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Cafe Feastro (CLOSED)

  • $
  • Deli Food, Pizza, Sandwiches, Sushi
  • 307 5th Ave, New York 10016 40.746611 -73.985382
  • (Btwn 31st & 32nd St)
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  • (212) 683-1121
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Breakfast Special Sandwiches

Served From 6:30am-10:30am.

1. 1 Egg Any Style On A Roll     1.50
2. 2 Eggs Any Style On A Roll     2.00
3. 2 Eggs Any Style with meat on a roll    2.50
4. 2 Eggs Any Style with meat and cheese on a roll    3.00
5. 2 Eggs with beef sausage on a roll    3.00
6. Hungry Man Hero 2 eggs, cheese, ham, bacon and sausage.    4.50
7. Egg White, Turkey & Cheese Wrap     3.50
10. Cheese Omelet On A Roll     3.50
11. Ham And Cheese Omelet On A Roll     3.50
12. Western Omelet On A Roll ham, peppers, and onions.    3.50
13. Greek Omelet On A Roll peppers, onions, spinach, and feta cheese.    3.50
14. Spinach Omelet with cheese on a roll    3.50
17. B.L.T. On A Roll     3.00
18. Grilled Cheese On A Roll     3.00

Breakfast Special Platters

Served With Homefries And Toast. Served From 6:30am-10:30am.

1. One Egg Any Style Platter     3.00
2. 2 Eggs Any Style Platter     3.50
3. 2 Eggs with meat platter    4.00
4. 2 Eggs Any Style with meat and cheese platter    4.50
5. 2 Eggs with beef sausage platter    4.50
6. Hungry Man Hero Platter 2 eggs, cheese, ham, bacon, and sausage.    6.00
7. Egg White, Turkey And Cheese Wrap Platter     5.00
8. Corned Beef Hash Platter 2 eggs any style, cheese, corned beef hash, homefries, toast.    4.95
9. Big Breakfast Platter 2 eggs, 2 pieces of pancakes and home fries.    4.50
10. Cheese Omelet Platter     5.00
11. Ham & Cheese Omelet Platter     5.00
12. Western Omelet Platter ham, peppers, and onions.    5.00
13. Greek Omelet Platter pepper, onion, spinach, and feta cheese.    5.00
14. Spinach Omelet with cheese platter    5.00
15. French Toast    (3pcs) 3.25
16. Pancakes    (3pcs) 3.25
17. BLT Platter     4.50
18. Grilled Cheese Platter     4.50

Create Your Own Omelet Platter

Served From 6:30am-10:30am.

Create Your Own Omelet Platter 3 items included. served with home fries and toast.    3.75

Bagel & Pastries

Served From 6:30am-10:30am.

Bagel     0.75
Fat Free Multiberry Muffin     1.75
Croissant     1.75
Scone     1.75
Apple Turnover     1.75
Fresh Yogurt Pound Cake     1.75
Fresh Baked Yogurt Muffin     1.75
Fat-Free, Sugar Free Yogurt Muffin     1.75
Cheese Danish     1.75
Cinnamon Bun     1.75
Tart     1.75

Bento Box Specials

Teastro Bento Box shrimp tempura and 4 pieces of sushi.    12.50
Beef Teriyaki Bento Box     8.95
Chicken Katsu Bento Box     9.95
Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box     9.95
Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box     7.95
Kara Age Bento Box japanese style crispy fried chicken with scallions and spicy teriyaki sauce.    8.95

Japanese Roll Combo Lunch Specials

Available Monday Through Friday Until 3pm. Served With Miso Soup And Salad.

2 Roll Combo Lunch Special your choice of 2 rolls.    7.95
3 Roll Combo Lunch Special your choice of 3 rolls.    11.95

Japanese Sushi Lunch Specials

Available Monday Through Friday Until 3pm. Served With Miso Soup And Salad.

Sushi Combo Lunch Special 5 pieces of sushi and california or spicy tuna roll.    9.95
Salmon Combo Lunch Special 4 pieces of salmon sushi and salmon roll.    9.95
Chirashi Combo Lunch Special assorted sashimi over sushi rice.    11.95
Shakedon Combo Lunch Special salmon sashimi over sushi rice.    11.95
Tuna Combo Lunch Special 4 pieces of tuna sushi and tuna or spicy tuna roll.    9.95
Tuna & Salmon Combo Lunch Special 2 pieces of tuna sushi and 2 pieces of salmon and tuna, spicy tuna, or salmon roll.    9.95
Tekkadon Combo Lunch Special tuna sashimi over sushi rice.    11.95
Tekka Shakedon Combo Lunch Special tuna and salmon sashimi over sushi rice.    11.95

Japanese Cold Appetizers

Edamame boiled soy beans.    3.95
Ohitashi boiled spinach with dried bonito and sauce.    4.95

Japanese Hot Appetizers

Asparagus Butter pan-fried asparagus with chef's sauce.    4.95
Kara Age Appetizer japanese style crispy fried chicken with scallions and spicy teriyaki sauce.    5.00
Tempura Appetizer deep-fried, lightly buttered.    6.95
Ebi Shumai steamed shrimp dumpling.    3.95
Gyoza steamed beef dumplings.    4.95
Softshell Crab With Ponzu Sauce japanese style crispy fried softshell crab with scallions and spicy teriyaki sauce.    9.00

Japanese Appetizers From The Sushi Bar

Available Monday-Friday.

House Tartar spicy tuna or salmon with crunch.    9.50
Tuna Tataki cooked tuna with ponzu sauce.    10.95
Sashimi Appetizer sliced tuna, and salmon, with white fish.    9.00

Feastro Homemade Soups

A Variety Of 4-8 Fresh, Homemade Soups Are Available Daily.

Soup Of The Day    (sm 12oz) 2.95 (lg 16oz) 3.50

Japanese Soup & Salads

House Salad with ginger dressing.   sm 3.95 lg 5.95
Crab Salad fresh crab, seaweed, avocado, and lettuce with homemade ginger dressing.    7.95
Avocado Salad     4.95
Mixed Seaweed Salad     4.95
Tofu Salad     4.95
Miso Soup     1.50

Salad Bar

Create Your Own Salad with 3 toppings    5.50
Create Your Own Salad 3 toppings included.   extra 0.75
Create Your Own Salad with 5 toppings    6.50
Create Your Own Salad 5 toppings included.   extra 0.75
Create Your Own Salad with 7 toppings    7.95
Create Your Own Salad 7 toppings included.   extra 0.75

Sandwich Board

Ham Sandwich     4.95
Turkey Breast Sandwich     4.95
Genoa Salami Sandwich     4.95
Virginia Ham Sandwich     4.95
Bologna Sandwich     4.00
Black Forest Ham Sandwich     4.95
Pastrami Sandwich     4.95
Cracked Pepper Turkey Sandwich     4.95
Muenster Cheese Sandwich     3.95
Swiss Cheese Sandwich     3.95
Pepper Jack Cheese Sandwich     3.95
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Sandwich     4.75
Baked Salmon Sandwich     5.50
Egg Salad Sandwich     3.50
Italian Tuna Salad Sandwich     4.75
Chicken Salad Sandwich     4.50
Cappy Ham Sandwich     4.95
Roasted Beef Sandwich     5.50
Pepperoni Sandwich     4.95
Smoked Turkey Sandwich     4.95
Prosciutto Sandwich     5.50
Corned Beef Sandwich     4.95
Spiced Ham Sandwich     4.00
Yellow American Cheese Sandwich     3.50
Provolone Cheese Sandwich     3.95
Alpine Lace Cheese Sandwich     4.50
Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich     3.95
Balsamic Chicken Salad Sandwich     4.75
White Fish Salad Sandwich     5.50
Tuna Salad Sandwich     4.50
Low Fat Tuna Salad Sandwich     4.75

Cold Designer Sandwiches $6.25

C1. American Sub roasted beef, turkey, ham, american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with mayo on a hero.  
C2. Alex Combo Sandwich turkey, american cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes on a hero.  
C3. Black Forest Sandwich smoked turkey, black forest ham, muenster cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with honey mustard on a hero.  
C4. Kentucky Derby Sandwich black forest ham, smoked turkey, swiss cheese, cole slaw with russian dressing on a hero.  
C5. Johnny Boy Sandwich roasted beef, turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with horse radish and mayo on a hero.  
C6. Honey Dew Sandwich honey turkey, honey ham, cheddar cheese, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomatoes with honey mustard on a hero.  
C7. Pollo Loco Sandwich pepper turkey, turkey pastrami, pepper jack cheese, onion, lettuce, tomatoes on a hero.  

Triple Deckers $6.95

T1. Traditional Turkey Club Triple Decker with crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.  
T2. Grilled Chicken Club Triple Decker with crispy bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.  
T3. Tuna Salad Club Triple Decker with sliced eggs, crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.  
T4. Chicken Salad Club Triple Decker with crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.  
T5. Roasted Beef Club Triple Decker with crispy bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.  
T6. Ham & American Cheese Triple Decker with crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes.  

Feastro Specialty Sandwich Combinations $5.75

F1. Feastro Combo Sandwich grilled roast beef, grilled onion, alpine swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and a1 sauce.  
F2. Pastrami Nightmare Combo Sandwich grilled pastrami, melted swiss, grilled onion, lettuce, tomatoes and mustard.  
F3. Italian Combo Sandwich cappy ham, genoa salami, provolone cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato and oil/balsamic vinegar.  
F4. Vegetarian Combo Sandwich romaine, carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, sweet peppers, tomatoes and honey mustard.  
F5. Chicken Twister Combo Sandwich chicken cutlet, american cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and russian dressing.  
F6. Ivy`s Special Combo Sandwich turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and russian dressing.  
F7. Santa Fe Combo Sandwich honey turkey, muenster cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes with honey mustard.  
F8. Bavarian Combo Sandwich grilled roasted beef, muenster cheese, grilled onions, hot peppers, cole slaw, and romaine lettuce.  
F9. The Godfather Combo Sandwich grilled roasted beef, grilled turkey, melted provolone, grilled onion, romaine lettuce with horse radish.  
F10. Meatless Combo Sandwich fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, roasted peppers, tomatoes with italian dressing.  
F11. Sexy Lady Combo Sandwich smoked turkey, brie cheese, green apple with honey mustard.  
F12. Square Combi Sandwich head smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion, and tomatoes.  
F13. Milan Combo Sandwich prosciutto, salami, fresh mozzarella, green apple, mixed greens, and tomatoes with oil & vinegar.  
F14. Leo`s Cutlet Combo Sandwich chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes with ranch dressing.  

Hot Combination Sandwiches $6.25

All Served On A Toasted Hero.

H1. Fifth Ave Combo Sandwich grilled pastrami, corned beef, coleslaw, melted swiss with russian dressing.  
H2. King Grilled Chicken Sandwich grilled chicken, bacon, roasted peppers, melted mozzarella, lettuce and russian dressing.  
H3. Ruben Sandwich corned beef, sauerkraut, melted swiss and mustard.  
H4. BBQ Chicken Cutlet Sandwich chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella grilled onion, lettuce and bbq sauce.  
H5. Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Sandwich grilled chicken, melted mozzarella, grilled onion, romaine and teriyaki sauce.  
H6. Cordon Blu Sandwich chicken cutlet, honey ham, melted swiss cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, and tomatoes.  
H7. Texas Beef Grilled Sandwich roasted beef, melted fresh mozzarella, grilled onion, sweet peppers with honey mustard.  
H8. Brian's Cutlet Sandwich chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella, grilled onion, sweet peppers with honey mustard.  
H9. Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich chicken cutlet, marinara sauce, melted fresh mozzarella.  
H10. BBQ Cheddar Steak Sandwich grilled roasted beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomatoes on a toasted hero.  

Fresh Wrap Sandwiches $6.25

W1. California Wrap grilled chicken, roasted peppers, avocado, romaine, tomatoes with ranch dressing.  
W2. Caesar Wrap caesar salad, grilled chicken with caesar dressing.  
W3. Tuna Wrap fresh tuna salad, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, and tomatoes.  
W4. Village Style Wrap grilled chicken, grilled vegetable, melted mozzarella cheese with russian dressing.  
W5. Vegetarian Wrap grilled seasonal vegetables, fresh mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette.  
W6. New York Wrap grilled corned beef, pastrami, melted american cheese, grilled onion with mustard.  
W7. American Wrap grilled roasted beef, melted american cheese, grilled onion, lettuce with mayo.  
W8. Chicken Salad Wrap chicken salad, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, romaine with blue cheese dressing.  
W9. Chicken Fajita Wrap grilled chicken, bell peppers, onions, roasted peppers with salsa sauce.  
W10. Beef Steak Quesadilla Wrap beef steak, melted jack cheese, mexican salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes.  

Panini $6.25

On European Flat Bread.

P1. Cuban Panini roasted pork, swiss cheese, and pickles with mustard.  
P2. Tuna Melt Panini tuna salad, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  
P3. Delightful Panini honey turkey, jarlsberg cheese, and cole slaw with honey mustard.  
P4. Siciliano Panini prosciutto, ham, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula with balsamic vinaigrette.  
P5. Capri Panini smoked turkey, pepperoni, provolone cheese, spinach, cherry peppers with balsamic vinaigrette.  
P6. Chicken Parmigiana Panini chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, basil, and parmesan cheese.  
P7. The Combo Panini pastrami, corned beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with mustard and russian dressing.  
P8. Chicken Fajita Panini grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, roasted peppers, caramelized onions with salsa.  
P9. Monte Cristo Panini ham, smoked turkey, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with honey mustard.  
P10. Russian Panini roasted beef, muenster cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, plum tomatoes with russian dressing.  
P11. The Italiano Panini grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese with pesto sauce.  
P12. Chicken Club Panini grilled chicken, bacon, brie cheese, plum tomatoes with mayo.  

Brick Oven Sandwiches $6.75

Served On Panini Like Bread With Chips And Pickles.

B1. Cajun Chicken Sandwich pepper jack cheese with lettuce and tomatoes.  
B2. Smoked Turkey Sandwich with fresh mozzarella, sprouts and tomatoes with russian dressing.  
B3. Roasted Beef Sandwich with melted swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes with choice of dressing.  
B4. Honey Turkey & Brie Cheese Sandwich with sliced green apples and honey mustard.  
B5. Grilled Vegetables & Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich with sprouts, oil and balsamic vinegar.  
B6. Classic Ham & Cheese Sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes.  
B7. Grilled Portabella & Mozzarella Sandwich with basil and sprouts.  
B8. Grilled Chicken With Swiss Cheese Sandwich with avocado, lettuce and tomatoes.  
B9. Tuna Melt Sandwich   
B10. Grilled Chicken With Cheddar Cheese Sandwich with sweet onion, lettuce and tomatoes.  

From The Grill

100% Pure Beef Burger.

Hamburger    (8oz) 3.95
Vegetable Burger    (6oz) 3.95
Turkey Burger    (8oz) 4.45

Steak $6.25

Served On A Hero.

Philly Steak bell peppers, onions, and american cheese.  
English Philly mushroom, cheddar cheese, and onions.  
Chicken Philly grilled chicken, bell peppers, onions, and mozzarella cheese.  
French Philly crispy bacon, swiss cheese, and onions.  
Mexican Philly onions, jalapenos, and mozzarella cheese.  

Pizza, Calzone, Rolls

Beef Patty     2.00
Chicken Roll     4.00
Calzone     4.00
Sausage Roll     4.00

Sushi & Sashimi

Available Monday-Friday.

Uni sea urchin.    5.00
Botan Ebi jumbo sweet shrimp.    3.00
Hamachi yellowtail    2.50
Maguro tuna    2.50
Tako octopus.    2.50
Ebi boiled shrimp.    2.00
Kanikama crabstick    1.50
Ikura salmon roe.    3.50
Hirame Caviar caviar on fluke.    2.50
Unagi eel    2.50
Shake salmon    2.00
Hirame fluke    2.00
Masago smelt fish egg.    2.00
Tamago egg    1.50


Available Monday-Friday.

California Roll crab meat, avocado, and cucumber.    4.50
Salmon Avocado Roll     5.50
Eel Avocado Roll     5.95
Dragon Roll eel and cucumber with avocado.    8.95
Caviar Roll tuna & scallions with caviar salmon roe and smelt fish egg.    9.00
Karen Roll shrimp tempura with spicy tuna and avocado.    7.50
Soft Shell Crab Roll     9.00
Cucumber Roll     3.95
Salmon Skin Roll     4.50
Yellowtail & Scallion Roll     5.95
Salmon & Cucumber Roll     5.50
Shrimp & Avocado Roll     5.95
Spicy White Fish Tempura Roll     6.95
Spicy Scallop Roll     6.95
Big Roll crabstick, cucumber, spinach, kanpyo and egg.    6.95
Yama Roll spicy tuna with seaweed salad.    8.95
BBQ Roll with crunchy tempura chicken.    7.95
Rainbow Roll california with 3 kinds of fish.    9.00
Avocado Roll     3.95
Spicy Tuna Roll chopped tuna with spicy sauce.    5.50
Alaska Roll salmon, avocado, and cucumber.    5.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado with special sauce.    5.95
Taroll crab, cucumber & salmon roe.    8.00
Mountain Roll spicy tuna, avocado, yellowtail with tobiko.    8.95
Avocado & Cucumber Roll     3.95
Kanpyo Roll     3.95
Tuna Roll     4.95
Eel & Cucumber Roll     5.95
Shrimp & Cucumber Roll     5.95
Spicy Squid Tempura Roll     5.95
Asparagus Tempura Roll     4.95
Shrimp California Roll     5.95
Kamikaze Roll tuna, cooked shrimp, and avocado.    9.95
Spicy Tuna Crabmeat Roll     9.95
Kiss Of Fire Roll spicy salmon inside with crunch.    7.95

Special Rolls

Available Monday-Friday.

Dancing Eel Roll eel, cream cheese, avocado and tobiko.    6.95
Spider Roll fried soft shell crab, cucumber and tobiko.    10.95
Philadelphia Roll smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese.    6.95
Scorpion Roll avocado, cucumber, masago, barbecued eel (inside) and thinly sliced shrimp on top, with special spicy sauce.    11.95
Tempura Crunch Roll spicy tuna fried tempura flake, and masago.    8.95
Boston Roll cooked shrimp, lettuce, mayo and avocado.    6.95
Feastro Roll salmon, tuna, fluke, avocado and tobiko.    10.95
American Dream Roll shrimp tempura, cucumber and tobiko.    7.95
Texas Roll sautéed beef, scallion, shichimi (spicy hot pepper) and cucumber.    6.95
Salmon Skin Special Roll crispy salmon skin with cucumber.    4.95
Volcano Roll crab meat, cucumber, avocado cooked tuna, salmon, red snapper, and masago with sauce.    12.95
Futo Maki Roll cooked mixed vegetable.    9.95
Rainbow Special Roll 5 assorted fish with avocado, cucumber and tobiko.    10.95
Hama Roll yellowtail with avocado and spicy tuna inside.    9.95

Assorted Sushi & Sashimi Entrees

Available Monday-Friday.

Hwae Dubbab assorted sashimi served over rice in a bed of fresh salad with spicy and tangy red pepper paste on the side.    12.95
Sashimi Regular sliced 5 kinds of assorted fish.   14pcs 17.00
Sushi Deluxe 8 pieces of sushi, california roll and tuna handroll or spicy tuna handroll.    18.00
3 Roll Combination spicy tuna, california and salmon roll.    11.00
Special Sushi special 16 pieces of sushi, shrimp tempura roll and mountain roll.   (for two) 49.00
Chirashi assorted sashimi over sushi rice.    17.00
Sashimi Deluxe sliced 5 kinds of assorted fish.   18pcs 20.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combination assorted sushi & sashimi.    19.00
Sushi Regular 7 pieces of sushi and tuna or spicy tuna roll.    14.00
Sushi 16 pieces of sushi, shrimp tempura roll and spicy tuna or tuna roll.   (for two) 34.00
Chirashi Deluxe bluefin, jumbo shrimp tuna, eel and today's special fish. with rice.    32.00
Combination tuna sashimi salmon white fish over sushi rice.    18.00

Japanese Hot Noodles

Hot Noodle Combo soba or udon and your choice of beef, chicken, or vegetables.    6.95
Ramen with your choice of beef, chicken, or vegetables.    5.95


Lays Potato Chip    53.1gms 0.99
Wise Potato Chips     1.00
Doritos     1.00
Roberts American Gourmet ``Bland``     1.50
Dale & Thomas Chocolate Chunk & Caramel     3.75
Cape Cod    (1.5oz) 1.25
Deli Style Pretzel Crisps     1.50
Halls Cough Drop     1.75
Mini Bag Of Homestyle Two Bite Cookies     1.95
Cup Of Cereal    (1.8oz) 1.95
Combos Pretzel     1.25
Tate's Brand Chocolate Chip     1.95
Stacy's Pita Chips    1.5oz 1.95 8oz 3.95
Glenny's Soy Crisps    (1.3oz) 1.95
Dirty Potato Chips    2oz 1.75
Bravo Tortilla Nacho Chips     1.50
Popcorn Indiana     3.50
Pringles     2.95
Snyder's     1.25
Soy & Multi-Grain     2.99
Candy     1.75
Gum     2.25
Pop Tarts     1.50
Cup Of Noodles    (2.25oz) 1.50
Nabisco Brand Cookies     2.95
Mrs. Field's Brand Cookies     1.95
Olive Oil Potato Chips    (5oz) 3.95

Energy, Snack Bars

Nature Valley Bar     1.25
Kashi Go Lean Bar     1.95
Zone Bar     2.50
Power Bar     2.50
Luna Bar     2.50
Balance Bar     2.50
Cliff Bar     2.50

Fresh Fruits

Apple     1.00
Ruby Red Grapefruit     1.00
Sweet Cantaloupe     2.99
Jumbo Papaya     7.99
Lime    (2) 1.00
New Zealand Kiwi    (2) 1.00
Watermelon    (1 lb) 2.99
Pack Of Blueberries     3.99
Pack Of Blackberries     4.99
Sunkist Orange    lg 1.00
Sweet Honeydew Melon     2.99
Golden Pineapple     7.99
Sunkist Lemon    (2) 1.00
Mango     1.99
Grapes    (1 lb) 2.99
Cherries    (1 lb) 3.99
Pack Of Raspberries     4.99


Chocolate Cake     4.95
Red Velvet Cake     4.95
Whole Fruit   
Whole Fruit orange    1.00
Whole Fruit grapefruit    2.00
Whole Fruit pink lady apple    1.50
Whole Fruit macintosh apple    1.50
Whole Fruit banana    0.75
Whole Fruit granny smith apple.    1.50
Whole Fruit the gala apple    1.50
Whipped Cream    (15oz) 6.25
Brownie     1.75
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Cup     2.99
Twix Ice Cream Bar     2.50
Ice Cream Sandwich     2.50
Super Sundae     2.50
Ice Cream Drumstick     2.50
Dannon Yogurt    (6oz) 1.75
Carrot Cake     4.95
N.Y. Cheesecake     4.95
Fruit Cup   
Fruit Cup pineapple    3.00
Fruit Cup honey dew melon    2.50
Fruit Cup mango    2.50
Fruit Cup strawberries    3.00
Fruit Cup watermelon    2.50
Fruit Cup cantaloupe    2.50
Fruit Cup papaya    3.00
Cookie     1.75
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream    pt 7.99 bar 3.95
Fruit Bar     1.99
Snicker Ice Cream Bar     2.50
Choppy Chip Ice Cream     2.50
Eskimo Pie     2.50
Crunch Ice Cream Bar     2.50
Dannon Light Yogurt    (6oz) 1.75

Shakes $4.50

Made With Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt.

Strawberry & Banana Shake   
Pineapple & Banana Shake   
Merry Berry Shake with blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry.  
Mango & Orange Shake   

Juice Bar

Orange Juice    lg 3.50 sm 2.50
Pineapple Juice    lg 3.75 sm 3.00
Honeydew Juice    sm 2.50 lg 3.50
Popeye spinach and carrot.    4.25
Pink Lady apple and carrot.    4.25
Hulk banana, spinach, and orange juice.    4.50
Carrot Juice    sm 3.00 lg 3.75
Watermelon Juice    sm 2.50 lg 3.50
Cantaloupe Juice    sm 2.50 lg 3.50
Liver apple and beet.    4.25
Hearty apple, carrot, and celery.    4.50

Refreshing Beverages

Coffee    sm 1.00 lg 1.50
Herbal Tea    sm 1.00 lg 1.50
Cappuccino    sm 1.50 lg 2.25
Iced Coffee    (16oz) 1.75 (24oz) 2.75
Celestial Herbal Tea     3.99
Tea    lg 1.50 sm 1.00
Hot Chocolate    lg 2.25 sm 1.50
French Vanilla    lg 2.25 sm 1.50
Iced Tea    (16oz) 1.75 (24oz) 2.75
Twining Tea     3.99


Bottled Soda    (20oz) 1.95
Snapple    (16oz) 2.50
Evian Water    (1.5lt) 4.50 lt 3.00
Vitamin Water    (20oz) 2.50
Skim Milk    (1/2pt) 1.50 qt 3.25 gal 6.95
2% Quart Of Milk     2.50
Soy Milk    pt 2.99 qt 3.99
Orangina    (32oz) 3.95 (16oz) 2.50 (12oz) 1.95
Red Bull    (8.4oz) 3.50
Honest Ade    (15oz) 3.25
Tropicana Carton    (32oz) 4.50
Bottle Of Tropicana    (15.5oz) 2.50
Martinelli's Juice    (10oz) 2.50
Boathouse     5.95
V8 Tomato Juice     2.50
Apple & Eve Apple Juice     2.50
Kombucha    (16oz) 4.95
Nantucket Nectar    (17.5oz) 2.50
Gatorade    (20oz) 2.50 (32oz) 3.50
San Pellegrino Water    (25oz) 3.95 (11oz) 1.95
Canada Dry    (32oz) 2.95
Volvic Water    (33oz) 3.00 (16oz) 2.00 (50oz) 4.00
Monster Energy Drink    (16oz) 3.50
Inko`s 100% Natural White Tea    (16oz) 2.95
Canned Soda    (12oz) 1.25
Poland Spring Water    (1.5lt) 3.00 (1lt) 2.50 (sport 24oz) 2.00 (16oz) 1.50
Fiji Water    (1lt) 4.50
Whole Milk    (1/2pt) 1.50 gal 6.95 qt 2.50
Half & Half    pt 3.50 qt 4.95
Nesquik Milk    (16oz) 2.75
Muscle Milk    (14oz) 4.95
Nestea Iced Tea    (12oz can) 1.60
Honest Tea     2.50
Tropicana Carton    (14oz) 2.50
Tropicana Carton    (64oz) 5.95
Bottle Of Tropicana    (32oz) 5.95
Apple & Eve    (8.45oz) 2.50
Pom     3.95
Campbell's Tomato Juice     3.45
Naked Juice    (15.2oz) 4.95
Synergy    (16oz) 4.95
Arizona Tea    (20oz) 2.50
Perrier Water    (11oz) 1.95 (25oz) 3.95
Canada Dry    (12oz) 1.25 (20oz) 1.95
Smart Water   
Smart Water    (20oz) 2.00 (50oz) 4.00 (33oz) 3.00
Fiji Water   
Fiji Water    (32oz) 3.00 (16oz) 2.00 (1.5lt) 4.00
Welch's 100% Juice Drink    (16oz) 2.50


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