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Cutting Board

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  • Asian Fusion, Japanese
  • 53 Bayard St, New York 10013 40.715143 -73.997707
  • (At Elizabeth St)
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  • (646) 518-1863
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A2. CB Mussels sake, cream, saffron, bread stick    9.95
A3. Crispy Shrimp W. Mayo * spicy mayo, butter popcorn    7.95
A4. Fried Crispy Calamari * curry capers aioli, creamy spicy mayo, marinara    6.95
A5. Shake Shake Fries parmesan cheese, togarashi, seaweed    4.00
A6. Tappan Butter Gyozas chicken & pork. orange ponzu dipping sauce    4.95
A7. Cheese Fries On Board bacon, cheese sauce    4.95
A15. Cajun Fries * cajun, seaweed    4.50
A16. CB Clams W. White/Red Sauce sake, garlic, oregano, bread stick    15.95
A17. BBQ Spare Ribs    (2pcs) 3.50
A18. CB Spare Ribs    (2pcs) 3.50
A19. Fried Chicken Wings    (4pcs) 3.50
A20. CB Chicken Wings    (4pcs) 3.50
A21. Chicken Tenders     4.00
A22. Sweet Potato Waffle Fries     4.50
A23. Fried Veggie Spring Rolls    (4pcs) 3.95
A25. Fish Balls In Curry Sauce     3.25
A26. Squid In Curry Sauce     5.75
A27. Shrimp Cocktail    (5pcs) 6.95
A28. BBQ OX Tongue     6.95
A29. Salted Edamame     3.00
A30. Seaweed Salad     3.00
A31. Iced Cucumber wasabi soy sauce    2.50
A32. Seasonal Veggie w. oyster sauce    5.50
A33. Shrimp Toast    (3pcs) 4.75
A34. French Toast     3.50


A8. Cutting Board Salad tomato, avocado, frisee, romaine, truffle soy vinaigrette    8.00
A9. Grilled Calamari Salad roasted tomato, arugula, pickle, sesame balsamic dressing    8.50
A10. Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Salad roasted almond, frisee, romaine, tomato, yuzu dressing    7.95
A11. Pork Katsu And Caesar Salad romaine, lettuce, light caesar dressing    6.95
A13. Grilled Shrimp Salad romaine, lettuce, tomato, sesame balsamic dressing    7.95
A14. Grilled Salmon Salad romaine, lettuce, roasted tomato, yuzu dressing    8.95



SP1. New England Clam Chowder     3.50
SP2. Lobster Bisque     4.50


U1. Seafood (Stir-Fried) mussel, clam, shrimp, calamari, veggie    9.95
U2. Beef Curry (Soup) minced beef, sunnyside egg, curry broth    6.25
U3. Teriyaki Chicken (Soup) teriyaki chicken, nori, dashi broth    6.25
U4. Pork Katsu (Soup) pork katsu, nori, dashi broth    6.25
U5. Sliced Beef (Soup) sliced beef, nori, dashi broth    7.00
U6. Mixed Veggie (Soup) mixed veggie, nori, dashi broth    6.25
U7. BBQ Spare Ribs (Soup) bbq spare rib, nori, dashi broth    7.00
U8. Seafood (Soup) mussel, clam, shrimp, calamari, veggie, dashi broth    8.95
U9. Kimchee Sliced Beef (Stir-Fried)     8.95
U10. Satay Sliced Beef (Stir-Fried)     8.95


Choice: Curry, Black pepper, Tomato, Garlic Sauce / Subs. Spaghetti $1.

R1. Pork Katsu farmer's market veggie, potato salad    6.25
R2. Grilled Chicken farmer's market veggie, potato salad    6.25
R3. Classic Beef In Curry Sauce (Minced Beef) farmer's market veggie, sunnyside egg, potato salad    6.25
R8. Fillet Fish farmer's market veggie, potato salad    6.50
R9. Beef Patty farmer's market veggie, sunnyside egg, potato salad    6.95
R10. OX Tongue market's veggie, red wine sauce    8.50
R11. Mini Sea Urchin cucumber, nori, seaweed, uni    6.50

Omelette Rice

R4. Grilled Salmon butter rice, miso ketchup    8.95
R5. Beef Curry butter rice, minced beef, curry sauce    7.50
R6. Omuraisu butter rice, miso ketchup    6.25
R7. Meat Sauce butter rice, minced beef, tomato sauce    7.50

Creamy Rice

Pepper, Onion, Cream, Tomato Sauce

W1. Fatty Beef Creamy Rice     7.95
W2. Grilled Chicken Creamy Rice     7.95
W3. Shrimp Creamy Rice     8.50
W4. Clams Creamy Rice     8.50
W5. Tomato Fillet Fish Creamy Rice     8.50
W6. Seafood Creamy Rice   


P1. Sea-Urchin (Uni) sea-urchin, pink creamy sauce.    9.50
P2. Linguine With Clams sake, garlic, parsley, miso butter    8.95
P3. Seafood Fra Diavolo * shrimp, calamari, mussel, clam, spicy tomato sauce    9.95
P4. Shrimp Scampi * sake, garlic, togarashi spice, mushroom    7.95
P5. Pancetta & Cream poached egg, linguine, bacon    6.95
P6. Pork Katsu Spaghetti choice of curry, black pepper, tomato or garlic sauce    7.25
P7. Pasta Primavera market's veggie, cheese, mushroom    6.95
P8. Spaghetti With Meat Sauce market's veggie, cheese, mushroom    6.95
P9. OX Tongue W. Spaghetti market's veggie, red wine sauce    9.25


B1. Lobster Roll pickles, potato chips    8.95
B2. Classic Burger lettuce, tomato, fries    6.50
B3. Juicy BoBo cheese, lettuce, tomato, fries    7.50
B4. Teriyaki Burger grilled chicken, fries, lettuce    6.50
B6. Fillet Fish Burger tar tar sauce, fries    7.00


S1. Pork Katsu     3.50
S2. Grilled Chicken     3.50
S3. Cheese Stuffed Beef Patty     3.50
S4. Poached Egg     1.00
S5. Butter Rice     1.50
S6. White Rice     1.00
S7. Garlic Bread     0.50
S8. Curry black pepper / tomato / garlic sauce    1.00
S9. Cream Sauce     2.00
S10. Potato Salad     2.50


Hot / Cold.

HK Style Tea w. milk    2.50  1.50
House Brewed Coffee     2.25  1.25
Tea & Coffee w. milk    2.50  1.50
Black Tea w. lemon    1.25  2.25
Lemon Water     2.25  1.25
Ovaltine     2.25  1.25
Holick     2.25  1.25
Milo     2.25  1.25
Chocolate     2.50  1.50
Lemon Ribena     2.75  1.50
Lemon Honey     2.75  1.50
Citron Tea w. honey    2.50  1.50
Lemon Tea w. honey    2.75  1.50
Lemon Coke    cold 2.50
Lemon Sprite    cold 2.50
Milk     2.00  1.50
Orange Juice    cold 2.00
Apple Juice    cold 2.00
Cappuccino     3.50  4.50
Coke diet coke, sprite   cold 1.50
Itoen Green Tea    cold 2.50
Poland Spring Water    cold 1.00
Calpico    cold 2.75
Roasted Rice Tea    pot 2.75

Aloe Drink $3.95

W. Aloe. Extra $0.50 Charge For Additional Tapioca, Aloe Vera, Coco, Herbs, Fruit Grain.

Mango & Green Apple   
Lychee Green Apple   
Mango & Passion Fruit   
Lychee Mango   
Grapefruit Lychee   
Grapefruit Honey   

Black Tea & Green Tea $3.25

Black Tea   
Jasmine Green Tea   
Passion Fruit   

Yogurt Coco Drink $3.95

Lemon Yogurt   
Peach Yogurt   
Strawberry Yogurt   
Mango Yogurt   
Ribena Yogurt   

Seltzer Soda $3.95

Lemon Seltzer   
Peach Seltzer   
Passion Fruit Seltzer   
Ribena Seltzer   
Strawberry Seltzer   
Green Apple Seltzer   

Tea W/ Tapioca $3.50

* Hot & Spicy. The Level Of Spiciness Can Be Adjusted Upon Request.

Black Tea w. milk  
Green Tea w. milk  
Almond Black Milk Tea   
Taro Milk Tea   
Sesame Black Milk Tea   


Cutting Board
53 Bayard St
At Elizabeth St
(646) 518-1863
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