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Jaiya New York

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  • Thai
  • 1553 2nd Ave, New York 10075 40.77433 -73.95432
  • (Btwn 80th & 81st St)
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  • (212) 717-8877
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Tod Mun Pla spiced feather grayfish curry cake cucumber chili dip    8.95
Pork / Beef / Chicken Sarte coconut milk marinated grilled tender pork/beef/chicken skewers, cucumber and peanut dipping sauce    8.95
Nam Sod minced pork shoulder, onions, ginger, crushed peanuts, lime chili dressing    10.95
Thai Steak Tartar (blanched) flank steak, cucumber, onion, thai chili sauce    11.95
Chinese Sausages grilled pork sausages, cucumbers, onions, fresh chili lime    11.95
Lab choice of chicken, beef or pork. chopped meat mixed with mint leaves, scallions, cilantro, thai dried chili, toasted rice powder and lime juice  
Larb pork / beef / chicken    10.95
Larb duck    12.95
Papaya Salad sun dried shrimp    11.95
Papaya Salad shredded green papaya, string beans, grape tomatoes, roasted peanuts    10.95
Nur Yang Nam Tok classic favorite of north eastern thailand grilled top blade flank steak, chilies    11.95
Nur Yang Nam Jim grilled sliced flank steak jaiya "jaew" dipping sauce    11.95
Yum Gluten Salad steam gluten tossed onion, asian celery fresh chili lime  
Yum Gluten Salad mushroom, baby corn, wood ear mushroom    10.95
Mee Krob crunchy rice noodles, tossed sweet plum sauce sauteed shrimp & chicken, fresh bean sprouts    11.95
Fried Bean Curd crispy tofu, crushed peanut dipping sauce    8.95
B.B.Q Squid bangkok street style squid thai plum relish dipping sauce    10.95
Golden Rock Calamari crispy calamari thai chili aioli    10.95
Coconut Shrimp thai chili aioli    9.95
Yum Woon Sen shrimp, squid, minced chicken, long glass noodles cilantro chili lime    12.95
Kanom Jeeb shrimp, chicken thigh water chestnut, steamed dumpling soy vinaigrette dipping sauce    9.95
Steam Mussels lemongrass, onions, thai basil, milk broth, jaiya seafood dipping sauce    12.95
Curry Puff hand-crafted chicken & curry yam "puff type" pastry, cucumber dip    8.95
Crispy Vegetable Rolls mixed vegetables sweet plum dipping sauce    4.50
Dancing Shrimp thai shrimp ceviche, mint cilantro, garlic lime juice    11.95
Naked Shrimp grilled shrimps jaiya's lemon grass chili paste    12.95
Yum Jelly Fish sliced jelly fish tossed with onions, fresh chili lime    10.95
Crusted Jelly Fish thai bird chili, cured garlic, mint    12.00
Yum Squid Salad sliced squids tossed with onions, ginger, fresh chili lime juice    11.95
Shrimp Roll crispy spring roll, baby shrimp mixed vegetables, glass noodles, plum dipping sauce    5.25
Emerald Dumpling ginger spiced, napa cabbage, wood ear mushroom, soy garlic vinaigrette dipping sauce    7.95
Vegetarian Mee Krob crunchy rice noodles, tossed sweet plum sauce sauteed mushroom, bamboo shoots, tofu fresh bean sprouts    10.95
Yum Woon Sen Jae mushroom, babycorn, bamboo shoots, tossed onions, long glass noodles cilantro chili lime    10.25
Grilled Eggplant Yum topped with mushroom, babycorn, bamboo shoots, fresh chili lime    11.95

Jaiya Signature

Fire Herbal Fish wok-fried whole fish, jaiya's spiced herbs  
Lava Baked Shrimp sizzling glass noodles, garlic, scallion, long hot chilies, chili paste    16.95
Frogs Legs roasted curry, bamboo, basil    21.95
Jaiya Special Baked Shrimp sizzling glass noodles, ginger, white peppercorn, fennel, scallion, oyster sauce    15.95
Seared Prawns roasted garlic, chili peppers, caramelized scallions    20.95
Dungeness Crab Savoy asian celery, yellow egg spice curry  

Duck Walk $19.95

Entrees Are Not Served With Rice: Jasmine Rice $1, Brown Rice $2, Sticky Rice $2.50.

Duck Curry crispy roasted duck, red curry coconut milk, eggplant, green chilies, thai basil, pineapples, tomatoes  
Duck Tamarind crispy roast duck, jaiya tamarind marmalade, onions, shitake mushrooms, asian broccoli  
Duck Salad crispy roast duck, jaiya tamarind marmalade, onions, shitake mushrooms, asian broccoli  

From The Wok

Jaiya's Wok Selections Come With Your Choice Of Meats, Seafood, Tofu Or Vegetables As Listed Below. Vegetables / Tofu (Fried Or Soft) $11.95. Vegetarian Duck $14.95. Chicken / Pork $13.95. Beef / Shrimp / Squid $15.95. Prawns / Duck $18.95. Frog Legs $18.

Chili And Basil thailand's authentic, most popular dish. sauteed fresh green chili, garlic, and thai basil  
Chili And Onions sauteed fresh green chili, onion, black soy sauce  
Ginger sauteed ginger herbs, wood ear mushrooms, soy bean paste, scallions  
Sweet And Sour sauteed tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber, bell pepper, onions  
Black Pepper Garlic black pepper, chopped garlic, caramelized onions  
Mushroom And Bamboo Shoots sauteed scallions, oyster sauce  
Pad Kao Pod sauteed baby corn, shitake mushroom, scallion  
Cashew Nuts sauteed thai roasted chilies, scallions, oyster sauce  
Black Bean sauteed garlic, scallion, oyster sauce, black bean sauce  
Kana add asian broccoli, thai style oyster sauce    2.00
Eggplant Prad Prik add sauteed japanese eggplant, jaiya's black bean sauce, fresh chili, thai basil    2.00
Jaiya Special Sauce add jaiya's chili paste, wok seared scallions, egg    3.00

Curry Bar

Vegetable / Tofu (Fried Or Soft) $12.95. Vegetarian Duck $15.95. Chicken / Pork $13.95. Shrimp / Squid $15.95. Prawns / Duck $18.95 Frog Legs $18.95. Seafood Dungeness Crab.

Red jaiya's secret recipe of spices, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, thai basil  
Indian Curry onion, scallion, fresh chilies, milk  
Green eggplant, fresh chilies, thai basil, coconut milk  
Panang creamy red curry, smooth and mellow, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk  
Mussaman a southern thai blend sweet, mild, tangy onions, potatoes, roasted peanuts, coconut milk  
Jungle robust and fiery string bean, baby corn, bamboo shoots, thai basil, finger root herbs (no dairy)  
Prik Khing shrimp paste, kaffir lime leaves, string beans  
Pad Paed finger root curry paste, fresh chilies, thai basil, bamboo shoots  

Jaiya's Whole Fish Market

Whole Fish Selection Is Seasonal And Is Served Wok Fried With Your Choice Of Jaiya's Selected Seasonings Entrees Are Not Served With Rice: Jasmine Rice $1, Brown Rice $2, Sticky Rice $2.50.

Red Chili chili peppers, copped garlic  
Triple Three Flavor jaiya's special blend of sweet, spicy, and sour sauce, chili peppers, chopped garlic thai basil  
Jaiya Special Fish coconut red curry reduction, kaffir lime leaves, green chilies  
Sweet & Sour mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peas  
Thai Ginger fresh ginger shitake mushrooms, scallions  

Noodles And Rich

Vegetables $9.95. Tofu (Fried Or Soft) $10.95. Vegetarian Duck $16.95. Chicken / Pork $10.95. Beef / Shrimp / Squid $12.95. Prawns / Duck $19.95. Seafood $13.95

Pad Thai the classic rice noodles long thin noodles, stir fried chives, bean sprouts, small tofu, eggs, peanuts, sweet radish  
Pad See Ewe broad rice noodles, asian broccoli, sweet soy sauce  
Drunken Man the classic smoothing, distinctively spicy basil sauce broad rice noodles, mushroom, tomatoes, bamboo shoots, baby corn, thai chilies  
Rard Na "pour over the face" wide broad rice noodles soy sauce gravy, asian broccoli  
Bangkok Kai Kua (recommended with chicken) broad rice noodles, lightly sauteed lettuce, eggs, roasted peanuts  
Thai Fried Rice onions, green peas, asian broccoli, tomatoes, egg  
Thai Fried Rice - Thai Pineapple Fried Rice add thai fried rice, pineapples, cashew nuts, onion, asian broccoli, green peas, tomatoes    3.00
Basil Fried Rice fried rice, chili peppers, asian broccoli, thai basil  

Select 1 Complimentary Appetizer

Papaya Salad shredded green papaya, tomato, long bean, peanut  
Jaiya Garden Salad lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrots, tangy peanut dressing.  
Siam Spring Roll (Fried) glass noodles, mushroom, vegetables, mushroom, sweet plum sauce  
Tom Yum Puk soup. lemon grass hot & sour broth, mixed vegetables  

Choose 1 Main Courses

Green Curry eggplant, basil, kaffir lime leaves, chilies  
Red Curry bamboo shoot, basil, kaffir lime leaves, chilies  
Thai Basil our most popular dish fresh basil, thai chilies  
Ginger wood ear mushroom, onion, scallion, fresh ginger  
Oyster Sauce mushroom, bamboo shoot , scallion  
Sweet And Sour bell pepper, pine apple, tomato, cucumber, onion  
Red Chili fresh grind garlic, red hot chili peppers  
Pad See Ewe broad rice noodles, sweet soy sauce, asian broccoli  
Drunken Man Noodle broad rice noodles, vegetables, basil, chilies  
Pad Thai Noodles the classic rice noodles thin noodles, bean sprouts, egg, peanut, tofu, radish, chives  
Jaiya Fried Rice onions, green peas, tomato, asian broccoli, egg  


Jaiya New York
1553 2nd Ave
Btwn 80th & 81st St
(212) 717-8877
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