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  • 58-28 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside 11377 40.745124 -73.905808
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Lumpiang Shanghai ground pork, shrimp, and vegetables wrapped in egg roll, deep-fried, and served with sweet & sour sauce    8.95
Lumpiang Sariwa sauteed vegetables wrapped in egg crepe, and served with peanut sauce   (2pcs) 7.95
Pritong Lumpia mixed vegetables wrapped in egg roll and deep-fried   (2pcs) 5.00
Camaron Rebosado batter-fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce    10.95
Fried Calamari squid dipped in batter, deep-fried and served with sweet and sour sauce    8.95
Chicharon Bulaklak deep-fried, crispy ruffle fat, served with vinegar sauce    8.95
Tokwa At Baboy fried bean curd, pork ears and onions with special sauce    7.00
Sizzling Sisig finely chopped pork belly, marinated with lemon and hot pepper, served on a hot plate    10.95
Ukoy batter-fried bean sprouts and shrimp   (2pcs) 7.00


Pancit Bihon sauteed rice noodles with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables    7.95
Pancit Canton sauteed soft noodles with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables    7.95
Pancit Sotanghon bean curd noodles with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables    7.95
Pancit Palabok soft noodles with shrimp, eggs, and red sauce    7.95
Pancit Malabon soft noodles with shrimp, squid, eggs, and special sauce    8.95
Miki Guisado sauteed soft noodles with shrimp, chicken, and vegetables    7.95
Chicken Mami soft noodles in chicken soup    7.95
Rice     1.25


Kare Kareng Baka   
Kare Kareng seafood  
Crispy Pata   
Kalderetang Kambing   
Bistek Na Bangus   
Pinaputok Na Tilapia   
Chicken Inasal   
Barbeque Festival   
Bicol Express   


Pinakbet sauteed vegetables with shrimp and diced pork in cured shrimp fry sauce    8.95
Ampalaya Con Karne sauteed bitter melon with beef strips    8.95
Ginisang Ampalaya sauteed bitter melon with shrimp and eggs    8.95
Adobong Sitaw sauteed string beans in vinegar and soy sauce  
Ginisang Sitaw sauteed string beans with shrimp and pork  
Ginataang Sitaw At Kalabasa sauteed string beans and squash with shrimp and pork in coconut milk    9.95
Ginataang Langka sauteed jackfruit with shrimp and pork in coconut milk    8.95
Laing taro leaves, shrimp and pork in coconut milk    8.95
Ginisang Mongo philippine lentil soup with pork and shrimp    8.95
Tortang Talong eggplant omelet   (2pcs) 8.95
Rellenong Talong eggplant omelet with ground pork   (2pcs) 9.95

Chicken $7.95

Extra Soup $1.

Chicken Adobo chicken in garlic, vinegar, and soy sauce  
Chicken Afritada sauteed chicken and potatoes in tomato sauce  
Chicken Tinola chicken soup with ginger, papaya, and pepper leaves  
Ginataang Manok chicken cooked in coconut milk  
Sinampalukang Manok chicken with vegetables in tamarind broth  
Chicken Molo Soup soup with chicken in wonton wrap  
Pritong Manok fried chicken (1/2)  


Kare-Kareng Seafood mixed seafood in peanut butter sauce with mixed tropical vegetables.    14.95
Adobong Pusit sauteed squid with vinegar sauce and tomatoes    9.95
Suwam Na Tahong ginger flavored mussel soup    8.95
Sinigang Na Hipon shrimp in tamarind soup with vegetables    10.95
Ginataang Hipon shrimp cooked in coconut milk.    10.95
Tanigue Steak pan-fried marinated kingfish served with mixed vegetables    11.95
Milkfish Belly boneless. choice of fried / sinigang / grilled (inihaw) / sarciado.    11.95
Bistek Na Bangus pan-broiled milkfish belly marinated in delicate sauce.    11.95
Daing Na Bangus deep-fried marinated milkfish   (1/2) 8.95
Paksiw Na Bangus milkfish cooked in vinegar with vegetables.    8.95
Sinigang Na Bangus milkfish, tomatoes and vegetables in tamarind soup.    8.95
Sarciadong Bangus fried milkfish sauteed in eggs, tomatoes and onions.    8.95
Fried Galunggong fried mackerel.   (2pcs) 7.95
Tilapia Escabeche fried tilapia with sweet and sour sauce  
Red Snapper Escabeche fried snapper with sweet and sour sauce.  
Fried Tilapia deep-fried tilapia  
Sinigang Na Salmon salmon in tamarind soup with vegetables.  
Fried Red Snapper   


Kare-Kare stewed oxtail and tripe in peanut butter sauce with mixed tropical vegetables    12.95
Kalderetang Baka stewed beef in tomato sauce with potatoes and spices    11.95
Kalderetang Kambing stewed goat meat in tomato sauce with potatoes and spices    11.95
Beef Steak (Filipino Style) marinated beef with onion, lemon and soy sauce    11.95
Bulalo beef shank soup with onions and vegetables    12.95
Nilagang Baka beef short ribs with vegetables in broth    12.95
Sinigang Na Baka beef short ribs with vegetables in tamarind broth.    12.95


Pork Adobo pork sauteed in garlic, vinegar and soy sauce    8.95
Menudo stewed pork, liver, potatoes and bell peppers in tomato sauce    8.95
Pork Binagoongan sauteed pork in shrimp fry sauce    8.95
Crispy Pata deep-fried pork knuckles    12.95
Lechon Kawali crispy pork belly served with liver sauce    8.95
Paksiw Na Lechon roast pork cooked in liver sauce and spices    8.95
Sinigang Na Baboy pork and vegetables in tamarind broth    8.95
Bopis pig's heart and intestines cooked in vinegar and spices    9.95
Dinuguan stewed pork in vinegar and pork blood gravy    8.95
Bicol Express * diced pork and shrimp cooked in coconut milk and red chili.    9.95

From The Grill

Pork Barbecue marinated pork slices in bamboo skewers with white rice.   (2 sticks) 7.95
Chicken Inasal marinated 1/2 chicken in bamboo skewers. grilled to perfection and served with garlic fried rice and pickled papaya.    12.95
Chicken Barbeque marinated chicken chunks in bamboo skewers    7.95
Inihaw Na Pork Chops grilled marinated pork chops    9.95
Inihaw Na Pork Belly grilled marinated pork belly    9.95
Barbeque Festival chicken / pork / shrimp / squid served with coleslaw or pickled papaya and baked potato or rice.    13.95
Inihaw Na Talong grilled eggplant with tomatoes and shrimp fry sauce    7.95
Inihaw Na Pusit grilled squid    9.95
Inihaw Na Tilapia grilled tilapia  
Pinaputok Na Tilapia tilapia grilled in banana leaves.  
Inihaw Na Salmon grilled salmon  
Inihaw Na Tanigue grilled king fish.  


Halo-Halo mixed tropical fruits, red and white beans, and purple yam, with crushed ice, milk, and custard topped with ice cream.    5.00
Leche Flan custard with syrup    5.00
Buko Pandan Salad young coconut with gelatin and lemongrass    4.00
Ginataang Bilo Bilo glutinous rice balls with sweet potatoes, bananas and jackfruit in coconut milk  
Avocado Con Hielo avocado with milk and crushed ice    5.00
Cassava Cake     4.00
Assorted Sliced Cake     4.00
Sliced Chocolate Cake     5.00
Ice Cream magnolia or selecta  


* Spicy.

Sago At Gulaman sweet banana flavored drink with tapioca pearls and gelatin    3.00
Melon cantaloupe drink  
Buko young coconut drink    2.75
Orange Juice     2.50
Mango Juice     2.75
Soda     1.75
Coffee tea    1.25
Assorted Herbal Teas     2.50
Espresso     2.50
Cappuccino     3.00
Caffe Latte     3.00
Hot Chocolate     1.75
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream    2.00
Iced Tea     2.00
Iced Calamansi     2.75
Bottled Water     1.75
Beer corona/ heineken    5.00
San Miguel Beer     5.50
Red Horse     5.50
Red Or White Wine    gl 7.00


58-28 Roosevelt Ave
At 59th St
(718) 898-7878
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