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Cafe Renaissance

  • $
  • Italian, Kosher, Pizza, Sushi
  • 802 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn 11223 40.606437 -73.964471
  • (At E 8th St)
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  • (718) 382-1900
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Edamme     7.00
Stuffed Baked Potato broccoli and cheese or mushroom and cheese (served until 4pm)    8.00
Sauteed Asparagus In Lemon Sauce     8.00
Cigars     8.00
Portabello Marsala     8.00
Sauteed Artichoke Hearts     8.00
Stuffed Mushrooms     9.00
Mozzarella Sticks     9.00
Eggplant Rollatine eggplant stuffed with ricotta cheese & topped with marinara sauce    9.00
Avocado Eggroll avocado, sundried tomatoes, cilantro    9.00
Renaissance Bruschetta plum tomato, fresh basil & roasted garlic on a crispini    7.00
Stuffed Artichoke artichoke hearts stuffed with mushrooms, bread crumbs, zucchini, parmesan, served in a lemon sauce    9.00
Mozzarella Basket     11.00
Salmon Basket     12.00
Tuna Basket     13.00
Soup     6.00
Cream Soup     6.00


Add Grilled Or Blackened Salmon For $7 Or Tuna For $8 Or Tilapia $7.

Country Salad baby greens, arugula, beets, feta cheese, walnuts in a light sweet dressing    13.00
Caesar Salad romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, anchovies & parmesan cheese    11.00
Shuaul Salad mesculin, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes in a red wine vinegar dressing    11.00
Renaissance Health Salad romaine lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, red onion in a lemon & oil dressing    11.00
Baby Spinach Salad fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, fresh mushrooms, sesame seeds in a honey mustard dressing    12.00
Guacomole Salad     12.00
Avocado Salad lettuce, corn, avocado, hard boiled egg, red pepper, in a lemon olive oil dressing    12.00
Tuna Salad lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives, red onion in a lemon olive oil dressing    13.00
Greek Salad lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, topped with feta cheese and zartar in a lemon olive dressing    12.00
Arugula Salad arugula, cherry tomatoes, roasted zucchini, feta cheeese, sunflower seeda & balsamic dressing    12.00
Hearts Of Palm Salad lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, hearts of palm and red onion in a light olive oil lemon dressing    13.00
Nicoise Salad (Lunch Only) romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, baked potato, tuna fish salad, string beans & hard boiled egg    13.00
Village Salad mixed greens, sweet potatoe, peppers, croutons, cubed feta, walnuts, mixed seeds, in a soy sauce dressing    13.00
Halumi Salad romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, red onions, black olives, halumi cheese & lemon dressing    13.00
Chef Halumi Salad romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sauteed onions, mushrooms, halumi cheese in a terryaki sauce    14.00
Chef Halumi Salad optional chef salmon salad    16.00
Goat Cheese Salad baby greens, romaine lettuce, pears, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese in a citrus dressing    13.00
Victoria Salad mixed baby green arugula, green apples, sweet poatoes, feta cheese, walnuts in a light, sweet dressing    13.00

Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza

(12") / (14"). All Our Pizzas Are Made With Our Own Homemade Fresh Mozzarella And Our Own Homemade Fresh Sauces. Additional Charge For Toppings. All Pizzas Are Available In Sesame Crust For An Additional $1. All Pizzas Are Available In Thick Cru

Pizza Margherita with plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & fresh basil    18.00  16.00
Vegetable Pizza with tomato sauce, roasted zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli & fresh mozzarella    18.00  16.00
Renaissance Pizza sesame crust pizza with mushrooms, red onion, mozzarella & light tomato sauce    18.00  16.00
Middle Eastern Pizza     18.00  16.00
Wild Mushroom Pizza mushroom, tarragon, mozzarella & roasted garlic    20.00  18.00
Pizza Pomidoro with roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese & pesto    19.00  17.00
L & B Style Pizza thick crust pizza with cheese on the bottom & sauce on the top & fresh oregano   (14") 21.00
Four Seasons Pizza four sections pizza: one with mushrooms, roasted garlic & cheese, second with roasted tomatoes, broccoli & cheee, third with vodka sauce & cheese, fouth with tomato sauce, black olives, cheese & pesto   (12") 20.00
Spinach Pizza spinach, feta cheese, roasted tomatoes & sesame crust    18.00  16.00
Mama Tikva Pizza extra thin curst with tomatoes, garlic, pepper and cheese   (12") 16.00

Panini Sandwiches $12

Served Until 4pm. With Small Salad.

Omelette Panini with fresh mozzarella & tomato  
Tuna Panini with tuna fish salad & tomato  
Roasted Red Pepper Panini with fresh mozzarella & basil  
Portabello Panini with feta cheese, olive oil, tomato & lettuce  
Eggplant Panini with roasted pepper, mozzarella cheese & olive oil  

Wraps $12

Served Until 4pm. With Small Salad

Avocado Wrap   
Tuna Wrap   
Portabello Wrap   
Mozzarella pesto & tomato  

Hot Wraps

Renaissance Wrap omelette, sauteed spinach, cheese    12.00
Eggplant with mushroom sauce & cheese    12.00
Grilled Salmon & Sauteed Spinach Wrap     14.00
Grilled Tuna & Sauteed Spinach Wrap     15.00


Served Until 4pm. With Small Salad

Spinach Omelette     11.00
Cheese Omelette     11.00
Mixed Vegetable Omelette     11.00
Feta Cheese Omelette     12.00


All Pastas Are Sprinkled With Parmesan Cheese Additional Charge For Extra Sauce Or Toppings. Extra Cream Sauces Or Pesto Sauce Add $2 Whole Wheat Pasta Add $2.

Shaul Pasta     14.00
Village Pasta penne with two kinds of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, garlic, olive oil, parsley    14.00
Healthy Pasta low glyceride pasta, sauteed spinach, broccoli, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese    14.00
Middle East Pasta spicey pasta with garlic, tomatoes and roasted peppers    14.00
Thai Pasta healthy pasta with 3 kinds of pepper, carrots mushrooms, scallion, sesame seeds, walnuts in a szechuan sauce    14.00
Renaissance Pasta linguine with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic in marinara sauce    14.00
Cappellini Primavera carrots, broccoli & zucchini over angel hair pasta    14.00
Pasta Ala Pesto linguine in pesto sauce (touch of cream optional)    14.00
Penne Ala Vodka pink cream sauce with vodka    16.00
Gnocchi Roma potato pasta in a tomato zucchini sauce    16.00
Ravioli with any sauce    16.00
Baked Ziti     17.00
Fettuccini Alfredo     17.00
Lasagna     17.00
Eggplant Parmigiana with linguine    17.00
Fettucini con pescado in a cream sauce    20.00


All Served With Vegetable & Starch Of The Day

Tuna Burger served on a bun with french fries    18.00
Barbunia     22.00
Filet Of Tilapia grilled or blackened    23.00
Fish & Chips     23.00
Filet Of Tilapia Middle Eastern     23.00
Filet Of Salmon grilled blackened    24.00
Salmon Teriyaki     24.00
Filet Of Lemon Sole In An Asparagus Sauce     25.00
Filet Of Lemon Sole lemon, almond or mushroom sauce    25.00
Lemon Sole Franchaise     25.00
Rennaisance Fish strips of tilapia seasoned with our chefs special blend, served with grilled vegetables    24.00
Tuna grilled or blackened    25.00
Filet Corniva     25.00
Queen Salmon     25.00
Tuna Teriyaki     26.00
Whole St. Peter     27.00
Filet Borozini     28.00
Whole Borozini     30.00
Chilean Sea Bass     30.00

Side Dishes

French Fries     6.00
Potato Of The Day     6.00
Sauteed Vegetables     6.00
Sauteed Green Beans     7.00
Diet Steamed Vegetables     7.00
Sauteed Broccoli     8.00


All Cakes Are Made On Premises

Ice Cream    (2 scoops) 6.00
Renaissnace Cake     8.00
Chocolate Cake     8.00
Traditional Cheese Cake     8.00
Marble Cheese Cake     8.00
Chocolate Mousse Cake     8.00
Tiramisu     9.00
Hot Souffle served with ice cream    11.00
Hot Apple Pie     8.00
Low Fat Yogurt with granola & fruit topping    6.00
Belgian Waffle     12.00

Sushi & Sushimi

Kani Salad immitation crab, cucumber, lettuce, mayonnaise, caviar and dash of spice    11.00
Seaweed Salad renaisssance salad topped with seaweed    11.00

Sushi Roll

Salmon Avocado     6.50
Alaskan salmon, avocado, cucumber    6.50
Mango Avocado     6.50
Tuna Avocado     7.00
Yellow Tail     7.00
Philadelphia smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber    7.00
Koma Roll deep fried imitation crab, avocado, cucumber    8.00
California avocado, cucumber, imitation crab    7.00
Yellow Tail Jalapeno     7.50
Tuna Mango     7.50
Mexicana Roll with jalapeno    9.00
Rainbow 5pcs of assorted fish on top    14.00

Spicy Sushi Roll

Salmon     6.50
Tuna     7.00
Tilapia with cucumber    7.00
Spicy Tuna with avocado    7.50

Vegetarian Roll

Cucumber     4.50
Avocado     5.50
Avocado Cucumber     5.50
Carrot     5.00
Sweet Potato tempura    5.00
Cucumber & Cream Cheese     5.50
Vegetable Combo any 3 vegetables    5.50
Sweet Potato avocado, tomato    6.00

Special Combos

Jacky Roll tempura white fish with cucumber, avocado and lettuce    9.00
American Dream Roll california roll topped with spicy tuna    10.00
Kings Highway Roll tuna, salmon, crabstick and lettuce    11.00
Green Dragon tuna, salmon, cucumber topped with avocado    11.00
Manhattan Roll cooked salmon, cucumber, japanese mayonnaise, topped with spicy salmon    11.00
Angel Roll cucumber, avocado, lettuce, imitation crab stick, cooked salmon, deep fried    12.00
Salmon Face Roll avocado, cucumber topped with salmon    13.00
Red Dragon california roll topped with tuna    14.00
Renaissance Combo tuna, salmon and yellow tail   (3 rolls) 17.00
Spicy Combo spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy yellow tail   (3 rolls) 18.00
Kowosaki Roll california roll, avocado, crunch, topped with sweet sauce    13.00
Shual Roll cooked salmon, avocado, without seaweed, topped with crunch    10.00
Crazy Green Dragon Roll spicey salmon, cucumber, avocado, topped with spicy mayo and crunch    13.00
Renaissance Roll spicey tuna, avocado, topped with pepper, tuna, avocado, crunch, spicey mayo and scallion    14.00
Hawaii Roll cucumber, avocado, topped with smoked salmon, scallion and crunch    13.00
Seafood Maki Roll salmon, yellowtail, tuna, cucumber, avocado with soybean seaweed, 10pcs    13.00
Crazy Mango Roll spicy salmon, cucumber, avocado topped with mango    12.00
Crazy Seaweed Salad Roll spicy tuna, avocado topped with seaweed salad, crunch and spicy mayo    13.00

Sushi & Sushimi

(2pcs) A Set. For The Addition Of Brown Rice Spicy Or Crunch Add $1.

Salmon    (2pcs) 5.50
Tuna     6.50
Yellow     6.50
Tilapia     6.50


Apple     6.00
Orange     6.00
Carrot     6.00
Pomegranate in season    7.00

Cold Drinks

Mineral Water     2.00
Snapple     3.00
Soda     3.00
Iced Coffee     3.00
Iced Cappuccino     4.00
Iced Cappuccino Float     4.50
Flavored Smoothies peach, strawberry, melon, banana, pineapple    7.00
Renaissance Fruit Smoothie fresh orange juice base with strawberries & pineapple    7.00
Flavored Milk Shakes vanilla, chocolate, stawberry, pistachio, swiss, italian    7.00

Hot Drinks

Coffee     2.50
Espresso     2.50
Tea Or Herbal Tea     2.50
Hot Chocolate     3.50
Double Espresso     3.00
Swiss Hot Chocolate     4.50
Chococcino     4.50
Cappccino     4.00


Cafe Renaissance
802 Kings Hwy
At E 8th St
(718) 382-1900
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