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Han Bat

  • $$$
  • Korean
  • 53 W 35th St, New York 10001 40.750087 -73.986332
  • (Btwn 5th & 6th Ave)
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  • (917) 722-3642
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Main Dishes

1. Sul Run Tang stewed beef broth with rice noodles.    12.95
2. Do Ga Ni Tang stewed meat of on-knee bone in hot broth.    14.95
4. Gobdol Bi Bim Bab marinated beef and vegetables over rice and egg.    16.95
5. Bi Bim Bab marinated beef, vegetables and egg with spicy sauce.    14.95
6. Soon Doo Boo Chi Gae soft bean curd stew with hot & spicy sauce and seafood.    12.95
7. Yook Gae Jang spicy shredded beef and scallop soup served with rice.    12.95
8. Den Jang Chigae bean paste casserole containing bean curd, squash and seafood. served with rice.    12.95
9. Bibim Kook Soo korean-style noodles with vegetables and beef.    12.95
10. Bok Eum Bab fried rice with your choice of shrimp, vegetables, pork or kimchi.    12.95
11. Duk Man Doo Guk dumpling and sliced fish cake in flavored soup.    13.95
12. Hamul Jungol assorted seafood, vegetables and noodles in spicy sauce.    48.95
13. Copchang Jungol beef intestines, tripe, noodles and vegetables.    40.95
14. Soo Yuk broiled beef meat, tongue and spleen.    23.95
15. Soo Yuk Moo Chim broiled beef with vegetables mixed in spicy sauce.    25.95
16. Dogani Sara on-knee meat with soy sauce.    20.95
17. Dogani Sara Moo Chim on-knee meat with vegetables mixed in spicy sauce.    23.95
20. Modeum Soon Dae korean-style pork sausage combination.    24.95
21. Soon Dae korean-style pork sausage.    13.95
22. Pajun scallion pancake with seafood.    18.95
23. Jhim Sam Gyb Sal thinly sliced pork belly strips with korean paste.    23.95
24. Jok Bal pig feet with special sauce.    21.95
25. Binde Duk korean green bean pancakes with pork.    14.95
26. Yook Hoe shredded raw beef marinated in seasonal sesame oil.    25.95
27. Agu Jhim steamed monkfish with vegetables in hot & spicy sauce.    32.95
28. Jaeyuk Bokum sautéed pork in special spicy sauce.    19.95
29. Kimchi Bokum sautéed kimchi, pork or beef in special spicy sauce.    18.95
30. Nakiji Bokum sautéed small octopus with vegetables in special spicy sauce.    19.95
31. Ojinguh Bokum sautéed squid with vegetables in special spicy sauce.    19.95
32. Daeku Muhri Jhim steamed cod fish head with vegetables in hot & spicy sauce.    28.95
33. Bul Go Ki thin sliced tender beef.    19.95
34. Jap Chae a mixed dish of vegetables, special noodles and sliced pork.    17.95
35. Man Doo Gui pan-fried or steamed korean dumplings.    14.95
36. So Myun very thin noodle sin war broth with seafood.    12.95
37. Galbi Tang beef ribs soup.    16.95
38. Combination Fried Rice fried rice with beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and vegetables.    12.95
39. Dak Galbi marinated boneless chicken with onions.    19.95
40. Kimchi Chi Gae kimchi and sliced pork casserole in spicy broth. served with rice.    12.95
41. Sukuh Chi Gae assorted seafood and vegetables in spicy broth with rice.    14.95
42. Daegu Meun Tang large chunks of codfish casserole with vegetables in spicy broth.    14.95
43. Gam Ja Tang boiled potato and back bone of pork with vegetables and ground perita in spicy broth.    15.95
44. Sam Gye Tang small chicken stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng and jujubees.    17.95
45. Soon Dae Guk korean-style pork sausage soup.    12.95
46. Ban Gae Tang same as sam gye tang but petite size.    12.95
47. Dong Chi Me Mak Kook Soo buckwheat noodles with vegetables and beef in dong chi me cold broth.    12.95
48. Bibim Mak Kook Soo buckwehat noodles with vegetables and beef in spicy sauce.    12.95
49. Bu Dae Jun Gol casserole assortment with sausage, vegetables and kimchi.    40.95
50. Haemul Dolsot Bibimbab seafood, octopus and squid over rice in hot and spicy sauce.    17.95
51. Kong Bi Ji Ji Gae rushed soybean steamed soup with pork.    12.95
52. Jo Gae Kal Kook Soo home-style seafood noodle soup.    12.95
53. L.A. Gal Bi grilled beef short ribs marinated with the chef`s special sauce.    23.95
54. Jang Uh Gui grilled beef with special eel sauce.    24.95
55. Han Bat U-Dong han bat style u-dong with fish cake in special bonito broth.    10.95
56. Go Dung Uh Gui grilled mackerel seasoned with special sauce.   whole 20.95 half 14.95
57. Duk Bok Gi rice cake and fish cake with beef in spicy sauce.    15.95
58. Bu Dae Ji Gae assorted sausages, vegetables and kimchi.    13.95
59. Gal Bi Jihm boiled marinated short ribs and vegetables.   lg 27.95 sm 19.95
61. Doo Boo Boo Chim pan-fried tofu with soy sauce.    11.95
62. Ya Chae Soon Doo Boo soft tofu soup with vegetables, egg and spicy sauce.    12.95
63. Zhoo Sham Bokeum stir-fried small webfoot octopus and pork belly in special spicy sauce.    25.95
64. Chung Kook Jang fermented soy bean broth with spices.    13.95
65. Dak Bo Kum sautéed chicken in special spicy sauce.    18.95
66. Al Chi Gae pollock roe casserole with vegetables and clams in spicy sauce.    16.95
67. Soon Dae Bo Kum sautéed korean-style pork sausage with vegetables in spicy sauce.    19.95
68. Gochujang Samgyupsal pork belly marinated with red pepper paste.    19.95


Kimchi fermented korean cabbage.   (24oz ) 7.00


Soda coke, diet coke, 7 up, ginger ale    2.50
Bottled Water     2.00
Shikhye korean traditional sweet drink made from fermented rice.    3.50
Snapple     3.00
Sparkling Bottled Water    (750ml) 4.00


Han Bat
53 W 35th St
Btwn 5th & 6th Ave
(917) 722-3642
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