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El Basurero

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Breakfast. 8am-1pm.

Calentado Super Container super special. grilled beef of pork, grilled corn cakes, cheese and butter, mix and beans 12.95
Carne Asada grilled steak. with grilled corn cakes, cheese and butter 11.75
Calentado El Costilludo pork ribs. corn cae cheese and butter 13.95
Desayuno Campestre country breakfast. grilled steak, with any style eggs, fried pork rind mixed rice and beans, grilled corn cake and butter 17.95
Desayuno Galopero skin breakfast. grilled steak, with two eggs, mixed rice and beans, grilled corn cake, with cheese, and butter 13.95
USA Breakfast con miel, 2 eggs any style with 3 pancakes 10.50
Desayuno Dietetico diet breakfast. grilled corn cake with butter and cheese, 2 eggs any style, tea, cheese, hot chocolate, or brown sugar water 8.95
Caserolas De Oriente western omelete. two eggs ham, pepper, mushroom, rice with beans, and corn cake with cheese 9.75
Super Caserola super combo omelet. two eggs, mushroom, bacon, tomatoes, pepper, rice with beans and corn cake with cheese 10.95
Calentado Basurero's Combination basureros omelet. two eggs, bacon, pork sausage, onions, peppers, grilled steak and corn cake with cheese 13.95
Calentado Combinacion Campesina country omelet. a delicious blend of egg, ham onions, tomato, pork meat, corn cake with cheese 13.95
Combinacion Internacional international combination. two eggs, black sausage, ham, corn cake with cheese, rice with beans and pork skin 13.95


Calamares Fritos fried calamari. with marinera sauce 10.95
Guacamole Con Tostones guacamole with green plantain 9.95
Ceviche De Camarones shrimp ceviche 11.95
Deditos De Queso mozzarella sticks 7.50
Chicharron Regular pork skin 7.25
Chicharron Ahumado smoked pork skin 8.50
Muslitos De Pollo buffalo chicken wigs. spicy or not. blue cheese and celery 10.95
Morcilla black sausage 6.95
Chorizo Con Arepa homemade sausage with small grilled corn cake 5.75
Arepitas C/ Ahogada Paisa small grilled corn cake with creole sauce 6.95
Empanadas De Carne beef patties 2.00
Empanadas De Camaron shrimp patties 3.00
Empanadas De Pollo beef patties 2.00
Basurero's Combinacion guacamole, skin pork, variety patties, buffalo wings, black sausage, homemade sausage, small corn cake and sauce. 13.50
Salchipapas sausage with french fries 7.95
Arepa De Huevo egg corn cake 5.95
Arepa Con Queso corn cake with cheese 4.95
Hot Buffalo Wings 11.95
Pico De Gallo with tostones 8.95

Soups. Daily Soup. All Soups Served With Rice, Small Corn Grilled Cake, Special Portion And Salad

Lunes monday. tripe soup sm 7.95 lg 8.95
Martes tuesday. typical country soup
Miercoles wednesday. a hearty boiled oxtail soup
Jueves thursday. chicken noodle soup
Viernes friday. marine seafood soup or steamed beef soup 11.95
Sabado saturday. hen soup
Domingo sunday. chef special soup basurro's
Sopas - Todos Los Dias

Sm / Lg. Everyday Soup. All Soups Served With Rice, Small Corn Grilled Cake, Special Portion And Salad

Frijoles Negros black bean soup 7.95 8.95
Sopa De Menudencias chicken gizzard soup 8.95 7.95
Crema De Ostras cream of oyster soup 12.95 10.95
Sopa De Lentejas lentil soup 9.25 8.50

Salads Our Dressing. Regular: Blue Cheese, French, Mediterranean, Vinaigrette. Reduce Fat: Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Thousand Island. Fat Free: Honey Dijon, Raspberry, Vinaigrette, Sun Dried Tomato

Ensalada Caesar's caesar salad. romaine hearts, baked croutons, cucumber and shave romano 8.95
Ensalada Caesar's add herbed grilled chicken 4.50
Ensalada Griega greek salad. feta cheese, kalamata, olives, grape leaves, cucumber, sliced red onions, tomatoes over 8.95
Ensalada De Aguacate avocado salad. romaine hearts, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and avocado 8.95
Ensalada De Papa potato salad 8.95
Ensalada Bar bar salad. you take the decision, you do your own salad 9.95
Especialidades Basureros

Special Platos

Bandeja Basurero's basurero's platter. rice, beans, fried egg, pork skin, sweet plantain, corn cake, black sausage, avocado
Con Entrana with involved 27.95
Con Carne Molida with ground beef 19.75
Con Carne Asada De Res O De Cerdo with grilled steak beef or pork 20.50
Con Pollo with chicken 19.95
Con Costillas Fritas with charcoal spread 21.95
Picada Basurero's assorted fried platter basurero's. grilled steak, sausage, pork skin, fried plantain, french fries, corn cake, black sausage, pork chop, fried pork ribs, tomato. 26.95
Tamal Del Basura's big pie basuerro. pie with mixed beef with potato, corn and vegetable 9.75


Pollo Asado Entero whole chicken 13.95
1/2 Pollo Asado half chicken 11.95
1/4 Pollo Asado 1/4 chicken. this plates are served with rice, or black beans or corn cake and salad 9.95
Filete De Pollo Asado chicken brest fillet 21.95
Pollo Al Limon chicken cutlet francaise 22.50
Chuleta De Pollo breaded chicken cutlet 21.95
Arroz Con Pollo rice mixed with chicken. with french fries or sweet plantain 16.95
Pollo Frances Francia Chicken 22.50
Saltado De Pollo A La Mexican chicken sauteed mexican 18.95

This Plates Come With Any Of These Three Selections

Frijoles Rejos A Negros red or black sauce
Calentado mixed rice and beans
Arroz Moro rice with black beans
Papas Fritas french fries
Papa Gratinada potato in cheese sauce
Tostone fried green plantain
Maduro fried sweet plantain
Arroz rice
Ensalada De La Casa salad
Yuca Frita fried yucca


Combination De Mariscos seafood combination 25.95
Mojarra Frita fried mojarra 24.75
Cazuela De Mariscos seafood casserole 24.75
Crema De Camarones cream of shrimp 18.95
Camarones En Salsa De Vegetales shrimp in vegetables sauce 21.75
Filete De Pescado Marinado marinated fillet of fish 25.95
Camarones A La Plancha grilled shrimp 22.95
Camarones Fritos fried shrimp 21.95
La Casa Del Pargo Basurero's the house of red snapper basurero's 25.95
Al Horno broiled 25.95
Gratinada gratinee 25.95
Camarones Al Ajillo garlic shrimp 21.95
Arroz Marinado marinated rice. 23.95
Mar Y Tierra sirloin steak and fish fillet 27.75
Mar Y Tierra marinado 6.50
Arroz Con Camarones rice with shrimps 23.95
Super Picada De Mariscos 28.75
Ceviche De Camaron shrimp cocktail 12.95

Shish Kebab. Served With French Fries And Corn Cake

Chuzo De Pollo chicken shish kebab 9.50
Chuzo De Carne beef kebab 9.50
Chuzo De Cerdo pork meat shish kebab 9.50
Chuzo De Camaron shrimp shish kebab 12.50
Chuzo Mixto mixed shish kebab. shrimp, chicken, beef, pork 12.50
Gran Hamburguesa big basurero's burger. served with french fries. our thick, juicy topped with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, served on a grill 10.25
Gran Hamburguesa add bacon 2.95
Gran Hamburguesa with cheese and bacon 3.95
Hamburguesa De Pollo chicken burger 10.95


Basurero's Fire in memory of january 1-2007 "chefs special". smoke combination. beef, pork, liver short rib and bbq sauce 19.95
Asados Basureros

Basurero's Grilled Steak You Can Select Your Topping Add $3..75

Carne De Res beef steak 16.95
Lomo De Cerdo pork loin steak 19.95
Higado liver steak 18.95
Sobrebarriga brisket of bee steak 19.50
Lengua beef tongue 19.50
Bistec A Caballo steak and eggs 21.50
Salsa Criolla O Sudada creole sauce or stewed
Encebollado onions
Caballo Con Dos Huevos with two fried eggs
Con Ahogada Antioqueno with tomatoes and mixed onions
Salsa De Champinones with mushrooms sauce
Sobrebarriga Y Lengua beef stew and tobgue 23.95
Chuleta Con Hueso Ahumado smoked pork chop at creole style 21.95
Milanesa Basurero's breaded steak basurero's 20.95
Punta De Anca 24.95
Bistec Basurero's new york sirloin steak 24.95
Chuleta Empanizada Frita breaded fried pork chop 20.95
T-Bone Steak t-bone steak a juicy t-bone steak, cooked the way you like 24.95
Entrana shirt steak 24.95
Menu Del Nino

Kids Menu. Just For Kids

Consome De Menudencia Con Pollito offal soup with chicken 6.95
Pizza with peperoni or cheese 4.95
Tiritas De Pollo chicken strips. served with french fries 7.95
Bandejita Junior junior platter. rice, beans, grilled steak, pork skin, egg, one corn cake, black sausage 12.75
Hamburguesita junior's hamburger. served with seasoned fries in a basket 9.95
Chicken Nuggets with french fries 7.95
Chuletica De Pollo con arroz y papa frita 12.50
Muslitos De Pollo 9.95
French Fries 6.95
Porciones Extras

On The Side

Salchichitas chicken sausage 4.25
Papa En Salsa potato in sauce 4.95
Ensalada De La Casa house salad 4.25
Huevitos Extras extra eggs 4.75
Yuca Frita fried cassava 5.25
Yuca En Salsa cassava in sauce 5.25
Tostones fried green plantain 4.95
Maduros sweet plantains 4.95
Arepitas corn cake 0.95


Carrot Cake


Gaseosas Colombianas Y Americanas american and colombian sodas 2.00
Agua En Botella bottle water 1.95
Jugos Naturales natural juices. in water or milk. lulo, raspberry, pineapple, passion fruit, soursop, mango, banana 4.25
Limonada Natural natural lemonade 4.00
Naranja Original natural orange 3.25
Mazamorra white whole kernel corn 4.25
Con Panela O Bocadillo corn in milk with brown sugar or guava paste
Aguapanela 1.25