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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 111 Rivington St, New York 10002 40.719911 -73.987843
  • (Btwn Ludlow & Essex St)
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  • (917) 924-1392
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Lunch Specials

Sushi 5 pieces of chef-selected sushi and 1 california roll.    9.00
Salmon 5 pieces of salmon sushi and 1 salmon roll.    10.00
Tuna 5 pieces of tuna sushi and 1 tuna roll.    10.00
Sashimi 12 pieces of assorted raw fish.    12.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo 4 pieces of chef-selected sushi, 6 pieces chef-selected sashimi and 1 california roll.    13.00
Any 2 Rolls     8.00
Any 3 Rolls     11.00
Oyako Don stir-fried chicken with egg and vegetables over rice.    8.00
Japanese Fried Rice stir-fried rice with vegetable, egg and choice of protein.    8.00
Yaki Noodles sautéed udon or soba noodles with vegetables and choice of protein.    8.00
Noodle Soup udon or soba noodles with your choice of protein. this item is served only with green salad.    8.00
Combo Box your choice of entrée with rice, miso soup, green salad, california roll and dumpling.    10.00

Dinner Special Combination Box

Dinner Special Combination Box served with rice, miso soup, green salad, california roll, 3 pieces shumai & 3 pieces sushi or gyoza.    17.00

Cold Appetizers

Cold Pickles mixed japanese pickles.    4.00
Oshitashi cold spinach with ponzu sauce.    5.00
Tiger Eye smoked salmon rolled with toasted squid in a special sauce.    8.00
Tar Tar chopped salmon or tuna with spicy sauce.    8.00
Tataki salmon or tuna with chili lime garlic sauce.    10.00
Jalapeño Yellowtail with yuzu soy sauce.    11.00
Idako baby octopus marinated with sesame sauce.    7.00
Tuna Dumpling spicy lobster, avocado, crunch wasabi and tobiko inside with wrapped, sliced tuna and soy bean seaweed.     11.00
Wasabi Appetizer your choice of seafood with wasabi mayo, olives, scallion sealte with house sauce.    12.00
Tuna Pizza tuna served with jalapeño guacamole.    13.00

Hot Appetizers

Haru Maki    (2pcs) 4.00
Age Tofu     4.00
Tatsuta Age deep-fried small pieces of chicken.    5.00
Shumai     5.00
Wasabi Pork Shumai     5.00
Gyoza     5.00
Vegetable Gyoza     5.00
Edamame     4.00
Baked Eggplant with miso sauce.    5.00
Yakitori choice of protein.   (2pcs) 6.00
Crispy Mango Shrimp Roll shrimp, fresh mango, been sprouts and scallions wrapped in the fill skin garnished with seaweed salad.    9.00
Vegetable Tempura Appetizer     5.00
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer     8.00
Fried Oyster     7.00
Mixed Tempura Appetizer fried shrimp and vegetable.    7.00
Eel Katsu     8.00
Negimaki Appetizer chicken or beef.    7.00
Fried Soft-Shell Crab     8.00
Hamachi Kama     11.00
Rock Shrimp served with baby greens and spicy creamy lemon sauce.    9.00
Miso Black Cod     11.00
Miso Seabass     11.00
Grilled Scallop with miso black bean sauce.    11.00


Miso Soup     2.00
Spicy Mushroom Soup     3.00
Spicy Seafood Soup     6.00
Vegetable Tofu Soup     4.00
Pumpkin Soup     5.00


Green Salad     3.00
Seaweed Salad     5.00
Avocado Salad     5.00
Spicy Salmon Skin Salad     5.00
Spicy Octopus Salad     6.00
Kani Salad     5.00
Spicy King Crab Salad with mixed baby greens and yuzu soy sauce.    11.00
Lobster Mango Salad baby greens, avocado and mango served with ginger dressing.    11.00
Roast Duck Salad     11.00


Zaru Soba Noodles japanese cold thin noodles.    7.00
Vegetable Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles.    9.00
Vegetable Yaki Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles.    9.00
Yaki Noodles stir-fried udon or soba noodles with chicken, beef or shrimp and vegetables.    11.00
Tempura Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles.    12.00
Chicken Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles.    12.00
Beef Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles.    12.00
Shrimp Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles.    12.00
Nabe Yaki Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles. chicken, eggs, vegetables and one fried shrimp in soup.    13.00
Seafood Noodles your choice of udon or soba noodles.    13.00
Combination Noodles stir-fried udon or soba noodles with chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables.    13.00

Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte

Tuna     3.00
White Tuna     3.00
Pepper Tuna     3.00
Salmon     3.00
King Salmon     4.00
Smoked Salmon     3.00
King Crab     5.00
Ika squid.    3.00
Tako octopus.    3.00
Shrimp     3.00
Botan sweet jumbo shrimp.    4.00
Red Clam     2.00
Hamachi yellowtail.    3.00
Hirame fluke.    3.00
Suzuki stripped bass.    3.00
Ikura salmon roe.    3.00
Uni california sea urchin.    5.00
Tobiko flying fish roe.    3.00
Unagi eel.    4.00
Anago sea eel.    4.00
Saba mackerel.    3.00
Tamago egg cake.    2.00
Inari tofu skin.    2.00
Crab Meat kani.    2.00

Forbidden Sushi $2

Snow Peas Sushi   
Carrots Sushi   
Seaweed Sushi   
Asparagus Sushi   
Avocado Sushi   
Pickled Vegetables Sushi   
Shiitake Mushrooms Sushi   
Baked Tofu Sushi   
Eggplant Sushi   

Regular Rolls & Hand Rolls

Asparagus Roll     3.00
Cucumber Roll     3.00
Avocado Roll     3.00
A.A.C. Roll avocado, asparagus and cucumber.    4.00
Sweet Potato Roll     4.00
Vegetarian Roll cucumber, green seaweed salad, carrots and pickles.    4.00
White Tuna Roll     5.00
Tuna Roll     5.00
Tuna Avocado Roll     6.00
Tuna Cucumber Roll     6.00
Salmon Roll     5.00
Salmon Avocado Roll     6.00
Salmon Cucumber Roll     6.00
Yellowtail Roll     5.00
Shrimp Avocado Roll     6.00
California Roll     5.00
Alaskan Roll     5.00
Boston Roll     5.00
Philly Roll     6.00
Salmon Skin Roll     5.00
Eel Avocado Roll     6.50
Eel Cucumber Roll     6.50
Spicy Tuna Roll     6.50
Spicy White Tuna Roll     6.50
Spicy Salmon Roll     6.50
Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll     6.50
Spicy Yellowtail Roll     6.50
Montauk Roll tuna and avocado with caviar outside.    6.50
Tuna Mango Roll     6.50
Ebi Tempura Roll     6.50
Spider Roll     8.00
Fried Oyster Roll     8.00
Rainbow Roll     9.00
Dragon Roll     10.00
Sashimi Naruto Roll (No Rice) avocado and your choice of your favorite fish wrapped with paper-thin cucumber and caviar.    11.00

Special Rolls

Kamikaze Roll tuna, yellowtail and avocado with spicy sauce and caviar outside.    10.00
Butterfly Roll eel, avocado, cucumber and shrimp tempura inside with caviar outside.    10.00
Rock'N Roll crunchy spicy tuna with avocado outside.    10.00
Mind Eraser Roll shrimp tempura and avocado with caviar outside.    10.00
Lobster Roll     10.00
Tokyo Roll spicy tuna and avocado crunch inside with eel outside.    12.00
American Dream Roll fresh tuna and salmon inside with yellowtail and avocado on top.    12.00
Summer Roll spicy yellowtail and spicy salmon crunch with tuna and avocado on the top.    12.00
Winter Roll spicy kani and crunch avocado inside with white tuna on top.    11.00
Market Roll avocado, cucumber and crunch inside, wrapped with spicy crab meat on top.    10.00
Spicy Girl Roll tuna, cucumber, avocado and crunchy spicy tuna outside.    12.00
Godzilla Roll yellowtail, salmon and rice fried with spicy sauce, scallions and caviar on top.    12.00
White Dragon Roll shrimp tempura wrapped with eel, spicy tuna and avocado outside with cucumber on top.    13.00
Hana Roll eel, shrimp, crab and avocado wrapped with fried fluke and caviar on top.    14.00
Zebra Roll spicy alaskan king crab, eel, avocado, radish and sprout wrapped with soy bean seaweed served with mustard miso sauce and crunch special.    14.00
Pink Panther Roll spicy tuna with eel tempura, avocado and wasabi caviar, wrapped in pink seaweed.    14.00
Black Dragon Roll tempura lobster, tuna, salmon and green seaweed with eel and black caviar outside.    15.00
King Crab Roll fresh alaskan king crab with avocado and caviar outside.    12.00
Empire Roll spicy salmon crunch with grilled salmon on the top with special sauce.    12.00
Dynamite Roll spicy yellowtail and salmon avocado inside, topped with spicy lobster and jalapeño tobiko.    14.00

Forbidden Rolls $7

Forbidden Mango Roll avocado, crunch and cucumber topped with mango and mango sauce.  
Forbidden Earth Roll avocado, cucumber and crunch topped with kiwi.  
Forbidden Peanut Roll asparagus, avocado, cucumber and peanut topped with coconut crunch.  
Forbidden Red Hana Roll sweet potato, asparagus, spicy mayonnaise and avocado.  
Forbidden Philly Roll cucumber, vegan cream cheese, asparagus and a touch of jalapeño.  
Forbidden Volcano Roll avocado and asparagus topped with guacamole and spicy mayonnaise.  
Forbidden Crunch Roll sweet potato and avocado topped with spicy mango salsa.  
Forbidden Shroom Roll shiitake mushrooms, cucumber and jalapeño topped with sprouts.  
Forbidden Bonsai Roll asparagus, kiwi, kale chips, scallion and vegan cream cheese wrapped in cucumber skins.  

Sushi Bar Entrées

Veggie Maki Combo avocado roll, cucumber roll and asparagus roll.    10.00
California Dinner 3 california rolls.    12.00
Maki Combo (A) california roll, salmon avocado roll and tuna roll.    14.00
Maki Combo (B) california roll, alaskan roll and eel cucumber roll.    15.00
Spicy Maki Combo spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy california roll.    16.00
Tuna Lover 7 pieces of tuna sushi and a spicy tuna roll with crunch.    18.00
Salmon Lover 7 pieces of salmon sushi and spicy salmon roll with crunch.    18.00
Chirashi     18.00
Trio Sushi 3 pieces each of tuna, salmon and yellowtail.     17.00
Don Entrée don is rice with fish on top or mixed.    17.00
Sushi Dinner     18.00
Sashimi Dinner     20.00
Vegetable Sushi Dinner     12.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo 5 pieces of chef-selected sushi, 12 pieces of chef-selected sashimi and 1 california roll or tuna roll.    22.00
Sushi 18 pieces of assorted sushi with 1 spicy tuna roll and 1 california roll.   (for 2) 36.00
Manhattan Bridge 10 pieces of assorted sushi, 15 pieces of assorted sashimi, 1 dragon roll and 1 rainbow roll.    52.00
Sushi Hana Boat 15 pieces of chef-selected sushi, 15 pieces of chef-selected sashimi and 3 chef`s special rolls.    68.00

Traditional Kitchen Entrées: Tempura & Katsu

Vegetable Tempura      10.00
Vegetable & Shrimp Tempura     13.00
Shrimp Tempura     15.00
Chicken Tempura     14.00
Tonkatsu     13.00
Chicken Katsu     13.00
Fish Katsu     14.00

Traditional Kitchen Entrées: Hibachi

Chicken Hibachi     16.00
Beef Hibachi     17.00
Shrimp Hibachi     17.00
Seafood Hibachi     19.00

Traditional Kitchen Entrées: Teriyaki

Vegetable Teriyaki     11.00
Tofu Teriyaki     11.00
Chicken Teriyaki     15.00
Shrimp Teriyaki     16.00
Salmon Teriyaki     17.00
Beef Teriyaki     17.00
Seafood Teriyaki     19.00

Chef Specials

Katsu Don  deep-fried chicken over rice.    11.00
Unagi Don  broiled eel over rice.    15.00
Japanese Fried Rice  chicken, beef or shrimp.    10.00
King Of The Sea  shrimp, squid, scallops and lobster tail with lemon butter sauce.    21.00
Curry Chicken     16.00
Curry Beef     16.00
Curry Shrimp     16.00
Chilean Seabass With Barsal Chili Sauce     22.00
Grilled Filet Mignon grilled filet mignon with seasonal vegetables and port wine yaki sauce.    23.00


White Rice     1.00
Brown Rice     1.50


Mochi Ice Cream     5.00
Ice Cream green tea, red bean, chocolate or vanilla.    4.00
Fried Ice Cream     5.00
Fried Banana     4.00
Fried Banana W/ Ice Cream     6.00
Fried Cheese Cake     6.00
Tiramisu    (1pc) 6.50
White Chocolate Mousse Cake    (1pc) 6.50
Vesuvius Cake     7.00
Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake     7.00


Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, orange, ginger ale or iced tea.    1.50
Spring Water     1.50
Iced Green Tea sweetened or unsweetened.    3.00
Perrier Sparkling Water     3.50
Iced Mint Tea sweetened or unsweetened.    3.00
House Lemonade     3.00
Juice apple, cranberry or orange.    4.00
Virgin Mojito     4.00
Lychee Iced Tea     4.00


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