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Cho-Sen Garden

  • $$$$
  • Chinese, Japanese, Kosher, Sushi
  • 64-43 108th St, Forest Hills 11375 40.731916 -73.848826
  • (Btwn 64th Rd & 64th Ave)
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  • (718) 275-1300
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In The Beginning

Pu-Pu Platter a special combination of our favorite appetizers served on a flaming platter.  
Barbecued Spare Ribs tender veal ribs marinated in our chefs special sauce and barbecued to perfection  
Barbecued Tenderloin Beef   

Cho-Sen Classic Appetizers

Egg Roll our version of the classic chinese treat  
Cho-Sen Dumplings (6) marinated ground veal in a tasty dough skin, steamed or pan-fried  
Barbecued Chicken Wings chicken wings cooked in teriyaki barbecue sauce.  
Drum Sticks - "Pulkas" crispy batter - coated chicken - yum, yum!  
Barbecued Beef Skewers (4) tender cuts of beef, marinated and barbecued for a tasty treat.  
Crispy Fried Wonton chinese style kreplach, deep - fried with a delightful sweet and sour dipping sauce.  
Chicken Rounds delightfully marinated chicken on the inside, with a toasty coating on the outside.  
Spring Rolls (2) crispy vegetable - filled rolls.  
Vegetable Dumplings (6) pan-fried or steamed, filled with tasty vegetables.  
Scallion Pan Fried Pizza a unique scallion pancake - you'll say "ah mein"  
Sesame Noodles covered in a thick sesame / peanut sauce.  
Asian Health Salad refreshing cold cabbage salad.  
House Salad cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce.  

From The Tureen

Wonton Soup   
Egg Drop Soup   
Egg Drop With Wonton   
Chicken Noodle Or Rice Soup   
Subgum Wonton Soup   
House Special Vegetable Soup   
Hot And Sour Soup *  
Chicken Corn Soup   
Vegetarian Vegetable Soup   

Cho-Sen Chefs Specialties

S1. General Tso's Chicken * as the general ordered, tender chunks of boneless marinated chicken, lightly batter - dipped, fried, and blended in our chefs incredible sauce.  
S2. Chicken Kew cubs of chicken sauteed with a garden - full of chinese mushrooms, broccoli and snow peas in a sauce to delight you.  
S3. Chicken Walnut chunks of tender chicken sauteed with honey roasted walnuts in an exotic honey brown sauce, presented on a bed of garden fresh steamed broccoli.  
S4. Basket Of Fortune And Mazel lightly fried boneless chicken, tender sliced veal and marinated beef with vegetable stir fried and presented in our chefs "secret" sauce, served in our incredible edible basket.  
S5. Dragon And Phoenix tender chunks of prime - rib steak and succulent chicken sauteed and served on a "garden" of choicest chinese vegetables. perfect for a prince or princess!  
S6. House Special Steak sliced prime - rib steak sauteed with mushrooms, water chestnuts, baby corn, broccoli and snow peas in a rich sauce prepared at you tableside on a sizzling platter.  
S7. Sesame Beef delicately coated chunks of prime tenderloin steak in our chef s special sauce topped with sesame seeds.  
S8. House Special Lamb slices of marinated tender lamb with scallions & onions vegetable in the chefs own secret sauce, served on a sizzling platter.  
S9. Crispy & Tender Chicken In Hot Sauce * cubs of crispy marinated chicken with cubes of tender marinated chicken, sauteed together in an incredibly flavorful spicy sauce served with fresh steamed vegetables.  
S10. Cho-Sen Lamb the tenderest cuts of lamb in a light brown sauce with a rainbow of fresh chinese vegetables.  
S11. Triple Crown Beef delicately sauteed slices of the finest cut tenderloin steak presented on a triple crown of fresh string beans, broccoli and snow peas served in light brown sauce.  
S12. Peking Duck (For Two) allow us to treat you like the "cho - sen" one as our internationally acclaimed chef prepares this world - famous chinese meal, fit for royalty.  


Sesame Chicken chunks of tender lightly fried chicken sauteed in our chefs special sauce with sesame seeds.  
Lemon Chicken delicately fried batter - dipped chicken breast in our unique lemon sauce.  
Chicken With Cashew Nuts diced chicken sauteed with mushrooms and water chestnuts & vegetables in a mild sauce with cashew nuts.  
Sweet And Sour Chicken deep-fried, breaded, chicken chunks topped with pineapples and mixed pickled vegetables in our sweet and sour sauce.  
Szechuan Chicken * diced chicken sauteed with red peppers and mixed vegetables in a hot spicy brown sauce.  
Fong Wong Gai we stuff a golden fried chicken breast with new york's best pastrami and serve with the orient's freshet vegetables.  
Chicken Broccoli sliced chicken with jade green broccoli in a mild brown sauce.  
Chicken Tai-Chin * cubes of chicken with fresh broccoli, mushrooms and peppers sauteed in a spicy brown ginger sauce.  
Chicken With Mushrooms slices of juicy chicken with celery, snow peas and three kinds of mushrooms in a sauce to savor.  
Diet Chicken Breast delightful yet dietetic combination of grilled chicken breast with steamed garden - fresh chinese vegetables.  
Kung Po Chicken * diced chicken sauteed in a spicy brown sauce with chinese mushrooms, water chestnuts, vegetables and roasted peanuts.  
Chicken With Mixed Seasonal Vegetables mouth - watering slices of the most tender chicken with a hand picked selection of the freshest vegetables in a light brown sauce.  
Orange Flavored Chicken * chunks of juicy chicken coated with water chestnut flour and crisp fried, blended with orange - peel flavored sauce.  
Chicken With Garlic Sauce * white meat chicken sauteed with water chestnuts in a special zesty garlic sauce.  
Hunan Chicken * tender slices of chicken sauteed with fresh broccoli, peppers and mushrooms in spicy sauce.  
Shredded Crispy Spicy Chicken * batter fried shredded chicken to crispy with hot & spicy pepper sauce.  


Steak Kew tender cubes of rib - steak sauteed in a tantalizing sauce with chinese mushrooms, baby corn, snow peas and mixed chinese vegetables.    22.95
Beef With Garlic Sauce * slices of beef sauteed with water chestnuts in a flavorful garlic sauce.    20.95
Orange Flavored Beef * delicately coated chunks of prime tenderloin steak, sauteed with hot peppers in an aromatic orange - peel flavored sauce.    22.95
Jade Beef tender slice of beef sauteed with jade green broccoli in a mild brown sauce.    18.50
Beef With String Beans slices of tender beef with sauteed fresh string beans in a mild brown sauce.    18.50
Beef With Mushrooms slices of tenderloin steak with celery, snow peas and chinese mushrooms in a sauce to savor    18.50
Hunan Beef * tender slices of beef sauteed with fresh broccoli & mushrooms in our chefs spicy hot pepper sauce.    18.50
Pepper Steak sliced tenderloin steak sauteed with green bell peppers & onions in a special sauce.    18.50
Szechuan Beef * shredded beef delicately sauteed in a hot peppercorn sauce braised with celery and carrots.    18.50
Beef With Mixed Seasonal Vegetables tender slices of beef with a hand picked selection of the freshest vegetables in a light brown sauce.    18.50
Ribs Eye Mushroom diced tender ribs eye steak sauteed with whole fresh mushroom and broccoli on the side in light garlic sauce.    20.95
Shredded Crispy Spicy Beef * batter fried shredded beef to crispy with hot spicy pepper sauce.    19.95
Shredded Crispy Combo * batter fried beef & chicken to crispy with hot spicy pepper sauce.    19.95


Duck With Pineapple roasted boneless duckling deep fried and topped with pineapple in a flavorful pineapple sauce.  
Crispy Duck crispy duckling in a mild peppercorn flavored sauce - tasty but not spicy.  
Cho-Sen Duck roasted boneless duckling deep-fried and served with straw mushrooms and mixed chinese vegetables in a mild sauce.  


Moo Soo Veal (2pcs) shredded veal, cabbage and mushrooms, sauteed and rolled into our home-made chinese pancakes  
Shanghai Veal tender cuts of veal sauteed in a light brown sauce with a rainbow of garden fresh chinese vegetables.  
Veal With Garlic Sauce * slice of veal sauteed with water chestnuts in a delectable zesty garlic sauce.  
Hunan Veal * tender slices of veal sauteed with fresh broccoli, peppers and mushrooms in a spicy sauce to savor.  
Scallion Veal tender slices of veal lightly sauteed with garden-fresh scallions and onions in an unforgettable sauce.  
Veal With Mixed Seasonal Vegetables tender slices of veal sauteed with a hand picked selection of the freshest vegetables in a light brown sauce.  
Veal With Broccoli sliced tender veal sauteed with jade green broccoli in mild brown sauce.  
Double Delight * marinated sliced veal and sliced chicken sauteed in a zesty garlic sauce with a delightful array of chinese vegetables.  
Veal With Mushrooms sliced of tender veal sauteed with different mushroom and some snow peas & cherry in mild brown sauce.  

Traditions From The Orient

Lo Mein Noodles   
Chow Mein   
Fried Rice   

From The Garden

Moo Soo Vegetables shredded cabbage and mushrooms, sauteed and rolled into our homemade chinese pancakes.  
Home-Made Bean Curd With Mixed Vegetables lightly sauteed bean with broccoli, water chestnuts and mushrooms in a flavorful brown sauce.  
Garden Of Delight nature's bounty of the freshest oriental vegetables sauteed in a light sauce.  
Eggplant With Garlic Sauce * eggplant spears lightly deep fried in our own batter, mixed with a lively garlic sauce.  
Jade Green Broccoli perfectly steamed sauteed in garlic sauce.  
Garden Fresh String Beans delicately sauteed in a mild brown sauce.  
Sauteed Triple Crown * garden fresh broccoli, string beans and snow peas sauteed with fresh minced garlic  

From The Sea

Steamed Sea Bass freshly steamed whole fish served in a flavorful ginger and scallion sauce.  
Sweet And Sour Fillet golden deep-fried sliced fish fillet in a light batter served with pineapples, mixed pickled vegetables, and our sweet and sour sauce.  
Sauteed Fish Fillet With Chinese Vegetables sauteed sliced fish fillet in a light batter sauteed with fresh broccoli, mushrooms and vegetable in a mild sauce.  
Fortune Fish Filet * we start with lightly batter-dipped cubes of the freshest fish and sauteed with water chestnuts and oriental mushrooms in our chef s luscious garlic sauce.  
Crispy Whole Sea Bass * deep fried whole fish to golden crispy served with grounded vegetable in hot red sauce.  
Grilled Flounder Fillet With Teriyaki Sauce fillet whole piece of tilapia grilled with light vegetable in teriyaki sauce.  
Grilled Salmon Fillet With Teriyaki Sauce fillet salmon with light vegetable bedding and top with teriyaki sauce.  


Choose One Of Our Fabulous Soup

Egg Drop   
Hot And Sour   


Followed By One Of Our Tantalizing Appetizer

Egg Roll   
Drum Sticks   
Chicken Wings   
Chicken Rounds   


Enjoy One Of Our Tempting Entrees

A. Lemon Chicken   
B. Chicken With Cashew Nuts Or Almonds   
C. Sweet And Sour Chicken   
D. Szechuan Chicken *  
E. Chicken Or Beef Broccoli   
F. Chicken With Mixed Vegetables   
G. Chicken With Mushrooms   
H. Moo Doo Veal   
I. Sesame Chicken   
J. Veal With Mixed Seasonal Vegetables   
K. Hunan Beef Or Chicken *  
L. General Tso's Chicken *  
M. Beef With Mushrooms Or Veal With Mushrooms   
N. Pepper Steak   
O. Shredded Spicy Beef *  
P. Shredded Chicken In Garlic Sauce *  


Top It Off With One Of Our Tasty Desserts

Fruit Sorbet   
Fresh Fruits   


Yaki-Tori marinated grilled chicken on skewers.  
Kushi-Yaki Combo beef and chicken barbecued on skewers.  
Sauteed Mushrooms And Eggplant   
Edamame delicious japanese soy beans.  


Japanese Garden Salad served with traditional ginger dressing.  


Soybean Miso with tofu  

Teriyaki Entrees

Teriyaki Negi-Beef   
Teriyaki Yaki-Chicken   
Teriyaki Kushi-Veal   
Teriyaki Combo beef and chicken  
Rib Steak Teriyaki   
First Cut Veal Chop Teriyaki   
Grilled Chicken Breast Teriyaki   

From Our Grill

Broiled Rib Steak   
Roast Half Long Island Duckling   
Roast Half Spring Chicken   
Broiled Veal Chop   
Grilled Chicken Breast   

For The Children

Cho-Sen Chicken Nuggets   
Hot Dog 2 pcs franks no bun  

Cho-Sen Treats

French Pastry   
Fresh Pineapple   
Fruit Sorbet   
Fresh Melon In Season   
"8" Or "10" Cake   


Fruit Juices   
Perrier Water (11oz)   
Kiddie Cocktail   
Iced Tea   
S. Pellegrino (1lt)   

Special Lunch

Sesame Chicken   
Chicken Broccoli   
Chicken with cashew nuts  
Diet Chicken Breast   
Kung Po Chicken *  
Hunan Chicken *  
Lemon Chicken   
Shredded Chicken Garlic Sauce *  
Beef Lo Mein Noodles   
Hunan Beef *  
Beef Broccoli   
Shredded Beef Garlic Sauce *  
Beef with string bean  
Veal with mushrooms & vegetables  

Combination Plates

Lunch Only. Combination Plates Served With Egg Roll, Fried Rice And Soup Fruit Sorbet Or Fresh Fruit Cup

1. Chicken Szechuan *  
2. Sweet & Sour Chicken   
3. Chicken Almond   
4. Moo Goo Gai Pan   
5. Chicken with mixed vegetables  
6. Pepper Steak   
7. Shredded Spicy Beef *  
8. Beef with mixed vegetables  
9. Veal with assorted vegetables  

Appetizer Portions

A. Sushi 3pcs sushi and california roll  
B. Kani Salad crab meat, avo, caviar in mayo sauce with walnuts  
C. Maki Combo 2 rolls, tuna-salmon roll & california roll  
D. Sashimi 4pcs of the chefs selection  

Entree Portions

Vegetable Maki Combo cucumber roll, avo roll & veg. roll  
Special Maki Combo rainbow roll, salmon avo, tuna roll, spicy tuna roll  
Sushi (Fresh Fish On Rice) reg (6pcs) / dlx (8pcs). with i california roll  
Sushi & Sashimi Combo sushi 6pcs. sashimi 6pcs. & i california roll  
Sashimi (Assorted Fish) reg (9pcs) / dlx (15pcs)  

Ala Carte & Maki (Rolls)

Crazy Tuna Roll fresh tuna wrapped around spicy tuna avo & crunchies  
Dragon Roll avocado wrapped around spicy tuna  
Fantastic Salmon Roll fresh salmon wrapped around spicy salmon & crunchies  
Seaweed Roll cooked salmon wrapped with dry seaweed sprinkle sweet sauce.  
Rainbow Roll a variety of fresh fish wrapped around a california roll  
Shrimp Roll avo wrapped around temp shrimp  

Around The World Rolls

Alaska Roll fresh salmon, cucumber, avo  
Vancouver Roll broiled salmon skin, cucumber & sweet sauce  
Seafood Roll grounded kani caviar & crunchies with avo  
Crunchy Garden Roll imitation crab, avo, cucumber & crunchies with mayo  
Tempura Roll deep fried crunchy outside, salmon avo inside  
Boston Roll imitation crab, cucumber, lettuce with mayo  
Shitake Roll japanese mushroom over avocado & cucumber  

Traditional Roll

Avocado Roll   
Cucumber Roll   
Vegetable Tempura Roll   
Sweet Potato Roll   
Vegetable Roll inside-out  
Futomaki Roll   
Cucumber Avocado Roll   
Tuna Roll   
Salmon Roll   
California Roll   
Tuna Avocado Roll   
Salmon Avocado Roll   
Ikura Roll   
Yellow Tail Roll   
Smoke Salmon Roll   
Salmon Skin Roll   
Spicy Tuna Roll   
Spicy Salmon Roll   
Spicy Yellow Tail Roll   

Ala Carte Sushi Or Sashimi

Spanish Mackerel   
Tempura Shrimp (2pcs)   
Smoke Salmon   
Yellow Tail   
Toro fatty belly tuna  
Ikura salmon roe  

Exotic Drinks

Sake small botttle  
Name Brand Spirits   
Pina Colada the world's most famous drink.  
Mai-Tai a blending of rums with 3 kinds of juices, one will take you away!  
Strawberry Daiquiri a tropical tradition not too heavy and not too light.  
Banana Daiquiri blended fresh banana with rum and pineapple juice - an ideal drink for banana lovers.  
Other Mixed Cocktails Available   
Cho-Sen Punch a non-alcoholic crown pleaser for young and old!  


Tsing-Tao china  
Heineken holland  
Budweiser u.s.a  
Amstel Light holland  
Perrier Water (Liter)   


Baron Hertzog Sauvignon Blanc a crisp and whisper, smooth wine.  
Baron Hertzog Chardonnay pear, apple, and chamomile notes characterize this tangy, citrus-fla-vored wine.  
Carmel Emerald Riesling Chein Blanc semi sweet, tropical fruity flavors, and a cool, clean finish.  
Bartenura Moscato   

Blush & Rose

Baron Hertzog White Zinfandel semi-dry with a crisp texture and aromas of apple, strawberry and cotton candy  


Baron Hertzog Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of blackberry and mild oak, this is a full-bodied, rich wine that boasts layers of berry, currant, and anise flavors, which linger on the finish.  
Barkan Cabernet Sauvignon layers of oak, dark berry, and spice are supported by soft tannins and focused acidity.  
Vin De Pays - Merlot full - bodied and aromatic with intense plum and coffee flavors and a deep red color.  
Baron Hertzog Cabernet Sauvignon "Jeunesse" soft texture with fresh berry cherry and floral aromas.  
Baron Hertzog Red Zinfandel smoky wine with plum & pepper notes & vibrant.  


Bartenura Asti Spumante light semi sweet sparkler. everyone's favorite  

House Wines

White Or Red     5.95


Cho-Sen Garden
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Btwn 64th Rd & 64th Ave
(718) 275-1300
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