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Cubana Social (CLOSED)

  • $$
  • Cocktails, Coffee & Tea, Cuban, Latin American
  • 70 N 6th St, Brooklyn 11211 40.719088 -73.96122
  • (Btwn Wythe & Kent Ave)
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  • (718) 782-3334
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Organic Egg Sandwich with sofrito    7.00
Organic Egg Sandwich add fontina cheese    1.00
Organic Egg Sandwich berkshire ham or avocado    2.00
Cubano Sandwich slow roast pork, berkshire ham, swiss, house mayo, grain mustard, & house pickles on cuban bread    12.00
Chiquita Sandwich avocado, black bean puree, sweet plantains, house pickles, & swiss on cuban bread    11.00

Empanadas & Sides

Each $4 / (For 3) $10.

Grassfed Beef "Traditional Picadillo"   
Organic "Tofu Picadillo"   
Spanish Chorizo & Potato   
Organic Egg & Cheese   
Organic Chicken   
Slow Roasted Pork   

Empanadas & Sides

Sweet Plantains     5.00
Tostones     5.00
Cuban Toast     3.00
Hard Boiled Egg     2.00
Papas Fritas     5.00
Black Beans     3.00
Avocado     3.00
Rice     3.00


Kale Avocado organic lacinato kale, avocado, red onion, jalapeno & lime    12.00
Kale Avocado add hard boiled egg    2.00
Roasted Beet red & yellow beets, toasted cashews, greens, sherry maple vinaigrette, & goat cheese    12.00

Build Your Own Lunch

Feel Free To Sub Brown Rice $1

Cubana Rice Bowl start with white rice & organic black beans, then add any of the following    6.00
Cubana Rice Bowl add maduros or hard boiled egg    1.50
Cubana Rice Bowl add avocado    2.00
Cubana Rice Bowl add lechon asado    4.00

Coffee & Espresso

We Serve Organic Battenkill Milk & Pacific Soy & Almond Milks

Cafe Cubano     2.75
Cortadito     2.50
Cafe Con Leche     3.75
Iced Cubano     4.25
French Press     2.50
Cold Brew Iced     3.75
Espresso     2.75
Americana     2.75
Cortado     3.50
Capuchino     3.75
Latte     4.00

Tea, Juice & Soda

Organic Tea chamomile. mint green, rooibos, plum ginger, chai, or english breakfast    3.00
Mountain Valley Sparkling     3.00
Fentimans Ginger Beer     3.00
Jarritos Grapefruit Soda     2.75
Jarritos Mango Soda     2.75
Coke diet, sprite, ginger ale    2.00
Red Jacket Fuji Applejuice     3.00
Fresh Orange Juice     4.00
Fresh Lemonade     4.00


Mimosa fresh oj & spanish cava    8.00
Cubanita Maria bloody mary with rum, house pickle brine, & spices    8.00
Rum Lemonade rum, fresh lemon, mint, sugar    9.00
Ice Cafe Rico cold brew coffee, organic milk, chicory, simple syrup choose rum or rye    9.00
Michelada hot sauce, lime, spices, beer    7.00

Beer & Wine

Modelo Especial Can     5.00
Imperial Lager Bottle     6.00
Sixpoint Sweet Action     6.00
Tempranillo Rosé     9.00
Sparkling Cava     11.00
Sauvignon Blanc     9.00
Garnacha Syrah     9.00


Small Plates

Crispy Avocado (v, gf). rice tempura battered avocado flash fried, house guava-habanero marmelade    8.00
Yuca Frita (vg, gf). herb marinated yuca root, fried & sautéed in garlic & cilantro. w/ tomatillo salsa    7.00
Artichoke Paté Tostones (gf, vg). artichoke heart, roast garlic & chickpea paté on salted green plantains w/ pico de gallo & cilantro    11.00
Tostone Tacos (gf). handmade plantain shells (2 per order) w/ chipotle-ancho aioli, pico de gallo, pickled carrot & jalapeño & local catch of the day (or) berkshire pork, slow roasted.    12.00
Ceviche Del Dia (gf). local wild catch of the day, lime, habanero, & avocado, w/ hand cut plantain chips    16.00
Ensalada De Pulpo Spanish Octopus (gf). rioja blanched, w/ cucumber, red bell, black bean, tomato, arugula, sherry-ginger root vinaigrette    16.00
Kale & Avocado (vg, gf). organic lacinato kale, avocado, lime, red onion, & jalapeño    14.00
Kale & Avocado (vg, gf). add sunny egg    2.00
Pickle Plate (vg, gf). house brined local carrot, string bean, red onion, spanish olive, kirby cucumber, jalapeño.    8.00


Pollo A La Plancha (gf). organic 1/2 chicken. slow citrus marinated, pan-seared & oven roasted w/ fire grilled jalapeño-cilantro puree, caribbean fried brown rice, & avocado.    25.00
Ropa Vieja (gf). grassfed brisket. slow braised w/ tomato, poblano, olive, maduros, long grain rice & organic black turtle beans.    21.00
Lechon Asado (gf). berkshire pork shoulder. 8hr roast garlic-mojo berkshire pork pernil, long grain rice & organic black turtle beans, plantain.    19.00
Plato Mercado (vg, gf). seasonal vegetarian. seasonal vegetable, avocado, sauteed kale, caribbean fried brown rice & maduros.    18.00
Social Burger local grass fed pasture raised beef, chorizo bacon, house pickles, relish aioli, & potato sticks w/ salad.    15.00
Social Burger add cheese    1.00
Social Burger add sunny egg    2.00
Social Burger option to sub cuban bread for tostone bun.    1.00
Black Bean Burger (vg). red beet, black bean, & shitake w/ avocado mustard & pico de gallo w/ salad.    14.00
Black Bean Burger (vg). add cheese    1.00
Black Bean Burger (vg). option to sub cuban bread for tostone bun.    1.00
Cubano Sandwich 8hr roast berkshire pork, blackforest ham, swiss, mayo, mustard, house pickles, pressed on cuban bread.    14.00
Cubano Sandwich option to sub cuban bread for tostone bun.    1.00
Chiquita Sandwich (vg). avocado, black bean puree, sweet plantain, swiss, house pickles, pressed on cuban bread, w/ salad.    13.00
Chiquita Sandwich (vg). option to sub cuban bread for tostone bun.    1.00


Butternut Squash & Kale (vg).  
Organic Tofu (vg). traditional "picadillo" organic tofu, raisin, caper, olive, tomato  
Egg & Cheese (v). organic egg, fontina cheese, sofrito  
Grass-Fed Beef traditional "picadillo" sofrito, raisin, caper, olive, tomato  
Berkshire Pork black bean puree, maduro, thyme  
Chicken ancho, chipotle, guajillo, arbol.  


Sauteed Lacinato Kale (vg, gf). garlic, shallots    7.00
Seasonal Vegetable (vg, gf). changes weekly    7.00
Caribbean Pan Fried Brown Rice (vg, gf). w/ maduro & scallion    6.00
Maduros (v, gf). sweet yellow plaintains w/ cinnamon yogurt crema    6.00
Papas Fritas (v, gf). spiced potato fries w/ chipotle-ancho aioli    5.00
White Rice (vg, gf). long grain, cuban style    3.00
Brown Rice (vg, gf). lundberg, long grain    4.00
Black Beans (vg, gf). organic turtle beans, sofrito    4.00
Avocado (vg, gf). w/ lime & chili oil    3.00
Pan Cubano (v). cuban toast, garlic-cilantro butter.    3.00

Postres $6

Nana's Flan (gf). traditional caramel egg custard.  
Key Lime Pie brooklyn twist on a classic, graham cracker crust.  

Brunch Specials

Kale & Avocado organic lacinato kale, avocado, lime, red onion. & jalapeno.    12.00
Kale & Avocado add sunny egg    2.00
Rum Toast cuban toast soaked in dark rum, spiced cream & eggs, with seasonal fruit & nuts   half 6.00  10.00
Huevos Cubanos 2 eggs sunny side with tostones, black beans, avocado, pico de gallo & tomatillo.    11.00
Huevos Cubanos add pork, chicken, or beef hash    3.00
Plato Grande 2 eggs any style with home fries, cuban toast    12.00
Plato Grande add choice of 2: bacon, avocado, chorizo, maduros, greens  
Kale & Shitake Omelet with caramelized onions, served with green salad    12.00
Kale & Shitake Omelet add swiss or fontina cheese    1.00
Vedado Scramble organic tofu scrambled with sofrito & herbs, served with avocado, home fries, green salad    12.00

Sandwiches & Burgers

Huevos Sandwich eggs scrambled, sofrito, fontina cheese, pressed on cuban bread, with yuca frita & salad    9.00
Huevos Sandwich add bacon    2.00
Cubano Sandwich 8hr roast pork, berkshire ham, swiss, mayo, mustard, house pickles, pressed on cuban bread    12.00
Chiquita Sandwich avocado, black bean, sweet plantain, swiss, house pickles, pressed on cuban bread, with salad    11.00
Social Burger grass fed beef, chorizo bacon, house pickles, relish aioli & potato sticks    14.00
Social Burger add cheese    1.00
Social Burger add egg    2.00
Black Bean Burger red beet, black bean, & shitake with avocado mustard & pico de gallo    12.00
Black Bean Burger add cheese    1.00
Black Bean Burger add egg    2.00


Each $4 / (For 3) $10.

Huevos egg & fontina cheese  
Chorizo spanish chorizo & potato  
Pollo stewed chicken, ancho pepper  
Traditional "picadillo" beef, sofrito  
Vegan Traditional "picadillo" tofu  
Pig Roast pork, black bean, maduro  

Bocaditos & Sides

Thick Cut Bacon house cured    4.00
Chorizo with peppers & onions    6.00
Home Fries with roasted peppers    4.00
Tostones salted green plantains    5.00
Maduros sweet yellow plantains    5.00
Papas Fritas & Cilantro Aioli     5.00
Yuca Frita fried yuca root, garlic    6.00
Garlic Kale sauteed, shallots    6.00
Rice & Beans white or brown    6.00

Dessert $6

Nana's Flan Custard   
Classic Key Lime Pie   


Small Bites

Egg Empanadas organic egg & fontina cheese    4.00
Vegan Empanadas organic tofu picadillo with tomato, olive, caper, peppers, sofrito, spices    4.00
Plantains (v, gf). tostones or maduros  
Yuca Frita (v, gf). roast garlic, tomatillo salsa    6.00
Papas Fritas (gf). chili, cilantro aioli    6.00
Crispy Avocado with habanero guava sauce    8.00
Black Bean Hummus (v, gf). with plantain chips    8.00

Sopa Y Ensalada

(VG, GF)

Roasted Beets red beets, cashews, greens, maple sherry vinaigrette, goat cheese    14.00
Kale & Avocado organic lacinato, avocado, ceviche red onion, jalapeño, lime    12.00


Add: Cheese $1, Gluten-Free Option $2 Served With Salad & Tostone Bun.

Chiquita (vg without cheese). avocado, black bean, maduros, swiss, house-brined pickles pressed on cuban bread    11.00
Blackbean Hamburguesa (vg). house blackbean, red beet, & shitake patty, escarole, avocado mustard, pico de gallo    13.00

Platos Calientes

Plato Del Mercado (vg, gf). arroz frito with sweet plantains, seasonal vegetables, avocado with chili & lime    17.00


Pan Cubano     3.00
White Rice (vg, gf)    3.00
Brown Rice (vg, gf)    3.00
Black Beans (vg, gf)    3.00
Avocado (vg, gf)    3.00
Garlic Kale (vg, gf)    6.00

Cubana Cafe Specials

Cafe Cubano espresso & sugar   (2oz) 2.50
Cortadito espresso, sugar, steamed milk   (6oz) 3.50
Cafe Con Leche french press coffee, steamed milk, sugar   (12oz) 3.50
Cafe Dulce espresso, sweet condensed milk   (3oz) 3.00
Iced Cubano cold brew concentrate, chicory, sweet condensed milk   (10oz) 4.25
Hot Cocoa dark cocoa, creamed milk    4.00


Coffee french press brewed    2.50
Decaf pourever made to order    3.00
Single Origin pourover made to order    3.25
Iced Coffee 18hr cold brew    3.25


Espresso     2.50
Americano     2.50
Macchiato     3.00
Cortado     3.50
Cappuccino     3.50
Latte     4.00
Iced Latte     4.25

Tea & Juice

Chamomile english breakfast, blue crane rooibos, moroccan mint, or iced    3.00
Chai Latte     4.00
Fresh Orange grapefruit or lemonade    4.00
Cranberry Or Pineapple     3.00

Bottled Beverages

Jarritos Mexican Fruit Soda     2.50
Local Kom Bucha     4.00
Mexican Coca Cola     2.50
Saranac Ginger Beer     2.50
Red Jacket Orchards Fuji Apple Juice     3.00

Draft Beer

Dos Equis Amber lager    5.00
Modelo Especial pilsner    6.00
Brooklyn Radius belgian ale    6.00
Ithaca Flower Power ipa    6.00

Bottled Beer

Presidente pilsner    5.00
Sol lager    5.00
Brooklyn Brown ale    6.00
Capt. Lawrence happy wheat    6.00
Red Stripe lager    6.00
Ommegang Abbey amber ale    7.00
Doc's Hard NY Apple Cider     7.00

Lunch Cocktails $8

Michelada Cubana lime, hot sauces, modelo draft beer  
Cubanita Maria cuban bloody mary, house pickle brine  
Mimosa spanish cava & juice of the day  
Rum Lemonade denizen rum, housemade lemonade  
Barcelona spanish vermouth, orange, club soda  
Cuba Libre rum, lime, bitters, coca cola  
Iced Rico rum or rye, blue bottle cold brew, milk, sugar  


Number 4 Cup denizen rum, ginger beer, vermut, cherry heering, curacao, lemon, muddled orange, cucumber, & mint    12.00
Tom's Rum Crusta flir de cana rum, amaretto, curacao, lemon, angostura, pernod absinthe    12.00
The Red Dawn tequila, old torn gin, chartreuse, muddled red bell pepper, house honey syrup, lime juice    13.00
Kokomo a coconut mojito with denizen rum, coconut, muddled mint, lemon, simple syrup    11.00


Celia Cruz dorothy parker gin, lillet blanc, mint, cucumber, lemon    12.00
Dill Paloma espolon tequila, grapefruit, lime, muddled dill & cucumber try it spicy with jalapeno at your request    12.00
Rita De Cuba union mezcal, espolon tequila, house guava habanero, cointreau, lime    12.00
Smokey Mendez overholt rye, scotch, grand marnier, egg white, lemon mint    12.00

Rum Classics

Social Mojito denizen rum, lime, mint, house ginger syrup    11.00
Hemingway Daiquiri banks 5 island rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, lime    12.00
Hotel Nacional banks 7yr rum, apricot liqueur, pineapple, lime, simple    13.00
Shaman's Orders a distinguished cuba libre with flor de cana rum, fernet brancha, lime, angostura, coca cola    11.00

Tiki Punches

Pisco Punch barsol pisco, muddled pineapple house pineapple syrup, lemon & lime    13.00
Bluest Mai Tai dueling light & dark rums, orgeat syrup, blue curacao, maraschino liqueur, lime    12.00
El Zombie Mejor dark rum, amber rum, overproof rum, don's mix, pernod absinthine, velvet palernum, house grenadine, angostura, lemon, lime    18.00


Sauvignon Blanc terranoble, '10 chile    8.00
Albarino albarino licia '10 spain    10.00
Chard, Riesling, Gewurz wolffer '11 long island, ny    11.00
Riesling ravines'11 finger lakes, ny    12.00


Tempranillo Rose mesta, '12 spain    8.00
Tempranillo mesta, '11 spain    8.00
Garnacha, Syrah los dos '10 spain    9.00
Rioja Crianza labastida, '08 spain    11.00
Malbec Reserva punto final, '10 argentina    12.00


Cava, Sparkling juve y camps brut '09 spain    11.00


Cubana Social
70 N 6th St
Btwn Wythe & Kent Ave
(718) 782-3334
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