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Chocolate Bar

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  • Coffee & Tea, Desserts
  • 19 8th Ave, New York 10014 40.737851 -74.004762
  • (Btwn Jane & 12th St)
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  • (212) 366-1541
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Graffiti Bars

Great Chocolate. Pure Street. An Homage To Nyc's History And An Era Of Street Art And Design. Ten Fabulous Flavors Wrapped In Labels Designed By Ten Of Nyc's Esteemed Graffiti Artists. A Portion Of The Sales Benefits The Children's Arts Org

Graffiti Bar Set 10 assorted graffiti bars inside a gold hot stamped chocolate brown box featuring all 10 artists names. eat the chocolate. save the wrappers. flavors based on availability.    35.00
Crash: Dark Rum dark chocolate with rum infused ganache.    3.50
Blade: Milk Caffetto milk chocolate with ground espresso.    3.50
Crime 79: Caramel milk chocolate filled with creamy caramel.    3.50
Lady Pink: Banana Milk milk chocolate filled with banana cream ganache    3.50
Spar: Milk Almond milk chocolate with chopped almonds    3.50
Stay High 149: Cookies & Cream white chocolate with ground chocolate cookies    3.50
Crachee: Dark Toffee Crunch dark chocolate and toffee    3.50
Is The Wiz: Bittersweet straight bittersweet chocolate    3.50
Dondi White: S'mores milk chocolate with marshmallow and graham bits    3.50
Dr. Revolt: Dark Chocolate Strawberry dark chocolate filled with strawberry jam    3.50

Stencil Bars

Greet Chocolate. Pure Street. 8 Miniature Tablets With Labels Designed By Brooklyn Based Stencil Artist Ed Roth Of Stencil 1. 1 3/4" Square These Chocolates Are The Perfect Size For Snacking. Eat One. Eat Them All!

Stencil Bar Set all 8 bars packaged with an authentic stencil1 4 x 6" stencil for use on your walls, clothes, bags or books...anywhere you deem fit. comes in our signature gift box with bow.    12.00
Milk Stencil Bar smooth milk chocolate wrapped in the "boom box" stencil. the originals never go out of style.    0.90
Bittersweet Stencil Bar the stiletto is bittersweet. so is this fine chocolate bar wrapped in the "stiletto" stencil.    0.90
Mint Stencil Bar mint & smooth milk chocolate dance well together. even better in this "go-go" stencil.    0.90
Caramel Stencil Bar caramel infused into creamy milk chocolate wrapped in the "afro girl" stencil. so classic.    0.90
Almond Stencil Bar finely shaved almonds in milk chocolate hidden under the "water tower" stencil.    0.90
Toffee Crunch Stencil Bar crunchy toffee in milk chocolate. super flashy like the "wrestler mask."    0.90
Dark Raspberry Stencil Bar perfectly dark chocolate infused with raspberry. makes you want to bounce like the "ranchero" stencil.    0.90
Milk Raspberry Stencil Bar creamy milk chocolate infused with raspberry wrapped in the "bicycle" stencil. ride off into summer.    0.90

Artist Bars $3.50

Great Chocolate. Pure Design. Wrapper's Delight. Cho-o-graphic Chocolate Bars Featuring 10 Different Labels Created By Renowned Artists And Designers. Pick Your Favorites Or Get The Whole Set In Our Gallery Box Embossed.

Artist Bar Set wrappers delight! 10 bars with labels designed by 10 graphic designers, fine artists & toy designers. eat your art! flavors based upon availability.  
Chocolate Milk (Toy2r) creamy milk chocolate wrapped in a label designed by toy2r.  
Dark Chocolate (Rolito) rich dark chocolate wrapped in a label designed by rolito.  
Dark Almond (Gary Baseman) dark chocolate filled with chopped almonds and wrapped in a label designed by gary baseman.  
Milk Crispy Rice (Sun-min Kim) 2.25 ounces of creamy milk chocolate fully of crisped rice and wrapped in a label designed by sun-min kim.  
Dark Caffetto (Nathan Jurevicius) 2.25 ounces of rich dark chocolate filled with ground espresso beans and wrapped in a label designed by nathan jurevicius.  
Milk Hazelnut (Tim Biskup) milk chocolate packed full with chopped hazelnuts and wrapped in a label designed by tim biskup.  
Milk Salty Pretzel (Jd Boujnah) milk chocolate filled with finely ground salted pretzels and wrapped in a label designed by yoyamart's jd boujnah.  
Dark Salty Pretzel (Friends With You) dark chocolate filled with finely ground salted pretzel and wrapped in a label designed by friends with you.  
Chocominty (David Horvath) dark chocolate filled with a creamy mint ganache and wrapped in a label designed by david horvath.  

Truffles & Bon Bons

Shake Your Bon Bon. Truffles. Simply Cosmopolitan. Our Signature Bon Bons Are Simply Cosmopolitan. They Are Made With The Finest Chocolate. Free Of Preservatives Or Additives And Are Hand Packed To Order With Our Best Flavors Including Salted Caramel&comm

6-Piece Signature Box our six piece assorted truffle box.    9.00
16-Piece Signature Box an assortment of 16 truffles.    24.00
24-Piece Signature Box an assortment of 24 truffles.    33.00
48-Piece Signature Box an assortment of 48 truffles.    65.00

Clusters $17

Retro Re- Configured. Our Handmade Clusters Are A Retro Inspiration Using The Highest Quality Chocolate And Filled With Classic Flavors. We Pack Our Clusters 4 Per Box (One Each For Breakfast. Lunch, Dinner And Midnight Snack).

Peanut Butter Clusters 4-piece box crunchy peanut butter enrobed in dark, milk and white chocolate packaged in our signature kraft brown candy box. we can't stop eating these!  
Biscotti Caramel Clusters 4-piece box chocolate biscotti and creamy caramel enrobed in dark, white and milk chocolate and packaged in our signature kraft brown candy box. a modern spin on the classic chocolate turtle.  
Dark Cherry Coconut Clusters 4-piece box mmmm...sweet coconut and dark cherries enrobed in dark, white and milk chocolate and packaged in our kraft brown candy box.  
Strawberry Shortcake Clusters 4-piece box strawberry and shortcake filling enrobed in dark, white and milk chocolate and packaged in our signature kraft brown candy box. strawberry shortcake and chocolate seem made for each other!  
Chocolate Cluster Set 4-piece box for those of us who can't decide which one is best.  

Retro Bars

Great Chocolate. Pure Nostalgia. Bringing Back Colossal Flavors From Era's Bygone, Discover Pure Nostalgia With Eight Fabulous Flavors. Inspired By The Creativity Of Boardwalk Candy Stores, The Gentility Of Our Local Soda Shop And Gooey R

Retro Bar Set get a fresh pack of 10 assorted retro bars in an orange box tied with our signature brown ribbon.    35.00
Malted Milk it's the soda shop staple in creamy milk chocolate.    3.50
Key Lime Pie a burst of key lime and chocolate heaven.    3.50
Caramel Apple our version of the coveted caramel apple on a stick.    3.50
Peanut Butter Caramel we love peanut butter. we love caramel. we love the two put together!    3.50
Salty Pretzel salty, sweet . . . delicious. choose from milk or dark chocolate.    3.50
Raspberry Jam two classic flavors combined into one perfect bar.    3.50
Coconut Cream Pie a classic we can't get enough of. coconut cream pie will never be the same!    3.50

Snappy Snacks $8.50

Salty, Sweet, Crunchy. Nuts! Toffee! Popcorn! Yum! Get Some To Give For Bonus Points. Get Yours And Hide It From Your Friends Lest You Never See It Again.

Almonds smothered in chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. approximately 8 ounces of crunching fun.  
Chocolate Caramel Popcorn 4 ounces of perfectly popped lightly salted popcorn rolled in caramel and drizzled in dark chocolate. so good most of us are addicts.  
Classic Almond Toffee the toffee with a snap that doesn't stick to your teeth. a salty-sweet combo covered in dark chocolate and crushed almonds. we guarantee bliss upon eating.  


Boardwalk Beauties Oh, So Yummy! Our Boxed Assortment Contains A Chocolate Caramel Collection Of Pecan Nougat, Straight Caramel, Chocolate Mint, Mocha, Pecan And Nougat Stripe.

Boxed Caramels oh, so yummy! our boxed assortment contains pecan nougat, straight caramel, chocolate mint, mocha, pecan and nougat stripe.    35.00

Atomic Collection

Pop Creations. Colossal Flavors. Made Of Delicious Dark Chocolate And All Natural Ingredients. Choose Your Favorite Or Get The Whole Collection In Our Signature Gift Box.

Atomic Chocolate Box a 3-piece set packaged in our signature gift box and tied with a bow. the perfect alternative to the traditional truffle.    17.50
Black & White requested by our FedEx man, loved by all. homemade marshmallow, caramel and graham enrobed in dark chocolate.    6.00
Elvis elvis would be proud! home made banana marshmallow & crunchy peanut butter enrobed in dark chocolate.    6.00
PBJ leave the bread behind! crunchy peanut butter & grape jelly enrobed in dark chocolate.    6.00
The Astro creamy honey nougat and almonds enrobed in dark chocolate. this one will send you past mars.    6.00

Signature Bars

Our Signature Line Of Chocolate Bars Are Crafted From The Finest Quality Chocolate And Are Ready To Be Devoured. All Bars Are Made In Small Batches - Without Additives, Artificial Preservatives Or Coloring.

Signature Bar Set an assortment of our infamous signature chocolate bars packaged in our signature brown gift box and tied with orange bow. this set features 1 bar each of milk, bittersweet, 64% cacao, 64% cacao with coffee, 71% super dark, 71% super dark with cacao nibs.    36.00
Milk a sweet and smooth concentration of delicate belgian milk chocolate.    6.00
Bittersweet a perfectly blended dark chocolate bar made with 54% cacao.    6.00
64% Cacao a perfectly blended dark chocolate bar made with 64% cacao.    6.00
64% Cacao With Coffee creamy 64% dark chocolate blended with coffee.    6.00
71% Super Dark for the chocolate purist it rarely gets more pure or dark than this- two varietal chocolates crafted with 71% cacao for a superior dark chocolate treat.    6.00
71% Super Dark With Cacao Nibs the finest dark chocolate mixed with a dark chocolate caco nib. gives an even richer taste.    6.00

Tea Party

Chocolate Blended Tea. Loose Leaf Tea. Our Tea Boxes Are Packed Fresh With The Finest Tea From Around The World. They Are Sugar Free (The Chocolate Is 99% Cacao Valrhona Flakes) And Come In Caffeinated And Non-caffeinated Varieties. 50 Servings Per Box.

Chocolate Tea Time perfect for the chocolate & tea lover. set features 1 chocolate bar tea, 1 chocolate peppermint patty, 1 west village blend & 1 chocolate chai, a 3 oz. jar of tupelo orange blossom honey and a box of disposable tea sleeves.    60.00
Chocolate Peppermint Patty mellow vanilla, rich chocolate, soothing mint and naturally caffeine-free! with chocolate, vanilla, mint, and rooibos    11.00
Chocolate Bar Chai organic & fair trade. classic chai with a hint of chocolate! rich, warming and perfect with milk. with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, organic black tea    11.50
Chocolate Bar Tea aromatic and flavorful! with chocolate, vanilla, rooibos and black tea. terrific iced or hot.    11.00
Cool Aid our popular iced tea! full bodied and refreshing. naturally caffeine-free! with blood orange and pear    11.00
Vanilla Cocoa aromatic, delicious and caffeine free with chocolate, vanilla & rooibos    11.00
West Village Blend blended just for our west village store, this caffeine-free tea is perfect for the fall months. with chocolate, rooibos, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger    11.00
Dark Coconut Tea organic & fair trade. a blend or black tea leaves and coconut, this tea has just the right sweetness and flavor for any tea lover.    11.50
Night Cap a soothing blend of chamomile and lavender. perfect for an after dinner tea.    11.00

Hot Chocolate

Cosmopolitan Cocoa. Swinging Sugar Soirees, Hot Hot Chocolate. Our Hot Chocolate Is Made From Ground Bittersweet Chocolate. It's Rich, Frothy And Not Too Sweet. Add A Splash Of Peppermint Syrup And You've Got A Perfect Holiday Treat!

Hot Chocolate For Two think "lady & the tramp" goes hot chocolate. two servings of our classic hot chocolate mix packaged inside our jonathan adler designed chocolate bowl. each are encased in our gloss white gift box and tied with a bow.    39.00
Classic Hot Chocolate rich, frothy, perfect hot chocolate mix in a reusable gift box.    19.50
Spicy Hot Chocolate a spicy hot chocolate concoction of allspice, cinnamon, ground sweet ancho chili peppers, and smoked ground chipotle chili peppers - the perfect kick. the hot chocolate gift box is completely reusable.    19.50


Coffee     2.15  1.75  1.35
Americano    sm 2.50
Espresso    sm 2.25
Cappuccino     3.00  3.50
Latte     3.00  4.00  3.50
Vanilla Latte     4.00  3.50  4.50
Caramel Latte     3.50  4.50  4.00
Mocha Latte     4.50  4.00  3.50
White Mocha     3.50  4.50  4.00
Minty Mocha     4.75  4.25  3.75
Chai Latte     2.50  3.50  3.00
Apple Cider     4.95  3.80  2.75


Iced Coffee     3.00
Iced Americano     3.00
Iced Latte     4.00
Iced Mocha     4.50
Iced Teas blood orange pear    3.00
Iced Teas black coconut    3.00
Iced Teas mint    3.00
Homemade Lemonade     3.00
Egg Creams chocolate    2.50
Egg Creams vanilla    2.50
Egg Creams black & white    3.50
Egg Creams buzzed    3.50

Liquid Chocolate

Classic     4.00  5.00  5.00  4.50
Spicy     4.00  5.00  4.50  5.00
White    sm 4.50 med 5.00 lg 5.50
Coconut     4.50  5.00  5.50  5.50
Hazelnut     4.50  5.00  5.50  5.50
Raspberry     5.00  4.50  5.50  5.50
Peppermint     5.00  4.50  5.50  5.50
Caramel     5.00  4.50  5.50  5.50
Buzzed     5.50  5.00  6.00  6.00

Caffinated Tea

Chocolate Bar Tea   
Black Coconut   
Chocolate Bar Chai   

Non Caffinated Tea

Vanilla Cocon   
West Village Blend   
Chocolate Peppermint   
Mint Leaves   
Blood Orange Peas   
Chamomille Lavender   

Ice Cream & Shakes

Classic Shakes any flavor    5.00
Classic Shakes with espresso buzzed    6.00
Salted Caramel   
Frozen Hot     6.00
Chocolate     7.00
Ice Cream    (2 scoops) 5.00 (1 scoop) 3.25
Ice Cream with espresso    4.50

Dirty Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip   
Double Chocolate   
Pralines & Cream   


Chocolate Bar
19 8th Ave
Btwn Jane & 12th St
(212) 366-1541
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