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Gaw Gai

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  • Thai
  • 23-06 Jackson Ave, Long Island City 11101 40.745698 -73.94533
  • (Btwn Davis & Pearson St)
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  • (718) 706-0999
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Crispy Tofu 8 small pieces of deep-fried tofu, served with nutty plum sauce.    3.75
Curry Puff 2 pieces of thai pastry stuffed with ground chicken, potato, onion and curry powder.    3.75
Veggie Dumpling 4 pieces of steamed veggie dumpling, with soy garlic dipping.    4.75
Satay 4 skewers of grilled marinated chicken, with peanut sauce.    4.75
Spring Roll 3 pieces of crispy veggie roll filled with glass noodles, carrot, shiitake mushroom and cabbage. served with plum sauce.    3.75
Jeep Dumpling 4 pieces of steamed chicken and shrimp dumpling, with soy garlic dipping.    4.75
Crispy Wonton 6 pieces of deep fried chicken wonton. served with plum sauce.    4.75
Moo Yang 4 skewers of grilled marinated pork with sweet chili sauce.    4.75


Tom Yum Soup* mushroom, lime leaf in spicy and sour lemongrass broth.  
Tom Yum Soup tom yum protein choice: shrimp, chicken, veggie & tofu.  
Seaweed Soup with glass noodle, seaweed and soft tofu in a veggie broth.  
Wonton Soup chicken wonton soup with bean sprouts and chinese broccoli.  


Thai Salad green salad, tofu, carrot, tomatoes and cucumber. served with ginger red wine vinaigrette or peanut dressing.    4.75
Thai Salad ginger or peanut dressing: ginger red wine vinaigette, peanut dressing.  
Spicy Chicken Salad* "laab" - minced chicken salad with mint, scallion and shallot. tossed in spicy lime juice.    6.75
Papaya Salad* "som tam" - spicy green papaya salad with string bean, tomatoes, and crushed peanut in a chili lime vinaigrette.    5.75
Spicy Beef Salad* "nam tak" - grilled marinated beef salad with scallion, tomato, cucumber and mint. tossed in spicy lemongrass vinaigrette.    6.75

Fried Rice $8.50

Thai Fried Rice served with chinese broccoli, green peas, onion, tomatoes and egg.  
Basil Fried Rice* served with chili garlic basil sauce, onion, scallion and egg.  


Pad Thai sautéed rice noodles with brown tofu, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts and egg.    8.50
Pad Thai protein selection: chicken, beef, shrimp, veggie & tofu  
Pad Thai protein selection: veggie duck    2.00
Pad Kee Mao* sautéed flat rice noodles with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and chili basil paste.    8.50
Pad Kee Mao protein selection: chicken, beef, shrimp, veggie & tofu  
Pad Kee Mao protein selection: veggie duck    2.00
Mee Moo Yang steamed egg noodle & broccoli with grilled marinated pork.    8.50
Five-Spice Noodle Soup choice of protein. gently spiced noodle soup with chinese broccoli, bean sprouts and scallions.    9.00
Five-Spice Noodle Soup chicken / beef / shrimp choice: chicken, beef, shrimp.  
Pad See Ew sautéed flat rice noodles in black sweet soy sauce with chinese broccoli and egg.    8.50
Pad See Ew protein selection: chicken, beef, shrimp, veggie & tofu  
Pad See Ew protein selection: veggie duck    2.00
Gaw Gai Mee steamed egg noodle & chinese broccoli with marinated chopped chicken.    8.50
Beef Gravy Noodle our "lad-na" style - with flat noodle, onion and sun-dried tomato.    9.00
Yellow Curry Noodle* choice of protein with flat egg noodle, in spicy coconut curry.    9.00
Yellow Curry Noodle chicken / beef / shrimp choice: chicken, beef, shrimp.  

Entrée $8.50

Pad Pak served with mixed veggies and tofu in soybean sauce.  
Pad King served with fresh ginger, mushroom, bell pepper, celery, scallion and carrot.  
Pad Cashew* served with cashew, onion, scallions, bell pepper, carrot, celery and dried chili.  
Pad Rama served with steamed broccoli, carrot and string bean in rich peanut sauce.  
Pad Gra Prow* served with bell peppers, basil & onion in chili basil sauce.  
Pad Prik King* served with spicy herbal chili paste with string bean and chopped lime leaf.  

Chef's Special

Duo Broccoli On Fire* broccoli & chinese broccoli, with chili garlic brown sauce.    8.50
Crispy Tilapia Fillet served with your choice of sauce.    9.50
Crispy Tilapia Fillet tilapia sauce choice: pineapple sauce, panang curry sauce (spicy).  
Veggie Duck Delight served with eggplant, basil, garlic brown sauce.    9.50
Pan-Seared Salmon choice of sauce.    9.50
Pan-Seared Salmon salmon sauce choice: ginger soy sauce, green curry sauce (spicy).  

Curry* $8.50

Green Curry served with eggplant, basil, bamboo shoot, string bean, carrot, bell pepper & coconut milk.  
Panang Curry served with bell pepper, string bean, chopped lime leaf and coconut milk.  
Pineapple Curry served with pineapple, string bean, bell pepper and coconut milk.  
Red Curry served with bamboo shoot, basil, string bean, bell pepper and coconut milk.  
Massaman Curry served with potato, peanut, carrot, onion and coconut milk.  


Extra Peanut Sauce     1.00
Extra Sticky Rice     2.00
Extra Egg Noodle     3.00
4 Shrimp     2.00
Extra Jasmine Rice     1.00
Extra Beef     2.00
Extra Rice Noodle     3.00
Steamed Broccoli     4.00


Can Soda soda selection: coke, diet coke, coke zero, sprite, diet sprite, sprite zero, ginger ale, club soda.    1.00
Snapple snapple flavor: lemon, diet lemon, peach, diet peach, raspberry pomegranate, raspberry, lemonade, kiwi strawberry, orangeade, mango madness.    1.75
Thai Iced Coffee     2.50
Spring Water     1.00
Thai Iced Tea     2.50


Gaw Gai
23-06 Jackson Ave
Btwn Davis & Pearson St
(718) 706-0999
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