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Good Eats Diner

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  • Diner
  • 69-32 Grand Ave, Maspeth 11378 40.726293 -73.894212
  • (Btwn 69th Pl & 69th Ln)
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  • (718) 478-2420
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Toast & Muffins

Golden Brown Toast     1.75
Toasted English Muffin     1.75
Gourmet Muffin     2.25
Hard Roll     1.75
Cinnamon Toast     2.50
Bagel     1.75
Bagel with cream cheese    2.95
Bagel toasted w/nova scotia lox    10.25
Bagel w/cream cheese & nova scotia lox    11.25
Loaded Bagel w/cream cheese, nova scotia lox red onion, capers, lettuce, tomatoes & cucumbers    13.50
Greek Yogurt topped with honey & walnuts    7.95


Two Eggs     5.25
Two Eggs with bacon or ham or sausage    7.95
Two Eggs with canadian bacon    8.25
Two Eggs with homemade corned beef hash    8.95
Roumanian Steak & Eggs     21.95
Turkey Bacon & Eggs     8.95
Chorizo & Eggs     8.95
Cajun Eggs Benedict     9.50
Eggs Benedict     9.25

Pan Omelettes

Plain Omelette     5.95
Mushroom Omelette     7.95
Tomato Or Onion Omelette     6.95
Pepper Omelette     6.95
Spinach Or Broccoli Omelette     7.50
Ham Or Bacon Or Sausage Omelette     7.95
Western Omelette     8.25
Cheese Omelette choice of cheese: american, swiss, monterey jack cheddar, mozzarella, feta    7.95

Pan Omelettes

Authentic Irish Breakfast 2 eggs any style with irish bacon, irish sausage, black & white pudding grilled tomatoes, irish baked beans, potatoes & toast w/coffee or irish tea    12.50
Irish Special 4 irish sausage, french fries, irish beans and toast w/coffee or irish tea    11.25
Irish Mixed Grill 2 lamb chops, irish bacon, irish sausage, 2 eggs, grilled tomato w/black and white pudding and toast    18.75

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles     6.95
Belgian Waffles with ham or bacon or sausage    8.95
Belgian Waffles with canadian bacon    9.25
Belgian Waffles with two eggs    8.50
Belgian Waffles with ham, bacon or sausage & two eggs    10.25
Good Eats Belgian Waffle Lumber Jack with two eggs, bacon, ham and sausage    11.95
Good Eats Belgian Waffle Lumber Jack with two scoops of ice cream    10.25
Waffle Sundae     13.25
Blueberry Waffle     9.75
Chocolate Chip Waffle     9.75
Banana Walnut Waffle     10.50

Combination Pan Omelettes

Chorizo jalapeno & jack cheese omelette    9.50
Vegetable Omelette green peppers, chopped onions, tomatoes & mushrooms    9.25
Greek Omelette feta cheese, chopped onions, tomatoes & peppers    9.25
Frittata Primavera spinach, broccoli, mushrooms & tomato    9.25
California Omelette avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes & cheddar    9.50
Peasant Omelette tomatoes, bacon, onion, potatoes & mozzarella    9.50
Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese     8.95
Spinach & Feta Cheese Omelette     8.95
Western & Cheese Omelette     9.50
Tomato & Cheddar Cheese     8.95
Cheese & Chopped Onion     8.95
Cheese & Ham Or Bacon Omelette     9.50
Cheese & Mushroom Omelette     8.50
Good Eats Omelette fresh spinach, goat cheese, chopped onions &bacon    10.50
Lox & Onion Omelette     12.95

Our Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes

Golden Brown Pancakes     6.95
Golden Brown Pancakes with ham, bacon or sausage    8.95
Golden Brown Pancakes with canadian bacon    9.25
Golden Brown Pancakes with two eggs    8.50
Golden Brown Pancakes with ham or bacon or sausage & two eggs    10.25
Good Eats Pancakes Lumber Jack with two eggs, bacon, ham & sausage    11.95
Silver Dollar Pancakes     7.50
Silver Dollar Pancakes with ham or bacon or sausage    9.50
Silver Dollar Pancakes with canadian bacon    9.35
Silver Dollar Pancakes with two eggs    9.00
Banana Pancakes     8.75
Chocolate Chip Pancakes     9.75
Blueberry banana pancakes    10.50
Walnut banana, blueberry pancakes    11.50
Coconut banana pancakes    10.25
Blueberry Pancakes     9.25
Coconut Walnut Pancakes     10.50

French Toast

French Toast     6.95
French Toast with ham or bacon or sausage    8.95
French Toast with canadian bacon    9.25
French Toast with two eggs    8.50
French Toast with ham or bacon or sausage & two eggs    10.25
Good Eats French Toast Lumber Jack with two eggs, bacon, ham & sausage    11.95
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast     10.95
Stuffed French Toast with a strawberry cream cheese topped w/whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle    10.95

Fruits & Juices

Orange Juice grapefruit juice, grapefruit juice, cranberryjuice, pineapple juice, tomato juice   lg 3.95 sm 2.95
All Juices To Go     4.25
Fruit Salad     4.95
Fresh Melon in season    3.95
Fresh Melon with cottage cheese    5.95

Egg Cream & Floats

Egg Cream     2.75
Ice Cream Soda     4.75
Ice Cream Float     4.75
Root Beer Float     4.75


Stuffed Baked Potato with broccoli and cheddar cheese & bacon    8.75
Chilicheese Fries     8.75
Cheese Fries     5.50
Disco Fries w/ cheese & gravy    5.75
Loaded French Fries with cheddar cheese, sour cream & bacon & gravy.    8.75
Parmigian Garlic Fries     5.75
Zucchini Sticks with marinara sauce    7.95
Fresh Mozzarella with tomato    8.25
Sampler zucchini sticks, wings (5), mozzarella sticks (5), coconut chicken fingers (4), potato skins (5), cajun onion rings    17.95
Buffalo Chicken Wings 10 with blue cheese dressing wet, bbq or dry    9.25
Buffalo Chicken Wings 15 with blue cheese dressing wet, bbq or dry    11.75
Potato Skins w/bacon, cheddar cheese & sour cream    8.75
Chicken Fingers with marinara sauce or honey mustard sauce    7.95
Grape Leaves     5.25
Garlic Bread     4.25
Garlic Bread with melted mozzarella    5.75
Mozzarella Sticks     8.95
Feta Cheese w/oregano & olive oil    5.50
Stuffed Mushrooms with crabmeat stuffing    8.95

Crispy Cold Salad Platters

Tuna Or Chicken Salad     10.25
Egg Salad Or Hard Boiled Egg     9.75
Combination Platter tuna salad, chicken salad & egg salad    12.75
Individual Can Of Tuna Or Sardine     10.25

Diet Delight

California Salad with cottage cheese, jello & fresh fruit salad    9.75
Steamed Vegetable Plate choice of (4) vegetables    9.75
Individual Can Of Tuna Or Sardines on a bed of lettuce, tomato & cottage cheese    9.95
4 Seasons Salad scoop of tuna or chicken salad on lettuce with cucumber, peppers, tomato, onions & olives    11.75
Junior Health Salad fresh fruit salad & a scoop of cottage cheese    8.75


All Salads Served With Toasted Pita Bread Chopped Salads $1.50 Extra. Each Additional Dressing $0.75 Extra On Outgoing.

Signature Salad shrimp sauteed in our signature house marinade, avocado, baby beets & walnuts served over baby arugula & kale    16.25
Caesar Salad fresh romaine lettuce w/garlic croutons, tossed in a caesar dressing    9.25
Caesar Salad w/grilled chicken    11.95
Salmon Caesar fresh romaine lettuce w/garlic croutons & caesar dressing topped w/grilled salmon    15.95
Chef's Salad fresh roasted turkey, roast beef, ham, swiss cheese, hard boiled egg, tomato, peppers, onions, cucumbers & olives over mixed greens    12.75
Spinach Chicken Gorgonzola fresh spinach topped w/grilled chicken, gorgonzola cheese, raisins, walnuts, green peppers & red onions    13.75
Fried Chicken Salad lightly fried chicken breast, bacon, cheddar cheese, red onion, cucumbers served over mixed greens    13.25
Manhattan Salad grilled chicken, goat cheese, grapes, pineapple, walnuts, crisp bacon, green peppers & red onion over fresh spinach    13.75
Farmers Choice grilled mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, st-beans & carrots topped w/fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, sweet peppers, served over fresh baby spinach    10.95
Farmers Choice w/grilled chicken    13.75
Mandarin Chicken Salad breaded chicken cutlet, avocado, red onion, mandarin orange & toasted almonds served over baby arugula & kale    13.75
Health Salad iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce broccoli, carrots, pepper, cucumber, fresh mozzarella, onions & mushrooms    10.55
Health Salad w/grilled chicken    12.75
Stuffed Avocado stuffed avocado w/tuna or chicken or egg salad, served w/choice of greek or caesar salad    12.25
Greek Salad fresh mixed greens topped w/feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, olives & grape leaves    10.75
Greek Salad w/grilled chicken    13.50
Greek Salad w/pork souvlaki    13.80
Spinach Pie     8.50
Spinach Pie Deluxe w/small greek salad & pita bread    12.25
Grilled Shrimp Salad grilled shrimp, bacon, roasted garlic, roasted peppers & mushrooms served over fresh spinach & mixed greens    16.25
Grilled Shrimp, Bacon, Roasted grilled chicken, feta cheese, sun-driedtomatoes, capers, walnuts, black olives & penne pasta over fresh spinach    13.75
Cranberry Chicken Salad icebereg & romaine lettuce, topped w/fresh mozzarella, red onions, avocado, bacon, walnuts, cranberries & grilled chicken    13.75
Arugula & Kale Salad baby arugula, kale, strawberries, fresh mozzarella, walnuts, topped with a drizzle of balsamic glaze & olive oi    10.95
Arugula & Kale Salad w/chicken    13.75
Arugula & Kale Salad w/steak    15.75
Grilled Lemon Chicken Salad grilled marinated lemon chicken w/artichokes, avocado, red onion, green peppers, tomato & olives served over mixed greens    12.95
Grilled B.B.Q. Chicken Salad grilled bbq chicken breast w/cheddar cheese, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers & onions served over mixed greens    12.95
Grilled Chicken Salad grilled breast of chicken, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, onions, peppers, olives & artichokes    12.50
Cobb Salad grilled breast of chicken w/avocado, bacon, tomato, red onion, green peppers, gorgonzola cheese, cucumbers & hard boiled egg served over mixed greens    13.75
West Coast Salad grilled chicken, croutons, mushrooms, broccoli, artichokes, roasted peppers & avocado over mixed greens    13.75
Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, romano cheese, garlic croutons & bacon topped w/cajun grilled chicken & caesar dressing    13.25
Taco Salad seasoned steak or chicken topped w/tomato, onion, olives, cheddar cheese, hot peppers & avocado over romaine lettuce topped w/tortilla chips & sour cream w/grilled chicken    13.75
Taco Salad w/steak    14.75

Homemade Soups Of The Day

Cup     2.75
Bowl     3.25
To Go     3.50
French Onion     4.75

Homemade Jumbo Angus Beef Burgers

All Burgers Served On Bun With Coleslaw And Pickles. Deluxes Served With Lettuce,Tomatoes And French Fries Sweet Potato Fries Instead Of French Fries $2 Extra. Onion Rings Instead Of French Fries $1.50 Extra. Cheese On Your Burger $1 Extra, Ch

Hamburger     6.95 dlx 9.95
Bacon Burger    dlx 10.75  8.75
Turkey Burger    dlx 9.95  6.95
Garden Burger     6.95 dlx 9.95
Chili Burger    dlx 12.25  9.25
Fresh Mozzarella Burger    dlx 11.50  8.50
Mushroom Burger    dlx 11.25  8.25
Pizza Burger    dlx 10.95  7.95
Feta Burger    dlx 11.75  8.75
Bleu Cheese Burger     8.75 dlx 11.75
Goat Cheese Burger    dlx 11.75  8.75
Homemade Salmon Burger topped w/avocado, romaine lettuce & a garlic aioli on a brioche bun, served w/sweet potato french fries    14.75
Good Eats Burger jumbo burger on pita bread topped w/tzatziki yogurt sauce, served w/greek salad & red onion    10.95
Hawaiian Burger burger topped w/grilled pineapple, grilled ham & goat cheese   dlx 12.75  9.75
Bigger, Better, Badder Burger bacon, mozzarella, monterey jack & cheddar cheese w/bbq gravy on a brioche bun served w/cheese ff    13.95
Cowboy Burger burger topped w/bacon, swiss cheese & jalapeño peppers    9.75 dlx 12.75
The Yolk Burger burger with avocado, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, bacon w/buffalo aioli topped with a fried egg, served on a hard roll w/french fries    13.95
Irish Burger burger topped w/irish bacon & sauteed mushrooms & onions    10.25 dlx 13.25
Queens Burger burger topped with onions, hot peppers, mushrooms & jack cheese   dlx 12.75  9.75
Woodhaven Burger burger topped with avocado, raw onions & cheddar cheese    9.75 dlx 12.75
The 4 B's Burger burger topped with blue cheese (crumbled), buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, bacon, lettuce & tomato served with french fries on a hard roll    12.75
Garden Pita Burger veggie burger on pita with a greek salad    10.95
Maurice Burger burger topped with onions, peppers, mushrooms & mozzarella cheese   dlx 12.75  9.75
The Boss burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, pulled pork served with cajun fries    13.95
Chorizo Burger burger w/monterrey jack, cheddar cheese, topped w/chorizo, guacamole & a chipotle aioli on a roll served w/nacho chips, salsa & sour cream    13.95
Texas Burger burger topped with bacon, fried onions, b.b.q. sauce and monterey jack cheese   dlx 12.75  9.75
Patty Melt grilled cheese & jumbo burger with fried onions, french fries, lettuce & tomato    10.95
Smother Burger burger topped monterey, cheddar & american cheese, bacon, mushrooms, fried onions, sweet peppers, & our special smother sauce, served w/ff    13.95
Chicken Fingers served with fries or mashed potatoes    10.95
Chicken Fingers add parmagiana, buffalo, coconut    1.00

Homemade Jumbo Angus Beef Burgers

Pastrami Sliders with swiss cheese & fried onions, served with french fries    12.75
Pulled Pork Sliders served with cajun french fries    12.75
Sliders mini cheeseburgers with american cheese & french fries    11.95
Buffalo Chicken Sliders with jack cheese & cajun onion rings with choice of blue cheese, ranch or honey mustard    13.25
Meatball Parm Sliders mini meatball slider with fresh mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce & fries    11.95
Turkey Burger Sliders with cheddar cheese & french fries    12.25


Chicken Or Beef Gyro on pita bread with tomatoes, onions & tzatziki sauce    7.95
Chicken Or Beef Gyro deluxe, with greek salad & french fries or roasted potatoes    11.95
Chicken Or Pork Souvlaki on pita bread with tomatoes, onions & tzatziki sauce    7.95
Chicken Or Pork Souvlaki deluxe, with greek salad & french fries or roasted potatoes    12.25
The Bomb chicken cutlet, bacon, mozzarella cheese, hero with french fries onion rings, gravy, & bbq sauce on a    12.95
OMG chicken cutlet with mozzarella cheese, bacon, french fries & our homemade smother sauce on a hero, served with onion ring    13.25
On Hero Bread    extra 0.75
Buffalo Chicken fried chicken cutlet dipped in a hot & sweet buffalo sauce on a roll served with french fries    11.95
Maspeth grilled chicken with mozzarella cheese, fried onions on a roll with french fries    11.95
American grilled breast of chicken with sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms & monterey jack cheese on a roll with french fries    11.95
Cajun Chicken grilled cajun chicken with lettuce, tomato, sliced onion and jack cheese on a roll with french fries    11.95
Metropolitan chicken cutlet, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce tomato on a roll with french fries    11.95
Philly Cheese Steak roast beef, onions & melted cheese with french fries on hero    12.25
Chicken Pesto chicken cutlet topped with pesto sauce and sundried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese on a roll with french fries    11.95
Chicken BBQ grilled chicken breast with bbq sauce, grilled onions, mushrooms & peppers on a roll with french fries    11.95
Chili Con Carne served with cheddar cheese & onion over rice    10.25
Chili Con Carne bowl of chili w/cheddar cheese & onion    8.25
Burrito rice, cheese, beans, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce & tomatoes  
Burrito with chicken    11.50
With Steak     12.50
Quesadillas sauteed mushrroms, peppers, onions with melted mozzarella cheese served with choice of french fries, garden or caesar salad or soup (spicy upon request) served with guacamole & sour cream  
Quesadillas chicken, chorizo, pernil (pork)    12.95
Quesadillas steak    14.25
Quesadillas shrimp    14.95
Quesadillas cheese    9.95
Teriyaki steak or chicken teriyaki with melted mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and mayo on a hero served with french fries  
Teriyaki with chicken    12.95
Teriyaki with steak    14.95
Balsamic Steak & Chicken grilled sliced roumanian steak & grilled chicken on a hero w/peppers, onions & mushrooms in a balsamic reduction served w/french fries    13.75
Caldwell grilled chicken, roasted peppers, breaded eggpant, mozzarella cheese, with pesto sauce and french fries on roll    12.50
French Dip hero bread dipped in au jus gravy, topped w/hot roast beef, melted swiss cheese & fried onions served w/french fries    12.50
Good Eats Nachos nachos topped w/chili, monterey jack, cheddar cheese, black olives, hot peppers, guacamole & sour cream    11.75
Thanksgiving On A Roll fresh turkey, stuffing, wholeberry cranberry sauce & gravy, served w/sweet potato fries    12.50
The Duke pulled pork, cole slaw, jalapeño vinegar peppers on a roll served with cajun french fries    11.95
Frontera chicken cutlet, monterey jack & cheddar cheese, avocado, jalapeno and our smother sauce on a roll served with fries    11.95
Healthwich our homemade turkey burger topped with avocado, baby arugula, red onion with a garlic aioli & a balsamic glaze on 7 grain bread served with baked sweet potato    12.75
Fish & Chips fresh cod fish dipped in our homemade batter & deep fried to perfection served w/french fries    12.95
Corleone mozzarella, cheese, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, sundried tomatoes, basil pesto & roasted sweet peppers with a garlic aioli on ciabatta bread, served with garlic parmesan french fries    12.95
Sliced Steak grilled sliced roumanian steak on a hero w/lettuce & tomato, served w/french fries    13.75
The General chicken cutlet on a brioche bun with caramelized onions & spicy mayo served with french fries    11.95
Plateau hot pastrami with melted swiss cheese & sautéed onions on a roll, served with french fries    11.95
Reuben Deluxe corned beef or pastrami sauerkraut topped with melted swiss cheese on rye bread, with french fries    11.95
Mazeau breaded chicken breast w/mushrooms & cheddar cheese on a roll w/french fries    11.95
Middle Village meatball parmigina hero with french fries    11.50
Grand grilled breast of chicken, avocado, bacon & monterey jack on a roll, served with french fries    11.95

Loaded Grillers

Porky grilled monterey jack cheese on country white bread with pulled pork, caramelized onions & a spicy mayo, served with french fries    11.95
Bubba grilled monterey jack cheese, fried shrimp, sriracha chili sauce, avocado, bacon, grilled tomatoes & a garlic mayo on country white bread, served with country fries    13.95
The Dre grilled mozzarella & cheddar cheese on country white bread w/chicken cutlet, caramelized onions, roasted garlic & a spicy mayo, served with gorgonzola cajun french fries    13.75
The Griller grilled cheddar cheese w/fresh roasted turkey, avocado, red onions, grilled tomatoes & a garlic aioli on seven grain bread, served with sweet potato french fries    12.95
Benjamin grilled monterey jack & swiss cheese on marble rye with corned beef, pastrami, caramelized onions, mustard & mayo, served with country fries    13.75


All Egg Sandwiches Made With 2 Eggs Egg Whites $1 Extra.

Fried Egg Sandwich     3.75
Fried Egg Sandwich with cheese    4.75
Fried Egg Sandwich with bacon    5.25
Fried Egg Sandwich with bacon & cheese    5.95
Western Sandwich     5.95
Egg Salad Sandwich     5.75
Irish Bacon & Irish Sausage Sandwich     7.50
Irish Bacon & Irish Sausage Sandwich with two eggs    8.50
Irish Bacon & Irish Sausage Sandwich with two eggs    8.50


Grilled Cheese with choice of (1) american, monterey jack, cheddar, swiss or mozzarella cheese    5.25
Grilled Cheese with tomato   extra 0.60
Grilled Cheese with bacon or ham   extra 2.00


Tunafish Salad     7.50
Individualtuna     7.50
Imported Skinless Sardines     7.50
Tunamelt with choice of cheese: american, swiss    8.50
Tunamelt with fries    10.75
Fried Fillet     9.75


Bacon lettuce & tomato    6.25
Ham & Lettuce     5.95
Ham & Cheese     7.25
Grilled Chicken Breast     7.75
Chicken Salad     6.95
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana     8.25
Reuben Sandwich     8.95
Meat Loaf     7.50
Corned Beef     7.75
Pastrami     7.95
Roast Sirloin Of Beef     7.95
Roast Fresh Turkey all white meat    8.50
Roast Loin Of Pork     8.25
Turkey Meatloaf     8.25

Triple Deckers Club Sandwiches

Served With French Fries Or Potato Salad

1. Sliced Turkey all white meat. with bacon, lettuce & tomato    11.50
2. Roast Beef with swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato    11.50
3. Tunafish Salad with sliced egg, lettuce & tomato    11.50
4. Chicken Salad with bacon, lettuce & tomato    11.50
5. Egg Salad with bacon, lettuce & tomato    10.95
6. Angus Burger with bacon, lettuce & tomato    11.50
7. Grilled Chicken with cheese, lettuce & tomato    11.50
8. Nova Scotia Lox cream cheese, red onion, capers, tomatoes, on marble rye, served with spinach salad    13.25
9. Ham with swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato    11.50

Hot Open Sandwiches

Soup Or Salad Potato And Vegetable

Sliced Fresh Turkey all white meat. cranberry sauce    13.75
Roast Sirloin Of Beef served with gravy    13.25
Roast Loin Of Pork served with gravy    13.25
Meat Loaf served with mushroom gravy    13.25
Turkey Meatloaf served with turkey gravy    13.75


Southern Comfort pulled pork with peppers, onions & cheddar cheese    11.25
Louisiana cajun fried shrimp, jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes topped with a spicy mayo    13.75
American roast fresh turkey, bacon, american cheese, apple stuffing & whole berry cranberry sauce    11.25
Vegetable grilled eggplant, zucchini, red onion, mushrooms, artichokes    11.25
Milano grilled chicken, roasted sweet peppers, baby arugula, fresh mozzarella with a garlic aioli & a balsamic glaze    11.25
Palermo grilled chicken, goat cheese with basil pesto sauce    11.25
Mexican grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, hot peppers, onions & tomatoes with a cilantro aioli    11.25
Napolitano chicken cutlet, roasted red peppers, pesto sauce & fresh mozzarella    11.25
Monterey buffalo chicken cutlet, monterey jack & cheddar cheese, avocado & our special smother sauce    11.25
B.B.Q grilled chicken breast with grilled onions & swiss cheese & b.b.q sauce    11.25
Greek grilled chicken breast, fresh spinach, feta cheese, olives    11.25
Cuban roast pork, grilled ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard & a garlic aioli    12.25


Served With Choice Of Soup Or French Fries Or Garden Or Caesar Salad Or Greek Salad Sweet Potato Fries Instead Of French Fries $2. Extra Onion Rings Instead Of French Fries $1.50 Extra.

Chorizo fried shrimp, chorizo, cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce & tomato with a mayo chipotl    13.25
Fajita grilled chicken, hot peppers, onions, chopped cheddar, salsa & sour cream    11.85
Shrimp grilled shrimp, bacon, avocado, goat cheese, mushrooms & roasted garlic    13.25
Banging chicken fingers, ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado & buffalo sauce    11.85
Turkey fresh turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, avocado & cheddar cheese    11.85
Grand Chicken breaded chicken, avocado, bacon, cheddar cheese with a roasted garlic aioli sauce    11.85
Mandarin breaded chicken, baby arugula, kale, mandarin orange, toasted almonds & dried cranberries    11.85
Spinach grilled chicken, fresh spinach, bacon, avocado, mushrooms & roasted garlic    11.85
Caesar grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, croutons & caesar dressing    11.85
Pernil pork, black beans, avocado, red onions, mozzarella cheese, sweet peppers & garlic mayo    11.85
Heat Seeker cajun chicken fingers, spicy mayo, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, tomato, monterey jack cheese, & sour cream    11.85
The Caribbean coconut shrimp, pineapple cranberries, walnuts, spinach, avocado, fresh mozzarella cheese bacon & a savory sweet sauce    13.25
Good Eats grilled chicken, baby arugula, kale, dried cranberries & feta cheese    11.85
California grilled chicken with avocado, bacon, lettuce & tomatoes    11.85
The Hangover chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, onion rings, bacon & our special smother sauce    11.85
Buffalo chicken cutlet with a buffalo sauce & fresh mozzarella    11.85
B.B.Q. grilled chicken with fried onions & b.b.q. sauce    11.85
Santa Fe grilled chicken, sundried tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese & a garlic aiolo    11.85

Fresh From The Sea - Broiled Seafood

Served With Sour Or Salad, Potato & Vegetable Or Rice.

Broiled Jumbo Fresh Shrimp Scampi with garlic butter sauce over rice    22.25
Broiled Stuffed Jumbo Fresh Shrimp with crabmeat stuffing    23.95
Fresh Filet Of Salmon     20.25
Fresh Filet Of Lemon Sole     20.25
Fresh Filet Of Tilapia     19.25
Broiled Stuffed Filet Of Sole florentine with feta cheese and spinach stuffing    21.25
Broiled Stuffed Filet Of Sole with crabmeat stuffing    22.25
Broiled Seafood Combination stuffed shrimps, tilapia filet, and salmon    24.95

Fresh From The Sea - Fried Seafood

Served With Sour Or Salad, Potato & Vegetable Or Rice.

Fried Tilapia     19.25
Fried Butterfly Shrimps     21.25
Fried Fresh Filet Of Lemon Sole     20.25
Fried Seafood Combination shrimps, tilapia, salmon & filet    24.95
Coconut Shrimp served with rice pilaf & an orange dipping sauce    21.95


Teriyaki sautéed chicken with broccoli & carrots in a teriyaki sauce over rice    16.25
Cajun Chicken cajun chicken breast with mushrooms, garlic herbs & fresh tomatoes over rice    16.25
Garlic Chicken with mushroom and garlic sauce together with rice pilaf    16.25
Chicken Milano with fresh eggplant, mozzarella in basil tomato sauce with choice of pasta    16.25
Chicken Taverna grilled breast of chicken with sautéed fresh vegetables and choice of potato    16.25
Coconut Chicken served with rice pilaf & an orange dipping sauce    16.25
Chicken Florentine stuffed with spinach and feta cheese in white wine sauce with pasta or potato    16.25
Chicken Piccata mushrooms lemon butter sauce & capers    16.25
Yannis Chicken lightly floured sautéed chicken over vegetables in olive oil & garlic    16.25
Chicken Kiev stuffed chicken breast with butter, garlic & parsley rolled in panko bread crumbs    16.25
Chicken Marsala with musrooms & marsala wine sauce    16.25
Chicken Cordon Bleu stuffed with swiss cheese & ham in mushroom cream sauce with potato & vegetable    17.95
Grilled Chicken Breast marinated with olive oil & fresh herbs served with potato & vegetable    16.25
Chicken Pesto Ravioli breast of chicken and cheese ravioli in a pesto sauce    16.25
Penne Fiesta chicken and sautéed fresh vegetable with penne pasta in olive oil and garlic    16.25
Chicken Francaise wine & lemon butter sauce    16.25
Curry Chicken over rice & french fries with peas & onions    17.95
Gaelic Chicken sautéed in a mushroom whiskey cream sauce    17.25

Veal $19.95

Veal Florentine on a bed of spinach and feta cheese, lemon wine sauce with pasta  
Veal Picata mushrooms, lemon butter sauce & capers  
Veal Scaloppini in lemon mushrooms sauce with artichokes, potato & vegetable  
Veal Marsala with mushrooms in marsala wine sauce  


Filet Of Lemon Sole Piccata white wine, capers and mushrooms, potato & vegetable    21.50
Shrimp Française in a butter wine sauce, choice of pasta    22.25
Shrimp Creole over rice    22.25
Yannis Shrimp lightly floured sautéed shrimp over vegetables in olive oil & garlic    22.25
Filet Of Sole Française in lemon & butter sauce    21.50
Shrimp Fra Diablo over pasta    22.25

Steaks & Chops

Served With Soup Or Salad, Potato, Vegetable.

Broiled Roumanian Tenderloin Steak with onion rings    22.25
Teriyaki Steak sautéed w/broccoli & carrots in a teriyaki sauce    22.25
Broiled Chopped Steak with fried onions    13.95
Sautéed Garlic Porkchops     16.75
Land & Sea roumanian tenderloin steak with two stuffed shrimps    24.75
Broiled Loin Pork Chops with apple sauce    16.75
Broiled Lamb Chops     22.25
Breaded Porkchops with apple sauce    16.75

Pasta Favorites $13.50

Penne A La Vodka penne in a pink vodka cream sauce  
Choice Of Pasta with meat sauce  
Fettuccini Alfredo fettuccini in a cream sauce with romano cheese  
Mushroom Pasta fresh mushrooms, eggplant, carrots, zucchini, with red sauce over penne pasta  
Broccoli Pasta sautéed fresh broccoli in olive oil & garlic, topped with mozzarella  
3-Cheese Pasta penne pasta with romano, ricotta & mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce  
Penne Pesto sautéed mushrooms, scallions & sun dried tomatoes in pesto sauce  
Penne Italiano penne pasta with zucchini, fresh basil, garlic & tomatoes, sautéd in a white wine sauce  
Penne Pasta penne pasta with sautéed sun dried tomatoes, scallions & mushrooms with romano cheese in olive oil and garlic  
Pasta Primavera sauteed vegetables in olive oil & garlic or red sauce over fettuccini  
Pasta with clam sauce (white or red)  
Fettuccini Romano fettuccini with sautéed mushrooms, green onions in garlic & olive oil, topped with romano cheese  
Pasta Carbonara in a cream sauce ham, bacon & peas  
Spinach Pasta angel hair pasta served with fresh spinach, mushrooms, garlic in a white wine sauce  
Cheese Ravioli   
Pasta Bolognese penne pasta in a meat sauce with a touch of cream  
Pasta À La Presto penne pasta with sautéed fresh broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, scallions & mozzarella, olive oil & garlic  
Pastaa La Maria fettuccini pasta, eggplant, ricotta cheese, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella & basil with romano cheese in a red sauce  
Pasta North-West fettuccini pasta with sautéed mushrooms, onions, peppers, sausage & garlic  
Pasta Puttanesca penne pasta topped with spicy tomato sauce, garlic, capers and black olives  

Pasta Favorites $13.50

Shepherd's Pie     13.95
Fried Chicken & Waffle with a drizzle of honey    15.25

Continental Specialties

All Above Served With Soup Or Salad

Breaded Milk Fed Veal Cutlet Parmigiana with spaghetti    20.75
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana with spaghetti    15.95
Fried Eggplant Parmigiana with spaghetti    14.50
Spaghetti And Meatballs     13.50

Entrees & Roasts

Served With Soup Or Salad, Potato, Vegetable

Roast Fresh Turkey white meat. w/stuffing    15.25
Roast Sirloin Of Beef     15.25
Baked Meatloaf with mushroom gravy    13.75
Baked Turkey Meatloaf     15.25
Breaded Fried Chicken     14.75
Roasted Half BBQ Chicken     13.50
Roast Half Spring Chicken with stuffing    13.50
Roast Loin Of Pork     16.25

Side Orders

Sautéed Vegetable in olive oil and garlic    4.50
Pasta with marinara sauce or olive oil & garlic    6.25
Sweet Potato Fries     4.95
Country Fries     3.95
Curry Fries     6.75
Potato Pancakes     4.75
Cajun French Fries     4.50
Cajun Onion Rings     4.95
French Fried Potatoes     4.25
French Fried Onion Rings     4.75
Roasted Lemon Potatoes     4.25
Home Fried Potatoes     3.50
Baked Potato     3.50
Hommade Mashed Potatoes     3.50
Ham Or Bacon Or Sausage     4.50
Turkey Sausage     4.50
Turkey Bacon     5.50
Corned Beef Hash     5.75
Irish Bacon     5.50
Irish Sausage     5.50
Irish Baked Beans     3.75
Irish Pudding Black Or White     5.50
Garden Salad    sm 5.00 lg 8.25
Tomato cucumber onion & olive salad    6.25
Potato Salad     3.25
Whole Avocado     3.50
Guacamole     3.95
Homemade Tzatziki     3.75
Curry Sauce     3.25
Pickles     2.50
Coleslaw     3.25
Rice     3.25
Cottage Cheese     3.50
Cup Of Gravy     1.00

Children's Menu $11.75

Children Under 12 Only - In House Only. No Substitutions

Mets Sliced Roast Turkey with vegetable and potato, jello with whipped cream or ice cream, milk, chocolate milk or soda  
Yankees Char-Broiled Chopped Beef Patti with vegetable and potato, jello with whipped cream or ice cream, milk, chocolate milk or soda  
Rangers Spaghetti With Meat Or Marinara Sauce jello with whipped cream or ice cream, milk, chocolate milk or soda  
Jets Fried Filet Of Sole with vegetable and potato, jello with whipped cream or ice cream, milk, chocolate milk or soda  
Knicks Grilled Cheese with bacon or ham and french fries, jello with whipped cream or ice cream, milk, chocolate milk or soda  
Islanders Roast Top Sirloin Of Beef Au Jus with vegetable and potato, jello with whipped cream or ice cream, milk, chocolate milk or soda  
Giants Chicken Fingers with french fries, jello with whipped cream or ice cream, milk, chocolate milk or soda  


Fresh Fruit Salad     4.95
Fresh Melon     3.95


Served With Whipped Cream

Rice Pudding     3.75
Large Rice Pudding     4.75
Jello     3.75


Creamy Cheese Cake     5.25
Pound Cake     2.25
Apple Crumb Cake     4.50
Assorted Fruit Pie     4.25
Assorted Cookies     2.25
Carrot Cake     5.25
Assorted Layer Cakes     5.25


Banana Split     8.75
Dish Of Ice Cream    (1 scoop) 2.95 (2 scoop) 3.95
Greek Yogurt topped with honey & walnuts    7.95
Sundaes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry. walnuts, syrup and whipped cream    7.50


Herbaltea     2.00
Coffee Or Tea     1.50
Large Coffee to go    1.75
Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee     1.50
Large Decaf to go    1.75
Iced Coffee Or Tea     2.50
Hot Chocolate     1.75
Homemade Hot Chocolate     3.50
Cappuccino     3.25
Ice Cappuccino     3.75
Chocolate Milk     2.95
Bottled Water     2.00
Can Of Sodato Go     2.00
Frappé european style iced coffee    3.75
Frappe w/ice cream    4.75
Milk     2.75
Irish Tea     2.00
Esspresso     3.25
Snapple     2.25

Soft Drinks

Assorted Sodas     2.50
Fresh Lemonade     2.95
Fresh Orangeade     2.95


Assorted Flavors

Milk Shake     5.25
Malted Milk Shake     5.50
Oreo Shake     6.25
Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Shake     6.25
Vanilla Peanut Butter Milk Shake     6.25
Nutella Milk Shake     6.25
Fruit Smoothie     5.75


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