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Chung Ki-Wa

  • $$$
  • Barbecue, Korean, Sushi
  • 40-06 74th St, Elmhurst 11373 40.74226 -73.890699
  • (At Broadway)
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  • (718) 478-0925
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Authentic Korean Barbecue

Spe. So Han Mari Gui whole meat broiled ox combination.    64.95
Bul Go Ki sliced tender prime beef marinated in special sauce.    24.95
Kal Bi Gui prime boneless short rib cubes marinated in a tempting sauce.    23.95
Dak Gui boneless spring chicken marinated with teriyaki sauce.    19.95
Sam Gyu Sal Sokeum Gui unsalted three layer pork.    19.95
Mae-Toeji Gui sliced wild boar marinated with spicy or mild sauce.    24.95
Je Yook Gui sliced join of pork, marinated in spicy or mild sauce.    19.95
Hemit Gui broiled thin sliced beef tongue.    24.95
Yang Gui marinated beef tribe broiled on your table.    19.95
O-Jing-A Yang Nyum Gui sliced squid with spicy sauce or mild sauce.    19.95
Cha-Dol Backi thinly sliced corned beef with sesame oil side dip.    24.95
Sae Woo Gui seasoned tiger shrimps.    20.95
Gop Chang Gui seasoned beef intestines.    20.95

Broiled Fish

Samchi Gui broiled king fish.    14.95
Yeonuh Gui broiled seasoned salmon.    16.95
Joki Gui broiled yellow fish.    16.95
Janguh Gui broiled eel with teriyaki sauce.    19.95
Godunguh Gui broiled seasoned mackerel.    12.95
Kongchii Gui broiled pike mackerel.    12.95


Kal Bi Tang stewed short ribs in clear beef broth.    13.95
Yook Gye Jang hot and spicy stew with shredded beef and scallion.    11.95
Gom Tang stew meat of ox bone and tripe with rice.    10.95
Kkori Gomtang stew meat of ox tail with rice.    11.95
Seolong Tang stewed beef broth with rice.    10.95
Woo Jok Tang stewed meat of ox feet soup with rice.    13.95
Nae Jang Tang stewed cow intestine soup.    14.95
Kot Gye Maewoontang crab casserole with hot and spicy sauce.    14.95
Heuk Yeom So Tang stewed black goat meat with vegetables.    14.95
A-Gu Maewoontang monk fish casserole with hot and spicy sauce.    14.95
Daegoo Maewoontang cod fish casserole with hot and spicy sauce.    14.95
Daegoo Jiri cod fish mild casserole served with rice.    14.95
Gam Ja Tang spicy pork ribs & potato stew pot.    12.95
Kimchee Jige kimchee and sliced pork casserole.    10.95
Doen Jang Jige lean paste casserole containing bean curd, pork and vegetable served with rice.    10.95
Tofu Jige bean curd pot stew with beef and clam.    11.95
Soon Tofu Jige soft bean curd pot stew with clam squid and beef.    10.95
Boodae Jige spicy sausage & vegetable stew pot.    13.95
Jo Gea Tang clam casserole with bean curd.    12.95
Dong Tae Jige whiting fish casserole with hot and spicy sauce.    12.95
Al Jige korean style spicy caviar soup with vegetables in house special sauce.    14.95
O-Jing-A Jige squid in spicy broth.    12.95
Hae Mool Suk Geu Jige mixed seafood simmered in hot and spicy broth with assorted vegetable.    14.95
Soon Dae Kug stuffed korean sausage & cabbage soup.    11.95
Hae Jang Kug a soup-stew of beef broth and asian cabbage.    10.95
Mandu Kug dumpling soup.    10.95
Tuk Mandu Kug sliced rice cakes and dumpling in soup.    10.95

Hot Pot Dishes

Hae Mul Jungol shrimp, fish, crab and vegetable mixed seafood, combination soup.    36.95
Nakji Jungol small octopus noodle and assorted vegetables in spicy sauce.    36.95
Heuk Youm So Jungol pot stewed black goat meat and vegetables.    37.95
Gamja Jeongol pork ribs and potato casserole.    36.95
Boodae Jeongol spicy sausage and cabbage casserole.    36.95
Jungol Sari just noodles.    4.95


Jun Bok Juk abalone and rice porridge.    11.95
Wojok Sara boiled tender feet bone plate.    19.95
Gaejang Baekban atlantic raw crabs marinated in hot and spicy sauce served with rice.    14.95
Don Ka Shu deep-fried pork cutlet served with vegetables.    12.95
Bok Eum Bop fried rice with beef, chicken, pork or shrimp.    10.95
Bi Bim Bop marinated beef with vegetable over rice.    10.95
Gobdol Bi Bim Bop marinated beef, vegetables over rice and fried egg on top ikn geated stone pot.    12.95
Yook Hwe Bi Bim Bop shredded raw beef marinated in seasoned sesame oil and vegetable over rice.    15.95
HWE Bibimbop sashimi & vegetable rice bowl.    18.95

Korean Style Noodles

Naeng Myun sliced beef and vegetables over buck wheat noodles in cold broth.    10.95
Bibim Naeng Myun sliced beef and vegetables over buck wheat noodles mixed with hot spicy sauce.    11.95
HWE Naeng Myun sliced raw fish over cold buck wheat noodles mixed with hot spicy sauce.    12.95
On Myun sliced beef and vegetables over buck k wheat noodles in warm broth.    10.95
Naeng Myun Sari plain buckwheat noodles.    4.95
Nam Bi Udon noodles with shrimp and vegetables in soup.    10.95

Chef's Specialties

Yook HWE shredded raw beef marinated in seasoned sesame oil.    20.95
Sae Woo Tui Gim deep-fried shrimps and vegetables.    14.95
Mandu Tui Gim fried dumplings.    11.95
O-Jing-A Bokum sliced squid and vegetable sauteed with hot spicy sauce.    14.95
Hawmool Bokum wok-sauteed seafood with delicate brown sauce.    21.95
Tofu Kimchee Bokum fried pork with kimchee.    14.95
Nakji Bokum octopus with vegetables in hot & spicy sauce.    15.95
Pan Jun korean style pancake with squid, shrimp, scallion & pork.    12.95
Saeng Sun Jun egg-rolled and pan fried fish filet.    12.95
Chap Chae this clear noodle, shredded beef and vegetables sauteed in specialty seaweed sauce.    12.95
Sam Hap Cho sweet & sour sauce with conch, shrimp, sirloin tips.    17.95
Yang Nyum Tofu steamed tofu with seasoning.    11.95
Tang Soo Yook sweet & sour sauce with pork.    14.95
HWE Mu Chem raw fish and vegetables mixed with hot and red pepper sauce.    21.95
Wojok Mu Chem mixed tender feet bone and greens.    19.95
Samgyub Bo Sam steamed pork loin served with kimchee.    21.95
Kal Bi Jim short ribs simmered in tempting sauce.    19.95
A-Gu Jim steamed monk fish with soy bean in spicy sauce.    31.95
Daegu Muhri Jim stewed cod fish head with spicy sauce.    23.95

Chef's Specials

Sashimi    reg 24.95 dlx 34.95
Sashimi special vip    59.95
Sushi    dlx 22.95 reg 15.95
Sushi special vip    39.95
Futo Maki cooked vegetable, egg, crabmeat and cavies sushi wrapped in seaweed.    9.95
California Maki avocado & crabmeat sushi wrapped in seaweed roll.    7.95
Takka Maki tuna sushi wrapped in seaweed roll.    9.95
Kappa Maki cucumber sushi wrapped in seaweed roll.    6.95
Combination Maki combination sushi of california maki, kappa & tekka maki.    14.95
Sashimi & Sushi Combination combination of sushi & sashimi.    39.95

Sashimi & Sushi Appetizer

4 Pcs.

Tuna magro    10.00
Yellow Tail hamachi    12.00
Salmon sake    8.00
Shrimp ebi    8.00
Octopus tako    8.00
Urchin uni    12.00
Salmon Roe ikura    12.00

Choice Roll & Hand Roll

Alaska Roll fresh salmon, cucumber, avocado.    5.50
Salmon Royale crabmeat, fresh salmon, cucumber.    3.00
Spicy Salmon Roll fresh salmon with special sauce.    5.50
Salmon Skin Roll salmon skin, cucumber, special sauce.    5.00
Yellow Tail Roll yellow tail, green onions.    5.50
Spicy Yellowtail Roll yellow tail, green onions, chili sauce.    6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, special sauce, chili sauce.    5.50
Eel Roll eel, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce.    5.00
Rainbow Roll 3 kinds of fresh fish outside roll, avocado.    9.95
Dragon Roll eel, avocado, cucumber, crabmeat.    12.95
Ebi Tempura Roll shrimp, tempura, avocado, vegetables.    5.00
Boston Roll shrimp, avocado, cucumber.    5.50

Lunch Special

Monday-Friday From: 11:00am-3:00pm.

Bul Go Ki Box Special     10.00
Chicken Box Special     10.00
Salmon Box Special     10.00
Sushi Box Special     10.00
Clam Spinach Soup     7.95
Bean Paste Casserole Containing Bean Curd     7.95
Kimchee And Sliced Pork Casserole     7.95
Soft Bean Curd Pot Stew     7.95
Hot & Spicy Stew with shredded beef and vegetables.    7.95
Sliced Rice Cakes & Dumpling La Soup     7.95
Da-Ro Guk Bob     7.95
U-Donk     7.95
Fri Rice with beef, chicken, pork or shrimp.    7.95
Hong-A Mae Un Tang     9.95
Marinated Beef with vegetables and rice.    7.95
Avocado & Crabmeat Sushi Wrapped In Seaweed Roll     6.95
Whiting Fish Casserole with hot & spicy sauce.    9.95
Stewed Parts Of Cod Fish     9.95
Assorted Sliced Raw Fish Over Rice     11.95
Stewed Short Ribs In Clear Beef Broth     9.95
Steamed Rice, Soy Sprouts And Pork mixed with house special sauce.    8.95
Hong-A Jim     9.95
Broiled Mackerel     7.95
Chicken Teriyaki     9.95


Chung Ki-Wa
40-06 74th St
At Broadway
(718) 478-0925
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