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Coco Le Vu

  • $
  • Desserts
  • 202 E 110th St, New York 10029 40.793877 -73.942406
  • (Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)
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  • (212) 860-3380
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Bulk Candies $8.50

Per Lb

Strawberry Malt Balls Candy   
Peanut Brittle Candy   
Peanut Butter Bars Candy   
Licorice Scotties Candy   
Circus Peanuts Candy   
Sour Cherry Balls Candy   
Good And Plenty Candy   
Hot Tamales Candy   
Lemonheads Candy   
Boston Baked Beans Candy   
Wax Bottles Candy   
Mike N Likes Candy   
Choco Rocks Candy   
Spree Candy   
Gumdrops Candy   
Assorted Pastel Almonds Candy   
Candy Necklace Candy   
Mini Jawbreakers Candy   

Sour $8.50

Per Lb

Sour Patch Kids   
Strawberry Straws   
Berry Blue Sour Belts   
Rainbow Sour Belts   
Apple Sour Belts   
Strawberry Sour Belts   
Gummy Bananas   
Apple O's   
Sour Gummy Green Apple   
Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles   
Gummy Bears   
Gummy Worms   
Gummy Starfish   
Gummy Crocodiles   
Sour Patch Watermelon   
Sour Gummy Apples   
Sour Gummy Cola Bottles   
Sour Patch Peach   
Sour Gummy Grapefruit   

Sixlets $8.50

Per Lb

Pink Sixlets   
Purple Sixlets   
Silver Sixlets   
Pastel Sixlets   
Standard Assorted Colors Sixlets   

Dark Chocolate Covered $8.50

Per Lb

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans   
Dark Chocolate Peanuts   
Dark Chocolate Covered Non-Pareils White Seeds   
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins   
Dark Chocolate Covered Malt Balls   
Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Bark   

Yogurt Covered $8.50

Per Lb

Yogurt Covered Raisins   
Yogurt Covered Cranberries   
Yogurt Covered Pretzels   
Yogurt Covered Peanuts   

Twizzlers $8.50

Per Lb

Pina-Colada Twizzlers   
Strawberry Twizzlers   
Chocolate Twizzlers   
Green Apple Twizzlers   
Raspberry Twizzlers   
Watermelon Twizzlers   

Milk Chocolate $8.50

Per Lb

Chocolate Covered Raisins   
Chocolate Covered Peanuts   
Chocolate Covered Pretzels   
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds   
Malt Balls regular  
Peanut Butter Malt Balls   
Chocolate Covered Krispies   
Chocolate Duds   
Jelly Rings   
Chocolate Toffee Crunch   
Chocolate Graham Crackers   
Mini Peanut Butter Cups   
Almond Clusters   
Chocolate Pecan Turtles   
Chocolate Bridge Mix   
Chocolate Cashews   
Chocolate Cookie Dough   
Chocolate Covered Almonds   
Cocoa Dusted Almonds   
Reese's Pieces   
Peanut M&M's   
Plain M&M's   
Chocolate Covered Dried Bananas   
Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears   
Non-Pareils Rainbow Seed   
Tiramisu Cordials   
Pecan Turtles   
Almond Bark   

M&M's Plain Colored $8.50

Per Lb

M&M's Plain   
M&M's Light Pink   
M&M's Royal Blue   
M&M's Yellow   
M&M's Purple   

White Chocolate Covered $8.50

Per Lb

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels   
White Chocolate Covered Almond Bark   

Gummy $8.50

Per Lb

Gummy Cherries   
Gummy Snakes   
Gummy Sand Sharks   
Gummy Killer Sharks   
Gummy Octopus   
Gummy Worms   
Gummy Teeth   
Gummy Brains   
Gummy Swedish Fish red  
Gummy Swedish Fish assorted  
Gummy Giant Snakes   
Gummy Fried Eggs   
Gummy Jujy Fruits regular  
Gummy Jujy Fruits mini  
Gummy Frogs   
Gummy Cola Bottles   
Gummy Centipedes   
Gummy Strawberries   
Gummy Techno Bears   
Gummy Bears regular size  
Gummy Bears mini  
Gummy Bears regular sugar free  
Gummy Dinosaurs   
Gummy Lobster   
Gummy Alligators   
Gummy Raspberries   
Cinnamon Gummy Bears   


Watermelon Airheads    (0.55oz) 0.75
Green Apple Airheads    (0.55oz) 0.75
Cherry Airheads    (0.55oz) 0.75
Blue Raspberry Airheads    (0.55oz) 0.75
White Mystery Airheads    (0.55oz) 0.75
Orange Airheads    (0.55oz) 0.75
Pink Lemonade Orange Airheads    (1.5oz) 1.75


Bazooka     0.10
Tootsie Rolls regular    0.10
Tootsie Rolls assorted colors    0.10
Wonka Pixy Sticks     0.10
Mini Chico-O-Sticks     0.10
Butter Scotch     0.10
Smarties     0.10
Goetze's     0.10
Hershey Kisses     0.10
Salt Water Taffy     0.10
Atomic Fire Balls     0.10
Lemonheads     0.10
Jaw Busters     0.10
Laffy Taffy     0.10
Warheads Extreme Sour-Assorted     0.10
Jolly Ranchers     0.10
Dubble Bubble     0.10
Cry Baby     0.10
Bubble Gum Coins     0.10
Caramel Squares     0.10
Fudge Squares     0.10


Now Or Later's     0.15
Squirrel Nut Zippers     0.15
Charleston Chews     0.15
Mary Janes     0.15
Sesame Crunch     0.15
Peanut Butter Bars     0.15
Bit-O-Honey's     0.15
Hershey Mini Bars     0.15
Wonka Banana Laffy Taffy     0.15


Individually Wrapped Fruit Slices     0.25
Gummy Hot Dogs     0.25
Gummy Burgers     0.25
Gummy Sour Burgers     0.25


Neopolitan Sundae     0.30


Chocolate Ice Cube     0.50
Zotz-Cherry apple and watermelon    0.50
Zotz-Lemon orange and grape    0.50


Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape-Mystery     2.39
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape-Tangy Tropical     1.99
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape-Original     1.99
Rain Blo    (0.53oz) 0.50
Big League Chew Gum    (2.12oz) 1.99
Teaberry 15 sticks    1.29
Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum    (10pcs) 2.25
Tiny Size Chiclets    (0.5oz) 0.99
Yardstick Bubblegum    (3oz) 2.79
Toxic Waste High Voltage     2.49
Face Twister Bubblegum Apple     1.29
Face Twister Bubblegum Strawberry     1.29
Gold Mine Bubblegum     1.49
Bubblegum Cigarettes     0.75
Pop Rocks Dips     1.29
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar    (1.55oz) 1.49
Music Pops     0.75
Triple Power Push Pop     3.49
Flash Pop Ring     1.49
Icee Spray Candy     1.89
Icee Squeeze Candy     1.99
Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop     2.69
Baby Bottle Pop     2.79
Sucker Punches     2.49
Juicy Drop Pops     3.49
Fruit By The Foot     0.75
Ring Pop Twisted     1.25
Jelly Belly Pet Rat     3.69
Fish Kabob jelly candy    1.99
Bug Bites Kabob jelly candy    1.99


Charms Pops     0.30
Whirly Pops-Pink    (1.5oz) 2.39
Whirly Pops-Orange    (3oz) 3.99 (1.5oz) 2.39
Whirly Pops-Red    (1.5oz) 2.39
Whirly Pops-Purple    (1.5oz) 2.39
Whirly Pops-Rainbow    (3oz) 3.99 (1.5oz) 2.39 (10oz) 7.99 (6oz) 4.99
Whirly Pops-Aqua    (1.5oz) 2.39
Rock Candy     1.25
Tootsie Pops     0.25
Charms Blow Pops     0.25
Sugar Daddy Lollipop    (1.7oz) 1.39
Unicorn Pops    (2.5oz) 1.99
Ice Cream Swirl Pops    (2oz) 1.99

Gourmet Chocolates And Baked Goods

Giant Peanut Butter Cup    (0.25oz) 2.75
Giant Rocky Road Chocolate Cup     2.75
Giant Coconut Chocolate Cup     2.75
Giant Peanut Butter Cup     2.75
Mini Peanut Butter Cup     0.75
Snicker Cluster     1.75
Oreo Mint Cluster     1.75
Coconut Patties     1.59
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries     1.49
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Skewers     1.49
Milk Chocolate Dipped Cherry Cordials     1.49
Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherry Cordials     1.49
White Chocolate Dipped Cherry Cordials     1.49
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies     1.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies     1.00
Cherry Cordial     1.25

Wrapped Candy

Skittles    (2.17oz pack) 1.39
Starburst-Original     1.39
Starburst-Fiesta     1.49


Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pez     2.89
Star Wars Pez     2.89
Thomas & Friends Pez     2.89
Toy Story Pez     2.89
Disney Princess Pez     2.89
Disney Fairies Pez     2.89
Marvel Universe Pez     2.89
Nascar Pez     2.89
Winnie The Pooh Pez     2.89
Hello Kitty Pez     2.89
Pez Re-Fills     2.49


It's A Boy Bubble Gum Blue Cigars     3.95
It's A Boy Blue Chocolate Booties     0.85
It's A Girl Bubble Gum Pink Cigars     3.95
It's A Girl Pink Chocolate Pink Booties     0.85
Giant Tootsie Roll    (3oz) 1.99
Giant Charleston Chew Chocolate    (1.87oz) 1.79
Giant Charleston Chew Vanilla    (1.87oz) 1.79
Giant Charleston Chew Strawberry    (1.87oz) 1.79
Nik N Lip     1.79
El Bubble     0.75
Chuckles    (2oz) 1.49
Jujy Fruits    (2.10oz) 1.49
Chico-O-Stick    (2oz) 1.99
Horehound Natural Herbal Flavor    (6oz) 1.49
Sugar Babies    (1.7oz. pack) 1.49
Payday    (1.85oz) 1.49
Guava Chowards    (15pcs) 1.49
Chowards Violets    (15pcs) 1.25
Chark Bar    (2.1oz) 1.69
Mr. Goodbar    (1.75oz) 1.49
Old Fashioned Flat Taffy     1.49
Necco Wafers-Assorted    (2.02oz) 1.25
Necco Wafers-Chocolate    (2.02oz) 1.25
Big Cherry    (1.34oz) 1.79
Annabelle's Abba Zaba    (2oz) 1.69
Big Hunk    (2oz) 1.69
Sixlets pack    1.69
Junior Mints    (1.84oz) 1.39
Turkish Taffy-Chocolate    (1.5oz) 1.59
Turkish Taffy-Vanilla    (1.5oz) 1.59
Turkish Taffy-Strawberry    (1.5oz) 1.59
Turkish Taffy-Banana    (1.5oz) 1.59
Idaho Spud    (1.5oz) 1.99
Old Faithful Peanut Cluster    (1.5oz) 1.99
Old Dominion Peanut Bars    (1.65oz) 0.99
Mamba    (2.65oz) 1.79
Charms-Assorted    (1oz) 1.25
Goo Goo Cluster-Supreme    (1.5oz) 1.99
Goo Goo Cluster-Original    (1.75oz) 1.99
Goo Goo Cluster-Peanut Butter    (1.5oz) 1.99
Sky Bar    (1.5oz) 1.49
Valomilk    (2oz) 2.75
Mallo Cups     1.49
Razzles    (1.4oz) 1.69

Hello Kitty

Bubble Gum Purse Case     3.79
Lucky Stars Candy     3.79
Sour Nerds     3.79
Sweet Cupcakes     3.79
Marshmallow Pops     2.99
Compact Candy     1.99
Candy Necklace     1.75
Keroppi Sours     3.79
Pre-Inflated Balloon     1.99


Gummi-Aids     4.99
Chocolate-Aids     4.99
Warheads Super Sour Spray Candy    (0.68oz) 1.99
Cry Baby Tears    (1.98oz box) 1.59
Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy    (1.4oz) 2.49
Sour Pacifier Pops    (0.8oz) 2.39
Warheads Mini Size Extreme Sour Hard Candy    (1.75oz) 2.49
Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls    (3oz) 2.49
Aftershock Green Apple-Strawberry    (0.53oz) 2.99
Sour Gummy Popcorn    (3oz) 2.79
M&M Minis    (1.08oz) 1.49
Candy Watch     0.50
Candy Necklace     0.75
Candy Cigarettes     0.75
Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe     3.29
Jelly Belly Beanboozled    (3.5oz) 7.49 (1.6oz) 2.29
World's Largest Necklace     2.49
Sour World's Largest Necklace     2.49
Mega Candy Buttons     3.99
Candy Button     2.99
Giant Pixy Sticks     0.99
Giant Jawbreakers     1.99
Sour Flush     2.49
Lollipop Paint Shop     2.49
Nintendo Wii Controller     3.99
Super Mario Sour Mushroom Candies     3.79
Super Mario Coin Candies     3.79
King Size Twizzlers     2.99
Mr. Stache     2.49
Wax Lips     2.49
Ginormous Gummy Bear Lollipops     7.79
Big Bite Gummy Bear     5.99
Bubblegum Jump Rope     3.79
Plastic Road Racers     4.99
Pop Rocks     0.99


Fun Dip    (3 flavors) 1.69 (1 flavor) 0.75
Laffy Taffy Assorted Flavors    (1.5oz) 1.79
Laffy Taffy Strawberry    (1.5oz) 1.79
Scrumdiddlyumptious Bar    (3.5oz) 2.49
Kazoozles    (1.8oz) 1.69
Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts    (1.5oz) 1.59
Sweet Tarts    (1.8oz) 1.69
Bottle Caps    (1.77oz) 1.79
Nerd Ropes    (0.92oz) 1.69
Everlasting Gobstopper    (1.77oz) 1.49
Chewy Gobstopper    (1.77oz) 1.49
Nerds Strawberry/Grape     1.25
Nerds Amped Apple/Lightning Lemon     1.25
Nerds Lemonade Wild Cherry/Apple Watermelon     1.25
Nerds Wild Cherry/Watermelon     1.25


Coco Le Vu
202 E 110th St
Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave
(212) 860-3380
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