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Caravan of Dreams

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  • Healthy, Kosher, Local/Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • 405 E 6th St, New York 10009 40.726406 -73.985642
  • (Btwn Ave A & 1st Ave)
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  • (917) 717-5254
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Tofu Scrambled vegetables, tofu, spices, onion mix, garlic and whole wheat sourdough toast (substitute pancake)    1.50
Spinach Tofu Omelette pesto, tomato, scallions, peppers, chapati (sub pancakes)    1.50
Country Breakfast Platter two berry-spelt pancakes, fresh fruit, marinated tempeh  
Breakfast Burrito (gfo). potatoes, sautéed kale, guacamole, smoked tofu, chile de árbol  
Polenta Platter (gf). tomato, ali-oli, sautéed greens & vegetables, black beans  
Mediterranean Brunch (gfo). spanish rice, seitan, sautéed greens, tomato, ali-oli  

A La Carte

French Toast sourdough levain, house-made "nutella" , banana, berries and toasted hazelnuts    13.00
Berry Pancakes two spelt pancakes, grilled banana, fresh fruit, chopped nuts    10.00
Fruit Salad (gf). seasonal fruit, almond cream, nuts, raspberry sauce    9.00  6.00

Herbals Tea

Calming     4.00
Chai Roibos     4.00
Chamomile     4.00
Echinacea Elder     4.00
Egyptian Licorice     4.00
Ginger     4.00
Lemon Ginger     4.00
Throat Comfort Peppermint     4.00
Ginseng Vitality     4.00
Vanilla Hazelnut     4.00
Chai Latte a special chai blend with fresh cashews milk topped with house whip cream    6.00
Spiced Cider apple malted with cinamon, cloves, lemon and ginger and orange    6.00
Hot Chocolate caravan signature chocolate with cordiceps, shilaji,wild chaga, homemade coconut whipped cream. wild siberian chaga, arriba nacional raw chocolate, raw cashew cream, raw vanilla, mesquite (white carob ) and dates    7.00
Hot Chocolate add optional    1.00

Custom Juice


Classic Green Juice

Angel's Delight apple, beet, carrot and grapefruit with ginger    9.00
Venezuelan Delight carrot, grapefruit and beet juice    8.00
Coconut Water grown fresh in thailand    7.00
Coconut Shake fresh pulp and water of young coconut in blender    9.00
Almond Or Cashew Milk enjoy the sweet fresh milk    7.00


Caravan Sampler Tapas (gfo). raw hummus, arabian hummus, pesto, guacamole, smoked eggplant spread, house made herbed cashew kefir and ali-oli served with (toast bread 13 or raw bread)    14.00
Smoked Eggplant Spread (gf). w/ raw bread. sourdough toast, sumac pickled cabbage    8.00
Warm Olives (gf). citrus, garlic and fennel    6.00
Seitan Nachos black beans, guacamole and salsa    13.00
Spanish Bruschetta (gfo). sprouted toast, ali-oli, tomato, basil (raw bread 11 -or- toasted bread)    10.00
Squash Manicotti (gf, r). zucchini pasta stuffed with herb cashew kefir cheese, topped with olive oil, herbs, salt, lemon juice and garlic    10.00
Beet Ravioli (gf, r). walnut and sun-dried tomato filling, hemp mint cilantro pesto and peppers    10.00
Almond Hummus (gf, r). crudités and chia chips    11.00
Live Nachos (gf, r). chia chips, guacamole, salsa, olives and almond cream    12.00
Hummus And Pesto Zattar (gf, r). hemp, chia tortilla, almond hummus with pesto and, drizzled with olive oil and topped with wild zattar herbs    10.00


Mediterranean Salad (gf). mixed greens, sea vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, grilled tofu, house dressing  
Un-Chicken Caesar Salad (gfo). black beans, seitan, croutons, tomatoes, olives, house caesar dressing  
Caesar Avocado (gfo). romaine, avocado, marinated sun-dried tomatoes, croutons and live caesar dressing  
Sea Vegetable (gf, r). wild maine sea vegetables, diced vegetables, pumpkin seeds, indonesian trance dressing  
Lovers Salad (gf). avocado, olives, mango, pine nuts, vegetables, dried berries, balsamic shiitake dressing  
Angel's Salad (gf, r). greens, tomatoes, apple, mango, avocado, sea vegetables, indonesian dressing  
Thai Avocado (gf, r). mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, nori, carrots, spicy thai dressing  
Omega (gf, r). kale, sunflower sprouts, cucumbers & mixed field greens, avocado, spiced cashews & hemp seeds and citrus hemp dressing  
Watercress (gf, r). house sauerkraut, carrot, sunflower sprouts, avocado, indonesian dressing  
Dragon Salad (gfo). smoked tempeh, blanched vegetables, house sauerkrauts, black beans, hemp seed croutons, house mustard dressing  


Tempeh Reuben grilled onions, russian dressing, tomato, rye toast, house sauerkraut and pickle    13.00
Applewood Smoked Tofu artichoke hearts, caramelized onion mustard, romaine, whole wheat toast and pickle    14.00
Rosemary Shiitake Mushroom Burger tomato, grilled onions, tarragon ali-oli, olive ciabatta and house-made pickle    14.00
Avo-Wild Greens Sandwich (gf, r). avocado & tomato on live bread topped with mixed greens, onions, radish and sprouts in a lemon-basil dressing (raw bread 14 or toasted bread)    13.00
Open-Faced Sandwich (gf, r). with pate and live hummus topped with tomato & ali-oli served on bread 14 or toasted bread    13.00


"Miso And Maple" Glazed Squash Platter (gf). our delicious squash is stuffed with pinenuts, cranberries, onion mix, spices and 7 grain rice. served with house coconut tomato sauce and sauteed spinach. topped with smoked tempeh    20.00
Spanish Paella saffron rice, grilled tofu, vegan sausage, red peppers, artichokes, peas, cilantro    21.00
Green Garden Platter (gfo). sauteed greens and vegetables, seitan, garlic, grilled carrot polenta    19.00
Wild Rice And Cremini Risotto Croquettes shiitake mushrooms, roasted red pepper puree, asparagus and french lentils    21.00
Caravan Burrito (gfo). seitan, black beans, spanish rice, sautéed vegetables, guacamole, almond cream and salsa    17.00
Huitlacoche And Chorizo Quesadilla house cultured cashew kefir cheese, corn, chorizo (vegan, soy based) in a whole wheat tortilla served with a watercress, mango salad topped with lemon, salt, olive oil and chile de árbol sauce    21.00
Santa Maria Stir Fry (gfo). sautéed vegetables, grilled seitan, brown rice, arabian hummus, pesto    19.00
Tri-Color Pasta (gf). sautéed asparagus, mushrooms, olives, green peas, broccoli, baby shallots, in a tomato-cashews cream sauce with quinoa pasta. finished with sliced avocado    19.00
Seitan Taquitos (gfo). seitan, asparagus, pineapple, guacamole, chile de arbol sauce, sautéed leafy greens & mushrooms    19.00
Macrobiotic Platter (gf). with tofu or tempeh. tofu, tempeh, or seitan; black beans, quinoa, sea vegetables, seam veggies & tahini sauce    19.00
Caravan Sampler Platter raw hummus, arabian hummus, guacamole, smoked eggplant spread, house made herbed cashew kefir, pesto, alioli, carrots, celery stick, bread sticks and omega chia chips    19.00

Raw Entrees

Zucchini Spaghetti brazil nut & sesame meatballs, sun-dried tomato marinara, kalamata olives and basil    18.00
Pizzetta pumpkin seed crust, sun-dried tomato marinara, pesto, house-cultured kefir cashew cheese, arugula, avocado, heirloom cherry tomatoes, olives and cremini mushrooms    19.00
Quesadilla flax tortilla vegetable-brazil nut filling, walnut pate, house made herbed cashew cheese, salsa, & guacamole. served with salad in lemon-basil dressing.    19.00
Pear Ravioli pear ravioli is filled with cashew kefir and topped with fresh marinara sauce and served with salad in lemon-basil dressing.    19.00
California Tostada crisp and flavorful corn & flax tortilla piled high with cashew cream queso blanco, guacamole, salsa, mushroom carne asada, and a drizzle of seasoned tomato sauce. served with a salad in lemon-basil dressing.    19.00
New Sampler Platter beet ravioli, squash manicotti, hummus-pesto zattar, house made sauerkrauts, brazil nut & sesame meatballs, mango chutney, tomato, olives & sunflower sprouts    20.00

Herbal Tea Tonics

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea best super popular asian tonics. gynostemma infused with extracts of lou ham guo, schisandra, lycium, astragalus and siberian ginseng    4.50
Good For Everything Tea fight and support with this knockout of fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and lemon juice    5.50
Fatigue Fighter for energy and mental alertness. rosemary, sage, spearmint, bay leaf, turmeric, ginger, lemon and stevia    6.50
Flu Fighter echinacea, ginger, bonaset, rosemary, goldenseal, elder flower, bay leaf & peppermint    6.00
Rose Hips Hyssop And Sage some throat related remedy i started using twenty two years ago    5.50
World Tea Chino this drink carries like many others its own dna intelligence- for healing and longevity.    8.00
Chrysanthemum - Gynostemma clears the mind, promotes beautiful skin, and healthy vision. served with fresh mint and spring dragon longevity for flavor and synergy.    5.00
Schizandra - Goji the quintessential of chinese herbs because it has so many health promoting functions. served with spring dragon longevity tea.    6.50
House Wild Siberian Chaga new health discoveries about chaga. medicinal tree mushroom makes it one of the highest in supporting our own immune system. served with gynostemma spring dragon.    6.50

Green Teas Great Phenols

Cho - Wa Gynostema Tea ancient japanese blend for harmony and energy containing green tea, rhodiola epimedium, astragalus, euphoria, ginger, tangerine, licorice, shiitake, maitake    6.50
House Caravan Tea spring dragon gynostemma, hibiscus, pomegranate, madura green tea and cherry    5.00
Organo Green Tea whith reishi (ganoderma)    4.00
Madura Green Tea with papaya leaf    4.00
Green Tea Muscle Recovery ginseng, yucca, cat's claw, devil's claw, green tea, lemon grass, blackberry, rose, skullcap lemon mytle, turmeric, stevia    4.50
Earl Grey kukicha, english breakfast, yerba mate. roasted twig tea    4.00

Tonic Elixirs, Special Coffees, Lattes And Ice Drinks

Creamy Machiatto well being immune system anti-inflamatory in a delicious creamy caffeine free coffee. every day super food herb tonic elixirs for the immune system and general well being: green tea, rhodiola, ginkgo, epimedium, astragalus, goji, euphoria, ginger, tangerine, licorice, shiitake, reishi, maitake, lucuma, grain coffee, pure cocoa, shilajit, angel's caravan signature world, cashews (coconut whip cream) and vanilla    11.00
Chai Latte Tonic ingredients: a creamy machiatto adding cardomon, cinammon, ginger, and cloves (chai herbs)    11.00
Angel's Cafe Borgia Latte enjoy a low acidity organic coffee full of nutrients. best healthy low acidity organic coffee with a touch of raw organic cocoa infused with chinese - indian tonics and fresh cashews milk.    11.00
Jing Tonic brings alertness,relaxation and calmness against stress, full of nutrients. a major rejuvenation elixir with the best premium calming anti stress chinese jing and world tonics. among them are, ho shou wu, morinda (noni ), rehmania, cordiceps, shilajit, cistanche, eucomia, polygala, made with fresh coconut, cashews cream and world elixir tea    11.00
Purple Heaven covering needs of omega 3 powerfull antioxidants and saturated fresh fats for double assimilation in the brain. here is the perfect anti-inflamatory, antioxidant, brain, eyes and nerve support for a humane planet. contains dha 600 mg, from red algae oil. dpa 315 mg, epa 31.5 mg. astaxanthin 3.3 mg. from raw omega 3, vegan david wolfe. super antioxidant mega hydreate microcluster 1200 mg from dr. patrick flanagan. backing it up with chokeberries, golden berries black currants, lion's mane musrooms from paul stamets, fresh coconut, cashews, lemon, orange peel and stevia    12.00
World Elixir Tea a multivitamin mineral dense nutrients that taste great. carefully chosen best herb tonics from india (moringa oleifera) amazonian (cats claw and chuchuhuasi) and asian gymostemma spring dragon    7.50
Super Food Chai Chocolate Latte caravan signature chocolate with asian super tonics and chai herbs. chaga, chai tea, arriba nacional raw pure chocolate, raw cashew cream, raw vanilla, mesquite(white carob) and dates    8.00
Espresso regular or decaf    3.50
Dallis Bros. Coffee regular or decaf -free refills    3.50
French Press a strong unfiltered brew    4.40
Grain Coffee roasted barley chicory, dandelion root and rye    4.50
Cappuccino regular decaf or grain, with soy milk    5.50
Mochaccino cappuccino with mesquite (white carob) and cocoa    6.00
Iced Cold Brewed Coffee overnight slow brew, nut milk optional    4.50
Frozen Cappuccino cold-brewed coffee, nut milk, agave and coconut whipped cream    6.50

Raw Super Food Smoothies

No # 1. Strawberries dates, vanilla bean with raw cacao, maca, goji berries, almond butter, aloe vera, kelp and black currants    11.00
No # 2. Raspberries blueberries, dates, and vanilla bean with sesame, hemp, chia, flax, sunflower seeds, spirulina, aloe vera, kelp, black currants and stevia    11.00
No #3. Almond Butter with maca, goji berries, aloe vera, chia seeds, currants and dates    11.00
Tonic Cocktail superfood smoothie no.1 with a healthy shot of cashew cream kefir    8.00
Green Shake apple juice, plantain, berries and spirulina    10.00
Goji Coco-Almond goji berries, fresh coconut, coconut butter, vanilla and stevia    10.50
Fruit Acai Blend containing protein, antioxidant, fats and good probiotics, goji berries,pomegranate, acai, fresh cocobiotic, chia seed, almond butter and dates    10.50
Mocha Supreme coconut, almond butter, plantain, carob and flaxmeal    10.00
Astragalus Forever astragalus, coconut kefir, coconut butter, vanilla and stevia   (12oz) 10.00
Protein Piña Colada fresh pineapple, coconut kefir, stevia, hemp and chia seeds    10.00
Coco-Berry Smoothie fresh coconut, berries, plantain, orange, flaxmeal and chia seeds    10.50
Caravan Cocktail fresh coconut shake, raw almond butter and cinnamon    10.00
Banini plantain, fresh coconut, dates and raw tahini    9.00
Chocolate Mint Recovery Shake flax, chia, hemp, sesame and sunflower seeds, kelp black currants, spirulina, chocolate caravan signature, angel's cashew caravan signature, world elixir tea, vanilla, coconut crystals, fresh mint and cinnamon. (good for detox bringing mental energy up, and digestion immune system up on a base of fresh coconut pulp and water)    11.00

Raw Smoothies

Live Berry apple juice, coconut, plantain, berries, vanilla    10.00
Pink Lady apple, orange, mango, strawberry, plantain    9.00
Mango Lassi mango, cultured cashew milk, coconut, vanilla stevia    10.00


Cocobiotic cultured coconut water    9.00
Coconut creamy cultured fresh coconut    11.00
Cashew Cream creamy cultured cashew milk    9.00

Vegan Ice Cream Smoothies $10

Mixed Berry berries,plantain, strawberry ice cream  
Mamba Mocha Shake chocolate ice cream, espresso, mint  
Tropical Mango Delight fresh mango, vanilla ice cream  
Peanut Fudge Smoothie raw peanut, chocolate ice cream & plantain  
Almond Butter Smoothie raw almond, chocolate ice cream & plantain  
Pretty In Pink Smoothie vanilla ice cream, strawberries & mango  

Soft Drinks

Virgin Sangria sweet & tart juices served with fresh fruit and berries    6.00
Agua Fresca filtered water, celtic sea salt, essence of fresh fruit, stevia    5.50
Pink Lemonade fresh lemon, grape juice and a touch of maple syrup    5.50
Juices & Nectars apple, apricot, bilberry, cherry, cranberry, grape, pomegranate    6.00
Iced Tea A La Caravan fruity iced herbal tea    4.50
Tumeric turmeric, ginger, mint, cayenne, lemon, agave nectar, sea salt    6.00
Soda Pop root beer, ginger ale, china cola    5.50
Sparkling Water     8.00
The Best Spring Water For New Yorkers raw "living spring water is part of the one percent of the unpoluted and untouched pure water that is left on planet earth. brought it straight from main,were summit spring is located.   lt 7.00

Draught Beer $7

Organic Schneider Edel-Weisse medium-bodied, banana nut bread & clove, aromas of peach & citrus, germany  
Peak Organic Simcoe Spring Ale classic pale ale single-hopped with floral, piney simcoe hops, maine  
Organic Wolavers India Pale Ale crisp and clean, with a delicious hop spiciness and subtle malt balance, vermont  

Bottle Beer

Samuel Smith Ale organic-delicately flavored with subtle fruity esters and fresh hops, england   (500ml) 9.00
Samuel Smith Lager organic-a full-bodied lager with lots of malt and hop character, england   (500ml) 9.00
Pinkus Hefe-Weizen organic-crisp, dry, spritzy, and refreshing unfiltered beer, germany   (500ml) 9.00
Pinkus Munster Alt organic-a sweet golden ale with a wine-like character, germany   (500ml) 9.00
Pinkus Pilsner organic-medium body, well-balanced, clean hop and malt, germany   (500ml) 9.00
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout silky smooth with a rich, buttery flavor and a hint of chocolate, england    6.00
Brooklyn Lager this local favorite is a well-balanced amber lager, brooklyn    6.00
Chimay Rouge a complex red ale brewed by trappist monks, belgium    9.00
Duvel flemish for devil, duvel is a dry and bready ale, belgium    7.00


Viognier selve st-régis 2008, biodynamic, unfiltered-bright, lemon & floral aroma ardèche, france    10.00


Riesling organic queen esther 2008, semi-dry, full-bodied with a smooth, fruity finish, burgenland, austria    8.00
Chardonnay teal lake 2008, melon bouquet with a clean, citrus flavor-dry, southeast australia    8.00
Pinot Grigio bartenura 2009, dry with sweet, fruity notes, provincia di pavia, italy    8.00
Sauvignon Blanc organic queen esther 2009, tangy, tart, & fruity, dry-complements all dishes, burgenland, austria    8.00
Chenin Blanc baron herzog 2009, semi-dry with strong notes of nectarine and peach clarksburg, california    7.00


Grenache/Cinsault selve maguelonne '09, biodynamic, unfiltered-bright, dry, strawberry aroma, ardèche, france    10.00


Tempranillo organic vertus crianza ‘04, fruity character, well-balanced, utiel-requena, spain    9.00
Merlot/Grenache selve palissaire 2007, biodynamic, unfiltered-earthy, balanced fruit, ardèche, france    9.00
Merlot organic stellar 2010, red with notes of oak and vanilla-sulfite free, south africa    7.00
Cabernet/Grenache selve beaulieu 2006, biodynamic, unfiltered-complex, earthy, dark fruit, ardèche, france    10.00
Carmenere organic ventura 2006, dry & full-bodied, lontué valley, chile    7.00


Cabernet Sauvignon organic queen esther 2005, a dry reserve wine with a long, fruity finish, burgenland, austria    8.00
Cabernet Sauvignon herzog selection 2008, fine herb nose & fruomplexity, france    8.00
Merlot organic queen esther 2006, a dry reserve wine with hints of oak & vanilla, weinland, austria    8.00
Blaufränkisch organic queen esther 2006, dry, with a fruity character, burgenland, austria    8.00
Tempranillo ramon cardova 2007, wild berry, balsamic aroma, rioja, spain    9.00
Shiraz teal lake 2008, medium-bodied with notes of raspberry and spice, southeast australia    7.00


Caravan of Dreams
405 E 6th St
Btwn Ave A & 1st Ave
(917) 717-5254
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