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Cafe Lalo

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  • Bakery & Pastries, Coffee & Tea, Desserts, Sandwiches
  • 201 W 83rd St, New York 10024 40.785755 -73.976497
  • (Btwn Broadway & Amsterdam Ave)
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  • (917) 444-7874
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Served All Day

Fresh Squeezed Juice orange or grapefruit    5.00
Tuscan Sunrise grilled zucchini cheese frittata. served with mediterranean salad    13.00
Moroccan Delight eggs, fresh tomatoes, tricolor bell peppers, garlic, jalapeno, extra virgin olive oil and fresh mixed herbs. served with pita bread    13.00
Hard Boiled Eggs     1.50

Served All Day - Fresh Organic Steamed Eggs

No Oil Or Butter Used fat free plain    7.00
No Oil Or Butter Used with fresh herbs: basil, dill, oregano, tarragon, parsley or mint    8.00
Aged Gouda Cheese with mixed mushrooms, spinach & fresh mixed herbs    12.00
Bulgarian Feta Cheese with avocado    12.00
Bulgarian Feta Cheese with olives & fresh mixed herbs    12.00
French Brie with mixed mushrooms    13.00
Goat Cheese with fresh mixed herbs & sauteed garlic    11.00
Goat Cheese with spinach & fresh mixed herbs    12.00
Goat Cheese with scallions & fresh mixed herbs    11.00
Goat Cheese with tomato, oregano & fresh basil    12.00
House Carved Wild Western Salmon Or Fancy Pastrami Salmon with onion & fresh dill    14.00
Mixed Mushrooms with onion, grilled zucchini, tomato & fresh mixed herbs    12.00
Sharp Cheddar Cheese with cauliflower    11.00
Sharp Cheddar Cheese with fresh mixed herbs & sauteed garlic    11.00
Shiitake, Crimini, Champignon Mushrooms with fresh mixed herbs    12.00
Strawberries with mixed nuts, raisins, honey & cinnamon    12.00
Tricolor Peppers with onions & tomatoes    11.00

Grilled Sandwiches

Choice Of: Bagel, Croissant Or Our Selection Of Bread Served With: Roasted Potatoes Or Organic Baby Greens Salad Or Mediterranean Salad. Choice Of Two $12. Choice Of: Bagel, Croissant Or Our Selection Of Bread Served With: Roasted Potatoes Or

Cheddar Cheese And Mushrooms   
Mozzarella And Fresh Basil   
Gouda Cheese And Spinach   
Cauliflower & Mozzarella   
Swiss Cheese And Tomato   
Goat Cheese And Fresh Mint   
French Brie With Black Pepper & Herbs   


Imported French Brie     8.00
Imported Holland Gouda     8.00
Imported Swiss     7.00
Sharp Cheddar     7.00
Goat Cheese     7.00
Herbed Goat Cheese     8.00

Side Orders

Whipped Cream Cheese     2.00
Whipped Cream Cheese with scallion    2.50

Yogurt $3

Low Fat   
Non Fat   

Frozen Yogurt

With Fruit Or Berries     3.00
With Nuts     2.00
With Berry Sauce blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry    2.00


Seasonal Fruit Salad     6.00
Half Grapefruit     3.00
Fresh Mixed Seasonal Berries     7.00
With Zabaglione Cream     9.00
Tropical Fruit Salad     8.00
Cantaloupe Or Honeydew     4.00


Organic Irish Oatmeal served until 1pm. served with milk or heavy cream & honey.    7.00
Organic Irish Oatmeal add hazelnuts    2.00
Organic Irish Oatmeal add raisins    1.00
Organic Swiss Granola served with milk    7.00
Organic Swiss Muesli served with milk    7.00


Variety Of Breads     3.00
Rosemary Twist Or Olive Twist     3.00
New Yorker Bagels     2.00
Plain Croissant     3.00
Breakfast Pastries     4.00
Scone with devon cream & fruit preserve    5.00

Fruit Preserves

Black Currant   
Red Cherry   
Sugar Free   
Orange Marmalade   
Sugar Free Strawberry   

Fruit Preserves

Homemade Soups     6.00
French Fries In A Red Bucket     7.00
Autentico Guacamole freshly made guacamole prepared on molcajete    14.00
French "Kiss" quiche - choice of: goat cheese or leek or mushrooms or spinach. served with mediterranean salad.    11.00
Kale And Goat Cheese Souffle served with mediterranean salad    11.00
Authentic Belgian Waffle also available in whole wheat or gluten-free. served with your choice of plain yogurt, plain or cinnamon whipped cream, seasonal fruits or strawberries and pure vermont maple syrup.    14.00
Authentic Belgian Waffle add pecan, hazelnut or macadamia    2.00
Black Figs, Melon & Feta Cheese seasonal. with olive oil & herbs    12.00
Local Heirloom Tomatoes seasonal. with olive oil and balsamic vinegar    8.00
Watermelon And Feta Cheese seasonal. with olive oil and herbs de provance    9.00


Lalo's Favorite Salad roasted eggplant, portabello mushrooms, cauliflower, avocado and asparagus    15.00
House Carved Wild Western Salmon K Or Fancy Pastrami Salmon     18.00
Tri Color Organic Cold Quinoa Salad red bell peppers, cucumber, onion, cilantro, olives, lemon with extra virgin olive oil    10.00
Avocado & Bulgarian Feta Cheese     13.00
Organic Baby Greens Salad     9.00
Baked Salmon Salad     14.00
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil     11.00
Tri Color Organic Hot Quinoa Salad sauteed onion, bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, garlic and cilantro with extra virgin olive oil    10.00
Mediterranean Salad     9.00
Portabello Mushrooms With Black Truffle Oil     14.00
Salad Rouge roasted beets & goat cheese    10.00
Yellowfin Tuna Salad lowest in mercury 0.01ppm    14.00


Avocado & Bulgarian Feta Cheese with grilled zucchini, tomatoes and olive oil    13.00
Baked Salmon Salad with lettuce and sliced tomatoes    13.00
Low Calorie house carved wild western salmon, or fancy pastrami salmon with grilled zucchini    15.00
Mozzarella, Pesto And Tomatoes fresh mozzarella, pesto alla genovese and tomatoes garnished with market greens with house dressing    13.00
Organic Egg Salad With Anchovies organic egg salad served with organic market baby greens, tomatoes and olives    13.00
Roasted Eggplant With Fresh Mozzarella Or Goat Cheese with sliced heirloom tomatoes    13.00
Roasted Eggplant & Cauliflower with fresh mozzarella and a touch of garlic confit    13.00
Portabello Mushrooms roasted with black truffle oil and garlic, grilled zucchini and sliced tomatoes    14.00
Sardines norwegian sardines, onion, tomato, organic market baby greens and our special house dressing    13.00
Yellowfin Tuna Salad (lowest in mercury). with lettuce and slice tomatoes    13.00

Sandwich Additions

Choice Of Portobello avocado, eggplant, cauliflower or roasted potatoes    6.00
Choice Of Fresh Mozzarella goat cheese or feta cheese    6.00
Choice Of Tuna Salad sardines baked salmon salad    8.00
Olives Our Special House Blend Herbed Olives     5.00

International Brunch

French "Kiss" Quiche choice of: goat cheese or leek or mushrooms or spinach. served with mediterranean salad. served all day.    11.00
Parisian freshly baked croissant, butter, fruit preserve and organic cafe au lait or tea.    5.00
Parisian add tea pot    3.00
Viennese your choice of fresh danish served with hot chocolate, cappuccino or viennese coffee.    7.50
Swiss yogurt erved with seasonal fruits, and your choice of organic muesli or organic granola    10.00
Irish organic irish oatmeal with golden raisins, roasted hazelnuts, seasonal fruits, honey and hot milk or heavy cream. served until 1pm    0.00
Greek goat cheese served with olive twist bread, greek style yogurt & honey.    10.00
Triboro's Favorite bagel and cream cheese. served with organic coffee    6.00
Breakfast At Tiffany's organic coffee with breakfast pastry of your choice.    6.00
Moroccan Delight eggs, fresh tomatoes, tricolor bell peppers, garlic, jalapeno, extra virgin olive oil and fresh mixed herbs. served with pita bread. served all day    13.00
Tuscan Sunrise grilled zucchini cheese frittata. served with mediterranean salad. served all day    13.00
Lalo's Special frozen yogurt with a topping choice of berries, nuts or fresh fruits. breakfast pastry of your choice.    11.50
Authentic Belgian Waffle served with your choice of plain yogurt, plain or cinnamon whipped cream, seasonal fruits or strawberries and pure vermont maple syrup. also available in whole wheat or gluten-free. served all day    14.00
Authentic Belgian Waffle pecan, hazelnut or macadamia add    2.00
British steamed eggs with your choice of fresh herbs. served with devon cream, scone, and fruit preserve.    11.50
Dutch steamed eggs served with gouda cheese and a rosemary twist bread.    12.00
Caribbean selected tropical fruit salad, freshly baked breakfast pastry of your choice, and orange marmalade.    10.00
Italian steamed eggs with goat cheese, tomato, oregano & fresh basil. your choice of olive or rosemary twist bread.    12.50
New York highest quality house carved wild western salmon k or fancy pastrami salmon k over whipped cream cheese & your choice of plain or everything bagel, served with organic market baby greens, tomato & red onion. choice of coffee or tea.    20.00

Suggested Brunch Cocktails $9

Aloha champagne with pineapple juice  
Bellini champagne with peach nectar  
Bloody Mary vodka with spicy tomato juice  
Bossa Nova champagne with amaretto  
Havana champagne with mango nectar  
Kir Royale champagne with cassis  
Mimosa champagne with grand marnier and orange juice  
Tropical Jade champagne with midori and pineapple juice  
Rose Petal champagne with chambord  
Ruby Lips champagne with cointreau and cranberry juice  
Ooh-La-La-Lalo champagne with pomegranate and orange juice  

Cafe Drinks

Reg / Iced. Our Coffee Is 184 Home Blend, Organic, Fair Trade And Shade Grown Central & South American Blend. Dukale's Dream Espresso, Organic And Fair Trade Ethiopian & Indonesian Blend. Your Choice Of Milk: Cream, Whole&c

Espresso     3.00  3.00
Double Espresso     4.00  4.00
Decaffeinated Espresso     3.00  3.00
Double Decaffeinated Espresso     4.00  4.00
Cappuccino     4.50  5.00
Double Cappuccino     5.50  6.00
Decaffeinated Cappuccino     4.50  5.00
Double Decaffeinated Cappuccino     5.50  6.00
Mocha Cappuccino     4.75  5.25
Double Mocha Cappuccino     6.25  5.75
Decaffeinated Mocha Cappuccino     4.75  5.25
Double Decaffeinated Mocha Cappuccino     5.75  6.25
Latte Machiato     4.50  4.50
Decaffeinated Latte Machiato     4.50  4.50
Mocha Latte Machiato     4.75  4.75
Decaffeinated Mocha Latte Machiato     4.75  4.75
Café Au Lait     3.00
Viennese Coffee     4.00
Super Premium Organic fair trade and shade grown coffee    3.00  3.00
Decaffeinated Super Premium     3.00  3.00

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate     4.50
Hot Chocolate with shot of espresso    6.00
Hot Chocolate add fresh whipped cream    2.00

Hot Chocolate

Cold & Spicy Cider seasonal    4.50
Hot & Spicy Cider seasonal    4.50

Suggested Cappuccino And Coffee Flavorings $1

Hazelnut Irish Creme   


Whole skim, lactose-free or organic soy cold milk    2.00
Milk with italian syrup    3.00
Steamed Milk     2.50
Steamed Milk With Orzata almond    3.50

T. Salon - Original Tea Blends

Black Tea Blends organic english breakfast, organic earl grey, bombay chai, decaffeinated breakfast    5.50
Green Tea Blends organic jasmine green, organic sencha, organic green mango peach, moroccan mint    5.50
White Tea Blend white ginger pear    5.50
Herbal Tea Blends organic chamomile citron, organic citrus mint, organic ginger lemongrass, organic lemon vervain    5.50
Organic Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Teabags made of natural unbleached paper - organic forte breakfast, organic earl grey, organic chamomile citron, organic green mango peach, organic white ginger pear    3.50
Variety Of Tea     2.50
Black Iced Tea     2.50
For Tea Lovers cardamom seeds, cinnamon stick or fresh mint    1.00

Cold Drinks

Lalo Paradise a healthful drink made from fresh tropical fruits: mango, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, banana, cantaloupe and strawberries. a real heavenly treat!    7.00
Lalo Paradise blended with frozen yogurt    9.00
Elderflower And Rose Lemonade hand-picked elderflower, fresh lemon juice and rose petal extract in carbonated belvoir spring water. 100% natural and gmo-free    5.00
Fruit Coolers low fat. frozen yogurt blend with fresh-squeezed fruit juice or fresh fruits. choice of lemon, strawberry, raspberry or orange    6.00
Fruit Coolers mixed with premium vanilla ice cream    7.00
Fresh Lemonade     3.50
Fresh Lemonade fresh raspberry lemonade    4.00
Fresh Lemonade fresh strawberry lemonade    4.00
Fresh Squeezed Juice orange or grapefruit    5.00
Organic Diet Energy Drink made with ceylon green tea, guayaki yerba mate, sambazon acai and guarana    5.00
Organic Eldeflower Presse hand-picked eldeflower, fresh lemon juice and belvoir spring water. organic, vegan, gluten and gmo-free    5.00
Organic Luscombe artisanal, lightly sparkling soft drinks cranberry crush, lime crush, raspberry lemonade, sicilian lemonade    5.50
Organic Mamma Chia made with chia seeds, fruit juices and lightly sweetened. high in omega-3s & antioxidants.  
Organic Mamma Chia gluten-free &vegan blackberry hibiscus    6.00
Organic Mamma Chia gluten-free &vegan raspberry passion    6.00
Bai Antioxidant Infusions 100% natural, free-radical crushing and 5 calories brasilia blueberry, clementine, congo pear, dragonfruit, mango, peach, pomegranate    4.00
Coconut Water pure premium brazilian coconut water    4.00
Guarana a traditional brazilian energizing soft drink    4.00
Milk Shakes blended with your choice of ice cream with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup    7.00
Ice Cream Soda choice of ice cream flavor and syrup flavor    5.00
Egg Cream vanilla or chocolate    4.00
Root Beer Float     6.50
Fresh Cider seasonal. hot or cold    3.00
Juices apple juice    3.50
Izze all natural, no sugar added blackberry, clementine, grapefruit, pomegranate    4.00
Mineral Water sparkling or still    5.50  3.50

Cold Drinks - San Pellegrino $3


Cold Drinks - Italian Syrups And Drinks

Amarena wild cherry  
Lampone raspberry  
Mandarin Menta mint  
Orzata almond  

Cold Drinks - Sodas

Club Soda     3.00
Coca Cola     4.00
Diet Coke     3.00
Fanta     4.00
Ginger Ale     3.00
Sprite     4.00
Virgil's Root Beer     4.00

Cold Drinks - Sodas

Sparkling Cider     4.00

Lalo Suggestions

Chocolate Fondue served with mixed dried & fresh fruits.   (serves 2) 20.00
Chocolate Indulgence the ultimate dessert made with pure belgium chocolate, a flourless cake resting on our homemade fresh strawberry puree, topped with whipped cream and a splash of frangelico.    8.50
Chocolate Raspberry Delight a meeting of rich chocolate and refreshing natural raspberry mousse in a thin chocolate cookie crust, served with our homemade raspberry sauce, fresh berries, and fresh whipped cream.    8.50
Chocolate Trip a wonderful silky chocolate walnut truffle cake, resting on our homemade mixed berry sauce, topped with french vanilla ice cream and sprinkles of mixed nuts.    8.50
Hazelnut Mousse with frangelico.    8.50
Triple Mousse Ecstasy all natural chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry mousse served on our homemade berries puree, finished with zabaglione creme.    8.50
Zabaglione an elegant velvety-rich, creamy dessert made with marsala wine and served with fresh tropical fruits and berries.    8.50

Signature $8.50

Cappuccino Mousse   
Chocolate Lava   
Chocolate Madness   
Creme Brulee   
Grand Marnier   
Raspberry Cascade   

Individuals $8.50

Banana Chocolate Mousse   
Boston Cream Pie   
Caramel Pecan Cheesecake   
Chocolate Macaron Cake   
Chocolate Orange Sabayon Mousse   
Chocolate Mousse   
Dulce De Leche Cheesecake   
Elysee Mousse   
Fraiser Mousse   
Flourless Chocolate Cake   
Lemon Charlotte Cake   
Lemon Mousse   
Pear William's Cake   
Pistachio Macaron Cake   
Pistachio Lemon Mousse   
Raspberry Macaron Cake   
Strawberry Charlotte Mousse   
Strawberry Mimosa Mousse   
Sunshine Keylime Cheesecake   
Tiramisu Macaron Cake   
Tropical Mousse   

Cakes $8

Apple Brown Betty   
Baileys's Irish Cream   
Black Forest   
Caramel Pecan Fudge Cake   
Chocolate Bomb   
Chocolate Chip Fudge   
Chocolate Satin   
Chocolate Strawberry Banana   
Fresh Fruit Supreme   
German Chocolate   
Lemon Coconut   
Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake   
Lemon Mascarpon Cake   
Midnight Chocolate   
Mocha Espresso   
Mousse belgian chocolate cake  
Mousse black & white cake  
Mousse cappuccino cake  
Mousse chocolate raspberry cake  
Mousse dulce de leche cake  
Mousse ebony&ivory cake  
Mousse french chocolate cake  
Mousse hazelnut cake  
Mousse mango cake  
Mousse orange lemon cake  
Mousse oreo cake  
Mousse passion fruit cake  
Mississippi Mud Cake   
Oreo Cake   
Parisian Black & White Cake   
Raspberry Chocolate Velvet   
Red Velvet   
Strawberry Shortcake   
Tiramisu amaretto  
Tiramisu strawberry  
Torte chocolate mint  
Torte hazelnut  
Tres Leches   
Truffle raspberry chocolate  
Truffle triple chocolate  

Cafe Cakes

Russian Coffee     6.50

Cheesecakes $8.50

Apple Crumb   
Bailey's Coffee   
Black & White   
Caramel Pecan   
Chocolate Oreo   
Dulce De Leche   
Maple Walnut   
Old Fashion   
Pumpkin seasonal.  
Raspberry Almond   
Red Velvet   
Rocky Road   
Snickers Bar   

Healthy Indulgences

Banana Cream with grand marnier gluten-free pie    7.50
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Gluten-Free Pie     7.50
Key Lime Blackberry Gluten-Free Pie     7.50
Milk Chocolate Almond Gluten-Free Pie     7.50
Sugarless Apple Pie     7.50
Sugarless Blueberry Pie     7.50
Sugarless Cherry Pie     7.50
Sugarless Cheesecake     8.50
Old Fashion Dairy-Free Cheesecake parve    9.00


Apple Butterscotch seasonal.  
Apple Cobbler With Rosemary Caramel seasonal.  
Banana Cream   
Bittersweet Chocolate seasonal.  
Blueberry Crumb seasonal.  
Caramel Popcorn Custard seasonal.  
Chocolate Cream   
Coconut Custard Cream   
Dutch Apple Crumb   
Fig And Chocolate Truffle seasonal.  
Hay Custard seasonal.  
Honey Lavender Custard seasonal.  
Honey Pinenut   
Lemon Meringue   
Maple Pecan seasonal.  
Minty Lime seasonal.  
Nantucket Cranberry seasonal.  
Peach Hibiscus seasonal.  
Peanut Butter Chocolate   
Sour Cream Pear & Rum Raisin Cobbler seasonal.  
Spicy Pumpkin seasonal.  
Sweet Potato seasonal.  

Tarts $8

Blackberry seasonal.  
Blueberry seasonal.  
Caramel Fleur De Sel   
Chocolate Peanut Butter   
Chocolate Pecan   
Chocolate Polenta   
Mixed Berry   
Mixed Fruit   
Pear Apple   
Pear seasonal.  
Plum seasonal.  
Raspberry seasonal.  
Raspberry Linzer   
Strawberry seasonal.  

Tarts $8

All Sliced Cakes, Tarts, Cheesecakes, Cafe Cakes & Pies Can Be Serve With Your Choice Of: A La Mode (Choice Of Ice Cream, Sorbet Or Frozen Yogurt) $2.50. Berry Sauces (Seasonal): Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry&com

Fresh Whipped Cream     2.00
Mixed Seasonal Fruits     3.00
Mixed Tropical Fruits     3.50
Any Cordial Or Liqueur Splash     2.00
Mixed Nuts     2.00
Fresh Berries     3.00
Home Made Hot Fudge     1.50

Tarts $8

Chocolate Covered Strawberries     3.00
Fresh Seasonal Fruit     6.00
Fresh Tropical Fruit     8.00
Granita / Ices espresso, chocolate or lemon   (3 scoops) 5.00


Canoli With Vanilla Cream     4.00  3.00
Canoli With Chocolate Cream     4.25  3.25
Chocolate Covered With Vanilla Cream     4.50  3.50
Chocolate Covered With Chocolate Cream     4.75  3.75


Napoleon     5.00
Eclair     4.50
Coffee, Chocolate Or Vanilla   

Rugalach $5

Cinnamon Raisin   

Cookies $4.75

Chocolate Chunk   
Cinnamon Top   
Fudge Top   
Heath Bar   
Oatmeal Raisin   
Peanut Butter   
Triple Chocolate Nut   
Walnut Ice Box   
White Chocolate Macadamia   

Homemade Jumbo Cookies $2

Dark Chocolate   
Milk Chocolate   
Oatmeal Chocolate   
Oatmeal Raisin   

Biscotti $4.75

(Per ¼ Lb). Berry Sauces (Seasonal): Blackberry, Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Raspberry & Strawberry $1.50.

Anise Toast   
Bowtie lightly glazed puff pastry with just a hint of sweetness  
Papatelle dairy free biscuit loaded with almonds and  
Flavored With Honey   
Regina a sesame seed biscuit  
S-Biscuit The Italian Tea Biscuit   
Umberto a biscuit scented with vanilla and a hint of orange  

Ice Cream $7.50

Espresso Chip   
Mint Chocolate Chip   
Rum Raisin   

Sorbet $6


Italian Ice Cream

Tartufo     5.00
Spumoni     4.00
Tortoni     3.00


Mixed Nuts     2.00
Fresh Berries     3.00
Fresh Whipped Cream     2.00
Mixed Seasonal Fruits     3.00
Mixed Tropical Fruits     3.50
Home Made Hot Fudge     1.50
Any Cordial Or Liqueur Splash     2.00

Cheese $4.50 Each

A Complementary Taste Of One Of Our Fruit Wines (3 Cheeses) $13.50 / A Complementary Taste Of Two Of Our Fruit Wines. (6 Cheeses) $25. Purveyors Of Cheese All Handcrafted & Perfectly Ripened. Cheese Platters - Served With Quince Preserve And Dried Fig

1. Affidelice aromatic & runny, france.  
2. Allgäuer Bergkäse firm artisan aged gruyere, raw milk, germany.  
3. Banon soft, leaf wrapped goat cheese, france.  
4. Brilliat Savarin soft, buttery & sensual, france.  
5. Brin D' Amour aromatic, soft &mild, france.  
6. Caerphilly firm & mildly lemony, wales.  
7. Cashel Blue farmstead blue, rich & creamy, ireland.  
8. Fiori Di Sardo sheep's milk, hard & aromatic, sardinia.  
9. Grafton Gold Cheddar firm, concentrated & sharp, vermont.  
10. Ibores goat's milk, firm & zesty flavor, spain.  
11. Point Reyes Blue sharp flavor & a powerful finish, california.  
12. Reblochon soft with a fruity flavor, france.  
13. Umbriaco Del Piave wine washed, firm & fruity, italy.  

Champagne Cocktails $9

Bellini champagne with peach nectar  
Bossa Nova champagne with amaretto  
Kir Royale champagne with cassis  
Mimosa champagne with grand marnier and orange juice  
Rose Petal champagne with chambord  
Ohh-La-La-Lalo champagne with pomegranate and orange juice  

Exclusive House Cocktails $11

Açai Berry Mojito veev açai liqueur , muddled fresh berries, fresh lime  
Bosc Pear Sangria white wine, pear liqueur, fresh pear  
Cafe Lalo's Tropical Punch bacardi light rum, pineapple, coconut, cranberry, lime  
Mellow Yellow absolute mandarin vodka, white cranberry juice, passion fruit  
Raspberry Cooler plymouth gin, muddled raspberry, fresh lemon  
Red Delicious Margarita sauza blanco tequila, fresh red delicious apple, fresh lime  

Margaritas $10


Daiquiris $10


Piña Coladas $10


Fruit Wine


World Class Beer And Micro Brewery Selection

Amstel Light amsterdam, netherlands a real beer made light and always refreshing.    6.00
Ayinger Bräu-Weisse aying, germany an aristocratic top-fermented, light-colored wheat beer with a champagne sparkle and a beautifully sustained head and tart refreshing palate.    11.00
Brooklyn Lager brooklyn, new york, usa new yorker's favorite local beer is pure and fresh    7.00
Budweiser st. louis, missouri, usa the king of beers.    5.00
Corona Extra mexico city, mexico a fine golden treat with an extra kick.    6.00
Duvel breendonkdorp, belgium this exceptionally full bodied specialty is made of the finest ingredients.    10.00
Firestone IPA paso robles, california, usa a well-balanced, double-dry hopped, west coast pale. giving it more of the grapefruit, citrus hop aroma and flavor it is known for.    7.00
Heineken amsterdam, holland an all time favorite. easily drinkable.    6.00
Organic Peak Pale Ale portland, maine, usa citrusy beer, floral nose and high percentage of caramel malt to provide a stark contrast with a smooth, malty finish    7.00
Organic Wolaver's IPA middlebury, vermont, usa crisp and clean, with a delicious hop spiciness and subtle malt balance. a full-flavored, well hopped beer.    6.00
Pilsner Urquell Kvasnicovy plzen, czech republic light toasted malts and yeast.    6.00
Rogue Red Ale new port, oregon, usa the best of the west has a reddish, copper color and a full roast flavor. we love it!    9.00
Stella Artois leuven, belgium a premium lager with a full flavor and crisp, clean taste. still brewed with the original stella yeast and the celebrated saaz hops.    6.00
Stiegl Goldbräul salzburg, austria well-rounded, balanced and wonderfully thirstquenching flavour. refreshing beer bouquet, golden colour and a pleasant aftertaste.    7.00
Two Brothers Domaine Dupage warrenville, illinois, usa french-inspired deep-amber colored ale. with a toasty and sweet caramel star, finishes with just enough hops to clean off the palate.    7.00


Chateau Veuve Ambal nv, blanc de blancs    8.00


Chardonnay barkan, israel 2011 (k)    8.00
Pinot Grigio vigneti del sole, italy 2011    7.00
Pouilly-Fumé coteau des girarmes, france 2010    14.00
Pouilly-Fuissé pierre gruber, france 2011    15.00
Riesling gobelsburg, austria 2011    13.00
Sancerre "les pierres" , roger champault, france 2010    16.00

Rose $9

Chateau De Berne côtes de provence, france 2011  
Domaine De La Fouquette côtes de provence, france 2011  


Pinot Noir Semi-Dry markovic estates, france 2010    6.00
Bordeaux chateau pascaud, france 2009    10.00
Bordeaux Rouge chateau de costis, france 2010    7.00
Bourgogne Pinot Noir pierre gruber, france 2010    9.00
Cabernet Sauvignon gamla, israel 2010 (k)    11.00
Chianti Colli Senesi villa trecciano, italy 2010    8.00
Montepulciano D'abruzzo vigneti del sol, italy 2011    7.00
Sangiovese "nero di casanova" , la spinetta, italy 2008    12.00


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