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Campus Eatery

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  • Diner, Pizza, Smoothies & Juices
  • 31 W 4th St, New York 10012 40.72931 -73.995546
  • (At Greene St)
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  • (212) 475-3600
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Muffins And More

Gourmet Yogurt Muffin     2.00
Plain Croissant     2.00
Gourmet Danishes     2.00
Crumb Cake     1.95
Gourmet Fat-Free Muffin     2.50
Filled Croissant     2.00
Yogurt Loaf Cake     1.95

Bagels And More

Bagel with plain cream cheese    1.85
Bagel with cream cheese and nova salmon    5.99
Croissant with cheese, turkey or ham    3.79
Bagel with flavor cream cheese    2.10
Peanut Butter And Jelly on toast or bagel    2.25
Value Combo   
Value Combo buttered roll with small coffee    2.25
Value Combo plain cream cheese bagel with small coffee    2.50
Value Combo buttered bagel with small coffee    2.25

Healthy Morning Treat

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Cup     3.79
Fresh Fruit With Low-Fat Cottage Cheese     4.79
Chilled Watermelon     2.79
Granola With Low-Fat Plain Yogurt And Fresh Fruit Bottom     4.79

Griddle Specialties

Served 6am- 11am.

Egg On Roll, Bagel, Toast, English Muffin     1.69
Egg On Roll, Bagel, Toast, English Muffin add for croissant    1.00
Egg With Bacon, Sausage, Ham On Roll     2.89
Egg With Bacon, Sausage, Ham On Roll add for turkey bacon    1.00
Egg Omelette On Roll choice of western or veggie.    3.49
Egg White On Roll, Bagel, Toast, English Muffin     2.69
Egg White On Roll, Bagel, Toast, English Muffin add for croissant    1.00
Egg Whites With Veggie     4.49
Value Combo egg with bacon and small coffee    3.50
Value Combo egg with ham and small coffee    3.50
Value Combo egg with sausage and small coffee    3.50

Breakfast Wraps

Scrambled Eggs With Homefries Wrap choice of bacon, sausage or ham.    3.79
Value Combo breakfast wrap and a small coffee.    4.29
Healthy Egg Whites with veggies wrap    3.79

Egg Platters

Served With Your Choice Of Home Fries Or Two Hash Brown And Toast. All Egg Platters Comes With A Free Small Coffee.

Simply 2 Eggs Any Style sunny side, over easy, scrambled or fried.    3.99
Veggie Egg Platter mushroom and spinach or pepper and onion    4.99
Greek Egg Platter feta cheese, red onion and black olives.    5.49
Hawaiian Egg Platter blackforest ham, monterey jack, cheddar cheese and pineapple.    5.49
Meat And Egg Platter     4.99
Western Egg Platter ham, peppers and onions.    4.99
Mexican Egg Platter peppers, onions, corn, avocado and salsa.    5.49

Pancakes And More

Homestyle Pancakes     3.49
Homestyle Pancakes add for banana, strawberry or blueberry    1.00
Challah French Toast     2.99
Hot Oatmeal    sm 2.49 lg 2.79
Pancake with bacon and egg    4.99
Belgian Waffle     2.99

Breakfast Sides

Side Order Homefries     2.00
Side Order Toast     1.00
Side Order Hashbrowns     0.75

Hot Healthy Soup

Served With Homemade Hot Bread.

Chicken Soup    (12 oz) 3.79 (16 oz) 4.49
Seafood Soup    (12 oz) 3.79 (16 oz) 4.49
Value Combo small soup, half wrap (chicken, veggie or turkey) and can soda/water.    6.29
Vegetable Soup    (16 oz) 4.49 (12 oz) 3.79
Chili Soup    (16 oz) 4.49 (12 oz) 3.79

A La Carte Sandwiches

All Sandwiches Served With Lettuce And Tomato On Your Choice Of Bread, Roll, Sliced Or Wrap.

Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich     5.49
Smoked Turkey Sandwich     5.49
Lean Pastrami Sandwich served hot or cold.    5.99
Crispy Chicken Cutlet Sandwich     5.99
Healthy Tuna Vegetable Salad Sandwich     5.49
Cheese Sandwich american, swiss, cheddar or provolone.    3.99
Rare Roast Beef Sandwich     5.49
Boiled Ham Sandwich 99% fat-free.    5.49
Marinated Grilled Chicken Sandwich     5.99
White Meat Tuna Salad Sandwich     5.49
Chunky Chicken Salad Sandwich     5.49

Signature Wrap Sandwiches

1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich honey mustard, roasted peppers and mixed greens.    5.49
2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich pesto sauce, roasted plum tomato and mixed greens.    5.49
3. Grilled Chicken Sandwich melted cheddar, roasted peppers and mixed greens.    5.99
4. Santa Fe Sandwich grilled chicken, monterey jack cheese, avocado and salsa.    6.49
5. California Sandwich grilled chicken, avocado, cucumber, salsa and mixed greens.    6.49
6. Tandoori Chicken Sandwich mango chutney, onions, cucumbers and mixed greens.    5.49
7. Turkey Caesar Sandwich turkey, parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce and caesar dressing.    5.49
8. Veggie Sandwich roasted vegetables, alfalfa, hummus and mixed greens.    5.49
9. Caprese Sandwich fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto sauce and mixed greens.    5.49
10. Grilled Tofu Sandwich grilled tofu, hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes and mixed greens.    5.49
11. Dielins Delight Sandwich carrots, cucumbers, alfalfa, avocado and mixed greens.     5.49

Gourmet Sandwiches

1. Grilled Chicken Gourmet Sandwiches marinated in lemon herbs, fire roasted peppers, stone ground honey mustard with mixed greens on french of seven grain baguette.    7.49
2. Grilled Chicken And Mozzarella Gourmet Sandwich grilled chicken marinated in lemon herbs, artichoke, sun-dried tomato and melted mozzarella on a baguette.    7.99
3. Smokey Turkey Gourmet Sandwich smoked turkey, brie cheese, stone ground honey mustard with mixed greens on a french baguette.    7.49
4. Prosciutto And Genoa Salami Gourmet Sandwich fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, house vinaigrette with mixed greens on a french baguette.    7.49
5. Rare Roast Beef Gourmet Sandwich mild cheddar, romaine lettuce, tomato and caper mayo on a french baguette.    7.49
6. Pre Sliced Nova Salmon Gourmet Sandwich red onion, capers and mayonnaise on a french baguette.    7.99
7. Cracked Pepper Turkey Gourmet Sandwich horseradish and roasted peppers on white or rye bread.    7.49

Panini Sandwiches $6.99

European Bread, Hot And Pressed On A Panini Grill With Salsa And Chips.

Fajita Sandwich grilled chicken, sautéed onion and peppers, salsa, fresh cilantro and cheddar cheese.  
Parmesan Sandwich breaded chicken, marinara sauce, basil, parmesan and fresh mozzarella cheese.  
Siciliano Sandwich prosciutto, ham, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, arugula and balsamic dressing.  
Chicken Club Sandwich grilled chicken, bacon, brie cheese, tomatoes and house dressing.  
Vegetarian Sandwich grilled zucchini, squash, peppers, eggplant, fresh mozzarella and pesto sauce.  
Italiano Sandwich grilled chicken, pesto sauce, roasted peppers and fresh mozzarella.  
Toasted Monte Cristo Sandwich black forest ham, smoked turkey, swiss and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.  
Sweet And Sour Sandwich turkey, swiss, cranberry and herb mayonnaise.  
Tuna Melt Sandwich tuna salad, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato.  

Low Carb Sandwiches $6.99

Garnished With Fresh Fruits.

Chicken Fajita Sandwich grilled chicken, peppers, onions and chipotle sauce on low carb tortilla.  
South West Chicken Sandwich grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, chipotle ranch dressing on low carb tortilla.  
Classic Tuna Sandwich white meat tuna salad, celery and carrot on low carb tortilla.  
Grilled Veggie Sandwich roasted zucchini, squash, peppers, eggplant, mushroom and fresh mozzarella on low carb tortilla.  
Balsamic Chicken Sandwich grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, scallion, sun-dried tomato marinade in lite balsamic vinegar on low carb tortilla.  
Chicken Spinach Sandwich grilled chicken, sautéed spinach and feta cheese on a low carb tortilla.  
Turkey And Cheese Sandwich oven roasted turkey, munster cheese, romaine lettuce and dijon mayonnaise on low carb tortilla.  

Mexican Specialties $7.49

Served With Chips And Salsa Or Guacamole.

Chicken Quesadilla grilled chicken, monterey jack and cheddar cheese.  
Vegetarian Mexican Specialty roasted vegetables, pico de gallo, monterey jack and cheddar cheese.  
Cheese Mexican Specialty monterey jack cheese, black olives, roasted peppers, onions and hot pepper.  
Steak Quesadilla beef strips, peppers and onion, monterey jack and cheddar cheese.  
Pollo Grande Mexican Specialty grilled chicken, broccoli, black olives, tomatoes, garlic and fresh mozzarella.  

Hot Off The Grill On Hero

Chicken Parmesan Hero     6.49
Meatball Parmesan Hero     6.49
Philly Cheese Steak Hero     6.49
Grilled Cheese, Bacon And Tomato Hero     4.99
Eggplant Parmesan Hero     5.99
Turkey, Ham And Swiss Hero     6.49
Grilled Cheese Hero     3.99
Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato Hero     4.99

8 Oz. Burgers

Deluxe Includes French Fries, Pickle, Lettuce, Tomato, Coleslaw And 16 Oz. Soda.

Lean Ground Beef Burger     4.49
Bleu Cheese Burger     4.99
Grilled Mushroom, Onion And Swiss     5.49
Garden Veggie Burger     4.99
Cheeseburger     4.99
Bacon Cheeseburger     5.49
Turkey Burger     4.49

Hot Pasta $6.99

Baked Ziti, Lasagna, Penne Or Lasagna. Served With Bread.

Pasta Of The Day please call campus eatery at (212) 475-3600 for pasta of the day.  


Classic Cheese Pizza low moist mozzarella, marinara sauce and fresh herbs.   slice 2.49 pie 14.49
Green Pizza artichoke hearts, spinach, broccoli and white sauce.   slice 3.29 pie 17.49
Spinach And Mushroom Pizza chopped spinach, mushroom, ricotta and white wine.   slice 3.29 pie 17.49
Margarita Pizza fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, marinara sauce and herbs.   slice 3.29 pie 17.49
Sausage Pizza    slice 2.79 pie 16.49
Barbecue Chicken Pizza diced grilled chicken, barbecue sauce and fresh herbs.   slice 3.49 pie 18.49
Mushroom Pizza    slice 2.99 pie 16.49
Spinach And Ricotta Pizza chopped spinach, sun-dried tomato, ricotta and white sauce.   slice 3.29 pie 17.49
Mixed Veggie Pizza fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, mozzarella and marinara sauce.   slice 3.29 pie 17.49
Pepperoni Pizza    slice 2.79 pie 16.49
Supreme Pizza pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, peppers, onions and marinara.   slice 3.49 pie 17.99
Value Combo 2 plain slices with soda.    4.49


Served With Starch And Vegetables.

Chicken Entrées     7.99
Seafood Entrées     8.99
Beef Entrées     7.99

Chinese Entrées $7.99

Served With Fried Rice Or Lo Mein.

Sesame Chicken   
General Tso's Chicken   
Chicken with black bean sauce  
Beef Broccoli   
Chicken Broccoli   
Teriyaki Chicken   

Chinese Side Order

Chicken Fried Rice     4.99
Chicken Lomein     4.99
Chicken Dumpling     3.50
Singapore Me Fung     4.99
Vegetable Fried Rice     4.99
Vegetable Lomein     4.99
Spring Roll     1.50
Chicken Pad Thai     4.99

Frozen Yogurts

Cups And Cones.

Cup    sm 3.49 lg 3.99
Waffle Cone frozen yogurt flavors option: vanilla, chocolate    3.99
Cake Cone     3.79
Indulgent Shakes vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and oreo cream.    4.99
Cups with topping   sm 3.99 lg 4.99
Waffle Cone with topping    4.49
Fro-Yo Blasts oreo overload, reeses pieces, peanut butter, cookie dough and triple berry.   sm 4.49 lg 4.99


Sm $6.29 / Lg $7.29. Includes One Booster.

1. Caribbean Craze strawberry, banana, juice blender and booster.  
2. Strawberry Shooter strawberry juice, blend and booster.  
3. Peach Sunset peach, banana, strawberry, juice blend and booster.  
4. Jamaican Jammer (dairy) fat-free yogurt, strawberry, banana and booster.  
5. Maui Mango mango, strawberry, banana, passion fruit, juice blend and booster.  
6. Strawberry Squeeze (dairy) fat-free yogurt, strawberry and booster.  
7. Mystic Mango (dairy) orange juice and sherbet, mango, passion fruit, pineapple and booster.  
8. Pineapple Paradise pineapple, coconut, strawberry, juice blend and booster.  
9. Orange Sunrise (dairy) orange juice, sherbet, banana, pineapple, strawberry and booster.  
10. Acai Energy brazilian acai, strawberry, banana and booster.  
11. Tropical Acai brazilian acai, pineapple, strawberry and booster.  
12. Berry Breeze blueberry, raspberry, acai, strawberry, juice blend and booster.  
13. Peanut Butter Protein (26g, dairy) fat-free yogurt, peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup and metrx chocolate protein.  
14. Chocolate Oreo Protein (28g, dairy) fat-free yogurt, chocolate syrup and metrx chocolate protein.  
15. Low Cal Strawberry Oasis strawberry, juice blend and booster.  
16. Low Cal Mango Beach mango, peach, passion fruit, juice blend and booster.  
17. Low Cal Orange Passion orange juice and sherbet, strawberry and booster.  
18. Low Cal Strawberry Sunrise fat-free yogurt, strawberry and booster.  

Smoothies Booster Extras

Optional - Select As Many As You Like.

Plain Protein     0.75
Super Food     0.79
Extreme Lean     0.79
Sports Performance     0.79
Energy Booster     0.79

Fresh Squeezed Juice Bar

Sm (12 oz) $3.49 / Med (16 oz) $4.49 / Lg (24 oz) $5.49. Create Your Own Juice. Choose From Carrot, Apple, Celery, Beef, Spinach, Ginger, Parsley, Orange And Grapefruit.

Small Fresh Squeezed Juice 12 oz.  
Medium Fresh Squeezed Juice 16 oz.  
Large Fresh Squeezed Juice 24 oz.  
1. Sunriser carrot, apple and pineapple.  
2. Eye Opener carrot, apple celery and lemon.  
3. Pick Me Up apple, carrot and orange.  
4. Big Red carrot, plum, tomatoes, beets, parsley and celery.  
5. Afternoon Lift carrot, tomato, spinach, celery and ginger.  

Juice Bar Option

Choose At Least 1 Item (S).

Apple     0.50

Coffee And More

Columbian Coffee    (12 oz.) 1.40 (16 oz.) 1.75
Hazelnut Coffee    (12 oz.) 1.40 (16 oz.) 1.75
Flavor Tea    (16 oz) 1.75 (12 oz) 1.40
Hot Chocolate    (16 oz.) 2.25 (12 oz.) 1.85
Decaf Coffee    (16 oz.) 1.75 (12 oz.) 1.40
French Vanilla Coffee    (16 oz.) 1.75 (12 oz.) 1.40
Vanilla Chai    (16 oz.) 3.40 (12 oz.) 2.40
Apple Cider seasonal.    2.50

Flavor Tea Option

Lipton Tea   
English Breakfast   
Lemon Zinger   
Lemon Ginger   
Herbal Tea   
Cinnamon Apple   
Red Zinger   
Green Tea   

Espresso Bar

Cappuccino    (16 oz) 3.50 (12oz) 2.75
Cafe Latte With Flavors vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and caramel.   (12 oz) 3.25 (16 oz) 3.75
Cafe Mocha    (12 oz) 3.50 (16 oz) 4.00
Espresso    (sgl 12 oz) 2.25 (dbl 16 oz) 2.75
Cafe Latte    (12 oz) 2.75 (16 oz) 3.50
Americano    (12 oz) 2.75 (16 oz) 3.25
Cafe Au Lait    (12 oz) 1.85 (16 oz) 2.25

Iced Beverage

Columbian Iced Coffee    (16 oz.) 2.25 (24 oz.) 2.75
Iced French Vanilla    (16 oz.) 2.25 (24 oz.) 2.75
Iced Cappuccino    (16 oz.) 3.25 (24 oz.) 3.75
Iced Flavored Latte    (16 oz.) 3.75 (24 oz.) 4.25
Frozen Vanilla Chai crushed ice.   (16 oz.) 3.25 (24 oz.) 3.75
Iced Hazelnut    (16 oz.) 2.25 (24 oz.) 2.75
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea    (16 oz.) 2.25 (24 oz.) 2.75
Iced Latte    (16 oz.) 3.25 (24 oz.) 3.75
Iced Vanilla Chai    (16 oz.) 3.25 (24 oz.) 4.25
Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, orange fanta    1.50

Delivery & Take Out - Tossed Salad Bar

Create Your Own Salad. You Choose And We'Ll Toss.

Four Topping Salad    lg 8.49 sm 7.49
Value Combo small tossed salad with 4 toppings and smoothie.    10.99
Six Topping Salad    sm 8.49 lg 9.49

Salad Toppings

Hard Boiled Eggs   
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese   
Crumble Bleu Cheese   
Monterey Jack Cheese   
Black Raisins   
Sun-Dried Tomato   
Alfalfa Sprouts   
Grape Tomato   
Sweet Corn   
Sliced Beets   
Roasted Peppers   
Cherry Peppers   
Red Onion   
Roasted Portabella Mushroom   
Egg Whites   
Low-Fat Feta Cheese   
Shredded Cheddar Cheese   
Sunflower Seeds   
Golden Raisins   
Mandarin Orange   
Crispy Noodle   
Chopped Tomato   
Green Peas   
Red Kidney Beans   
Artichoke Hearts   
Sweet Peppers   
Mixed Bell Peppers   
Shredded Carrots   
Black Olives   
Button Mushroom   

Salad Dressing

Choose One

House Vinaigrette   
Blue Cheese   
Parmesan Pepper Corn   
Olive Oil   
Red Wine Vinegar   
Fat-Free Balsamic   
Fat-Free Caesar   
Fat-Free Ranch   
Fat-Free Sun-Dried Tomato   
Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette   
House Balsamic Vinaigrette   
Olive Oil Vinaigrette   
Mango Pineapple   
White Vinegar   
Balsamic Vinegar   
Fat-Free Italian   
Fat-Free Russian   
Fat-Free Honey Dijon   
Fat-Free Sesame Ginger   

Extra Meat Salad Topping $1.50

Optional - Select As Many As You Like.

Grilled Chicken   
Pesto Chicken   
Cajun Chicken   
Roasted Turkey   

Extra Veggie Salad Topping $1

Optional - Select As Many As You Like

Alfalfa Sprouts   
Grape Tomato   
Sweet Corn   
Sliced Beets   
Roasted Peppers   
Cherry Peppers   
Red Onions   
Roasted Portabella Mushroom   
Chopped Tomato   
Green Peas   
Red Kidney Beans   
Artichoke Hearts   
Sweet Peppers   
Mixed Bell Peppers   
Shredded Carrots   
Black Olives   
Button Mushroom   


Campus Eatery
31 W 4th St
At Greene St
(212) 475-3600
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