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Ichiraku Ramen Bar (CLOSED)

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  • Japanese, Noodle Shops
  • 141 1st Ave, New York NY10003 40.728424 -73.985157
  • (Btwn St Marks Pl & 9th St)
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  • (212) 529-2740
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Ichiraku Ramen Bar


Lunch / Dinner.* All Noodles Are Served With Pork BBQ If You Don't Want Pork, Talk To Server When You Order.

R1. Shio Ramen fresh natural flavored broth with two slices of grilled pork, bamboo shocks, salt flavored egg, seaweed, scallion, scallop powder and thin ramen noodles  8.00 9.00
R2. Shio Chasyumen shio ramen with extra grilled pork  9.50 11.00
R3. Shoyu Ramen fresh soy sauce flavored broth with two slices of grilled pork, bamboo shoots, soy sauce flavored egg, seaweed, scallion, onion and thin ramen noodles  8.50 9.50
R4. Shoyu Chasyumen shoyu ramen with extra grilled pork  10.00 11.50
R5. Miso Ramen natural and nutritious soy bean paste flavored broth with two sliced of grilled pork, scallion, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, yellow corn and thin ramen noodles (vegetarian version available)  9.00 10.00
R6. Miso Chasyumen miso ramen with extra grilled pork  10.50 12.00
R7. Black Sesame Miso Ramen miso ramen with healthy natural black sesame based paste (vegetarian version available)  9.50 10.00
R8. Plum Miso Ramen miso ramen with aged miso pasta for deeper flavor and plum. (vegetarian version available)  9.50 10.00
R9. Ichiraku Champon Ramen natural spicy broth with appetizing assortment of seafood and vegetables and thick ramen noodles. (vegetarian version available)  10.00 11.00


Lunch / Dinner. * Cold Noodle With Dipping Sauce Made With Sliced Grilled Pork. Bamboo Shoots, Scallop, Seaweed And Scallion. * Grilled Pork Can Be Substituted For Chicken.

T1. Shio Tsukemen cold noodle with natural salt flavored dipping soup  8.50 9.50
T2. Shio Tsukemen Oomori shio tsukemen extra noodle  10.00 11.50
T3. Shio Chasyu Tsukemen shio tsukemen with extra pork  10.00 11.50
T4. Shio Chasyu Tsukemen Oomori shio chasyu tsukemen with extra noodle  11.00 12.50
T5. Shoyu Tsukemen cold noodle with soy sauce flavored dipping soup  9.00 10.00
T6. Shoyu Tsukemen Oomori shoyu tsukemen with extra noodle  10.50 12.00
T7. Shoyu Chasyu Tsukemen shoyu tsukemen with extra pork  10.50 12.00
T8. Shoyu Chasyu Tsukemen Oomori shoyu chasyu tsukemen with extra noodle  11.50 13.00
T9. Miso Tsukemen cold noodle with soy bean paste flavored dipping soup. (vegetarian version available)  9.50 10.50
T10. Miso Tsukemen Oomori miso tsukemen with extra noodle  11.00 12.50
T11. Miso Chasyu Tsukemen miso tsukemen with extra pork  11.00 12.50
T12. Miso Chasyu Tsukemen Oomori miso chasyu tsukemen with extra noodle  12.00 13.50


Lunch / Dinner.

R10. Shio Ramen Set shio ramen & curry or gyoza  11.00 12.00
R11. Shoyu Ramen Set shoyu ramen & curry or gyoza  11.50 12.50
R12. Miso Ramen Set miso ramen & curry or gyoza  13.00 14.00

Side Menu

S1. Shumai shrimp steamed dumplings   4.50
S2. Gyoza (Pork, Vegetable, Shrimp) japanese style fried dumplings   4.50
S3. Homemade Curry japanese chicken curry with rice   4.50
S4. Oshinko delicious japanese pickled vegetables   2.50
S5. Kimchi nutritious korean spicy white pickled cabbage   2.50
S6. Kaedama extra noodle   2.00
S7. Extra Pork two slices of japanese style pork   2.50
S8. Chasyu-Zara japanese style pork  (6pcs) 6.50
S9. Deluxe Zara 4 pieces of pork, bamboo shoots and one salt flavored egg   7.00
S10. White Rice    1.50
S11. Shio Tama natural salt-flavored half-boiled egg   1.50


A1. Menma-Zara natural salt flavored bamboo shoot salad   2.50
A2. Edamame healthy japanese steamed green soybeans   2.50
A3. Seaweed Salad healthy green seaweed salad   3.50


Y1. Vegetable Yakisoba stir-fried noodles with seaweed, white cabbage, bean sprouts and bonito flakes   10.00
Y2. Chicken Yakisoba stir-fried noodles with chicken, seaweed, white cabbage, bean sprouts and bonito flakes   11.00
Y3. Shrimp Yakisoba stir-fried noodles with shrimp, seaweed, white cabbage, bean sprouts and bonito flakes   12.00

Bun Special

B1. Pork Bun bbq pork, cucumber and leek topped with hoisin sauce   3.00
B2. Chicken Teriyaki Bun seasoned chicken, cucumber and leek topped with teriyaki sauce   3.00
B3. Veggie Mushroom Bun seasoned mushrooms and vegetables topped with oyster sauce   2.50
B4. Spicy Pork Bun    3.00
B5. Bulgogi Pork Bun    3.00

Drinks & Dessert

Beer kirin, sapporo, asahi, ob, hite, heineken   4.50
Sake hot or cold house sake   6.00
Flavored Bottled Tea apple, mango, blueberry and peach   2.50
Hot Green Tea (Tea)    1.50
Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale   1.50
Mochi Ice Cream green tea, red bean, strawberry, mango & vanilla  (2pcs) 2.50


Bibim Bar


A1. Gyoza vegetable   4.00
pork   4.50
shrimp   4.50
A2. Shumai flavored steamed dumplings   4.50
A3. Japchae nutritious stir-fried sweet potato noodles with meat and vegetables   8.00
A4. Teok-Bokee traditional korean sliced rice and fish cakes stir-fried in a delicious hot sauce   9.00
A5. Kimchi Jeon pan-fried kimchi pancake   10.00
A6. Haemul Jeon pan-fried seafood pancake   12.00
A7. Seaweed Salad    5.00


S1. Rice Cake & Dumpling Soup rice cake and pork dumplings in a delicious broth   12.00
S2. Soybean Paste Stew healthy traditional soybean paste stew with vegetables   12.00
S3. Kimchi Stew healthy traditional spicy kimchi stew   12.00
S4. Yookgyejang nutritious spicy beef soup with assorted vegetables   13.00
S5. Galbitang nutritious beef rib soup   13.00
S6. Soondubu vegetable   11.00
seafood   12.00
beef   12.00


Traditional Korean Wraps With Assorted Vegetables, Bowl Of Rice And Soybean Paste

W1. Spicy Pork Ssam    16.00
W2. Marinated Beef Rib Eye Ssam    16.00
W3. Flavored Steamed Pork Ssam    17.00

Bibim Bap

Assorted Seasoned Vegetables On A Bed Of Steamed Rice

Seasoned Vegetables Only    10.00
Tofu    11.00
Marinated Beef Rib Eye    12.00
Spicy Pork    12.00
Spicy Octopus    12.00
Marinated Chicken    12.00

Dolsot Bibim Bap

Hot Stone Bibim Bap

Seasoned Vegetables Only    12.00
Tofu    13.00
Marinated Beef Rib Eye    14.00
Spicy Pork    14.00
Spicy Octopus    14.00
Marinated Chicken    14.00
* With Brown Rice (Extra $1)

House Special

All Menus Come With Bowl Of White Rice

H1. Spicy Pork Bulgogi    16.00
H2. Marinated Beef Rib Eye    16.00
H3. Marinated Short Rib    18.00
H4. Chicken Teriyaki & Katsu    12.00


Bibim Bar - Lunch Special

Bibim Bap

Assorted Seasoned Vegetables On A Bed Of Steamed Rice

Seasoned Vegetables Only    8.00
Tofu    9.00
Marinated Beef Rib Eye    10.00
Spicy Pork    10.00
Spicy Octopus    10.00
Marinated Chicken    10.00

Dolsot Bibim Bap

Hot Stone Bibim Bap

Seasoned Vegetables Only    10.00
Tofu    11.00
Marinated Beef Rib Eye    12.00
Spicy Pork    12.00
Spicy Octopus    12.00
Marinated Chicken    12.00

House Special $14

L3. Spicy Pork Bulgogi    
L4. Marinated Beef Rib Eye    


Ichiraku Ramen Bar
141 1st Ave
Btwn St Marks Pl & 9th St
(212) 529-2740
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