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Fu's House

  • $$
  • Chinese, Thai
  • 972 2nd Ave, New York 10022 40.75564 -73.967603
  • (Btwn 51st & 52nd St)
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  • (212) 421-2322
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1. Roti indian pancake with curry dipping  
2. Vietnamese Summer Roll soft skin salad roll, gilled with lettuce, bean sprout, fresh herbs, served with a house dipping sauce. With prawn add $1    4.00
Crispy Vegetable Roll    (2) 4.00
4. Peking Duck Spring Roll    (2) 5.00
5. Classic Egg Roll     2.00
6. Malaysian Chicken or Beef Satay marinated chicken or beef grilled skewer    6.00
7. Curry Puff sauteed with chicken potato onion & curry cooked with puff pastry    5.00
8. B. B. Q Spare Ribs    (6) 10.00
9. Scallion Pancake     4.00
10. Spicy Crispy Calamari     6.00
11. Fried Wonton    (10) 45.00
12. Szechuan Wonton In Hot Sauce    (10) 4.50
13. Cold Noodle with spicy sesame sauce    4.50
14. Lettuce Wrap sauteed vegs & pinenuts with lettuce, wrapper  
Lettuce Wrap vegetable soong    6.00
Lettuce Wrap chicken soong    6.00
Lettuce Wrap thai spicy seafood    8.00
17. Crystal Shrimp Dumpling    (4) 4.50
18. Chicken Dumpling steamed or pan fried   (4) 6.00
19. Pork Dumping steamed or pan fried   (6) 4.00
20. Vegetable Dumplings steamed or pan fried   (6) 4.00
21. mixed Dumplings     4.00
22. Dim Sum Sampler (6)   
23. Assorted Appetizer ( for Two )   

Soup & Salad

31. Tofu or Shrimp Ton Yum Soup thai hot & sour soup lemongrass broth with bell pepper & mushrooms    4.00  3.00
32. Chicken Coconut Soup thai chicken soup with milk lime juice pepper & mushroom    3.00
33. Fu's Wonton Soup     2.00
34. Egg Drop Soup     2.00
35. Hot & Sour Soup best in town classic szechuan style    2.00
36. Vegetable & Bean Curd Soup     3.00
37. Vietnamese Seafood Soup shrimp, scallop, pineapple, tomato celery, straw mushrooms, lime juice, chili pepper herbes    5.00
38. Thai Salad with peanut dressing    4.00
39. Duck Salad crispy duck season with lime juice hot pepper cucumber, ginger tomatoes, pineapple and cashewnuts    7.00

Wok Star

W1. Crispy Sesame Chicken     9.50
W2. Orange Flavor Chicken     9.50
W3. General Tso's Chicken above items all served with dark meat white meat    9.50 Extra 1.50
W4. Sweet & Sour Chicken     9.00
W5. Steamed Chicken with black mushrooms    9.50
W6. Steamed Shrimp with black mushrooms    14.00
W7. Shrimp with lobster sauce    14.00
W8. Crispy Sesame Beef     13.00
W9. Sauteed Steamed Bok Choy     2.00
W10. Sauteed or Steamed Chinese Broccoli   
W11. Bean Curd Szechuan Style   
W12. Crispy Sesame Tofu & Asian Green     9.00

House Specialties

H1. Thai Basil Seafood Combo jumbo shrimp, scallops, salmon filet, vegs & spicy thai basil sauce    19.00
H2. Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with black bean sauce    18.00
H3. Prik King Salmon grilled salmon fillet bell pepper, onion, broccoli in thai none coconut curry sauce    14.00
H4. Two Flavor Shrimp crispy jumbo shrimp, with grand mariner sauce, rose tamarind sauce    18.00
H5. Grand Mariner Shrimp     19.00
H6. Jumbo Shrimp & Scallops Fu's Delight prawn & scallops, sauteed with mushrooms snow peas, waterchestnuts, ginger & scallion in a rice wine baked in a aluminum foil for a few extra minutes in the sauce for exquisite flavor    16.00
H7. Peking Duck a young duckling slowly grilled until crispy & golden sliced meat with homemade crepes, spring onion brushes, fresh cucumber & hoisin sauce   Half 16.00 Whole 29.00
H8. Duck Chiang Mai boneless roasted duck pineapple onion, asparagus, cashewnuts & ching mai plum sauce    14.00
H9. Home Style Chicken large chunks, of fresh chicken slightly breaded than fried until crispy, sauteed with fresh herbs pepper & scallion in a hot spicy sauce    13.00
H10. Fu's Lemon Chicken breast of white meat chicken highly coated with waterchestnuts flour fried until crispy. Served with a heavenly lemon sauce    12.00
H11. Crispy Shredded Beef Hunan Style shredded beef fried until it gets crispy outside tender inside, string with fresh carrots & celery in special sauce    13.00
H12. Crispy Orange Beef     14.00
H13. Beef & Scallop with oyster sauce.    14.00
H14. Happy Family with vietnamese satay sauce    14.00
H15. Crispy Pork with spicy tasty sauce  


Choice Of: Vegetable & Tofu - $8, Chicken or Pork - $9.50, Beef - $10, Baby Shrimp - $11 or Jumbo Shrimp - $14

S1. Spicy Thai Basil lotus root bell pepper, onions & fresh basil  
S2. Red Curry curry spicy, lightly coconut milk, bamboo shoot & zucchini  
S3. Green Curry the spiciest curry, eggplant, bamboo shoot, string bean  
S4. String Bean & Thai Chili Paste with touch of pineapple & julienned ginger  
S5. Eggplant Thai Style young eggplant, tomato, zucchini chili bean paste basil  
S6. Fresh Mango Flavored fresh mango, onion, asparagus, mushrooms  
S7. Spicy Cashewnuts fresh veg, cashewnuts, with indonesian sambal sauce  
S8. Vietnamese Satay Sauce baby corn, bell pepper & onion  
S9. Twice Cooked Korean Cabbage with spicy hoisin sauce, Koloa cabbage, bell pepper scallion, bean curd  
S10. Moo Shu Flavored   
S11. Hot Pepper ( Kung Bo ) Sauce hot pepper, vegs peanut  
S12. Broccoli Stir Fried with brown or spicy garlic sauce  
S13. Mixed Vegetable stir fried or steamed. with brown or spicy garlic sauce.  

Noodles & Fried Rice

N1. Pad Thai famous thai noodle egg, beans, sprouts, sprinkled with crushed peanuts    8.00
N2. Chef's Udon stir fried japanese udon noodle vegs & own tasty chili sauce    8.00
N3. Malaysian Curry over Steamed Noodle with spicy curry & creamy coconut milk over egg noodle    8.00
N4. Singapore Rice Noodles with curry flavor    7.00
N5. Mei Fun sauteed rice vermicelli & vegs, hong kong style    6.00
N6. Lo Mein classic stir fried egg noodle with vegs    6.00
N8. Spicy Thai Basil Fried Rice fresh basil, onion, egg, green peas, & special chili paste    8.00
N9. Pineapple Fried Rice pineapple, tomato, egg, onion, cashewnuts, & green peas    8.00
N10. Fried Rice traditional chinese style    6.00

Noodle In Broth

N13. Tom Yum Seafood Udon udon noodles shrimp, scallion bean sprouts, & mushrooms in thai hot & sour fish broth    9.00
N15. Curry Chicken Rice Vermicelli chicken, rice, vermicelli, vegs, curry, spicy in chicken broth    8.00
N16. Spicy Beef Rice Noodle rice noodle, bean sprout, lemon chili pepper & aromatic herb    8.00
N17. Cantonese Wonton & Noodle Soup     6.50
N18. Pork with chinese pickle broth noodle    5.50
N19. Veg. Noodle Soup     4.50
N20. Little Bit of Everything Noodle Soup     6.50

Lunch Special

L1. Fresh Mango Flavored fresh mango, onion, asparagus, mushrooms  
L2. Chef's Special Sauce soft bean curd, mushrooms snow peas  
L3. Red Curry curry spicy, coconut milk, bamboo shoot  
L4. Green Curry the spiciest curry, eggplant bamboo shoot string beans basil  
L5. Spicy Thai Basil fresh basil bell pepper onion, zucchini mushroom  
L6. String Bean & Thai Chili Paste with touch of pineapple & julienned ginger  
L7. East & West Broccoli sauteed chinese broccoli & american broccoli garlic brown sauce  
L8. Eggplant Thai Style young eggplant, tomato, zucchini, chili paste  
L9. Pad Thai thai rice noodle, bean sprouts, egg, garlic ground peanut  
L10. Spicy Basil Fried Rice fried rice with spicy sauce fresh basil  
L11. Pineapple Fried Rice pineapple, tomato, egg, onion, cashew nut & green pears  

Lunch Special $5.5

L12. Sauteed mixed Vegetables   
L13. Broccoli with garlic sauce  
L14. Bean Curd, Szechuan Sauce   
L15. Bean Curd, Home Style   
L16. Twice Cooked Pork with vegetables  
L17. Pork with garlic sauce  
L18. Pork with scallions  
L19. Chicken with broccoli  
L20. Kung Pao Chicken with peanuts  
L21.sweet & Sour Chicken   
L22. Chicken with snow peas & fresh mushrooms  
L23. Chicken with garlic sauce  
L24. Hunan Chicken   
L25. Chicken with black bean sauce  
L26. Chow Mein choice of chicken, pork, roast pork, veg, baby shrimp  
L27. Beef with broccoli  
L28. Pepper Steak   
L29. Beef with garlic sauce  
L30. Beef with scallion  
L31. Beef with mixed vegetables  
L32. Lo Mein choice of chicken, beef shrimp, vegetables  
L33. Fired Rice choice of chicken, beef, vegetables shrimp  
L34. Singapore Rice Noodle with curry flavor  
L35. Pork with chinese sprouts & noodle soup  
L36. Chicken with bean sprouts & noodle soup  
L37. Vegetable Noodle Soup   
L38. Little Bit of Everything Noodle Soup   

Lunch Special $6.5

L39. General Tso's Chicken   
L40. Orange Flavor Chicken   
L41. Sesame Chicken   
L42. Chicken with asparagus  
L43. Shrimp & Chicken Double Delight   
L44. Baby Shrimp with mixed vegetables  
L45. Baby Shrimp with spicy tasty sauce  
L46. Baby Shrimp with garlic sauce  


Fresh Fruits     3.95
Lychees     3.50
Crispy Banana Spring Roll     3.50
Crispy Banana     3.00
Cheese Cake     5.50


Thai Ice Tea     3.00
Soda or Water   
Perrier or Snapple   
Hot Saki   
Cold Saki   
Kizakura (300 Ml )   
Katana ( 180ml )   


Fu's House
972 2nd Ave
Btwn 51st & 52nd St
(212) 421-2322
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