
55-7. Tangsooyuk deep-fried beef (or pork) with sweet and sour sauce. does not come with rice.    23.95
55-8. Kangpung Saewoo deep-fried shrimp with sweet and hot pepper garlic sauce. does not come with rice.    26.95
55-9. Japchae korean starch noodles fried with vegetables and beef, seasoned with various vegetables. does not come with rice.    19.95
55-10. Yook Hwe shredded raw beef in seasoned sesame oil with egg yolk. does not come with rice.    24.95
55-11. Woojok boiled ox feet plate served with vinegar soy sauce.    21.95
55-12. Jaeyuk Bossam boiled pork plate served with cabbage leaf.    28.95
55-13. Ahkoo Chim steamed monk fish marinated in red pepper paste, served with various vegetables.    35.95
55-14. Muhri Chim fried codfish head marinated in red pepper paste and served with various vegetables.    28.95
55-15. Haemool Modeum Chim assorted steamed seafood.    40.95
55-16. Mala Wuyuk fried beef with mala sauce    22.95
55-17. Rospyunchae thinly sliced rare roast beef with radish, sesame leaves and other various kinds of vegetables.    26.95
55-18. Honguh Hwe skate-raw fish marinated in hot sauce.    21.95
55-19. Kigolaki boneless chicken with red pepper, welsh onion, onion, cucumber and garlic.    22.95
55-20. Yangji Sooyook boiled brisket of beef.    24.95

A La Carte Vegetables

56-1. Yangnyum Dooboo seasoned bean curd. does not come with rice.    20.95
56-2. Busot Tuikim fried mushroom. does not come with rice.    21.95
56-3. Namul Bibimbob cooked pot herbs on rice served with kochoojang (red pepper paste)    15.95
56-4. Yachae Bokeumbob fried assorted vegetables and rice.    15.95
56-5. Yachae Tuikim deep-fried assorted vegetables.    20.95
55-21. Tangsoo Duck fried sliced rice cake with sweet & sour sauce.    18.99

Entrées: Tang And Jigae & Stew And Casserole

61-1. Suhlung Tang long-simmered beef broth with beef briskets, rice and noodles.    12.95
61-2. Woojok Tang soup of long-simmered ox- feet served with rice. extra boiled ox-feet on the side.    14.95
61-3. Kori Tang soup of long-simmered ox- tails served with rice with extra boiled ox-tails on the side.    16.95
61-4. Dokani Tang soup of long-simmered ox- knee served with rice and extra boiled ox-knee on the side.    16.95
61-5. Kalbi Tang short-ribs, scallions and noodles in beef broth.    15.95
61-6. Maewoon Kalbi Tang short-ribs in spicy beef broth.    16.95
61-7. Daegoo Muhri Tang hot soup of codfish head with assorted vegetables.    15.95
61-8. Daegoo Maewun Tang hot codfish soup with assorted vegetables.    16.95
61-9. Daegoo Jiri light codfish soup with assorted vegetables.    16.95
61-10. Jogae Tang clam soup in stoneware pot served with rice.    16.95
61-11. Jogae Maeun Tang hot clam soup in a stoneware pot served with rice.    16.95
61-14. Kimchi Chigae kimchi casserole with pork, served with rice.    13.95
61-15. Dwenjang Chigae dwenjang (bean paste) casserole with bean curd, squash and onion. served with rice.    14.95
61-16. Soon Dooboo Chigae spicy soft bean curd casserole. served with rice.    14.95
61-17. Dooboo Chigae hot bean curd casserole with beef. served with rice.    15.95
61-18. Kimchi Boodae Chigae kimchi casserole with pork, ham, sausage and vegetables.    15.95
61-19. Haemool Japtang Chigae spicy casserole of mixed seafood with assorted vegetables. served with rice.    16.95
61-20. Ohjinguh Chigae spicy casserole of chopped squid with radish. served with rice.    14.95
61-21. Kotgae Chigae spicy casserole of blue crab with vegetables, served with rice.    15.95
61-22. Al Chigae spicy caviar casserole with vegetables. served with rice.    16.95
61-23. Gopchang Chigae casserole of beef entrails and vegetables boiled until tender and seasoned with red pepper powder.    16.95
61-23.Yookgae Jang hot and spicy beef stew with assorted vegetables, ripped slices of beef and served with rice.    14.95
61-24. Haejang Gook hot and spicy stew of ox- bone and ox-blood with assorted vegetables. served with rice.    13.95
61-25. Taro Gook Bob light beef soup with radish and scallions. served with rice.    13.95
61-26. Duk Gook sliced rice cakes dipped in beef broth.    13.95
61-27. Mandoo Gook korean dumplings dipped in beef broth.    13.95
61-28. Duk Mandoo Gook sliced rice cakes and korean dumplings dipped in beef broth.    13.95
61-29. Miyeuk Gook seaweed in beef broth, served with rice.    13.95
61-30. Bookuh Kongnamool Gook soup of dried pollack fish with bean sprouts and scallions. served with rice.    13.95
61-31. Sagol Wuguhji Gook korean cabbage leaves dipped in long-simmered ox-bone broth with bean paste. served with rice.    14.95
61-32. Jogae Shigeumchi Gook dwenjang (bean paste) soup with shellfish and spinach. served with rice.    13.95
61-33. Kalbi Chim stew of prime short ribs with chestnuts and jujube. served with rice.    26.95
61-34. Samgae Tang stew of baby chicken with ginseng, rice, jujube, etc.    20.95
61-35. Heukyomso Tang spicy stew of black goat meat with pepper, sesame leaves, and other vegetables. served with rice.    20.95
61-36. Chungookjang Bibim Bop bean paste, vegetable soup, with rice.    16.95


2-1. Kang Suh Salad assorted fresh vegetables with our special homemade ginger dressing.    8.50
2-3. Saewoo And Avocado Salad fresh avocado, shrimp and vegetables with ginger dressing.    9.50
2-4. Gae Salad crabmeat salad.    8.50
2-5. Haecho Salad cooked seaweed salad.    8.50

Myun & Noodles

63-1. Naeng Myun buckwheat noodles in a cold beef broth.    15.95
63-2. Bibim Naeng Myun buckwheat noodles, sliced meats, and vegetables with hot sauce.    16.95
63-3. Hwe Naeng Myun buckwheat noodles, skate fish and vegetables with hot special sauce.    17.95
63-6. Noodles thin noodle soup.    13.95
63-7. Twikim Udong noodles with fried shrimp in assorted seafood broth.    14.95
63-8. Nambi Udong noodles with seafood in assorted seafood broth.    13.95

Sushi Or Sashimi A La Carte

76-1. Kani crab    3.75
76-2. Tamago egg.    3.75
76-3. Maguro tuna.    4.25
76-4. Hirame fluke.    3.95
76-5. Sake salmon.    3.95
76-6. Ebi shrimp.    3.95
76-7. Ika squid.    3.95
76-8. Tako octopus.    4.50
76-9. Saba makerel.    3.95
76-10. Hamachi yellowtail.    4.95
76-11. Unagi eel.    4.95
76-12. Anago pacific eel.    4.95
76-13. Uni sea urchin.    6.50
76-14. Ikura salmon roe.    5.95
76-15. Mirugai giant clam.    5.95

Sushi Rolls

74-1. Jirashi variety of raw fish over vinegar rice.    24.95
74-2. Tekka Ton tuna and seaweed in a rice bowl.    24.95
74-3. Futo Maki variety of vegetables and egg with seasonal rice, rolled in dried seaweed.    13.50
74-4. Tekka Maki vinegar and mustard tuna with rice rolled in laver.    7.50
74-5. Tekkyu Maki tuna, cucumber and rice rolled in laver.    7.95
74-6. Unagi Roll eel and rice rolled in laver.    8.95
74-7. Cucumber Roll cucumber and rice rolled in laver.    5.50
74-8. Salmon Roll salmon and rice rolled in laver.    7.00
74-9. Salmon Skin Roll salmon skin, scallion and rice rolled in laver.    7.50
74-10. Hamachi Roll yellowtail, scallion and rice rolled in laver.    8.50
74-11. Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, scallion roll with spicy sauce.    8.50
74-12. Spicy Salmon Roll salmon, scallion roll with spicy sauce.    8.00
74-13. Spicy Hamachi Roll yellowtail, scallion roll with spicy sauce.    8.50
74-14. Yache Roll assorted vegetables, scallion roll with spicy sauce.    6.50
74-15. California Roll crab meat, tobiko, avocado and cucumber.    6.50
74-16. Manhattan Roll smoked salmon, tuna & cucumber.    7.50
74-17. Alaska Roll salmon, avocado & cucumber.    7.50
74-18. Boston Roll shrimp, avocado & cucumber.    7.50
74-19. Shrimp Tempura Roll fried shrimp with special sauce.    9.50
74-20. Philadelphia Roll smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado & cucumber.    7.50

Special Rolls

75-1. Spider Roll deep-fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, tobiko with special sauce.    18.95
75-2. Rainbow Roll tobiko, cucumber, egg and various fish fillets.    17.00
75-3. Dragon Roll avocado, eel, cucumber with special sauce.    18.50
75-4. Kangsuh Roll yellowtail, tuna, salmon, eel, crab meat, tobiko with special sauce.    17.50
75-6. Broadway Roll crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, salmon with green tobiko.    17.50
75-7. 5th Avenue Roll crunch, japanese pear with white tuna.    17.50

Sushi Entrées

71-1. Regular Sushi Entrée chef`s selection of 10 pieces & 6 rolls.    23.95
71-2. Deluxe Sushi Entrée chef`s selection of 15 pieces & 10 rolls.    35.95
71-3. Special Sushi Entrée chef`s selection of 23 pieces & 10 rolls.    63.95

Sashimi Entrées

72-1. Regular Sashimi Entrée chef`s selection of 25 pieces.    42.95
72-2. Deluxe Sashimi Entrée chef`s selection of 32 pieces.    65.95
72-3. Special Sashimi Entrée chef`s selection of 44 pieces.    82.95
7-3. Sushi And Sashimi Combination chef`s selection of 35 sushi & sashimi pieces.    62.95

Bob & Rice

62-1. Bibim Bob a bowl of rice with assorted vegetables, ground beef and fried egg, served with kochoohang (red pepper paste).    14.95
62-2. Kimchi Bokeum Bob pan-fried rice with kimchi and pork.    14.95
62-3. Gopdol Bibim Bob rice on a hot stoneware pot, with assorted vegetables and ground beef, served with kochoojang (red pepper paste), and fried egg on the side.    15.95
62-4. Haemool Dolsot Bibim Bob rice on a hot stoneware pot, with assorted seafood and vegetables, fried egg, served with kochoojang (red pepper paste) on the side.    16.95
62-5. Yookhwe Bibim Bob shredded raw beef marinated in sesame oil and vegetables over rice.    22.95
62-6. Hwe Dup Bob assorted chopped raw fish marinated in sesame oil and vegetables over rice, served with cho kochoojang (mixture of vinegar and red pepper paste).    20.95
62-7. Janguh Dup Bob broiled eel over steamed rice.    22.95
62-8. Nakji Gopdol Bop gopdol with octopus.    16.95


Side Of White Rice     1.50
Side Of Brown Rice     2.00


Poland Spring Bottled Water     2.50
Perrier     3.50
Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, gingerale, sunkist orange.    2.50
81-5. Shikhye a sweet traditional korean drink made from fermented rice.    3.50
81-6. Insam (Korean Ginseng Tea)     3.50
81-7. Green Tea     3.50


Kang Suh
1250 Broadway
At 32nd St
(212) 564-6845
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