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Food Gallery 32

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
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    $$$$$18.01 - $25
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    $Less than $7
  • Korean, Japanese, Desserts
  • 11 W 32nd St, New York NY10001 40.747518 -73.985918
  • (Btwn 5th & 6th Ave)
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  • (212) 967-1678
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Mr. Fish

California Roll    4.00
Spicy Tuna Roll    5.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll crabmeat, avocado, cucumber   7.00
Rainbow Roll california roll with assorted fresh fish on top   12.00
Hawaii Roll california roll fresh tuna on top   11.00
Alaska Roll california roll with fresh salmon on top   11.00
Caterpillar Roll shrimp tempura roll with eel and avocado on top   12.00
Hot Night Roll shrimp tempura roll with spicy tuna on top   10.00
Beach Roll shrimp tempura spit crabmeat with fresh tuna and white tuna on top   12.00
Philadelphia Roll cream cheese, avocado, cucumber with fresh salmon on top   10.00
Mexican Roll spicy crabmeat, cucumber, with avocado on top   9.00
Manhattan Roll spicy tuna, crabmeat cucumber with albacore   8.00


1. Haemul Pajun seafood and scallion pancake   6.95
2. Kimchi Pajun kimchi pancake   6.95
3. Jap Chae(V) pan fried clear noodles with vegetables   6.95
4. Bibimbop rice topped with vegetables and ground beef   7.95
5. Bibimbop rice topped with vegetables and tofu   7.95
6. Bibimbop(V) rice topped with vegetables   7.95
7. Bibimbop(Gop Dol) rice topped with ground beef, vegetables, and raw egg in hot pot   8.95
8. Bibimbop (Squid)* rice topped with spicy squid and vegetables in hot pot   9.95
9. Haemul Soon Dooboo Chigae seafood soft tofu casserole   7.95
10. Kimchi Chigae spicy kimchi and pork stew   7.95
11. Deon Jang Chigae bean paste tofu and vegetable stew with beef   7.95
12. Dduk, Mandoo, Dduk Mandoo Guk rice cake, dumpling rice cake and dumpling in beef broth soup   7.95
13. Yook Gae Jang* hot & spicy beef stew with vegetables   7.95
14. Hae Jang Guk spicy ox bone stew and vegetables   7.95
15. Bokum (Pork)# spicy pan fried pork with vegetables   8.95
16. Bokum (Squid)# spicy pan fried squid with vegetables   8.95
17. Kalbi Tang* short rib stew in long simmered beef broth   9.95
18. Kimchi Bokumbop fried rice with kimchi and beef over fried egg   7.95
19. Dupbop (Squid) rice served with spicy pan fried squid and vegetables   7.95
20. Dupbop (Pork)* rice served with spicy pan fried pork and vegetables   7.95
21. Dupbop (Kimchi Bulgogi) rice served with kimchi and bulgogi rib eye   8.95


22. Chicken Bulgogi marinated chicken breast spicy or mild sm 8.95 13.95
23. Doji Bulgogi marinated thin slice pork sm 9.95 14.95
24. La Kalbi La marinated short rib with bones sm 9.95 15.95
25. Bulgogi marinated thin slice rib eye sm 9.95 14.95
26. Hanok Dduk Kalbi marinated short rib with rice cake   15.95



A. Donburi

Rice Bowl Served With Rice, House Salad, And Seafood Soup

A1. Chicken Donburi stir fried chicken and vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   7.99
A2. Beef Donburi stir fried beef and vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   8.99
A3. Vegetable Donburi stir fried vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   7.99
A4. Seafood Donburi stir fried seafood and vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   9.99
A5. Squid Donburi stir fried squid served with teriyaki sauce   7.99

B. Teppan-Yaki

Bento Box Served With Rice, House Salad, And Seafood Soup

B1. Chicken Teppan-Yaki stir fried chicken and vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   7.99
B2. Beef Teppan-Yaki stir fried beef and vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   8.99
B3. Spicy Pork Teppan-Yaki stir fried pork served with spicy sauce   8.99
B4. Vegetable Teppan-Yaki stir fried vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   7.99
B5. Seafood Teppan-Yaki stir fried seafood and vegetables served with teriyaki sauce   9.99
B6. Squid Teppan-Yaki stir fried squid served with teriyaki sauce   7.99
B7. Salmon Teppan-Yaki stir fried salmon served with teriyaki sauce   10.99
B8. Shrimp Teppan-Yaki stir fried shrimp served with teriyaki sauce   9.99

C. Onigiri

(1) $1.50 / (3) $4. Rice Balls With Ingredients Filled Inside

C1. Tuna Mayo    
C2. Spicy Tuna    
C3. Salmon Teriyaki    
C4. Spicy Beef    
C5. Ham    
C6. Spicy Anchovy    
C7. Umeboshi    
C8. Vegetable   1.50 3.50

D. Combination

Fried Rice Add Onigiri Comb

D1. Beef Fried Rice & Add Tuna Mayo Onigiri    8.99
D2. Beef Fried Rice & Add Spicy Beef Onigiri    9.99
D3. Chicken Fried Rice & Add Salmon Teriyaki Onigiri    9.99
D4. Shrimp Fried Rice & Add Spicy Tuna Onigiri    8.99
D5. Vegetable Fried Rice & Add Vegetable Onigiri    7.99

E. Teppan's Special Menu $8.99

E1. Hwe Dup Bap rice bowl with sashimi, vegetables and spicy sauce   
E2. Steak    


Doyaji Pork House

Pork Cutlet    8.99
Curry Pork Cutlet    8.99
Omelet Rice    7.99
Chicken Cutlet    8.49

Boon Sik Zip

1. Soondae korean sausage made with clear noodle, rice, pig blood and vegetables   6.99
2. Kim Bob korean sushi   4.99
2-1. Vegetable Kim Bob    4.99
2-2. Tuna Kim Bob    5.99
2-3. Kimchi Kim-Bob    5.45
2-4. Cheese Kim-Bob    5.49
2-5. Bulgogi Kim Bob    5.99
2-6. Pepper Kim-Bob    5.49
2-7. Squid Kim-Bob    5.99
3. O-Deng Soup fish paste slices soup   5.99
4. Dduk- Bok-Ki spicy rice cake stew with vegetables, fish paste slices and special house seasoning   6.99
4-1. Ra Bok Ki dduk bok ki with ramen   8.99
4-2. Cheese Ra Bok Ki    9.99
4-3. Cheese Dduk Bok Ki    7.99
Seafood Dduk Bok Ki    8.99
5. Bo-Ssam korean style pork belly meat slices served with seasoned vegetable side dishes and special house sauce   12.99
6. Jok-Bal korean style pork feet slices marinated and seasoned with house sauce   12.99
7. Tui-Geem korean style deep fried dish   5.99
7-1. Fried Vegetables    
7-2. Fried Squid    
7-3. Fried Sweet Potato    
7-4. Fried Pepper    
7-5. Fried Rolled Sea Weed    
7-6. Assorted Tui-Geem    12.99
8. Dduk Ko Chi seasoned fried rice cake   1.99
9. Pumpkin Porridge    5.99

Noodle 32

1. Ramen# ramen with eggs, vegetables   5.50
2. Dduk Ramen# ramen with eggs, rice cake   5.95
3. Cheese Ramen# ramen with cheese   6.95
4. Janchi-Guksu* noodles with vegetables in mild spicy soup   6.95
5. Bibim-Guksu# noodles mixed with fresh vegetables in spicy sauce   6.95
6. Kimchi Bibim-Guksu# noodles mixed with kimchi   7.95
7. Mul-Nangmyun buckwheat angel hair noodles in cold broth soup   7.95
8. Bibim-Nangmyun# buckwheat angle hair noodles in spicy sauce   8.95
9. Jjol-Myun# thick chewy noodles with fresh vegetables in spicy sauce   7.95
10. Kal-Guksu broad white flour noodles in rich broth soup   6.95
11. Kimchi Kal-Guksu* broad white flour noodles in rich broth soup with kimchi   7.95
12. Haemul Kal-Guksu broad white flour noodles in rich broth soup with seafood   8.95
13. U-Don thick noodles soup with vegetables   6.95
14. Wang Saewoo Tuigim U-Don thick noodles soup with shrimp tempura   8.95
15. Momil-Guksu cold soba   7.95
16. O Deng-Guksu noodles with fishcake in mild soup   7.95
17. Su Je Bi wheat flour dough boiled in soup   7.95
18. Kimchi Su Je Bi kimchi and wheat flour dough boiled in soup   8.95

Jin Jia Roo

1. Jia Jang Myon noodles served with onion, pork in black bean sauce   5.99
2. Spicy Jia Jang Myon noodle served with onion, pork spicy black bean sauce   7.99
3. Jiamjiamyon jia jang myon and jiam poong   8.99
4. Jiamppong noodle served with seafood and vegetables in spicy   7.99
5. White Jiam Ppong noodles served with seafood and vegetables in white broth   7.99
6. Spicy Jiamppong noodles served with seafood and vegetable with very spicy broth   8.99
7. Stir Fried Jiamppong noodles stir fried with seafood and vegetable with spicy sauce   8.99
8. Lo-Mein (Shrimp And Chicken Or Vegetable)* stir fried noodle with vegetables and shrimp or chicken or vegetable   6.99
9. Lajokibob steamed rice with black bean sauce   
10. Fried Rice* fried rice with shrimp or chicken or black bean sauce and vegetable   6.99
11. Chung Kyung Chae with rice, bokchoy and other vegetables stir fried with oyster sauce   6.99
12. Jopttang with rice mild or spicy, steamed rice with stir fried seafood and vegetable   7.99
13. Jobchae* with rice meat or vegetable. rice with clear noodle and vegetable with special soy sauce   6.99
14. Kkang Ppong Ki with rice, rice with deep fried chicken with vegetable and garlic sauce   8.99
15. Ttang Su Yook with rice, rice with deep fried meat served with vegetables and sweet & sour sauce   8.99
16. Mapa Tofu* with rice meat or vegetable, rice with tofu and meat with spicy special   6.99
17. La Jo Ki deep fried chicken with vegetable and special sauce   12.99
18. Ttang Su Yook deep fried meat served with sweet & sour sauce   12.99
19. Kkan Ppong Ki deep fried chicken with vegetable and garlic sauce   12.99
20. Kkan Ppong Ki Shrimp deep fried shrimp with vegetable and garlic sauce   14.99
21. Fried Dumpling fried dumpling with vegetable and meat inside   5.99

Spot Dessert Bar Seasonal Dessert Tapas

1. Thai Tea Creme Brulee flourless jasmine rice wafer, hot thai tea   
2. Smoked Coconut Cheesecake young coconut flesh,oreo crumbs, white chocolate shaving   
3. Chocolate Green Tea Lava green tea-white chocolate ganach, green tea ice cream   
4. Green Tearamisu matcha green tea essence, green tea madeleine sponge, shaved white chocolate-green tea   
5. Yuzu Eskimo blackberries, raspberry foam, chocolate pearls, oreo soil, chocolate ganache   
6. White Miso Semifreddo raspberries, evoo, almond tuile, raspberry sorbet   
7. Kabocha Brulee Cake oranges, condensed milk ice cream, walnut soil, jasmine flower wafers   
8. Soft Cheesecake passion foam, blueberry compote, seasonal citrus, walnut soil   

Spot Pastries


Berry Berry    
Green Tea    
Vietnamese Coffee    
Tahitian Coconut    
Apple Crumble    
Banana & White Chocolate    


Peanut Butter    
Chocolate Chip Coconut    
White Chocolate Macadamia    

Portion Cakes

Smoked Coconut Cheesecake    
Green Tearamisu    


Raspberry Rose    
Vanilla Green Tea    
Chocolate Caramel    
Red Velvet    


Daily Specials

Monday-Friday 12pm-6pm

Cupcake and Bubble Tea    5.00
Cupcake and Hot Beverage    4.00

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Condensed Milk with chocolate chip cookie   
Ovaltine with peanut butter   

Ice Cream

Green Tea    
Condensed Milk    
Vienamese Coffee    


Toasted Coconut    


Blueberries Compote    
Fresh Orange    
Nata De Coco    
Coconut Macaroon    
Chocolate Cookie Crumbs    
Chocolate Pearls    
Brownie Chunks    
Oreo Crumbs    
Caramel Sauce    
Chocolate Sauce    
Raspberry Foam    
Passion Fruit Foam    

Spot Beverages

Hot Hot Hot

Black Coffee    
Thai Milk Coffee    
Thai Milk Tea    
Hot Ovaltine TM    
Chamomile Tea    
Green Tea    
Oolong Tea    
Mint Tea    
Earl Grey Tea    
Black Rose Tea    
Jasmine Tea    

Hot & Cold

Hot Chocolate optional with spices   
Thai Coffee Float    
Thai Tea Float    
Ovaltinetm Float    

Bubble Tea

Black Milk Tea    
Green Milk Tea    
Calamansi Honey Thai Tea    
Coconut Black Tea    
Lychee Matcha Tea    
Thai Iced Bubble Tea    
Thai Iced Coffee Bubble    
Taro Milk Tea    

Chill Out

Iced Latte    
Iced Americano    
Thai Iced Coffee    
Thai Iced Tea    
Iced Ovaltinetm    
Homemade Mango Soda    
Homemade Berry Berry Soda    
Still Water    
Sparkling Water    
Diet Coke    


Bunch Asian Buns $2.50


Red Bean    
Bacon Kimchi    
Food Gallery 32
11 W 32nd St
Btwn 5th & 6th Ave
(212) 967-1678
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