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  • Deli Food, Japanese, Sandwiches, Smoothies & Juices, Sushi
  • 12 E 44th St, New York 10175 40.754208 -73.979177
  • (Btwn 5th & Madison Ave)
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  • (212) 697-4444
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Eggs & Homestyle Omelettes

Egg Sandwich     1.75
Egg Sandwich With Bacon, Ham Or Sausage     2.75
Egg Sandwich With Beef Sausage Or Turkey Bacon     2.95
Two Eggs Any Style served with home fries and toast.    2.95
Two Eggs Any Style With Bacon, Ham Or Sausage     3.95
Two Eggs Any Style With Corned Beef Hash     4.25
Healthy Omelette egg whites and fresh vegetables. made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    4.25
Vegetable Omelette made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    3.95
Western Omelette made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    3.95
Greek Omelette made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    3.95
Cheese & Spinach Omelette made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    4.50
Cheese & Mushroom Omelette made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    4.50
Italiano Omelette mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomato and basil. made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    4.50
Irish Omelette broccoli, spinach and cheddar cheese. made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    4.50
French Omelette spinach, sun-dried tomato and brie cheese. made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    4.50
California Omelette avocado, mushrooms and tomato. made with 2 eggs, served with home fries and toast.    4.50
Florentine Omelette On A Roll     3.50
Cheese Omelette On A Roll     3.50
Western Omelette On A Roll     3.50
Greek Omelette On A Roll     3.50
Mushroom Omelette On A Roll     3.50


Plain Bagel     1.00
Bagel With Butter Or Jelly     1.25
Bagel With Plain Cream Cheese     1.50
Bagel With Peanut Butter     1.50
Bagel With Flavored Cream Cheese     1.95
Bagel With Nova Lox Cream Cheese     2.75

From Our Griddle

Buttermilk Pancakes With Maple Syrup     3.50
Crunchy French Toast With Maple Syrup     3.50
Country Waffles With Maple Syrup     3.95

Egg Sandwiches

One Egg Sandwich      1.75
Two Egg Sandwich      1.95
One Egg Sandwich With Breakfast Meat     2.75
Two Egg Sandwich With Breakfast Meat     2.95
Your Choice Omelette On A Roll     3.50

New Yorker's Crepes

1. Sugar Powder Lemon Crepe     4.95
2. Butter & Sugar Powder Crepe     4.95
3. Banana, Strawberry Jam & Peanut Butter Crepe     5.95
4. Banana Dulce De Leche & Whipped Cream Crepe     5.95
5. Coconut Flakes, Banana & Dulce De Leche Crepe     5.95
6. Mango, Banana, Fresh Squeeze Lemon & Dulce De Leche Crepe     6.95
7. Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana, Walnut & Nutella Crepe     7.95
8. Baked Cinnamon Apple, Pecan, Brown Sugar, Dulce De Leche Crepe     7.95
9. Fresh Strawberry, Banana, Whipped Cream & Nutella Crepe     7.95
10. Peach, Fresh Strawberry, Whipped Cream & Choco Syrup Crepe     7.95
11. Blueberry, Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream & Choco Syrup Crepe     7.95

Tossed Salad

Step 1-Greens Choice arugula, baby spinach, iceberg lettuce, mix greens, romaine  
Step 2-Protein Selection bacon, flavored chicken, ham, tuna, turkey    1.00
Step 3-Premium Ingredients crumbled blue cheese, jack cheese, romano cheese, feta cheese, artichokes, avocado, egg whites, hard boiled egg, roasted peppers, tofu, portabella mushrooms, roasted walnuts, toasted almonds, toasted sunflower seeds, toasted cashews    1.00
Step 4-Unlimited Toss Ins alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, sweet peas, roasted corn, shredded carrots, sesame noodles, diced tomatoes, cucumber, sliced mushrooms, beets, chickpeas, kidney beans, raisins, cherry tomatoes, croutons, scallions, shaved red onions, olives  
Dressing Choice low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, low-fat bleu cheese, low-fat creamy caesar, low-fat creamy ranch, low-fat french, low-fat garlic, low-fat honey dijon, low-fat italian, fat-free lemon herb, low-fat ranch, fat-free raspberry, low-fat russian, low-fat sesame ginger  

Chef Signature Salad $7.95

1. Nissi's Salad roast turkey, goat cheese, spinach, apple spices, orange, walnuts and raisins.  
2. Fresh Spinach Salad crispy bacon, spinach, fresh mushrooms, croutons and hard boiled egg.  
3. Cobb Salad bacon, mix greens, avocado, carrots, corn, onion, peppers, tomato, hardboiled eggs.  
4. Tuna Salad tuna, romaine, black olives, carrots and celery.  

Wraps $7.95

1. Grilled Chicken With Spinach Feta Wrap grilled herb breast of chicken, fresh crumbled feta cheese, fresh sautéed spinach, italian dressing in a spinach tortilla.  
2. Chicken Caesar Wrap grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, crispy romaine lettuce, croutons and light caesar dressing.  
3. Veggie Wrap fresh mozzarella cheese, lettuce, avocado, roasted pepper, mixed greens, cucumber, green apple, green grapes and pesto mayo.  
4. Waldorf Wrap chicken salad, romaine lettuce, avocado, roasted pepper, mix greens, cucumber, green apple, green grapes and pesto mayo.  
5. Spicy Chicken Thai Wrap grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, cilantro, chopped cashews, pineapple and spicy sauce.  
6. High Protein Tuna Wrap tuna salad, tomato, avocado, arugula and carrot.  
7. 44 Wrap peppered turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and chipotle sauce.  
8. Smokey Wrap smoked turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, fifafo, green apple and honey mustard.  
9. Buffalo Wrap buffalo chicken breast, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and buffalo sauce.  
10. Crispy Chicken Cutlet Wrap tomato, avocado, arugula, creamy italian in roasted pepper wrap.  
11. California Wrap grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, avocado, sprouts and ranch dressing.  

Create Your Own Sandwich

Classic Egg Salad Sandwich     4.75
Albacore Tuna Salad Sandwich     5.75
Chicken Salad Sandwich     5.95
Grilled Chicken Sandwich     6.45
Breaded Chicken Sandwich     6.45
Turkey Sandwich     5.95
Honey Turkey Sandwich     5.95
Smoked Turkey Sandwich     5.95
Pepper Turkey Sandwich     5.95
Ham Sandwich     5.95
Honey Ham Sandwich     5.95
Cappy Black Forest Ham Sandwich     5.95
Pastrami Sandwich     6.45
Roast Beef Sandwich     6.45
Genoa Salami Sandwich     5.45
Pepperoni Sandwich     5.45
Prosciutto Sandwich     6.45
Chicken Breast Sandwich     6.45
Avocado Sandwich     5.45
Basic Cheese Sandwich     4.75
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich     5.95
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich     5.95
Salsalito Turkey Sandwich     5.95

Premium Signature Sandwich

1. The Healthy Chicken Sandwich grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, roasted pepper and honey mustard on a whole wheat square.    7.95
2. Italian Sub Olive Sandwich genoa salami, pepperoni, cappy ham, provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato on pocket olive.    7.95
3. Veggie Delight Sandwich fresh mozzarella cheese, grilled vegetables, mix greens, pesto sauce on 7 grain hero.    7.95
4. Doodling Sandwich pepper turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, roasted pepper and buffalo sauce on onion hero.    7.95
5. Prosciutto Di Parma Sandwich prosciutto, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted pepper, basil and balsamic vinegar on french baguette.    7.95
6. Black Forest Sandwich black forest ham, brie cheese, tomato, mix greens and honey mustard on ciabatta hero.    7.95
7. Corn Beef Pastrami Sandwich swiss, cole slaw and russian dressing on rye bread.    7.95
8. Roast Turkey & Avocado Blt Sandwich oven gold turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo on 7-gran hero.    7.95
9. Asiago Roast Beef Sandwich roast beef, asiago cheese, smoked cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and horseradish on ciabatta.    7.95
10. Turkey Bravo Sandwich smoked turkey, brie cheese, alfalfa, green apple and honey mustard on 7-grain hero.    7.95
11. Grilled Chicken Special grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, lettuce, roasted pepper and pesto may on 7-grain hero.    7.95
12. Irish Smoked Salmon pepper thin cucumber, tomatoes and cream cheese on multi-grain bread.    8.95

Signature Hot Sandwiches $7.95

1. Pastrami Hot Sandwich swiss cheese, cole slaw and russian dressing.  
2. Roast Beef Hot Sandwich cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion and peter luger steak sauce.  
3. Fresh Turkey Hot Sandwich swiss cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  
4. Buffalo Chicken Hot Sandwich bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and bleu cheese dressing.  
5. Pesto Chicken Hot Sandwich fresh mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato and roasted pepper.  
6. Big Bang Hot Sandwich chicken cutlet, mozzarella cheese, bacon, french fries, onion rings and chef`s bbq sauce.  
7. Fish Cutlet Hot Sandwich lettuce and tartar sauce.  
8. Beef 44 Hot Sandwich roast beef, melted fresh mozzarella cheese, onion rings, russian dressing and hot sauce.  

Brick Oven Melts $7.95

1. Grilled Chicken Oven Melt fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil with balsamic vinaigrette.  
2. Smoked Turkey Breast Oven Melt french brie cheese, apple and honey mustard.  
3. Pesto Chicken Oven Melt fresh mozzarella cheese and roasted pepper.   
4. Cubano Oven Melt fresh roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles.   
5. Chicken Fajita Oven Melt grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, roasted peppers, roasted onion, cilantro and salsa.  
6. Hay Chihuahua Oven Melt charcoal grilled chicken, monterey jack cheese, chipotle mayo and pico de gallo.  
7. Tuscany Oven Melt fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil, sun-dried tomato and balsamic vinegar.   
8. Buffalo Chicken Oven Melt cordon bleu cheese, tomato and bleu cheese dressing.  
9. Vegetarian Oven Melt grilled vegetables, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato and pesto.   
10. Tuna Oven Melt tuna, swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.   
11. Delish Oven Melt cajun chicken, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, mixed pepper and chioptle sauce.  
12. Madison Panini pepper turkey, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella cheese and chipotle mayo.  


H1. Classic Burger half pound all natural beef burger, seared on a griddle and served on a toasted sesame seed bun.    5.95
H2. New York Cheese Burger our famous original! garnished with crispy lettuce, fresh tomato, pickles, onions, mayo and hanks pickle relish. you choose your favorite cheese.    6.95
H3. BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger garnished with hickory smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, housemade bbq sauce and sautéed onions.    7.95
H4. Blue Ribbon Burger a juicy burger basted with our tangy steak sauce and topped with crumbled bleu cheese. served with onion straws, lettuce, tomato and zesty chipotle mayo on a bun.    6.95
H5. Sonoma Chicken Burger chicken burger topped with avocado, california briw cheese, green apple, honey dijon and baby lettuce on a multi-grain bun.    7.95
H6. Banzai Burger marinated in teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese, arugula and wasabi mayo.    7.45
H7. Royal Burger the emperor of all burgers because we brown it with a fresh farm egg. also topped with three strips of smoked bacon, american cheese, crispy lettuce, tomato and homemade mayo.    7.95
H8. Burger Love Burger classic burger is brushed with chipotle sauce and topped with smoked bacon, pickled jalapeño, monterey jack cheese on a toasted burger bun.    7.95
H9. Mexican Burger pico de gallo, guacamole and monterey jack cheese.    7.95
H10. Mushroom & Swiss Burger loaded with grilled mushrooms, a hint of garlic parmesan butter and topped with melted swiss cheese.    6.95
H11. Vegetable Burger medley of lentils, guinoa, brown rice, garden vegetables and spices served on a multigrain bun.    5.50
H12. Bulgogi Burger bulgogi (korean bbq beef) patty, carrot, bell pepper, onion and bulgogi sauce.    6.95
H13. Kimchi Burger marinated beef patty, kimchi, tomato, onion and american cheese.    6.95
H14. Curry Burger red wine, tomato, sour cream, sautéed garlic, alfalfa sprouts and curry sauce.    6.95


1. Chipotle Chicken Panini grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato and chipotle sauce.    6.95
2. Tomato Y Mozzarella Panini fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato, fresh basil y sun-dried tomato and pesto.    6.95
3. Cuban Panini roasted pork, smoked ham pickle, swiss cheese and mustard.    6.95
4. Frongtega Chicken Panini grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, onions, fresh basil and chipotle mayo.    6.95
5. Tuna Melt Panini tuna salad, cheddar cheese, lettuce and plum tomatoes.    6.95
6. The Italian Panini grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers and pesto sauce.    6.95
7. Chicken Fajita Panini grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, roasted pepper, caramelized onions and salsa.    6.95
8. Toasted Monte Cristo Panini ham, turkey, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.    6.95
9. Chicken Parmigiana Panini breaded chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, fresh basil and marinara sauce.    6.95
10. Siciliano Prosciutto Panini ham, mozzarella cheese, basil, spinach, sun-dried tomato and balsamic vinaigrette.     6.95
P1. Tuna Melt Panini fresh made tuna salad, melted cheddar cheese and tomato.    6.75
P2. Chicken Club Panini breaded chicken cutlet, crispy bacon, brie cheese, tomato and ranch dressing.    6.75
P3. Chicken Italiano Panini grilled chicken breast, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red pepper, tomato and basil pesto.    6.75
P4. Turkey Cranberry Panini oven gold roast turkey breast, alpine lace swiss cheese, lettuce and cranberry sauce.    6.75
P5. New Yorker Panini fresh cooked roast beef, swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce, red onion and honey mustard.    6.75
P6. Monte Cristo Panini layer of ham and turkey breast, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, tomato and balsamic.    6.75
P7. Tuscan Panini di parma prosciutto, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, tomato and balsamic.    6.75
P8. Meatless Panini fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, sun-dried tomato and roasted red pepper.    6.75
P9. Chicken Parmesan Panini breaded chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese and marinated sauce.    6.75
P10. Eggplant Parmesan Panini fried eggplant, melted mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.    6.75

Mexican Bar $8.95

Salad Bown   
Taco soft.  


H15. Beef Teriyaki over rice and salad.    8.95
H16. Chicken Teriyaki over rice and salad.    8.95
H17. Shrimp Teriyaki over rice and salad.    9.95

House Specialties

1. Bi-Bim-Bap assorted vegetables with egg fried rice.    8.95
2. Bul-Go-Gui thin sliced beef marinated with sweet soy sauce.    9.95
3. Je-Yuk thin sliced pork with spicy sauce, rice and salad.    9.95
4. Dak-Gal-Bi chicken with spicy sauce, rice and salad.    9.95
5. U-Dong     7.95
6. Miso U-Dong     7.95
7. Yaki U-Dong stir pan-fried with vegetables.    8.95
8. Ra-Men     7.95
9. Katsu with rice and salad.    10.95
10. Teriyaki with rice and salad.    8.95
11. Sun-Du-Bu soft spicy tofu soup with rice.    8.95
12. Dumpling with salad.    7.95

Chips $1.50

Dirty Chips   
Popchips small potato chips.  
Kettle Chips   

Dry Nuts, Fruit & Candy

Almond Raw    (7oz) 5.49
Almond No Salt    (7oz) 5.49
Almond Salt    (7oz) 5.49
Almond Supreme    (7oz) 4.99
Apricot    (7oz) 3.99
Banana Chips    (4oz) 2.49
Berry Berry Mix    (7oz) 4.59
Brazil Nut    (7oz) 5.49
Cajun Mix    (5oz) 3.39
Cranberry    (7oz) 3.49
Cranberry Mix    (7oz) 4.99
Cashew Raw    (6oz) 5.89
Cashew No Salt    (6oz) 5.89
Cashew Salt    (6oz) 5.89
Ginger Slice    (5oz) 3.49
Green Peas    (5oz) 2.99
Green Pea Wasabi    (4oz) 3.49
Health Mix    (6oz) 4.49
Health Mix Supreme    (7oz) 4.99
Honey Cashew    (6oz) 5.49
Mango Slice    (4oz) 3.49
Mix Nut - Salt    (7oz) 5.39
Mix Nut - No Salt    (7oz) 5.39
Omega-3 Mix    (6oz) 4.99
Oriental Mix    (4oz) 2.99
Pistachio Salt    (6oz) 5.99
Pistachio No Salt    (6oz) 5.99
Pineapple Ring    (7oz) 3.49
Pecan    (4oz) 5.99
Raisin Mix    (7oz) 3.99
Quino Seeds    (8oz) 4.89
Jumbo Raisin    (7oz) 3.29
Trail Mix    (7oz) 3.99
Vegetable Chips    (3.5oz) 4.00
Walnuts    (4oz) 4.99
Yogurt Mix    (7oz) 4.69
Haribo Gummy Bear    (7oz) 3.29
Haribo Gummy Worm    (7oz) 3.29
Swedish Fish    (7oz) 3.49
Sour Kid    (7oz) 3.49
Haribo Licorice Wheel    (7oz) 3.49
Haribo Strawberry Wheel    (7oz) 3.49
Haribo Peach    (7oz) 3.49
Haribo Raspberry    (7oz) 3.49
Chocolate Almond    (7oz) 5.49
Chocolate Pretzel    (4oz) 3.49
Chocolate Raisin    (8oz) 4.49
Chocolate Peanut    (8oz) 4.29
Yogurt Almond    (7oz) 5.49
Yogurt Pretzel    (4oz) 3.49
Yogurt Raisin    (8oz) 4.49
Yogurt Peanut    (8oz) 4.29
Blueberry Yogurt Pretzel    (4.5oz) 3.49
Raspberry Pretzel    (4.5oz) 3.49

Old Fashioned Milk Shakes

Espresso Milk Shake   
Green Tea Milk Shake   
Strawberry Milk Shake strawberry ice cream and strawberries.  
Chocolate Milk Shake chocolate ice cream and whey protein.  
Vanilla Milk Shake vanilla ice cream and caramel.  

Fruit Smoothies

1. New York's Favorite Smoothie espresso, banana, dash of chocolate and skim milk.  
2. Aloe Banana Smoothie pineapple, strawberry, banana and apple juice.  
3. Caribbean Cooler Smoothie mango, banana, pineapple and orange juice.  
4. Berry Twist Smoothie banana, blueberry, strawberry and skim milk.  
5. Orange Sensation Smoothie peach, mango, strawberry and orange juice.  
6. Pomegranate Paradise blueberry, orange, strawberry and pomegranate juice.  

Energy Smoothie

7. Revitalizer Smoothie fresh squeezed carrot, banana, mango and orange juice.  
8. Energizer Smoothie banana, kale, peanut butter and soy milk.  
9. Beautiful Solution Smoothie 7 nuts powder: almond, black sesame, cashew, hazelnut, pumpkin, soy nut, sunflower, banana and soymilk.  
10. Bone Builder Smoothie almond powder, banana, kale, spinach and skim milk.  
11. Protein Replenisher Smoothie banana, peanut butter, whey protein and soymilk.  

Real Fruit Slush

1. Passion Slush fresh mango, pineapple, strawberry and orange juice.  
2. Lemon-C Slush fresh lemon, honey and lemon juice.  
3. Strawberry Pomegranate Slush fresh strawberry and pomegranate juice.  
3. Strawberry Pomegranate Slush fresh strawberry and pomegranate juice.  
4. Peach & Mango Slush fresh peach, mango and mango juice.  
5. Kiwi & Strawberry Slush fresh kiwi, strawberry and apple juice.  

Juice Bar

Create Your Own Fresh Squeezed Juice   
Nissi's Signature Juice   
14. Vita-Spike Juice apple, carrots, celery, spirulina and tomato.  
15. Red Angel Juice beet, carrot, red apple and tomato.  
16. Green Magic Juice celery, cucumber, ginger, green apple, kale and parsley.  
17. Live Young Juice beet, carrot, celery, ginger, kale and orange.  
Only Green Leaves Juice broccoli, ginger, kale, lemon, parsley and spinach.    6.95  8.95  7.95


Green Tea Latte Frappe     5.95  4.95
Taro Frappe     5.95  4.95
Frappuccino     4.95  3.95
Mocha Frappuccino     5.45  4.45
Caramel Frappuccino     5.45  4.45

Coffee Bar

Espresso    dbl 2.50 sgl 1.95
Cafe Latte     3.50  2.95
Cappuccino     3.50  2.95
Caffé Mocha     3.95  3.50
Caramel Latte     3.95  3.50
Caramel Macchiato     4.50  3.95
Hot Chocolate with steamed milk.    2.75  2.25

Iced Drinks

Iced Green Tea     3.45  2.95
Iced Taro Tea     3.45  2.95
Iced Latte     4.50  3.45
Iced Cappuccino     3.45  4.50
Iced Mochachino     3.95  4.95


Soda coke, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, dr. pepper, mountain dew, root beer.   can 1.25 btl 1.75
Poland Springs Water     1.50
Perrier     1.95
Pellegrino     1.95
Fiji Water    (sm 330ml) 2.00 (med 500ml) 3.00 (lg 1lt) 3.50
Nantucket Nectar     2.50
Tropicana    pt 2.50
Gatorade     2.25
Vitamin Water     2.50
Snapple     1.75
Starbucks Frappccino     3.25
Red Bull    sm 2.50 lg 3.50
Quart Of Milk 2%, skim, 1/2 & 1/2.    2.25


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