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Golden Z

  • $$
  • Chinese
  • 1410 Avenue U, Brooklyn 11229 40.598517 -73.956931
  • (At E 14th St)
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  • (718) 382-4328
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A1. Crispy Egg Roll    (2) 4.00
A2. Barbecued Spare Rib    lb 7.95
A3. Sliced Cold Meat with jelly fish    11.95
A4. Roast Pork    lb 7.95
A5. Roast Duck    half 9.00
A6. Soy Chicken    half 8.50
A7. Roast Pig    lb 7.95
A8. Marinated Cuttle Fish    lb 9.50


S1. Chicken Noodle    (per cup) 2.75
S2. Wonton Soup    (per cup) 2.75
S3. Wonton Egg Drop Soup    (per cup) 2.95
S4. Egg Drop Soup    (per cup) 2.75
S5. Hot & Sour Soup *    6.95
S6. Duck Wonton     6.95
S7. Minced Chicken Corn Soup     9.95
S8. Sliced Pork with watercress soup    9.95
S9. West Lake Beef Chowder     9.95
S10. Subgum Winter Melon Soup     9.95
S11. Slice Pork mustard green and egg soup    10.95
S12. West Lake Fish Chowder     11.95
S13. Seafood And Bean Curd Bisque     11.95
S14. Fish Maw with crab meat soup    11.95
S15. Yellow Chives And Fungaar Soup     11.95
S16. Seafood with fish maw soup    11.95

Rice Dishes

FD1. Chicken And Vegetable Over Rice     4.50
FD2. Chicken And String Bean Over Rice     4.50
FD3. Chicken And Bitter Melon Over Rice     4.50
FD4. Chicken And Broccoli Spear Over Rice     4.50
FD5. Chicken And Broccoli Over Rice     4.50
FD6. Chicken And Curry Sauce Over Rice     4.50
FD7. Beef with oyster sauce over rice    4.75
FD8. Beef with peas over rice    4.75
FD9. Beef with string bean over rice    4.75
FD10. Beef with bean cake over rice    4.75
FD11. Beef with bitter melon over rice    4.75
FD12. Beef with broccoli spear over rice    4.75
FD13. Beef with egg sauce over rice    4.75
FD14. Beef with satay over rice    4.75
FD15. Beef with vegetable over rice    4.75
FD16. Beef with tomato over rice    4.75
FD17. Beef with sour cabbage over rice    4.75
FD18. Beef with curry sauce over rice    4.75
FD19. Beef with hot pepper over rice    4.75
FD20. Ham And Scramble Egg Over Rice     4.50
FD21. Roast Pork & Scramble Egg Over Rice     4.50
FD22. Pickle And Scramble Egg Over Rice     4.50
FD23. Shrimp And Scramble Egg Over Rice     4.75
FD24. Shrimp with egg sauce over rice    4.75
FD25. Roast Duck Over Rice     4.50
FD26. Pork Chop with onion over rice    4.75
FD27. Shrimp And Vegetable Over Rice     4.75
FD28. Fish Cake And Vegetable Over Rice     4.50
FD29. Squid And Vegetable Over Rice     4.50
FD30. Squid And Sour Cabbage Over Rice     4.50
FD31. Squid And Hot Pepper Over Rice     4.50
FD32. Rib Tip And Hot Pepper Over Rice     4.75
FD33. Rib Tip And Black Bean Sauce Over Rice     4.75
FD34. Beef Belly And Vegetable Over Rice     5.00
FD35. Beef Belly And Curry Sauce Over Rice     5.00
FD36. Pork Choy And Oyster Sauce Over Rice     4.75
FD37. Pork Chop Peking Sauce Over Rice     4.75
FD38. Pork Chop with salt & pepper over rice    4.75
FD39. Fish Filet And Vegetable Over Rice     4.75
FD40. Fish Filet And Bitter Melon On Over Rice     4.75
FD41. Fish Filet And Bean Cake Over Rice     4.75
FD42. Shrimp with lobster sauce over rice    6.50
FD43. Buddha's Delight Over Rice     4.75
FD44. Seafood And Meat Over Rice     5.50
FD45. Roast Pork On Rice     4.50
FD46. Roast Duck On Rice     4.50
FD47. Barbecued Spare Rib On Rice     4.50
FD48. Soy Chicken On Rice     4.50
FD49. Roast Pork And Chicken On Rice     4.75
FD50. Roast Pork And Roast Duck On Rice     4.75
FD51. Roast Pork & Bar-B-Q Spare Rib On Rice     4.75
FD52. Chicken And Roast Duck On Rice     4.75
FD53. Chicken And Bar-B-Q Spare Rib On Rice     4.75
FD54. Chicken, Roasted Pork with fried egg on rice    4.95
FD55. Marinated Cuttle Fish On Rice     5.00


C1. Beef     3.95
C2. Chicken     3.95
C3. San-Pan     3.95
C4. Fish     3.95
C5. Pork And Preserved Egg     3.95
C6. Fish And Preserved Egg Congee     4.50
C7. Beef And Egg     4.25
C8. Frog     6.95
C9. Frog And Chicken     6.95

Noodle Soup

NS1. Wonton     4.50
NS2. Fish Ball     4.50
NS3. Beef     4.95
NS4. Chicken     4.95
NS5. Pork     4.95
NS6. Fish     4.95
NS7. Beef Belly     4.95
NS8. Roast Duck Noodle Soup     4.95
NS9. Seafood Noodle Soup     5.50
NS10. Shredded Pork And Pickle Noodle Soup     4.95
NS11. Shredded Duck And Pickle Noodle Soup     5.95
NS12. Roast Duck Wonton Noodle Soup     5.95

Chow Fun

Pan Fried Noodle

CF1. Beef Chow Fun     7.95
CF2. Beef Chow Fun with vegetable    8.95
CF3. Singapore Mai-Fun *    7.95
CF4. Amoy Mai-Fun     7.95
CF5. Singapore Chow Fun     7.95
CF6. House Special Mai-Fun     10.95
CF7. Saute Noodle with soy sauce    8.95
CF8. Pan Fried Noodle with beef    8.95
CF9. Pan Fried Noodle with pork    8.95
CF10. Pan Fried Noodle with chicken    8.95
CF11. Pan Fried Noodle with shrimp    9.95
CF12. Chow Fun with beef and hot pepper    8.95
CF13. Pan Fried Noodle with beef and hot pepper    8.95
CF14. Pan Fried Noodle with seafood    11.95
CF15. Braised Noodle with vegetable    9.95
CF16. Braised Noodle with crab meat    11.95

Lo Mein

LM1. Roast Pork     7.95
LM2. Beef     7.95
LM3. Shredded Pork     7.95
LM4. Chicken Lo Mein     7.95
LM5. Shredded Duck     8.95
LM6. Shrimp     8.95
LM7. Fish     8.95
LM8. House Special     8.95


P1. Sliced Chicken with broccoli    9.95
P2. Deep Fried Crispy Chicken    half 10.95
P3. Steamed Chicken with ginger & scallions   half 10.95
P4. Chicken with garlic & scallions in soy sauce    10.95
P5. Fried Chicken with lemon sauce    9.95
P6. Sweet & Sour Chicken     9.95
P7. Sliced Chicken with mixed vegetables    9.95
P8. Diced Chicken with mixed vegetables    9.95
P9. Kung Po Chicken * with nuts    9.95
P10. General Tso's Chicken     9.95
P11. Sliced Chicken * with garlic sauce    9.95
P12. Sliced Chicken with snow peas    10.95
P13. Sliced Chicken & Walnuts In Golden Nest     12.95
P14. Steamed Chicken with spicy ginger sauce    10.95
P15. Chicken with bitter melon    10.95
P16. Roast Squab (1)   
P17. Peking Duck    half 16.95 whole 28.95
P18. Wor Shu Gai     10.95
P19. Wor Shu Opp     12.95
P20. Fried Lok Kee Boneless Chicken     11.95


B1. T-Bone Steak     18.95
B2. Saute T-Bone Steak Kew with green chives    18.95
B3. Filet Steak with broccoli    12.95
B4. Filet Steak Cantonese Style     12.95
B5. Sliced Beef with black mushrooms & bamboo shoots    12.95
B6. Satay Beef with watercress    11.95
B7. Sliced Beef * with satay sauce    10.95
B8. Sliced Beef with scallions and ginger    10.95
B9. Sliced Beef with scallions and ginger    10.95
B10. Saute Shredded Beef * with hot pepper    10.95
B11. Beef with preserved vegetables    10.95
B12. Filet Steak * with black pepper sauce    12.95
B13. Saute Chicken And Beef In Taro Nest     13.95
B14. Short Rib * with black pepper sauce    12.95
B15. Sliced Beef with bitter melon    10.95


PK1. Pork Chop Peking Style     9.95
PK2. Fried Pork Chop * with hot pepper salt    9.95
PK3. Sweet And Sour Pork     9.95
PK4. Sweet & Sour Pork Rib Tip     9.95
PK5. Pan-Fried Minced Pork with salted fish    10.95
PK6. Steam Minced Pork with salted fish    10.95
PK7. Steam Minced Pork with salted egg    10.95
PK8. Steam Minced Pork with salami    10.95
PK9. Steam Minced Pork with ham    10.95

Shrimp & Lobster

SL1. Prawns with walnuts in mayonnaise sauce    13.95
SL2. Salt Baked Prawns * with chili (in shell)    12.95
SL3. Jumbo Shrimps with chinese green    12.95
SL4. Jumbo Shrimps with lobster sauce    12.95
SL5. Saute Prawns with straw mushroom    12.95
SL6. Jumbo Shrimp with sweet & sour sauce    12.95
SL7. Jumbo Shrimp * with garlic sauce    12.95
SL8. Jumbo Shrimp with black bean sauce    12.95
SL9. Lobster with ginger and scallion  
SL10. Lobster with black bean sauce  
SL11. Lobster Cantonese Style   
SL12. Steamed Lobster with minced garlic  
SL13. Kung Po Shrimp * with nuts    11.95
SL14. Saute Shrimps with cashew nuts    11.95
SL15. Saute Baby Shrimps     11.95
SL16. Live Shrimp   
SL17. Stuff Hot Pepper * with minced shrimp    12.95


S1. Braised Scallops with vegetable    13.95
S2. Scallops * with black bean sauce    13.95
S3. Scallops with black bean sauce    13.95
S4. Scallops * with garlic sauce    13.95
S5. Squids * with hot pepper    11.95
S6. Saute Slice Fresh Conch   
S7. Saute Sliced Fresh Conch And Scallops   
S8. Clams with black bean sauce    11.95
S9. Salt Baked Fresh Squids * with chilli    11.95
S10. Assorted Seafood In Taro Nest     14.95
S11. Deep Fried Crispy Oyster   
S12. Razor Clams with black bean sauce  
S13. Snails with black bean sauce  
S14. Crab with black bean sauce    10.95
S15. Salt & Pepper Triple Pleasure shrimp, squid, scallop.    14.95


F1. Fillet Flounder Cubes with chinese greens    14.95
F2. Pan Fried Flounder   
F3. Steamed Flounder   
F4. Saute Filet Flounder Cubes with okra    14.95
F5. Saute Flounder Cubes with okra  
F6. Filet Fish with vegetable    12.95
F7. Filet Fish with velvet corn sauce    12.95
F8. Steamed Grass Carp     11.95


E1. Roast Pork Egg Foo Young     8.95
E2. Chicken Egg Foo Young     8.95
E3. Vegetables Egg Foo Young     8.95
E4. Shrimps Egg Foo Young     10.95
E5. Shrimp with scramble egg    10.95
E6. Crab Meat with scramble egg    11.95
E7. Steam Tri-Egg Custard with pork    11.95
E8. Steam Egg Custard     9.95

Sizzling Platter

SP1. Short Rib with black pepper sauce    12.95
SP2. Fillet Steak with onion    12.95
SP3. Fillet Fish with black bean sauce    13.95
SP4. Prawns (In Shell) with garlic and onion    13.95
SP5. Sliced Chicken with pepper & black bean sauce    11.95
SP6. Pork Chop with onion    11.95
SP7. Octopus with bean and pepper    10.95
SP8. Stuffed Bean Curd In Black Bean Sauce     11.95

Vegetable & Bean Curd

V1. Saute Green Chives     11.95
V2. Assorted Vegetables Buddhist Style     9.95
V3. Eggplant Garlic Sauce     9.95
V4. Saute Chinese Greens     9.95
V5. Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce    9.95
V6. Saute Spinach with bean curd sauce    9.95
V7. Saute Mustard Green     9.95
V8. Saute Watercress with bean cheese    9.95
V9. Braised Bean Curd with vegetables    9.95
V10. Deep Fried Crispy Bean Curd     9.95
V11. Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd     10.95
V12. Szechuan Style Bean Curd *    9.95
V13. Saute String Beans     9.95
V14. Baby Bok Choy with garlic    9.95

Fried Rice & Noodles

FN1. Shrimp Fried Rice     7.95
FN2. House Special Fried Rice     7.95
FN3. Salt Fish And Diced Chicken Fried Rice     8.95
FN4. Twin Flavor Fried Rice shrimp & chicken    10.95
FN5. Singapore Mai-Fun Curry Flavor *    7.95
FN6. Chow Fun with beef    7.95
FN7. Braised E-Fu Noodles with crab meat    11.95
FN9. Seafood Pan-Fried Noodle     11.95
FN10. Shrimp Lo Mein     8.95
FN11. Fried Rice choice of roast pork, chicken    7.95
FN12. Vegetable Fried Rice     7.95
FN13. Beef Fried Rice     7.95
FN14. Scallop And Chicken Over Fried Rice     10.95
FN15. Deluxe Special Fried Rice     11.95

Rice Casseroles

* Hot & Spicy

RC 1. Chicken Rice Casserole     6.95
RC2. Rib Tip Rice Casserole     6.95
RC3. Beef And Egg Rice Casserole     7.95
RC4. Chinese Sausage Rice Casserole     7.95
RC5. Minced Pork & Salted Fish Rice Casserole     7.95
RC6. Frog And Sausage Rice Casserole     7.95
RC7. Frog Rice Casserole     7.95
RC8. Rib Tip And Sausage Rice Casserole     7.95
RC9. Chicken And Sausage Rice Casserole     7.95
RC10. Chicken And Frog Rice Casserole     7.95


Golden Z
1410 Avenue U
At E 14th St
(718) 382-4328
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