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Blue Ginger

Modern Japanese Cuisine
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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 106 8th Ave, New York NY10011 40.7408145 -74.0017219
  • (Btwn 15th & 16th St)
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  • (212) 352-0911
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Lunch Special

Monday-Friday From 11.30am-4:00pm. Except Holiday And No Substitution

Lunch Bento

Served With Miso Soup, Salad, Appetizer & California Roll

Lemon Chicken    9.00
Tofu Teriyaki    9.00
Salmon Teriyaki    10.00
Chicken Teriyaki    9.00
Shrimp & Veggie Tempura    9.00
Pork Chop with lemon grass   9.00
Chicken Katsu    9.00
Eel Kabayaki    10.00
Beef Teriyaki    10.00
Beef Negimaki    10.00
Fried Fish    10.00

Sushi Lunch

Served With Miso Or Salad

Sushi 5 pcs of sushi   
Sashimi 9 pcs of sashimi   
Sushi & Sashimi 3 pcs of sushi & 6 pcs of sashimi   

Maki Lunch

Any Two Rolls $9.50, Any Three Rolls $12.50. Served With Miso Or Salad

California Roll    
Salmon Roll    
Salmon Avocado Roll    
Salmon Cucumber Roll    
Salmon Skin Roll    
Tuna Roll    
Tuna Avocado Roll    
Tuna Cucumber Roll    
Salmon Skin Roll    
Tuna Roll    
Tuna Avocado Roll    
Tuna Cucumber Roll    
White Tuna Avocado Roll    
Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll    
Eel Avocado Roll    
Eel Cucumber Roll    
Spicy Tuna Roll    
Spicy Salmon Roll    
Spicy Yellowtail Roll    
Spicy Crab Roll    
Shrimp Tempura Roll    
Spicy Chicken Tempura Roll    
Crab Avocado Roll    
Mackerel Ginger Roll    
Shrimp Avocado Roll    
Boston Roll    
Philadelphia Roll    
Alaska Roll    
Avocado Roll    
Cucumber Roll    
Avocado Cucumber Roll    
Peanut Avocado Roll    
Shitake Roll    
Shitake Avocado Roll    
Shitake Cucumber Roll    
Oshinko Roll    
Yamagobo Roll    
Kampyo Roll    
Inari Cucumber Roll    
Sweet Potato Roll    
Vegetable Tempura Roll    
Salmon Jalapeno Roll    
Tuna Jalapeno Roll    
Shrimp Mango Roll    
Salmon Mango Roll    


Appetizers From Kitchen

Edamame japanese soy bean   4.50
Age Tofu deep fried tofu with tempura sauce   5.00
Shrimp Shumai   (6 pcs) 5.00
Pork Gyoza   (6 pcs) 5.00
Veggie Gyoza   (6 pcs) 5.00
Yaki Nasu broiled eggplant with miso sauce   5.00
Fried Oyster   (4 pcs) 8.00
Fried Crispy Calamari    7.00
"Thai" Fried Fish Cake    7.00
Singapore Satay Chicken grilled beef or chicken skewer with peanut sauce   8.00
Rock Of Lamb with truffle infuse wine sauce   10.00
Yakitori grilled chicken skewer with teriyaki sauce   6.00
Crispy Duck Roll with chef special sauce   8.00
Steam Broccoli with garlic butter sauce   7.00
Soft Shell Crab Jalapeno with garlic sauce   10.00
Shrimp & Veggie Tempura    7.00
Veggie Tempura    7.00
Steam New Zealand Green Mussel with garlic butter white wine sauce   8.00
Beef Negimaki scallion wrapped with slice beef   8.00
Rock Shrimp with spicy creamy sauce   8.00
Fire On Harboy shrimp, scallop kani, onion, italian cheese   10.00
Baked Assorted Mushroom with lemon butter sauce   8.00
Salt Baked Shrimp Jalapeno   (8 pcs) 10.00
Baked Green Mussel with ponzu sauce   6.00

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

Sunomono shrimp, octopus, squid, cucumber with ponzu sauce   8.00
Spicy Tuna Cracker   (4 pcs) 7.00
Uzusukuri fluke with yuza sauce   7.00
Salmon Or Tuna Tar Tar with caviar   9.00
Sashimi Appetizers   (6 pcs) 9.00
Salmon Carpaccio with caviar & chef special sauce   9.00
Seared Tuna Tataki with scallion, eel sauce & spicy sauce   12.00
Yellowtail Jalapeno with yuzu sauce   10.00
Seared Tuna with yuzu sauce   9.00
King Crab Spicy Tuna Dumpling    10.00


Miso Soup    2.00
Clam Soup    6.00
Tofu & Veggie Soup    8.00
Tom-Yum Soup seafood   11.00
Tom- Yum Soup chicken or shrimp   9.00


Fresh Green Salad with carrot ginger dressing   4.00
Mixed Seaweed Salad    6.00
Grilled Salmon Salad with sesame vinaigrette   8.00
Smoked Duck Salad with plum sauce   9.00
Seafood Mango Salad tuna, salmon, kani, onion   12.00
Tomato Avocado Salad with carrot ginger dressing   7.00
Spicy Salmon Salad with sesame vinaigrette   9.00
Kani Salad    8.00
Salmon Skin Salad with sesame seed vinaigrette   8.00
Avocado Salad with sesame seed vinaigrette   7.00
Grilled Chicken Salad with mustard & soy flavored dressing   8.00
Seared Tuna Salad with sesame seed vinaigrette   9.00
Lobster Salad mixed with wasabi caviar & mayo   10.00
Boston Lobster Mango Salad with basil lime mango dressing   12.00

Main Course

Baked Seafood shrimp, scallop, clam, mussel, mushroom, butcher garlic, black pepper, with white wine   20.00
Atlantic Salmon Steak    20.00
Sweet Creamy Shrimp    20.00
Oyako Tofu egg, tofu with mixed vegetable in special sauce   14.00
Salt Baked Shrimp with garlic and jalapeno   18.00
New York Steak with mushroom & truffle infuse white wine   26.00
Chilean Seabass with black bean white wine sauce   23.00
Delicious Chicken Or Beef butcher garlic, black pepper, veggie with wine sauce  16.00 19.00
Lobster & Steak with teriyaki sauce   30.00
Balsamic Roast Duck    20.00

Sushi Bar

Sushi Or Sashimi A La Carte, Per Piece

Crab    2.00
Tamago    2.00
Shrimp    2.50
Squid    2.50
Mackerel    2.20
Spanish Mackerel    2.50
Fluke    2.50
Striped Bass    2.50
Salmon    3.00
Tuna    3.00
White Tuna    3.00
Tobiko caviar   3.00
Red Clam    3.00
Octopus    3.00
Yellowtail    3.50
Seared Salmon    3.50
Smoked Salmon    3.50
Eel    3.50
Salmon Roe    3.50
Seared Tuna    3.50
Spicy Tuna    3.50
Scallop    3.50
Blue Fin Tuna    4.00
King Salmon    4.50
Spicy Scallop    4.50
Sweet Shrimp    
Sea Urchin    
King Crab    
Blue Fin Toro    
Giant Clam    

Signature Roll

Madrid Roll inside spicy tuna, salmon, white tuna, shrimp tempura, crunch & seaweed salad with eel sauce   9.00
TNT Roll inside: spicy tuna, salmon, white tuna, crunch & seaweed salad. outside: avocado with spicy mayo sauce   13.00
Dynamite Roll inside: spicy tuna with crunch, eel, avocado. asparagus with eel sauce   12.00
Greenwich Roll inside: shrimp tempura, avocado & cucumber. outside: avocado, crunch, caviar with eel sauce   12.00
Disney Roll inside: spicy tuna with crunch. outside: eel, avocado, crunch, caviar with eel & spicy mayo sauce   13.00
Las Vegas Roll inside: eel & avocado. outside: spicy tuna with crunch, crab, seaweed salad with eel sauce   13.00
Long Island Roll    12.00
Lobster Tempura Roll    12.00
Naruto Roll avocado wrap with cucumber choice of fish: tune or salmon or white tuna   13.00
Four Season Roll inside: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white tuna & cucumber with wasabi sauce   14.00
Crazy Roll deep fried-inside: eel, avocado, cream cheese & caviar   14.00
Black Dragon Roll inside: eel, avocado & asparagus outside: black pepper tuna, avocado with eel sauce & wasabi sauce   14.00
Rainbow Norutu    14.00
Sex On The Beach Roll inside: spicy salmon with crunch outside: avocado, crunch, caviar with chef special sauce   14.00
Tornado Roll inside: spicy tuna & spicy yellowtail. outside: eel, avocado, crunch, caviar with chef special sauce   14.00
Boston Lobster Mango Roll inside: lobster, mango & lettuce   15.00
Maria Roll inside: shrimp tempura & cream cheese. outside: spicy crunchy tuna   15.00
Hawaii Roll inside: eel, mango, avocado & cucumber. outside: mango, crunch, caviar with eel sauce & mango sauce   15.00
Chelsea Roll inside: spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail & crunch   15.00
Godzilla Roll inside: shrimp tempura, avocado & cucumber. outside: eel, avocado, crunch, caviar with eel sauce   15.00
No 337 Roll inside: soft shell crab tempura, cream cheese & jalapeno outside: spicy tuna & crunch with eel sauce   15.00
Roll Of 8 Avenue inside: lobster salad, outside: salmon & avocado   16.00
Hampton Roll inside: oyster tempura & crunch. outside: spicy scallop, caviar with spicy mayo & eel sauce   16.00
Love Roll inside: spicy crunch salmon & avocado, outside: tuna   16.00
Heart Roll inside: lobster salad & avocado. outside: white tuna   18.00

Vegetable Maki Roll

Avocado Roll    4.00
Cucumber Roll    4.00
Oshinko Roll    4.00
Avocado Cucumber Roll    4.50
A A C Roll    4.50
Peanut Avo Roll    4.50
Inari Cucumber Roll    4.00
Shitake Avocado Roll    4.50
Black Tempura Roll    4.50
Sweet Potato Roll    5.00

Maki Roll

California Roll    4.50
Tuna Roll    4.50
Salmon Roll    4.50
Salmon Skin Roll    5.00
Mackerel Gari Roll    5.00
Yellowtail Scallion Roll    5.00
Alaska Roll    5.50
Spicy Salmon Roll    5.50
Spicy Tuna Roll    5.50
Salmon Jalapeno Roll    6.00
Eel Avocado Roll    6.00
Shrimp Mango Roll    6.00
Salmon Mango Roll    6.00
White Tuna Cucumber Roll    7.00
Philly Roll    7.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll    7.00
Shrimp Shitake Mushroom Roll    7.00
Spicy Scallop Roll    7.50
Green Dragon Roll    11.00
Spicy King Crab Roll    11.00
Spider Roll    11.00
Oshinko Roll    4.00
A A C Roll    4.50
Peanut Avocado Roll    4.50
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll    5.00
Ebi Shiitake Mushroom Roll    7.00
Lobster Tempura Roll    12.00
Long Island Roll    12.00
Naruto cucumber wrap with avocado choice of fish: tuna, salmon, yellowtail   13.00


Served With Soup Or Salad. No Substitutions

Sushi Platter 8 pcs of sushi, 1 tuna roll   17.00
Chirashi    19.00
Sashimi Platter sashimi  (17 pcs) 21.00
Sushi & Sashimi Platter 5 pcs sushi, 9 pcs sashimi, 1 tuna roll   24.00
Sushi   (for two) 45.00
Sashimi   (for two) 55.00
Maki A tuna roll, yellowtail negi roll, california roll   14.00
Maki B spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy yellowtail roll   15.00
Maki C tuna roll, yellowtail negi roll, salmon avocado   14.00
Maki D alaska roll, boston roll, california roll   14.00
Maki E tuna roll, salmon roll, california roll   14.00

Hot Dishes From The Kitchen Teriyaki

Soup Or Salad With Rice. With Mixed Veggie

Tofu    14.00
Chicken Or Steak   15.00 20.00
Salmon Or Shrimp   16.00 18.00
Beef Negimaki    18.00
Seafood    20.00


Soup Or Salad With Rice

Veggie   (10 pcs) 13.00
Chicken & Veggie chicken, veggie  (5 pcs) 15.00
Shrimp & Veggie shrimp, veggie  (5 pcs) 16.00
Shrimp   (7 pcs) 16.00
Seafood    20.00


Chicken Or Seafood Yaki Udon   14.00 17.00
Japanese Tan Tan Noodle Chicken Or Beef   14.00 15.00
Chicken Udon Soup    14.00


Bottle water, soda   2.00
Perrier    3.00


Cheese Cake Tempura    6.00
Tempura Ice Cream    6.00
Banana Tempura    6.00
Ice Cream    3.00
Blue Ginger
106 8th Ave
Btwn 15th & 16th St
(212) 352-0911
or (212) 352-0912
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