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Empire Szechuan Kyoto

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  • Chinese, Japanese, Sushi
  • 193 Columbus Ave, New York 10023 40.775211 -73.980215
  • (Btwn 68th & 69th St)
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  • (917) 722-3486
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Japanese Lunch Specials

Served With Maki, Soup, Salad And Rice, Except Maki Special. Served Until 3:30pm.

A. Tonkatsu deep fried pork  
B. Chicken Cutlets   
C. Chicken Teriyaki   
D. Fish Teriyaki   
E. Beef Teriyaki   
F. Una Ju eel served over rice  
G. Sashimi nine pieces of assorted sashimi  
H. Sushi six pieces of assorted sushi.  

Maki Lunch Special $8.50

Choose 2 Rolls. Choice Of Soup Or Salad.

Tekka tuna  
Oshinko pickled vegetable  
Spicy Tuna   
Salmon & Cucumber   
Eel & Avocado   
Eel & Cucumber Hand Roll   
Shiitake Hand Roll   
Kappa Hand Roll   
Yellowtail Hand Roll   
Spicy Salmon Hand Roll   
Asparagus Hand Roll   
Salmon & Avocado Hand Roll   
Eel & Cucumber   
Shiitake Mushroom   
Kappa cucumber  
Spicy Salmon   
Salmon & Avocado   
California Hand Roll   
Boston Hand Roll   
Tekka Hand Roll   
Oshinko Hand Roll   
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll   
Avocado Hand Roll   
Salmon & Cucumber Hand Roll   
Eel & Avocado Hand Roll   

Chinese Lunch Specials

Served With A Choice Of Rice And A Choice Of Appetizer. Served Until 3pm.

Mixed Vegetable   
Chicken With Broccoli with choice of sauce.  
Pork with broccoli  
Sautéed Broccoli with garlic sauce  
Beef with broccoli  
Baby Shrimp with hot chili sauce  
Double Sautéed Pork *   
Ta-Chien Chicken *   
Shrimp * with black bean sauce  
Baby Shrimp with cashew nuts  
Fried Chicken Wings   
Aromatic Chinese Eggplant   
General Tso's Chicken *   
Paradise Chicken   
Orange Flavor Crispy Beef *   
Duet Of Scallops & Beef Lunch   
Shrimp with lobster sauce  
Rainbow Prawns   
Vegetable Delight *   
Chicken with cashew nuts  
Pork * with garlic sauce  
Sweet & Sour   
Beef* with chili sauce  
Baby Shrimp * with hot garlic sauce  
Pepper Steak   
Sautéed Baby Shrimp with chicken  
Lo Mein   
Sweet & Sour Shrimp   
Eggplant * with garlic sauce  
Szechuan Style Sliced Pork *   
Empire Ginger Chicken *   
Chicken * with sesame seeds  
Empire Special Beef with sesame seeds. hot and spicy.  
Hunan Flower Steak *   
Romeo & Juliet   
Seafood Combination   

Chinese Appetizers

Roast Pork Bun   
Egg Roll   
Scallion Pancake   
Vegetarian Dumplings   
Fried Wontons   
BBQ Beef Szechuan Style   
Fried Chicken Wings   
Shrimp Shu-Mai with a touch of pork.  
Crab Rangoon chinese wonton  
Pu Pu Platter assorted appetizers  
Spare Ribs   
Roast Fire Duck   
Cold Bean Curd * with hot sesame oil  
Hacked Chicken with multi-flavors  
Steamed Sweet Bean Bun Pasta   
Vegetable Spring Roll   
Pork Dumplings   
Chicken Dumplings   
Shrimp Toast   
Hot Noodles Szechuan Style *   
Crystal Shrimp Dumplings   
Steamed Little Juicy Buns   
Roast Pork   
Dim Sum Deluxe an assortment of dim sum including two meat dumplings, two vegetable dumplings, two crystal shrimp dumplings, two juicy buns and two shrimp shu mai.  
Soy Sauce Chicken   
Hot & Spicy Chinese Cabbage *   
Cold Noodles * with hot sesame sauce  

Japanese Appetizers

Harumaki two japanese spring roll  
Wasabi Shu Mai   
Gyoza japanese fried dumplings  
Aged Do Fu gently fried bean curd with a special sauce  
Ebi Tempura   
Tempura deep-fried shrimp & vegetable  
Tartar Appetizer   
Yaki Tori   
Japanese Shrimp Shu Mai   
Japanese Shrimp Dumpling   
Vegetable Gyoza japanese fried dumplings  
Vegetable Tempura   
Beef Negimaki broiled beef rolled with scallions  
Tuna Tataki   
Jalapeno Yellowtail Appetizer   

Japanese Salads

Green served with ginger dressing.  
Kani Su   
Tako Su   
Oshitashi steamed spinach  
Crunch Spicy Lobster   


Hot & Sour *   
House Special   
Vegetable Wonton   
Egg Drop   
Vegetarian Spinach   
Chicken Corn   
Shrimp Pork Wonton   

Japanese Noodle Soup

Choice Of Udon Or Soba Noodles.

Yaki Udon sauteed japanese noodles  

Chinese Noodle Soup

Choice Of Ho Fun Or Mei Fun Noodles.

Pork with szechuan cabbage noodle soup  
Pork Chop   
Roast Duck   
Sliced Chicken   
Roast Pork   
Soy Sauce Chicken   
Shrimp, Pork & Wonton   

Rice & Noodles Dishes

Fried Rice choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, pork or vegetable.  
Lo Mein choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, pork or vegetable.  
Chow Fun choice of pork, beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetable  
Pad Thai choice of beef, chicken or shrimp, pork or vegetable  
Broccoli with beef over rice  
Curry Flavor Chicken Over Rice   
Chicken with cashew nuts over rice  
Tofu with beef over rice  
Roast Pork Over Rice   
Soy Sauce Chicken Over Rice   
Ten Ingredients Fried Rice   
Ten Ingredients Lo Mein   
Rice Noodle Singapore Style   
Rice Noodle   
Broccoli with chicken over rice  
Curry Flavor Baby Shrimp Over Rice   
Shrimp with lobster & pork over rice  
Tomato with beef over rice  
Roast Fire Duck Over Rice   

Nigiri Sushi Or Sashimi

Ama-Ebi sweet shrimp  
Ikura salmon roe  
Tamago egg  
Saba mackerel  
Tako octopus  
Sake salmon  
Spanish Mackerel   
Ika squid  
Spicy Tuna   
White Tuna   
Uni sea urchin  
Masago flying fish roe  
Kani crab meat  
Ebi shrimp  
Tai red snapper  
Maguro tuna  
Eel unagi  
Hamachi yellowtail  
King Crab   

Rolls & Hand Rolls

Kappa cucumber roll  
Shiitake black mushroom  
Sweet Potato Tempura   
Ume Shiso plum, mint leaves  
California crab and avocado  
Futo Maki   
Alaskan salmon, avocado. and cucumber  
Eel Avocado   
Yellowtail & Scallion   
Inari Sushi   
New York grilled salmon skin with vegetables, masago outside.  
Rock & Roll eel, cucumber, avocado, masago outside.  
Fancy Kyoto japanese seafood roll with white tuna, mint leaves and tobiko on top.  
Oshinko pickled radish  
Kampyo dried gourd and seasoned rice rolled in seaweed.  
Tekka tuna roll  
Boston shrimp, lettuce and cucumber.  
Eel Cucumber   
Salmon Skin   
Spicy Tuna   
Empire * eel, shrimp and salmon  
Manhattan shrimp tempura roll with masago outside.  
American Dream   
Green River   

Chef Special Rolls

Crunch Spicy   
Naruto crab, avocado and masago wrapped with cucumber.  
King Crab Avocado   
Maki Maki Eel eel and avocado wrapped with cucumber.  
King inside: cucumber and crab. outside: tuna and avocado.  
Phoenix inside: cucumber and crab. outside: yellowtail and avocado.  
Four Sister smoked salmon, tuna fluke, kani, avocado, masago, scallion and cucumber.  
Passion eel, tuna, avocado, masago, red tobiko and green tobiko.  
Crazy california roll deep fried with spicy yellowtail on top.  
Black Pepper Tuna with avocado  
Spider soft-shell crab roll with vegetables.  
Forget-Me-Not yellowtail with tempura flakes, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, masago and scallion.  
Spicy Crunch Lobster   
Queen inside: cucumber and crab. outside: fresh salmon and avocado.  
Rainbow inside: avocado, crab. outside: assorted fish.  
Dragon inside: cucumber, crab and shrimp tempura. outside: eel, avocado, masago.  
Viking spicy salmon, crab, masago and scallion with salmon on top.  
Lobster Tempura   

Maki Combination

A. Maki Combo tekka, kappa and california rolls combo.  
B. Maki Combo alaska, boston and california rolls combo.  
C. Spicy Combo tekka, salmon and yellow tail rolls  

Sushi & Sashimi Entrees

Served With Soup Or Salad.

Sushi Entree   
Sashimi Entree   
Tekka Donburi tuna served over rice.  
Sushi & Sashimi Combination assorted  
Hamachi Donburi yellowtail served over rice  

Sushi Combo

With Soup Or Salad.

Sushi Empire I 7 pieces of sushi: kami, unagi, ebi, white tuna, tuna, fresh salmon and salmon maki.  
Tuna Empire 4 pieces of tuna sushi and 1 tekka maki.  
Tuna & Yellowtail 4 pcs tuna, 4 pcs yellowtail and tuna roll.  
Sushi Empire II 5 pieces of sushi: tuna, tai, ebi, kani, salmon and california roll.  
Tuna & Salmon 4 pcs tuna, 4 pcs salmon and salmon roll.  

Empire Sushi Combo

SE1. Combo for three people: 18 pieces of sashimi, 10 pieces of sushi and 2 rolls: dragon roll and spicy tuna roll.  
SE2. Sashimi Special for 2. 24 pieces of sashimi.  
SE3. Sushi Special for 2. 2 pieces of tuna, two fluke, two eel, 2 kani, 2 salmon, 2 white tuna, 2 ebi, 2 yellowtail, california roll and tekka maki.  

Nabe Mono

Served With Rice.

Chicken Sukiyaki casserole of sliced chicken and a variety of vegetables in sukiyaki broth.  
Yose Nabe casserole of shrimp, fish, chicken, bean curd and vegetables in broth.  
Beef Sukiyaki casserole of thinly sliced beef and a variety of vegetables in sukiyaki broth.  

Japanese Entrées & Grill

Served With Rice And A Choice Of Soup Or Salad.

Vegetable Teriyaki   
Beef Teriyaki tender beef broiled with a special teriyaki sauce  
Shrimp Teriyaki broiled shrimp with teriyaki sauce.  
Salmon And Chicken Teriyaki Combo   
Beef & Salmon Teriyaki Combo   
Chicken Teriyaki   
Salmon Teriyaki   
Seafood Teriyaki shrimp, scallops, fish, mushrooms and broccoli cooked in teriyaki sauce.  
Chicken And Beef Teriyaki Combo   


Served With Rice And Soup Or Salad.

Tonkatsu deep-fried breaded pork.  
Deluxe Beef Negimaki   
Chicken Cutlet deep-fried chicken cutlet.  
Una Ju eel over rice.  


Served With Rice And Soup Or Salad.

Deluxe Vegetable   
Deluxe Assorted deep-fried shrimp and vegetables.  
Deluxe Ebi deep-fried shrimp.  

Chinese House Specialties

Special Garden * wood ear mushrooms, baby corn, snow pea pods, broccoli, tomato and hard bean curd.  
Sliced Pork Szechuan Style * pork, broccoli, baby corn and bamboo shoots in hot black bean sauce.  
General Tseng's Historic Chicken * chicken, water chestnuts, celery, straw mushrooms and red bell pepper sautéed with hot bean sauce.  
Sesame Chicken   
Walnut Chicken   
Ginger Chicken white meat, string beans and young ginger in kong pao sauce.  
Crispy Beef * with orange flavor  
Sesame Beef   
Prawns Vs. Pork Hunan Style * sautéed prawns with hot chili sauce on one side; shredded pork with hot black bean sauce on the other.  
Special Shrimp * prawns in shell lightly fried and drained, then sautéed with house special spices and bedded in lettuce.  
Sesame Shrimp *   
Romeo & Juliet chunk steak and prawns.  
Special Shredded Roast Duck Taiwanese-Style 2 pancakes  
Honey Walnut Shrimp   
Duet From The Sea a combination of prawns and scallops.  
Aromatic Chinese Eggplant * small chinese eggplant sautéed with garlic, scallion and pepper in rich aromatic sauce.  
Paradise Chicken * shredded chicken, red pepper and watercress sautéed with hot szechuan sauce with black mushrooms.  
General Tso`s Chicken * with whole dried red peppers, sliced ginger and sliced garlic.  
Lemon Chicken   
Creaky Chicken W/ Orange Flavor *   
Special Chicken * with broccoli, green and red peppers, black mushrooms and shredded onion sautéed in our new unique empire gravy.  
Hunan Flower Steak * succulent beef chunks lightly sautéed in hunan sauce and adorned with cherries and broccoli.  
Mongolian Beef * tender beef strips with dry red pepper, snow pea pods and red pepper.  
A Galaxy Of Prawns sliced prawns, broccoli, straw mushrooms and carrots in a delicious flavored egg white sauce.  
Crispy Prawns Szechuan Style *   
Sizzling Steak with scallops  
Mi-Tze Honey Crispy Duck   
Empire Ginger Deluxe   
San-Sze Jumbo Shrimp * large prawns sautéed with shredded pork and shredded snow peas in garlic sauce.  
Crispy Shrimp Orange Flavor   

Chinese Poultry Dishes

Chicken With Broccoli with white sauce  
Chicken With Orange Flavor *   
Diced Chicken * with dried red pepper  
Moo Goo Gai Pan with chicken and mushrooms.  
Diced Chicken with cashew nuts  
Chicken Egg Foo Young   
Crispy Fried Duck   
Peking Duck   
Ta Chien Chicken *   
Chicken * with hot garlic sauce  
Sliced Chicken with snow peas  
Chicken * with black bean sauce  
Sweet And Sour Chicken   
Chicken with eggplant  
Duck Special carefully prepared boneless duck bedded in snow peas, winter bamboo shoots, red pepper and water chestnuts.  

Chinese Pork Dishes

Moo Shu Pork with 2 pancakes.  
Pork with broccoli  
Shredded Pork * with garlic sauce  
Sweet And Sour Pork   
Sliced Pork Double Sautéed *   
Shredded Pork with peking sauce  
Pork Egg Foo Young   

Chinese Beef & Lamb Dishes

Beef with mushrooms and bamboo shoots  
Beef with scallions  
Beef Egg Foo Young   
Beef * with black bean sauce  
Beef * with bbq sauce  
Beef * with dried red pepper  
Beef * with chili sauce  
Sliced Lamb Hunan Style *   
Beef with snow peas  
Beef with broccoli  
Beef * with peking sauce  
Pepper Steak   
Beef * with orange flavor  
Beef * with garlic sauce  
Sauteed Lamb with scallions  
Lamb With Szechuan Ma La Sauce * sliced lamb, broccoli, baby corn, shredded bell peppers sauteed with szechuan ma-la sauce.  

Chinese Seafood Dishes

Shrimp Egg Foo Young   
Baby Shrimp * with garlic sauce  
Baby Shrimp * with chili sauce  
Prawns * with garlic sauce  
Prawns with lobster sauce  
Prawn with broccoli  
Prawn with black bean sauce  
Scallops * with hot chili sauce  
Scallops * with dried red pepper  
Baby Shrimp Or Chicken with cashew nuts  
Baby Shrimp * with dried red pepper  
Prawns with snow peas  
Prawns * with chili sauce  
Sweet And Sour Prawns   
Scallops with broccoli  
Scallops * with black bean sauce  
Scallops with garlic sauce  
Sliced Flounder   

Chinese Vegetarian Dishes

Dried Sauteed String Beans   
Bean Curd Szechuan Style *   
Bean Curd * with black bean sauce  
Chinese Eggplant * with garlic sauce  
Sauteed Baby Bai-Chay   
Sesame Tofu   
Sauteed Snow Peas & Water Chestnuts   
Bean Curd Homestyle *   
Sauteed Broccoli * with garlic sauce  
Sauteed Spinach   
Mixed Vegetables   
Vegetable Egg Foo Young   

A Taste Of Zen

100% Natural Vegetarian Cooking. Low-Sodium, Low-Cholesterol And Low-Fat. All "Meat," "Poultry," And "Seafood" Items Are Vegetarian.

V01. Sautéed Fresh Spinach   
V01. Sautéed Fresh Watercress   
V02. Sautéed Fresh Mushrooms & Tofu   
V03. Black Mushrooms & Green Bak-Choy   
V04. Moo-Shu Pork with two pancakes  
V05. Pork * with garlic sauce  
V06. Pork w/ dense bean curd  
V07. Beef with broccoli  
V08. Rainbow Beef   
V09. Crispy Beef *   
V10. Moo-Shu Chicken with two pancakes  
V11. Rainbow Chicken   
V12. Chicken * with garlic sauce  
V13. Chicken with snow peas  
V14. Sesame Chicken   
V15. Chicken with chinese eggplant  
V16. Empire Special Duck *   
V17. Rainbow Prawns   
V18. Bao-Sum-Din   
V19. Prawn with cashew nuts  
V20. Crispy Prawn Szechuan Style *   

Special Diet Menu

Served Without Salt, Sugar, Corn Starch Or MSG.

1. Steamed Mixed Vegetable Diet Dish   
2. Chicken with broccoli diet dish  
3. Prawns with snow pea pods diet dish  
4. Sliced Chicken with mixed vegetables diet dish  
5. Prawns with broccoli diet dish  
6. Scallops with mixed vegetables diet dish  
7. Scallops with broccoli diet dish  
8. Prawns, Chicken, Scallops with mixed veggies diet  

Revolution Diet

Served Without Salt, Sugar, Corn Starch Or MSG.

R1. Lemon Flavored Chicken served with broccoli and bean sprouts.  
R2. Prawns With Snow Peas * with broccoli and bean sprouts szechuan style.  
R3. Chicken With Water Chestnuts * with broccoli and spicy orange flavor.  
R4. Prawns With Broccoli with mushrooms and moo shu seasonings.  
R5. Buddha Plus Sesame Tofu with snow peas, green beans, baby corn, mushrooms, bean sprouts and broccoli combined with sesame baked tofu.  
R6. Scallops With Broccoli & Bean Sprouts * in a hot garlic sauce.  
R7. Protein Trio Of Scallops, Chicken, Shrimp * with snow peas and bean sprouts in a spicy hunan sauce.  


Pineapple Cube   
Banana stuffed with sweet bean paste  
Ice Cream Tempura   
Ice Cream   
Bubble Milk Tea smoothies  


* Spicy.

Spring Water   
Homemade Iced Tea   
Smoothie (With Milk) mango, passion fruit, strawberry, honeydew, green apple, kiwi, magic mocha, coconut, lychee, peach  
Canned Soda coke, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, diet sprite, ginger ale, seltzer  
Fruit Punch   
Fruit Tea (No Milk) mango, passion fruit, strawberry, honeydew, green apple, kiwi, taro, lychee, peach  
Bubble Tea includes tapioca. ,coconut, magic mocha, green, black, honeydew, taro, mango  

Sauce Option

Choose One

Garlic *   
Black Bean   


Choose Your Veggies (Maximum 4)

Soft Bean Curd   
Chinese Broccoli   
Bean Sprouts   
Snow Peas   
Bak Choy   
Fried Bean Curd   
Bamboo Shoots   
String Beans   


Optional-Select As Many As You Like.

Roast Chicken   
Roast Pork   
Fish Fillet   


Empire Szechuan Kyoto
193 Columbus Ave
Btwn 68th & 69th St
(917) 722-3486
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