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Canteen 82

  • $$
  • Asian Fusion, Chinese
  • 467 Columbus Ave, New York 10024 40.784055 -73.973526
  • (Btwn 82nd & 83rd St)
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  • (917) 522-3438
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Sushi Lunch Specials

Any 2 Rolls Lunch Special     8.50
Any 3 Rolls Lunch Special     11.50
Sushi Lunch Special  6 pieces of sushi and a california roll.     11.50
Sashimi Lunch Special  9 pieces of sashimi over sushi rice.    11.50
Sushi & Sashimi Lunch Special 7 pieces of sashimi, 4 pieces of sushi and a california roll.    15.00
Unagi Don Lunch Special      12.00
Chirashi Lunch Special  a variety of fish over rice.     14.00

Lunch Specials

Pad Thai Lunch Special served with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable. no rice.    8.50
Lo Mein Lunch Special served with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable. no rice.    8.50
Fried Rice Lunch Special served with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable. no rice.    8.50
Chicken W/ Garlic Sauce Lunch Special served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.50
Chicken W/ Broccoli Lunch Special served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.50
Mixed Vegetable Lunch Special served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.50
Eggplant W/ Tofu Lunch Special * served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.50
Kung Pao Chicken Lunch Special * served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.50
Chicken W/ Cashew Nuts Lunch Special served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.50
Shredded Pork W/ Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *    8.50
Broccoli W/ Garlic Sauce Lunch Special * served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.50
Chicken W/ Mixed Vegetable Lunch Special     8.50
String Bean W/ Chicken Lunch Special     8.50
Chicken W/ Black Bean Sauce Lunch Special     8.50
Sesame Chicken Lunch Special     8.50
General Tso's Chicken Lunch Special *    8.50
Beef Chow Fun Lunch Special no rice.    8.50
Pepper Steak Lunch Special     8.50
Hot & Spicy Beef Lunch Special *    8.50
Beef W/ Snow Pea Lunch Special     8.50
Beef W/ Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *    8.50
Shrimp W/ Black Bean Sauce Lunch Special     8.75
Shrimp W/ Mixed Vegetable Lunch Special     8.75
Shrimp W/ Lobster Sauce Lunch Special     8.75
Shrimp W/ Garlic Sauce Lunch Special *    8.75
Eggplant W/ Shrimp Lunch Special *    8.75
Hunan Chicken & Shrimp Lunch Special * served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.95
Thai Curry Chicken Lunch Special * served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.95
Steamed Jumbo Shrimp W/ Mixed Vegetables Lunch Special served with steamed white or brown rice.    8.95
Singapore Fried Noodles Lunch Special * no rice.    8.95
Udon Noodles Lunch Special choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or vegetable. no rice.    8.95


Siew Mai    (6pcs) 6.50
Homemade Scallion Pancake     4.50
Dim Sum Sampler     12.00
Grilled Satay Chicken     7.00
Vietnamese Summer Roll     6.50
Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls    (2pcs) 3.00
Saigon Grilled Calamari     8.00
Grilled Baby Back Ribs    (5pcs) 10.50
Cold Sesame Noodles     5.00
Edamame     5.00
Fried Calamari     7.50
Silk Tofu W/ Soy Ginger cold.    5.00
Grilled Japanese Eggplant     6.00
Minced Chicken Lettuce Cup     12.00

Sushi Bar Appetizers

Miso Wakame Soup     3.00
Hijiki black seaweed cooked with dashi soy.    6.00
Tempura lightly fried shrimp and vegetables.    10.00
Beef Negimaki thin sliced beef scallion.    10.00
Tartar  with miso vinaigrette.    10.00
Ceviche yellowtail, tuna, salmon and sea scallop.    12.00
Nasu Shigiyaki eggplant with sweet miso.    6.00
Miso Black Cod     12.00
Tataki with ponzu sauce.    10.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura with spicy cream.    15.00
Lobster Avocado with pomegranate.    14.00


Vegetable Hot & Sour Soup     3.00
Egg Drop Soup     3.00
Shanghai Wonton Soup     3.00
Thai Tom Yam Goong Soup shrimp.    5.00
Tofu Vegetable Soup     3.00


Japanese Seaweed Salad     6.50
House Green Salad     6.50
Vietnamese Salad With Grilled Chicken     11.00
Curry Chicken Avocado Salad     11.00
Grilled Free Range Chicken Salad     11.00
Grilled Chopped Salmon Salad     12.00
Char-Grilled Shrimp Salad     12.00

Sushi Bar Salads

Tofu Salad arugula and microgreens with ginger dressing.    8.00
Seaweed Tasting Salad with green tea vinaigrette.    8.00
Octopus Salad  with garlic onion dressing.    9.00
Salmon Avocado Salad with citrus miso dressing.     10.00
Seared Pepper Tuna Salad  with yuzu ginger dressing.     12.00

Fried Rice & Homemade Pasta

Young Chow Fried Rice     10.95
Fried Rice served with protein of your choice.    9.50
Lo Mein served with protein of your choice.    9.50
Special Lo Mein  shrimp or house special.    10.50
Pan-Fried Noodles served with protien of your choice.    12.50
Special Pan-Fried Noodles with shrimp or house special.    13.50
Chow Fun flat rice noodles. served with protein of your choice.    9.50
Singapore Fried Noodles * choice of shrimp, beef or chicken.    9.50
Udon Noodles served with protien of your choice.    9.50
Pad Thai served with protien of your choice.    9.50

Big Bowl Noodle Soup

Veggie Noodle Soup     11.00
Chicken Noodle Soup     12.00
Beef Noodle Soup     13.50
Shrimp Noodle Soup     14.00
Roast Pork Noodle Soup     12.50
Roast Duck Noodle Soup     16.00

Sushi & Sashimi

Tuna     3.00
Spicy Tuna     3.00
Escolar     3.00
Toro     5.00
Bonito     3.50
Yellowtail     3.00
Yellowtail Toro     4.00
Salmon     3.00
Salmon Toro     3.50
Smoked Salmon     3.00
Smoked Eel     3.50
Fluke     3.00
Fluke Fin     3.50
Striped Bass     3.00
Mackerel     3.00
Spanish Mackerel     3.00
Inari     2.00
Shrimp     3.00
Botan Ebi     3.50
Sweet Shrimp     3.00
King Crab     4.50
Sea Urchin     5.00
Salmon Caviar     3.50
Tobiko Caviar     3.00
Surf Clam     2.50
Scallop     3.00
Spicy Scallop     3.50
Octopus     2.50
Squid     2.50
Kani     2.00
Tamago     2.00


Snow Crab Naruto     12.00
Rainbow Naruto     12.00
Wasabi Lobster Naruto     14.00
Eel Lover Naruto     11.00
Spicy Tuna Naruto     11.00
Kani Naruto     8.00

Sushi Rolls & Hand Rolls

California Roll     4.50
King Crab Avocado Roll     10.00
Tuna Roll     5.50
Spicy Tuna Roll     6.50
Tuna Avocado Roll     5.50
Kamikaze Roll     7.00
Chef's Special Roll     9.00
Toro Scallion Roll     15.00
Escolar Jalapeño Roll     6.50
Canteen Wasabi Roll     9.00
Salmon Skin Roll     5.00
Salmon Avocado Roll     6.50
Salmon Jalapeño Roll     6.50
Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll     6.50
Philadelphia Roll     6.50
Yellowtail Scallion Roll     6.00
Yellowtail Jalapeño Roll     6.50
Eel Avocado Roll     5.50
Eel Cucumber Roll     5.50
Spicy Crab Caviar Roll     6.00
Spicy Scallop Roll     8.00
Rock Shrimp Avocado Roll     7.00
Boston Roll     6.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll     6.00
Spicy Seafood Tempura Roll     6.00
Vegetable Tempura Roll     6.00
Avocado Cucumber Roll     4.00
Shiitake Cucumber Roll     4.00
Ume Shiso Roll     4.00
Vegetable Roll     4.00
Avocado Roll     4.00
Cucumber Roll     4.00
Oshinko Roll     4.00
Kanpyo Roll     4.00
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll     4.00
Asparagus Roll     4.00
Spinach Roll     4.00

Signature Rolls

Green Dragon Roll  sweet potato, shiitake and cucumber inside, topped with avocado.     8.00
Rainbow Roll crab stick and avocado with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, fluke and shrimp outside.     12.00
Spicy California Roll  spicy blue crab, avocado, cucumber and red tobiko with green soy sheet.    10.00
Fire Dragon Roll  eel and asparagus with avocado outside and red tobiko on top.     15.00
Salmon Special Roll  spicy salmon, jalapeno and avocado with salmon outside and wasabi tobiko on top.     14.00
King Tiger Roll shrimp tempura, eel, avocado and cream cheese with white seaweed outside.     15.00
Super Spider Roll  fried soft-shell crab, boston lettuce, cucumber and orange tobiko.     11.00
Lobster Tango Roll lobster and avocado.    15.00
Dancing Queen Roll salmon, cucumber and avocado topped with yellowtail and jalapeño.    15.00
Twin Roll tuna, jumbo lump crab and cucumber topped with spicy tuna and mango.    14.00
Mango Fly Roll spicy tuna and yellowtail topped with mango and wrapped in soybean paper.    16.00
Tuna Or Salmon Cappaccio Roll sliced tuna or salmon with chef`s special sauce.    12.00
New Style Usuzukuri Roll sliced whitefish with special ponzu sauce.    12.00


Sea Urchin Okonomi      5.00
Botan Sweet Shrimp Okonomi      5.50
Orange Tobiko Okonomi      3.00
Ikura Okonomi      3.50
Wasabi Tobiko Okonomi      4.50
Arctic Charr Okonomi      4.25

Roll Combos

Ume Roll Combo  tuna, yellowtail scallion and california roll.    15.00
Take Roll Combo  spicy tuna, salmon avocado and eel cucumber rolls.    15.00
Matsu Roll Combo  spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy yellowtail rolls.    16.00

Sushi Bar Entrées

Sushi Entrée 8 pieces of sushi and a tuna roll.    21.00
Sashimi Entrée 15 pieces of assorted sashimi.    24.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo Entrée 4 pieces of sushi, 11 pieces of sashimi and a tuna roll.    26.00
Chirashi Entrée assorted sashimi selection over sushi rice.    22.00
Tekkadon Entrée tuna sashimi over sushi rice.    23.00
Roll Combo Entrée your choice of 3 rolls.    16.00

Chicken $12.95

Thai Red Curry Chicken   
Moo Goo Gai Pan   
Mango Chicken   
Chicken W/ Mixed Vegetables   
Chicken W/ Broccoli   
Chicken W/ Kung Pao Sauce *  
Chicken W/ Black Bean Sauce   
Chicken W/ Snow Peas   
Moo Shu Chicken   
Chicken W/ Cashew Nuts   
Chicken W/ Chinese Eggplant   
Garlic Chicken W/ String Beans   
Chicken Szechuan-Style *  
Orange Crispy Chicken *  
Sambah Chicken   
Ginger Chicken   

Vegan Selection $10

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables   
Sautéed String Beans   
Eggplant W/ Garlic Sauce   
Ma Po Tofu *  
Sesame Tofu   
Moo Shu Vegetable 4 pancakes.  
Buddhist Delight   
Broccoli W/ Garlic Sauce *  
Sautéed Shanghai Green   
Szechuan Tofu W/ Mixed Vegetables   

Beef $13.95

Szechuan Beef *  
Hunan Beef *  
Garlic Beef W/ String Bean *  
Garlic Beef W/ String Beans   
Beef W/ Snow Peas   
Beef W/ Chinese Vegetables   
Moo Shu Beef   
Beef W/ Broccoli   
Beef W/ Black Bean Sauce   
Pepper Steak   
Thai Curry Beef *  
Sesame Beef   
Ginger Scallion Beef   

Pork $10.95

Mango Pork   
Moo Shu Pork   
Garlic Pork W/ String Beans *  
Thai Curry Pork   
Twice Cooked Pork *  
Pork W/ Kung Pao Sauce *  
Pork W/ Eggplant   
Pork W/ Snow Peas   
Ginger Pork   

Seafood $16.50

Mango Shrimp *  
Sambah Spice Shrimp *  
Shrimp W/ String Beans   
Shrimp W/ Snow Peas   
Shrimp W/ Chinese Vegetable   
Moo Shu Shrimp 4 pancakes.  
Shrimp W/ Eggplant   
Shrimp W/ Lobster Sauce   
Shrimp W/ Broccoli   
Shrimp W/ Black Bean Sauce   
Thai Curry Shrimp *  
Calamari Black Bean Sauce   
Scallop W/ Black Bean Sauce   
Ginger Scallion Shrimp   

Taste Of Shanghai

Shanghai Rice Cake W/ Chicken & Shrimp     13.50
Sautéed Sliced Fish Fillet W/ White Wine Sauce     15.95
Pork Shoulder W/ Soy Ginger     16.95
Sautéed Snow Pea Shoot     12.95
Honey Glazed Ribs W/ Sweet & Sour Sauce     14.95
Szechuan Braised Beef W/ Turnip     14.95

Gourmet Selection

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken served with steamed seasoned greens.    14.95
Bali Delight jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, chicken and eggplant.    16.50
Basil Beef     16.00
Malaysia Curry * chicken, shrimp, lemongrass, coconut and basil.    16.50
Wok-Grilled Garlic Shrimp served with broccoli rabe.    16.50
Crispy Peking Duck 4 pancakes. served with scallion and cucumber.    18.50
Oven-Roasted Organic Salmon served with sautéed seasonal vegetables.    16.50
Wok Ginger Chicken & Shrimp served with pea pods and ginger sauce.    16.50
Crispy Honey Walnut Chicken & Shrimp     18.50
General Tso's Chicken * chunks of boneless chicken sautéed with fresh garlic sauce.    12.95
Sesame Chicken * tender white meat chicken sautéed with sesame sauce.    12.95
Four Seasons * jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef, and pork with chinese vegetables.    16.00
Chicken & Shrimp Szechuan-Style * chicken and jumbo shrimp with chinese vegetables in a chili sauce.    15.50
Scallop & Shrimp Hunan-Style * shrimp and scallop sautéed with mushrooms and broccoli.    17.50
Chef Delight scallop, shrimp and chicken sautéed with vegetables in a special sauce.    15.95
Mongolian Beef * sautéed beef with scallion, red pepper and zuccini.    15.50
Happy Family jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, sautéed with chinese vegetables.    17.50

Health Food Section

Steamed Mixed Vegetable     10.00
Steamed Chicken W/ Mixed Vegetable     13.50
Steamed Jumbo Shrimp W/ Mixed Vegetable     16.50
Steamed Tofu Home-Style     10.00
Steamed Shanghai Green W/ Chicken     13.50
Steamed Asparagus W/ Chicken     14.50
Steamed Asparagus With Shrimp     16.50

Xiao Long Bao

Pork Soup Dumpling     7.50
Crab Meat With Pork Soup Dumpling     8.50

Jiao Zhi

Chicken Dumpling     6.75
Pork Dumpling     6.75
Vegetable Dumpling     6.75
Shangdong Dumpling shrimp and pork mixed inside.    7.75
Ha Kao Dumpling crystal shrimp dumpling. steamed.    6.75


Vegetable Bun     6.00
Roasted Pork Bun     6.00
Peking Duck Bun     7.50

Sushi Platters

Casual Platter 14 classic rolls.    65.00
Signature Platter 6 signature rolls and 10 pieces of nigiri (2 pieces of tuna, 2 pieces of yellowtail, 2 pieces of salmon, 2 pieces of shrimp and 2 pieces of eel).    88.00
Canteen Platter 8 classic rolls and 25 pieces of nigiri (5 pieces of tuna, 5 pieces of yellowtail, 5 pieces of eel and 5 pieces of salmon), and 10 pieces of vegetable summer roll.    118.00


Brown Rice     2.00
White Rice     1.50


Canned Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale    1.50
Bubble Tea milk tea, taro, jasmine, green tea, strawberry, mango    3.50
Bottled Water     1.50
Perrier Sparkling Water    sm 2.50 lg 7.00
Red Bull regular, sugar-free, lime, blueberry, cranberry    3.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water    (1lt) 7.00
Saratoga Sparkling Water    (828ml) 7.00
Voss Still Water    (375ml) 3.00
Ramune Japanese Soda     2.50


Canteen 82
467 Columbus Ave
Btwn 82nd & 83rd St
(917) 522-3438
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