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Geo Si Gi

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Delicious Gamja Tang

Geo Si Gi Gamja Tang pork loin casserole w/ vegetables 47.95 38.95 29.95
Uh Geo Gi Gamja Tang dried cabbage w/ vegetables and pork loin casserole 31.95 49.95 40.95
Muk Eun Gi Gamja Tang pickled nappa cabbage w/ vegetables and pork loin casserole 42.95 33.95 51.95
Curry Gamja Tang curry w/ vegetables and pork loin casserole 29.95 47.95 38.95
Haemul Nakgi Gamja Tang seafood, small octopus w/ vegetables and pork loin casserole 57.95 48.95 38.95
Delicious Gamja Tang

Busut Janchi Bulgogi mushroom w/ marinated beef b.b.q. at the table (for 2 ppl) 31.95 (for 3 ppl) 40.95 (for 4 ppl) 49.95
Dakdori Tang potato and chicken spicy casserole w/ vegetables (for 3 ppl) 38.95 (for 2 ppl) 29.95 (for 4 ppl) 47.95
Dung Kalbi Gui grilled ribs end w/ special sauce 29.95
Gaeran Mari korean style vegetable omelet 9.95
Kimchi Pajnu grounded kimchi & vegetables. korean style pancakes 15.95
Haemul Pajnu variety seafood w/ scallions. korean style pancake 17.95
Yet Nal Gamja Jeun potato. korean style pancake 11.95
Go Choo Mak Jun pepper. korean style pancake 11.95
3 1 Jokbal steamed pork's legs 21.95
Maewon Jokbal steamed pork's legs w/ spicy special sauce 24.95
Tofu Kimchi In Jeyuk Bokkum panfried kimchi & pork w/ vegetables in spicy sauce 17.95
Nak Ji Bokkum stir fried octopus w/ special sauce 19.95
Mukeunji & Godeung-Uh pickled nappa cabbage w/ mackerel casserole 15.95
Soondae Bokkum stir - fried pork intestine w/ vegetables 17.95
Soondae & Sausage steamed pork w/ vegetables & sausage 15.95
Sausage Busut Gui pan fried sausage & mushroom 15.95
La Galbi Gui grilled thin sliced beef-ribs 25.95
Delicious Gamja Tang

Poydagi Haejang Guk bone of pork w/ vegetables in mild soup 6.95 9.95
Junjoo Kongnamul Hajang Guk bean sprouts in spicy soup w/ rice 10.95 7.95
Tukbaegi Gamja Tang potato and pork loin spicy casserole in hot stone pot 9.95 12.95
Woorung Denjang Jjigae freshwater snail w/ soybean paste stew 11.95 8.95
Mu Eun Gi Kimchi Jjigae pickled nappa cabbage w/ kimchi & pork stew 11.95 8.95
Busut Bulgogi Ddukbaegi mushroom and bulgogi in hot stone pot 13.95 10.95
Mukeunji And Godeung-Uh pickled nappa cabbage w/ mackerel casserole 15.95 11.95
Hae Mul Son Doo Boo soft bean curd casserole w/ seafood in spicy broth 11.95 8.95
U-Rini U-Don u-don for children 6.95 6.95
Sanuki U-Don japanese style u-don 9.95 6.95
Soondae Kook pork intestines roll soup 7.95 10.95
Boodae Jjigae sausage stew mixed w/ meat and vegetable 7.95 10.95
Jae Yuk Dup Bap rice topped w/ seasoned pork 9.95 12.95
O Jing Auh Dup Bap rice topped w/ boiled cutlet fish 8.95 11.95
Woo Rung Ssam Bap rice wrapped in assorted vegetables w/ pond snails 18.95 15.95