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Good Enough to Eat

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  • American, Desserts
  • 520 Columbus Ave, New York 10024 40.785756 -73.97605
  • (At 85th St)
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  • (212) 496-0163
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4 Grain Pancakes

Good Enough To Eat Pancakes three pancakes served with strawberry butter and maple syrup    10.50
Apple Pancake one large pancake filled with apple slices, topped with apple-raisin compote, a dollop of sour cream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar    10.75
Banana Walnut Pancakes three pancakes with walnuts and sliced bananas    11.50
Peter Paul Pancakes three pancakes with belgian chocolate and coconut, topped with toasted coconut    11.25
Lumber Jack two pancakes, two strips of bacon and two scrambled eggs    12.00
Mama's Silver Dollar Pancakes (White Flour) with cup of fruit    11.25

Waffles & French Toast

Good Enough To Eat Waffles two waffles served with orange butter    10.00
Bacon Waffle filled with pieces of our double-smoked bacon and served with fresh fruit    11.00
Good Enough To Eat French Toast made with our cinnamon-swirl bread    10.75
Good Enough To Eat French Toast add with cocoa, sugar, raisins and walnuts    2.50
Pumpkin French Toast our homemade pumpkin bread topped with a pear-cranberry compote    13.00

Eggs, Eggs & Eggs

Three Eggs cracked and cooked to order    8.00
Special Scramble red onion, tomato and fresh dill    9.00
Country Scramble sliced new potatoes and sautéed onions    9.00
Hi-Protein Special two eggs with melted cheese and two meats (no biscuits)    13.50
Deep South three scrambled eggs with biscuits and sausage gravy    10.00
Migas scrambled eggs with tri-color tortilla chips, cilantro, onions, bell pepper and cheese, served with sour cream, salsa and two flour tortillas (instead of biscuits)    10.25
Mexican Scramble topped with pepper jack cheese and served with salsa, and two flour tortillas (instead of biscuits)    9.00

And Omelettes

BLT Omelette with our double-smoked bacon, tomato and gruyère cheese (no lettuce!)    10.50
Provençal with roasted red and green bell peppers, spanish onions and goat cheese    11.25
Astoria with our homemade sausage, fresh spinach and feta cheese    11.00
Wall Street with baked ham and vermont sharp white cheddar cheese    11.00
Gramercy Park with slices of granny smith apple and vermont sharp white cheddar cheese    10.50
Little Italy with roasted mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese    10.00
Upper West Side with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill    11.50

And More Breakfast

Corned Beef Hash chunks of corned beef and potatoes with two poached eggs & buttermilk biscuits    11.50
Ham & Scrambled Egg Sandwich on a homemade oat roll and served with home fries    11.00
Farmhouse Breakfast dill-onion toast topped with two poached eggs, served with two pieces of pork sausage    11.00
Vegan Tofu Scramble served with house salad or brown rice and choice of whole wheat toast or pita bread    10.25
Asian Vegan Tofu Scrambled with sesame-soy vegetables, served with brown rice or salad and choice of whole wheat toast or pita bread    11.00
Fresh Seasonal Fruit    cup 4.00 (half order) 6.00
Fresh Seasonal Fruit served with low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese   bowl 10.50
Homemade Granola with fresh fruit and milk or low-fat yogurt    11.00
Irish Oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon toast    8.00
Irish Oatmeal add with bananas or raisins    1.00
BLT Sandwich our double-smoked, thick slab bacon with lettuce, tomato and basil mayonnaise on whole wheat toast, served with home fries or fresh fruit    12.00
Smoked Salmon Sandwich with goat cheese on whole wheat toast with cucumber, tomato and watercress, served with fresh fruit or a house salad    14.00


Bacon ham or smoked salmon    5.00
Corned Beef Hash     6.75
Homemade Pork Or Turkey Sausage Patties     5.00
Home Fries     4.25
Grits     3.00
Grits add cheese    4.00
Two Pieces Of French Toast     6.75
Two Pancakes     6.75
One Waffle     6.75
Toasted Homemade Bread     2.75
Two Buttermilk Biscuits     3.50
Sausage Gravy     3.25
Cup Of Granola     6.25
Cup Of Oatmeal with brown sugar    4.00
Cup Of Yogurt Or Cottage Cheese     3.00
Side Salad     5.50
Side Of Two Eggs     6.00
Egg Whites Per Order add    2.00
Scrambled Tofu     4.00
Asian Tofu     5.00
Strawberry Butter     2.00


Organic French Roast Coffee     2.50
Tea     2.50
Café Au Lait     3.50
Espresso     3.00
Cappuccino latte or chai latte    4.00
Milk     2.75
Soy Milk     2.75
Hot Cocoa     4.25
Cold Cider     3.00
Iced Tea Or Coffee     3.50
Iced Sweet Tea     3.75
Iced Cappuccino Or Latte     4.50
Steamed Milk     3.00
Chocolate Milk     3.75
Fresh Squeezed Orange Or Grapefruit Juice     4.25  3.00
Cranberry apple or tomato juice    3.00
Pineapple Juice     3.75
Pink Lemonade     3.75
Fountain Sodas     3.00
Bottled Root Beer Or Ginger Beer     4.00


Soup And Salad soup of the day served with a house salad tossed with our mustard vinaigrette and griddled buttermilk biscuits    10.50
Soup & Half A Sandwich soup of the day with a half sandwich on our homemade bread    11.50
Mac ‘n Cheese ziti baked with sharp white cheddar, mozzarella, gruyère and parmesan cheeses    13.50
Mac ‘n Cheese half order with your choice: cup of soup or house salad    13.50
Chili Of The Day with sour cream, cheddar cheese, onions and tortilla chips over brown rice   cup 6.25
Chili Of The Day with salad and griddled biscuits   bowl 12.50


Caesar Salad crispy romaine hearts and garlic croutons tossed with our caesar dressing and topped with anchovies    14.00
Caesar Salad with cajun chicken breast    17.00
Caesar Salad with shrimp    18.00
Chopped Salad romaine, turkey, bacon, carrots, celery and corn with vermont white cheddar cheese and our mustard vinaigrette    16.00
Spinach Salad fresh baby spinach, cubes of granny smith apples, cajun-spiced walnuts and sliced red onion, topped with a light crumbly blue cheese vinaigrette    15.00
Good Enough To Eat Salad tender broccoli, cauliflower, new potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, crispy red and green bell peppers and mushrooms on a bed of greens, topped with shredded red cabbage and mozzarella cheese with our mustard vinaigrette    14.00
Good Enough To Eat Salad with cajun chicken breast    18.00
Honey Walnut Chicken Salad organic pulled chicken, toasted walnuts, red grapes, cucumber, red onion and celery in a light honey waldorf mayonnaise dressing on a bed of field greens    18.00


Good Enough To Eat Turkey Club fresh roast turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on dill onion bread, served with macaroni salad    14.00
Meatloaf Sandwich served cold on an oat roll with macaroni salad and a side of bbq sauce    13.00
BLT Sandwich our double-smoked thick slab bacon with lettuce, tomato and basil mayonnaise on whole wheat toast, served with home fries or fresh fruit    12.50
Open-Faced Tuna Melt tuna salad topped with sliced tomatoes and melted sharp cheddar on whole wheat bread, served with a house salad with mustard vinaigrette    14.00
The Steak Burger 8 oz. of our blend of ground beef on a pepper roll with french fries, lettuce, tomato and pickle    13.00
The Steak Burger with jalapeño jack, sharp cheddar, gruyère, mozzarella, blue or goat cheese    14.00
Turkey Burger 8 oz. fresh ground turkey on an oat roll with french fries, lettuce, tomato and pickle    13.00
Turkey Burger add with choice of cheese    1.00
Turkey Burger add with bacon    2.00
Vegetable Burger our own mix of grains, barley, roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and sautéed vegetables in a pita pocket with a side of tahini, served with a green salad with mustard vinaigrette    14.00
Old-Fashioned Grilled Cheese Sandwich served with a house salad with mustard vinaigrette    11.00
Old-Fashioned Grilled Cheese Sandwich add with ham or bacon    2.00
Old-Fashioned Grilled Cheese Sandwich add with tomato    1.00
Avocado And Cheddar Sandwich avocado, vermont sharp white cheddar on lightly toasted whole wheat bread with basil mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato, served with a house salad or french fries    14.00
Avocado And Cheddar Sandwich add with ham or bacon    2.00
Smoked Salmon with goat cheese, cucumber, tomato and watercress on whole wheat toast, served with fresh fruit or salad    14.00


Griddled Corn Bread good enough to eat style cornbread with whole kernel corn, served with a side of honey    6.50
Crispy Onion Rings light and fluffy buttermilk onion rings with bbq dipping sauce    6.00
Quesadilla Of The Day see tonight's specials  
Spinach Salad baby spinach, vermont sharp white cheddar cheese cubes, sliced granny smith apple, toasted pumpkin seeds, red onion and green peas tossed with a red wine vinaigrette    9.00
Tri-Color Nachos with cheese and chili of the day or vegetarian chili    9.00
Buffalo Shrimp with carrot and celery sticks, served with blue cheese dip    10.50
Beer-Batter Chicken Fingers Or Shrimp served with honey mustard or bbq dipping sauce  
Beer-Batter Chicken Fingers Or Shrimp with chicken    8.75
Beer-Batter Chicken Fingers Or Shrimp with shrimp    9.75

Soups, Salads & More

Soups Of The Day    bowl 6.50 cup 4.00
Soups Of The Day soup and salad with our homemade griddled biscuits    10.50
Chili Of The Day with sour cream, cheddar cheese, onions & tortilla chips over brown rice bowl with salad and biscuits    12.50 cup 6.25
Caesar Salad crispy hearts of romaine with garlic croutons and good enough to eat's homemade caesar dressing, topped with anchovies    13.50
Caesar Salad add with cajun-grilled chicken breast    3.00
Caesar Salad add with steak    4.00
Caesar Salad add with shrimp or tuna    5.00
Chopped Salad romaine, turkey, bacon, carrots, celery, corn, your choice of cheese and our mustard vinaigrette    16.00
Smoked Salmon Salad mixed greens with green peas, red onion, garlic croutons and capers tossed with a creamy ranch dressing, topped with slices of smoked salmon    19.00
Vegetable Napoleon roasted sliced portobello mushrooms, sweet potato, red bell pepper, zucchini and yellow squash served on a bed of mixed greens with tomato balsamic vinaigrette and griddled focaccia bread    15.75
Vegetable Napoleon add topped with crumbled goat cheese    1.00
Seasonal Fruit with side of cottage cheese or low fat yogurt   bowl 10.50 cup 5.00
Vegan Tofu Scramble served with a house salad or brown rice and choice of whole wheat toast or pita pocket    10.75
Asian Vegan Tofu Scramble with sesame soy vegetables, served with brown rice or salad and choice of whole wheat toast or pita pocket    12.75
Gramercy Park Omelette with slices of granny smith apple and vermont sharp white cheddar cheese    10.75
Migas scrambled eggs with tri-color tortilla chips, cilantro, onions, roasted bell peppers and velveeta cheese, served with a side of sour cream, salsa and two flour tortillas (instead of biscuits)    11.50
Lumber Jack two pancakes, two strips of bacon and two scrambled eggs    13.00

Soups, Salads & More

Macaroni & Cheese ziti baked with cheddar, mozzarella, gruyère and parmesan cheeses    14.50
Fish & Chips beer-batter cod fish served with french fries, malt vinegar and tartar sauce    15.25
BBQ Chicken Sandwich pulled roasted organic chicken with our bbq sauce on an oat roll and served with homemade potato chips    14.00
Good Enough To Eat Steakburger Or Turkey Burger oz. burger on a homemade pepper roll with lettuce, tomato, pickle and french fries    13.00
Good Enough To Eat Steakburger Or Turkey Burger add with sharp white cheddar, jalapeño jack, mozzarella, blue, gruyère or velveeta    1.00
Good Enough To Eat Steakburger Or Turkey Burger add with bacon, chili, sautéed mushrooms or grilled onions    2.00
Good Enough To Eat Steakburger Or Turkey Burger buffalo burger    15.50
Vegetable Burger our own mix of grains, barley, sautéed vegetables, roasted peanuts and sesame seeds in a pita pocket with a side of tahini and served with a salad of field greens and mustard vinaigrette    14.00
Good Enough To Eat Turkey Club roast turkey blt with mayonnaise on our homemade dill onion toast served with macaroni salad    14.50
Beer-Batter Chicken Fingers served with honey-mustard or bbq dipping sauce and french fries    15.00
Beer-Batter Chicken Fingers add with shrimp    3.00
Tuna Melt tuna salad, sliced tomato and cheddar on whole wheat toast served with a house salad or french fries    14.50


Lemon Parmesan Chicken Breast served over fettuccine tossed with tomato conçassé and yellow squash    20.50
Charcoal-Grilled New York Strip Steak prime black angus new york strip 10oz. steak served with mushroom & red wine reduction, baked potato, and vegetable of the day    27.00
Traditional Turkey Dinner roast turkey with corn bread stuffing, gravy, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes and sautéed kale    19.25
Meatloaf Dinner served with a side of gravy, mashed potatoes and peas & carrots with fresh dill butter    18.50
Pork Chop Dinner 12oz. center cut pork chop with cider gravy served with maple orange mashed sweet potatoes and collard greens    19.50
½ Free Range Roasted Chicken with seasonal roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes of the day    19.50
Three Bean Vegetarian Chili a medley of southwestern-spiced vegetables topped with sour cream, chopped red onion and cheddar cheese served over brown rice with a side of griddled biscuits    16.50
Seasonal Vegetarian Platter macaroni and cheese, sautéed kale and whiskey pear succotash    16.50
Fish Of The Day chef's fresh pick of the day…please see our daily specials!  
Pasta Of The Day please see our daily specials  
Vegetable Mountain stir fried carrots, zucchini, red bell peppers, scallions, radish, broccoli and red and green cabbage served over brown sticky rice with ginger-watercress sauce    14.50
Vegetable Mountain add with grilled chicken breast    3.00
Vegetable Mountain add with steak    4.00
Vegetable Mountain add with shrimp    5.00
Chipotle Shrimp shrimp tossed with pasta and mixed vegetables in a chipotle cream sauce, served with our homemade focaccia    19.50


Macaroni & Cheese     7.50
Sautéed Kale     5.50
Mixed Green Salad     5.50
Caesar Salad     6.50
Chicken Breast     6.00
Collard Greens     5.50
Garlic Bread     3.75
Vegetable Of The Day     5.50
Broccoli     5.50
Hanger Steak     7.00

Daily Specials

Mashed Potatoes regular, daily special or maple orange mashed sweet potato    5.00
Hand Cut French Fries Or Potato Chips     4.50
Griddled Buttermilk Biscuits & Strawberry Butter     3.50
Salmon Or Shrimp     8.00

Brunch Cocktails

G.E.T.E.'s Bloody Mary a hangover cure, wake-up call, or breakfast on the rocks, ours mends what ails you... generally served in the morning, whatever morning means to you.    9.00
G.E.T.E.'s Bloody Mary add with absolut, absolut peppar, absolut citron, stolichnaya    1.00
G.E.T.E.'s Bloody Mary add with tito's (gluten free), crop tomato or cucumber, belvedere, grey goose, ketel one    2.00
Mimosa (champagne and orange juice) also grapefruit, pineapple, cranberry, peach purée or pomegranate.    9.00
Chelada pacífico clara with fresh lime juice over ice with a wedge of lime in a salted rimmed glass. very refreshing!    8.00
La Michelada (meaning "my little cold one") a refreshing twist on the bloody mary: pacífico clara ,,,,,served over ice in a pint glass rimmed with salt and cayenne pepper with our g.e.t.e. hot and spicy mix. you can't go wrong with the michelada!    9.00

Brunch Cocktails - Garnish Choices

Skewer Of Olives gerkins, pepperoncinis or jalapeños    1.00
Skewer Of Maytag Blue Cheese-Stuffed Olives     2.00
A Strip Of G.E.T.E.'s Thick Cut Double-Smoked sugar-cured bacon    2.00

Brunch Cocktails - Also Delicious

Bloody Cab with bordeaux instead of vodka    10.00
Bloody Maria with tequila    10.00
Bloody Geisha with sake    10.00
Bloody Queen with gin    11.00
Bloody Pirate with captain morgan's spiced rum    11.00
Screw Mary stoli o, o.j., and g.e.t.e.'s bloody mary mix    11.00

Bubbles $11

Aperolita champagne, aperol, and fresh grapefruit juice.  
Bubbulicious cedilla and grapefruit juice topped with champagne.  
Flirtini veev açaí, cointreau, pineapple and cranberry juices topped with champagne  
Melon Drama stoli ohranj, midori, orange juice topped with champagne  
Pear Peak champagne, st.germain and pear purée.  
Rio Royale champagne and cedilla  
The Big Mama champagne, grand marnier or cointreau and fresh orange juice.  

On The Rocks $12

Antioxidant veev açaí spirit, cedilla, lemon juice, simple syrup and bitters.  
Autumn Leaves amaretto disaronno, stoli ohranj, apple cider and orange juice.  
Beta Carrotini hendrick's, cointreau, carrot and orange juices  
Brazilian Mule van gogh double espresso vodka, peppermint schnapps and ginger beer  
Citron Lemonade ketel one citroen and homemade pink lemonade  
Lester's Punch malibu black, disaronno, cranberry and orange juices  
Paloma patrón silver, grapefruit juice and a splash of 7 up, rimmed with salt  
Satisfaction bulldog gin, pama liqueur, tonic water and fresh lime juice  
Sex On The Roof Top malibu, midori, orange juice and a splash of grenadine  
Smokey '46 maker's mark 46, sour mix and a touch of chipotlé  
St. Tropez absolut citron, st. germain, lemon juice and club soda  

Warm Up $11

Black Gold coffee, grand marnier, amaretto and cinnamon schnapps  
Café L'orange coffee, courvoisier v.s.o.p, cointreau and grand marnier  
Cinnamon Kiss hot chocolate, godiva liqueur and cinnamon schnapps  
Cinnamon Toast hot cider, bacardi apple and cinnamon schnapps  
French Twist hot cider, calvados and mount gay  
Good Karma coffee, godiva liqueur, frangelico and bailey's  
Peppermint Patty hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps and whipped cream  
Sweet Dreams hot cider, captain morgan's and southern comfort  
Espress - Oh! coffee, van gogh double espresso vodka, kahlúa and bailey's.  
Hugs & Kisses hot chocolate, absolut vanilia, godiva liqueur and bailey's.  
Mocha Fusion coffee, absolut vanilia, kahlúa, godiva liqueur and bailey's.  


Devil's Food Cake     7.50
Banana Walnut Cake     7.50
Carrot *    7.50
Coconut     7.50
German Chocolate *    7.50
Coffee     7.00
Yellow With Chocolate Frosting mon. nights    8.00
Banana Chocolate Chip with peanut butter frosting (thurs. nights)    8.00


Pumpkin     7.50
Pecan *    8.00
Seasonal Fruit     7.50
Fruit Sour Cream *    7.50
Lemon Meringue wed. nights    8.00

Other Goodies

Fruit Crisp     7.00
Chocolate Walnut Brownie *    5.00
Cream Cheese Brownie     5.00
Lemon Squares     5.00
Raspberry Squares *    5.00
Cookies may contain nuts - ask!    3.00

Homemade Ice Creams

Homemade Ice Creams    (1 scoop) 3.00 (3 scoops) 8.00 (2 scoops) 5.50
A La Mode     3.00
Banana Split     12.00

Soda Fountain Treats

Milk Shake     11.00
Brown Cow root beer & vanilla ice cream    11.00
Frozen Chocolate Cappuccino espresso, cocoa, vamilla ice cream    11.00
Afogato espresso over vanilla ice cream    7.00


Coffe Or Tea     2.50
Ice Coffee Or Ice Tea     3.50
Sweet Tea     3.75
Hot Spiced Cider     4.25
Cold Cider     3.00
Espresso     3.00
Cappuccino     4.00
Iced Cappuccino     4.50
Latte     4.00
Latte add extra shot    2.00
Café Au Lait     3.50
Chocolate Milk     3.75
Hot Chocolate     4.25
Hot Chocolate add whipped cream    1.00
Hot Chocolate add steam milk    1.00

Kid's Menu

Chicken Fingers     6.25
Chicken Fingers with french fries    7.50
Pasta with butter    5.00
Pasta with tomato sauce    5.75
Burger Bites two tiny burgers served with fries    7.50
Burger Bites with cheese    8.50
Mac & Cheese     7.00
Side Of Carrots & Celery     3.00
Plain Pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese    5.50

Kids Special Desserts

Homemade Cakes   
Cookies And Ice Cream   

Dessert Wine

Riesling Auslesse famille rauen, germany    9.00
Port Fonseca Bin No. 27 portugal    8.00

Cognacs $10

Calvados Cardinal   

Cordials & Liqueurs $9

Amaretto Disaronno   
Bailey's Irish Cream   
Grand Marnier   
Starbucks Cream   
Starbucks Coffee   
Sambuca Romana   

Aperitifs $9


Coffee Drinks $10

Black Gold with grand marnier, amaretto & cinnamon schnapps  
Café L'orange with courvoisier v.s.o.p., cointreau, grand marnier  
Good Karma with godiva liqueur, frangelico, bailey's  
Iced Bucks with kahlua, bailey's, butterscotch schnapps  

Dessert Martinis $11

Espress Oh! van gogh double espresso vodka, kahlua  
German Chocolate Cake absolute citron, frangelico  
Hugs & Kisses absolute vanilla, godiva liqueur, bailey's  
Mocha Fusion absolute vanilla, kahlua, godiva liqueur, bailey's  

On Tap

Allagash White maine    7.00  4.00
Lagunitas IPA california    7.00  4.00
Left Hand Milk Stout colorado    8.00  5.00
Pacífico Clara mexico    7.00  4.00


Guinness ireland   pt 7.00


Amstel Light holland    7.00
Bitburger Drive Non-Alcoholic germany    6.00
Brooklyn Lager new york    7.00
Chimay "Rouge" belgium    9.00
Flying Dog doggie style classic pale ale (maryland)    7.00
Ommegang BPA belgian-style pale ale (new york)    8.00
Original Sin Cider vermont    7.00
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale california    7.00


Wycliff Sparkling Wine california    8.00


Sauvignon Blanc william cole casablanca, chile (2011)    9.00
Pinot Grigio la villa, italy (2011)    10.00
Chardonnay smoking loon, california (2011)    10.00
Riesling two princes, germany (2011)    12.00


Bordeaux baron des chartrons, france (2009) - merlot, cabernet sauvignon    10.00
Côtes Du Rhône domaine galevan, france (2010)    10.00
Chianti luiano, italy (2010)    10.00
Malbec xumek, argentina (2010)    11.00
Monastrel honoro vera, spain (2011)    11.00
Pinot Noir sebastiani, california (2010)    11.00


Good Enough to Eat
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