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  • Indian, Vegetarian
  • 108 Lexington Ave, New York 10016 40.742376 -73.982835
  • (Btwn 27th & 28th St)
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  • (212) 679-1284
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Lassi     5.00
Mango Lassi     5.00
Rose Lassi     5.00
Voss Water     3.00
Poland Spring Water     2.00
Soda     2.00

Vegetarian Starters

Mulligatawny Soup Lentil coconut soup.    7.00
Onion Pakora Spiced onion fritters.    7.00
Mumbai Batata Vada Batter fried potato balls.    7.00
Peanut Chili Masala Tossed peanut with green chilies. Spicy.    5.00
Samosa Spiced potatoes and cauliflower filling.    8.00
Tale Huay Kaju Roasted cashews, onions, peppercorn and lime. Spicy.    9.00
Paneer Pakora Paneer cheese fritters.    9.00
Imli Baigan Pan seared tamarind eggplant with chaat masala    9.00
Kurkuri Bindi Okra crisps, onions, lime and chaat masala.    10.00
Lasuni Gobi Tangy cauliflower with ginger and scallions.    10.00
Sham Savera Cheese spinach patties with creamy nut sauce.    11.00
Mushroom Malai Wali Skewered mushrooms in a creamy marinade.    11.00
Paneer Taash Kabab Tandoor style smoked paneer cheese with creamy peppercorn marinade. Spicy.    11.00

Non-Vegetarian Starters

Kalmi Kabab Skewered chicken wings and roasted spices.    10.00
Tangri Kabab Chicken drumsticks and creamy marinade    10.00
Gilafi Reshmi Skewered chicken rolls, paneer cheese and bell peppers.    11.00
Pahadi Murgh Kabab Skewered chicken chunks and chili paste marinade. Spicy.    11.00
Mustard Chicken Tikka Skewered chicken and fresh mustard paste.    11.00
Fish Amritsari Battered fried fish and ajwain.    11.00
Bagari Jhinga Luchi Creamy tangy shrimp, curry leaves and luchi bread.    13.00
Reshmi Kabab Skewered chicken rolls from the tandoor. Must try!    10.50
Chapli Kabab Tender lamb patties, coriander and green chilies. Spicy.    13.00


Paya Soup Goat trotter broth with garden herbs.    7.95

Thelewala Chaats

Bhel Puri Puffed rice, savory morsels and chutnies. Cold.    7.00
Batata Sev Puri Potato chickpea filling, yogurt and chutnies. Cold.    8.00
Pani Puri Potato chickpea filling and tamarind water. Cold.    8.00
Purani Delhi Ki Papri Chaat Crunchy savories, yogurt and chutnies. Cold.    8.00
Aloo Tikki Chaat Potato patties and chickpeas with yogurt and chutneys.    9.00
Samosa Chaat Spiced chickpeas, yogurt and chutnies.    10.00
Chole Bhatura Curried chickpeas and batura bread.    12.00
Pav Bhaji Mashed vegetables served with butter buns. Spicy.    8.95


Murgh Tandoor Skewered chicken on the bone. 20 minute preparation time.    17.00
Murgh Tikka Skewered chicken thighs in red marinade.    17.00
Murgh Malai Kabob Skewered spring chicken and marinade.    19.00
Seekh Kabob Skewered lamb rolls with onions and bell peppers.    19.00
Jhinga Malai Kabob Skewered shrimp with creamy saffron marinade.    22.00
Tandoori Jhinga Char grilled shrimp in red marinade.    22.00
Adrak Ke Panje Tandoor style lamb chops and ginger.    25.00
Dhaba Mixed Grill Kebab from our Tandoor.    27.00


Aloo Wadi Potatoes and crispy dal with onion tomato gravy.    15.00
Sarson da Saag Spinach, mustard greens, ghee and green chilies.    16.00
Baigan da Bharta Tandoor smoked eggplant and garden herbs.    16.00
Malai Kofta Vegetable croquettes and creamy nut sauce.    16.00
Methi Paneer Mutter Creamy green peas, cheese and fenugreek leaves.    16.00
Malai Marke Paneer Paneer cheese in a tomato sauce with butter.    16.00
Paneer Kali Mirch Paneer cheese in a creamy pepper sauce. Spicy.    16.00
Saag Paneer Creamed spinach, cheese and garden herbs.    16.00
Sabji Saag Malai Spinach, vegetables and ginger.    16.00
Punjabi Kadhi Tangy yogurt preparation with onion fritters.    16.00
Dahi Bindi Spiced okra with yogurt gravy.    16.00
Paneer Bhurji Creamy grated cheese, onions and bell peppers.    16.00
Navaratan Korma Creamy vegetables and paneer cheese.    16.00
Gobi Keema Minced cauliflower iwth onions, coriandeer, and yogurt. Hot and spicy.    14.50


Jeera Chili Aloo Cumin tossed potatoes with green chilies. Spicy.    12.00
Aloo Saag Spiced potatoes and pureed spinach.    13.00
Aloo Mutter Spiced potato gravy, green peas and ginger.    13.00
Punjabi Cabbage Sauteed cabbage and cumin.    13.00
Chole Punjabi Curried chickpeas and fresh coriander.    15.00
Tawa Aloo Gobi Potatoes, cauliflower and fenugreek.    16.00
Bhuni Gobi Mattar Cauliflower and green peas with ginger.    16.00
Kadai Bhindi Wok tossed okra, onions and bell peppers.    16.00
Aloo Bharta Smashed potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green chilies, and cumin. Hot and spicy.    13.50
Aloo Bindi Chatpata Okra and potatoes with paprika.    15.50


Langarwali Daal A five daal preparation with ginger.    13.00
Daal Tadka Yellow daal with cumin and garden herbs.    13.00
Maa Ki Daal Black lentils cooked with ghee.    13.00
Dhaba Daal Makhni Slow cooked creamy black lentils.    14.00
Rajma Curried kidney beans and garden herbs.    14.00

Dhabe Ka Chawal


Biryani A basmati rice preparation with mint leaves, bay leaf, garam masala and brown onions.  
Keema Pulav Basmati rice cooked with keema lamb.    14.95


Peas Pulav Basmati rice with green peas.    4.00
Amritsari Pulav Basmati rice with vegetables and paneer cheese.    12.00
Lemon Rice Tempered mustard seeds and curry leaves.    9.00
Jeera Ghee Rice Tempered cumin and clarified butter.    7.00


Goa Fish Curry A classic fish preparation with tamarind and coconut.    22.00
Patiala Fish Curry Fish cooked with onions, tomatoes, and garden herbs.    20.50
Sarson Wali Fish Mustard greens and pureed spinach. Spicy.    22.00
Shrimp Curry A Punjabi style curry with onions and tomatoes.    22.00
Shrimp Tikka Masala Tandoor shrimp in a creamy tomato sauce.    22.00
Aunt Murli's Chingri Malai A Bengali favorite with coconut and garam.    20.50
Jhinga Keema Chopped shrimp with onions, bell peppers. hot and spicy.    20.50


Vada Pao Battered fried potato balls.    10.00
Pav Bhaji Pan mashed vegetables and ghee.    11.00
Baigan Chili Pao Char grilled smoked eggplant and green chilies. Spicy.    11.00
Murgh Khurchan Pao Tandoor cooked spiced chicken morsels and bell peppers.    12.00
Keema Pao Wok tossed minced lamb with green chilies. Spicy.    13.00

Lamb and Goat

Pudinewali Keema Spiced minced lamb with fresh mint leaves.    17.00
Rogan Josh A Kashmir style lamb curry, yogurt and fresh coriander.    19.00
Lamb Dhansak Lentils, spinach and tamarind.    19.00
Bindi Gosht Lamb, okra and ginger.    19.00
Dhaba Goat Curry A home style bone-in goat curry.    21.00
Lamb Dahiwala Lamb in a yogurt gravy with onions and coriander.    18.50


Punjab Da Murgh Bone-in chicken curry and yogurt.    16.00
Methi Murgh Creamy funugreek chicken.    17.00
Murgh Bharta Minced chicken and smoked eggplant.    17.00
Murgh Chutneywala Creamy mango chicken curry.    17.00
Murgh Kali Mirch Creamy pepper chicken. Hot and spicy.    17.00
Malai Marke Butter Chicken Creamy tomato sauce, bell pepper and clarified butter.    17.00
Chicken Tikka Masala Creamy tomato sauce and fenugreek.    17.00
Murgh Dahiwala Yogurt based chicken, black cardamom and brown onions.    17.00
Anda Curry Egg curry cooked Punjabi style.    12.95

Dhabawali Rotiyan


Roomali Unleavened thin bread.    6.00
Naan White flour bread cooked in tandoor.    4.00
Garlic Naan     4.50
Chili and Onion Naan     4.50
Paneer Cheese     5.00
Cheese Nut Naan Spicy.    5.50
Onion Kulcha     4.50
Paratha Pan grilled.    5.00
Aloo Paratha Potato.    6.00
Gobi Paratha Cauliflower.    6.00
Tandoori Roti Whole wheat tandoori cooked bread.    4.00
Makki Da Roti Pan grilled corn bread.    5.00
Poori Deep fried.    6.00

British Curry House: London Calling

Balti Curry A simple stir fried curry prepared in a karahi )wok) with bell peppers mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.  
Phaal Curry A very spicy curry with green chilies, tomatoes and ginger.  
Madras Curry A hot, simple curry with coconut, dry red chilies, curry leaves.  
Do Piaza Curry Do Piaza means double the onions. First the onions are pureed in a sauce and then large slices are stir fried into gravy.  
Kadai Curry Tossed with onions, bell peppers, fenugreek and fresh coriander.  
Bhuna Curry A well spiced curry with a thick sauce.  
Vindaloo Curry A very very hot curry cooked with dry red chilies, vinegar, potatoes.  
Korma Curry A mild creamy curry with cashew nuts, raisins and fenugreek.  
Saag Curry Spinach puree, light cream and roasted spices.  
Balchao Curry A tangy curry from Goa with mustard seeds, curry leaves and black pepper.  
Jalfrezi Curry A stir fried curry prepared with green chilies, onions tangy flavor.  
Achari Curry A spicy curry with pickling spices.  

Takeout Lunch Specials

Murgh Tikka (Pickup Only) Tandoor fried chicken tenders and red marinade. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Murgh Malai Kabob (Pickup Only) Skewered spring chicken tenders and creamy marinade. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Chicken Tikka Masala (Pickup Only) Roasted chicken tikka and creamy tomato sauce and fenugreek. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Murgh Chutneywala (Pickup Only) Curried mango chicken. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Chicken Korma (Pickup Only) Roasted chicken, raisins, cashew nuts and fenugreek. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Lamb Saag (Pickup Only) Spinach puree, light cream and roasted spices. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Lamb Vindaloo (Pickup Only) Spicy Goan specialty, potatoes, vinegar, and dry red chilies. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Lamb Madras (Pickup Only) A hot simple curry with coconut, dry red chilies and curry leaves. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Shrimp Balti (Pickup Only) Bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Kadai Bhindi (Pickup Only) Wok tossed okra, onions and bell peppers. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Tawa Aloo Gobi (Pickup Only) Potatoes, cauliflower with fenugreek. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Methi Paneer Mutter (Pickup Only) Creamy green peas, cheese and fenugreek leaves. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95
Saag Paneer (Pickup Only) Creamed spinach, cheese and garden herbs. Served with naan, daal and rice.    12.95


Pickle Spicy pickle.    2.50
Papad Thin lentil wafer.    2.50
Mango Chutney Sweet relish.    3.50
Boondi Raita Yogurt and besan rounds.    5.50


Langarwali Suji Halwa Semolina cooked with ghee.    5.00
Gulab Jamun Cardamom milk balls in sugar syrup.    5.00
Kheer Rice pudding with raisins.    5.00
Rasmalai Cheese balls in reduced sweet milk and pistachios.    6.00


108 Lexington Ave
Btwn 27th & 28th St
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