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Cafe Mingala Burmese Cuisine (CLOSED)

  • $$$
  • Burmese
  • 1393 2nd Ave, NEW YORK 10021 40.769269 -73.958218
  • (Btwn 72nd & 73rd St)
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  • (212) 744-8008
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Golden Ruby Shrimp Large prawn marinated in thin wrapper and serve with tamarind sauce    8.95
Beef, Chicken Satay Tender marinated lean beef or chicken grilled on bamboo skewers. homestyle cooked coconut in peanuts sauce    5.95
Golden Triangles Delicious curried potatoes in triangular shells    4.50
Gold Fingers Tempura Calabash sticks lightly battered & crispy perfection with traditional sauce    5.95
Sesame Pasta With spicy sesame peanut sauce    7.95
Crispy Lentil Fritters     4.50
Assorted Appetizers Delight Golden triangles, lentil fritters & shrimp spring rolls, crispy golden fingers, fried tofu    8.95
Shrimp Spring Rolls     5.95
Ngar- Phai Kyaw Fried yellow bean curd served with tamarind sauce    7.95
Shan Tofu Kyaw Fried yellow bean curd served with sweet chili tamarind sauce    4.50
Gold Sesame Chicken or Pork Stick Chicken or pork stick stir fried in light crispy batter & sesame seeds served with sweet chili sauce    8.95
Crispy Shrimp and Onion Tempura     8.95


Spring Ginger Salad Young ginger roots, fresh veg., mixed with sesame seeds, toasted bean, twist lemon, peanuts & crisp onions on top    7.50
Pickled Green Tea Leaf Salad Marinated green tea leaves mixed with sesame seeds, toasted garlic, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, peanuts & lemon twist    8.50
Southern Rangoon Shrimp Salad     8.50
Calamari a La Burma     8.50
Burmese Fish Cake Salad      8.50
Peah Thee Thoke Steamed string beans and chopped peanuts with crispy onions, lemon and burmese seasonings    7.50
Fresh Green Papaya Spicy Salad     7.50
Mango Salad Well mixed with fresh vegetable coriander, crispy onion, garlic, chopped peanuts and toasted bean    7.50
Tomato Salad Well mixed with fresh vegetable coriander, crispy onion, garlic chopped peanut with burmese seasonings    7.50
Burmese Tofu Salad     7.50


Seafood Lemon Grass Soup Add rice noodle extra $1.50    9.95
Ingredient Soup Shrimp, chicken, assorted vegetables, mushrooms, bean curd with sesame oil    8.95
Squash Hot & Sour Soup     5.95
Village Peas Soup     4.95
Kyar- San Hin Ga Soup Silver bean thread, chicken, coriander, lemon, scallion & crispy fried onion    7.95
Corn and Onion Hincho     5.95

Light Fare & Pastas

Festival Noodles Fish Soup (Mohinga) Thin rice noodles with minced fish, lemon gras, boiled eggs, lemon & coriander in a delicious fish broth    9.95
Coconut Chicken Noodles Soup Fresh egg noodles in creamy coconut milk broth with spiced chicken, lemon & crispy onions. Hard boiled eggs    9.95
Rangoon Night Market Noodles Fresh egg noodles with tender boiled duck in light garlic sauce topped with scallion & crispy sweet onions. A favorite at the famous rangoon night market    9.95
Mingala Noodles W/Shan Style Red Sauce Rice noodles, topped with northern burma shan style minced chicken, spiced tomatoes ground peanuts and coriander sauce    9.95
Mandalay Nungi Noodles Thick rice noodles well, mixed with shredded chicken, toasted bean, fresh lemon, garlic oil and burmese seasoning in a unique bean sauce, room temperature    9.95
Vegetarian Let-Thoke (Noodle Salad) Refreshing mixture with egg noodles, assorted vegetables, potatoes, toasted beans, bean curd strip & tamarind juice dressing    9.50
Kow Swear Kyaw Fresh egg noodle stir fried with scallion and vegetable in light garlic sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, vegetable or shrimp    9.95
Keema Thousand layered pancake stuffed with minced ground beef & potato in curry sauce    9.95
Tamin Let - Thoke (Vegetarian, Rice Salad) Steamed rice, thin rice noodles, assorted vegetable, tamarind, garlic oil, crispy onion, toasted beans and peanut sauce in well mixed    9.50
Pan Fried Burmese Home Style Noodle Flat rice noodle sauteed with prawn, chicken, ground peanuts, bean sprout, egg and chef's special sauce    10.95
Nungi Kyaw Thick rice noodle, slice chicken, vegetable, scallion stir fried w/light garlic sauce    9.95


Chicken Curry with Potatoes     13.95
Chicken & Asparagus Sauteed with vegetable in lemon sauce    13.95
Ruby Chicken & Peanuts Sauteed with vegetable in light brown garlic sauce    13.95
Chili Chicken W/Broccoli     13.95
Ginger Chicken Sauteed with fresh ginger, string bean & vegetable in ginger sauce    13.95
Pineapple Chicken Pineapples chunk sauteed w/veg & spicy red curry gravy sauce    13.95
Mango Chicken Mango & veg sauteed with spicy coconut sauce    13.95
Chicken Mint Kebab Kyaw Sauteed in tomatoes & fresh mint leaves in chef's special sauce    13.95
Lemon Grass Chicken Lemon grass, string beans & vegetable in lemon grass sauce    13.95
Basil Chicken Basil leaves with veg in basil sauce    13.95
Country Chicken Grilled marinated chicken with vegetable in the chef's special peanut chili sauce    13.95

Pork & Duck

Pork Curry with Potatoes     13.95
Mo-goke Pork Juicy roasted pork loin in delicious brown sauce. A very special dish from mo-goke, the land of rubies and riches in upper burma    14.95
Lemon Grass Duck Tender boneless duck meat sauteed with vegetable, snow peas and lemon grass sauce    14.95
Basil Duck with Vegetable     14.95
Ginger Duck with Vegetable     14.95
Crispy Garlic Pork Served w/sweet chili sauce    13.95


Seafood Nirvana Delightful combination of prawn, squid, fish cake, flounder fish, scallops and assorted vegetable in burmese homestyle tamarind sauce    20.95
Basil Prawn or Scallops Sauteed w/vegetable in fresh basil sauce    16.95
Basil Prawn or Scallops - Combo     1.00
Red Curried Prawns or Scallops Pineapple chunks in delicious coconut milk curry sauce    16.95
Red Curried Prawns or Scallops - Combo     1.00
Prawn & Asparagus With vegetable in lemon sauce    16.95
Crispy Whole Fish In Tamarind Sauce     22.95
Mandalay Flying Prawn Pawn marinated with herbs cooked in its own natural shrimp oil, potatoes and burmese curry sauce    16.95
Banana Leaf Fish (Flounder) In basil sauce    20.95
Prawn and Okra Snow peas in tamarind sauce    16.95
Lemon Grass Prawn String bean, vegetable in lemon grass sauce    16.95
Lobster In Basil Sauce     24.95
Crispy Soft Shell Crabs Served with sweet chili sauce    16.95
Steam Fish In Light Brown Sauce     22.95
Prawn W/Egg-Plant Nhut Sauteed with tamarind sauce    16.95
King - Fish Cake With Calabash In fresh tomato curry sauce    15.95


Beef Curry with Potatoes     13.95
Beef Mint Kebab Syaw Tender marinated beef lightly sauteed with tomatoes & vegetable, spices & fresh mint leaves    13.95
Spicy Beef with Broccoli Stir-fried with vegetable in chili sauce    13.95
Basil Beef Sliced beef and sauteed with bamboo shoots, snow peas in burmese spices basil sauce    13.95
Mango Beef Marinated beef with fresh mango and vegetable sauteed in special burmese spicy red coconut sauce    13.95
Lemon Grass Beef Sliced beef with lemon grass, vegetable and string beans in light brown sauce    13.95
Ginger Beef Marinated beef with vegetable in ginger sauce    13.95
Pineapple Beef Sauteed with vegetables in spicy and red curry sauce    13.95

Fried Rice

Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp & Chicken     9.95
Vegetarian Burmese Fried Rice     7.95
Fried Rice With choice of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp    8.95
Basil Fried Rice With chicken, beef, pork and shrimp    9.95
Ingredients Fired Rice     9.95


Monsoon Veg. & mixed Lentils Eggplant okra squash, string beans, potatoes cauliflowers and assorted vegetables in tamarind sauce    10.95
Emerald Garden Vegetable Delight Sauteed vegetable and tofu in savory brown sauce    10.95
Sesame String Beans & Broccoli in Lemon Sauce     10.95
Mango Veg In Red Curry Sauce     10.95
Cooked Potatoes Curry W/Naan     9.95
Basil Tofu & Bamboo Shoots Tofu in burmese spices and cooked with basil, green chili, shredded bamboo shoots and snow peas    10.95
Bread & Peas (Peah Nun-Pya) Delicious cooked vatana peas, crispy fried onion and served with pita nun bread    9.95
Steam Assorted Veg. Peanut Sauce     10.95
Arthi- Zon Hin & mixed Lentils Sauteed & string bean okra, calabash, eggplant and potato in tamarind sauce    10.95


Homemade dumpling. Choice of seafood, pork & shrimp or chicken

Northern Burma Phe- Htoke Phe-htoke w/lemon grass hot broth w/seafood & mushroom    13.95
Island Style Phe-Htoke In Soup Phet, htoke in silver bean thread, spinach, chicken, shrimp, mushroom in clear watery soup    13.95
Classic Myanmar Phe - Htoke Boiled phet-htoke sauteed w/basil leaves & vegetable in basil sauce    13.95
Ginger Phet - Htoke Boiled phet-htoke sauteed w/basil leaves & vegetable in basil sauce    13.95
Shan Home Style Phet-Htoke Curry Phet-htoke slow cooked w/vegetable in tamarind curry broth    13.95

Special Vegetarian Menu

Lemon Soybean & Veg in Lemon sauce     13.95
Ruby Soybean Peanuts & Veg In light brown garlic sauce    13.95
Chili Soybean & Veg     13.95
Ginger Soybean & Veg     13.95
Pineapple Soybean & Veg In red curry gravy sauce    13.95
Mango Soybean & Veg. In spicy coconut sauce    13.95
Mint Soybean Kebab Syaw W/Veg. In Chef's Sauce     13.95
Basil Soybean & Veg.     13.95

Side Order

Thin Naan Bread     2.00
Coconut Rice     4.50
Thousand Layer Bread     4.00
Yellow Bean Rice     3.50
White Rice     2.00


Thousand Layered Bread in Sweet Coconut Milk     5.00
Semolina Cake San-Nwin Makin     5.00
Fresh Banana Cook In Sweet Coconut Milk     4.00
Ice Cream Green tea & mango    5.00



7 Days: 11:30am-3:30pm


Choice of soup or salad. Served with yellow rice

Monsoon Vegetable & mixed Lentils     6.95
Emerald Garden Vegetable Delight     6.95
Sesame String Bean & Broccoli     6.95
Cook Potatoes Curry with Nan (No Rice)     6.95
Bread & Peas (No Rice)     6.95


Choice of soup or salad. Served with yellow rice

Chicken Curry with Potatoes     6.95
Chicken with Vegetable in Lemon Sauce     6.95
Ruby Chicken     6.95
Chili Chicken     6.95
Ginger Chicken     6.95
Chicken Mint Kebab Kyaw     6.95
Basil Chicken     6.95

Beef & Pork

Choice of soup or salad. Served with yellow rice

Beef Curry with Potatoes     6.95
Burmese Beef Mint Kebot Kyaw     6.95
Spicy Beef & Broccoli     6.95
Basil Beef     6.95
Ginger Beef     6.95
Pork Curry with Potatoes     6.95


Choice of soup or salad

Rangoon Night Market Noodles     6.95
Mingala Noodles     6.95
Mandalay Nungi Noodles     6.95
Vegetarian Let - Thoke (Noodle Salad)     6.95
Kowswear Kyaw with Chicken or Veg.     6.95
Tamin Let - Thoke (Rice Salad)     6.95
Nungi Kyaw with Chicken or Veg.     6.95

Soybean Vegetarian

Choice of soup or salad. Served with yellow rice

Lemon Soybean     6.95
Peanuts Soybean      6.95
Chili Soybean     6.95
Ginger Soybean     6.95
Mint Soybean     6.95
Basil Soybean     6.95


Cafe Mingala Burmese Cuisine
1393 2nd Ave
Btwn 72nd & 73rd St
(212) 744-8008
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