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  • Healthy, Local/Organic, Vegetarian
  • 191 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn 11211 40.717481 -73.957977
  • (Btwn N 6th & N 7th St)
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  • (718) 599-2547
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Available From: 9am Till 4pm.

Tofu Scrambled (gf). w/o bread tofu, seaweed, mushroom, onions and spices with whole-wheat or spelt toast and homefries    7.95
Tofu Scrambled have a salad instead for additional    1.00
Breakfast Burrito (gf). w/o tortilla. organic scrambled eggs, dairy or vegan cheese, spinach, sweet potatoes wrapped in whole-wheat tortilla. served on the side with vegan sour cream, pico de gallo and choice of chili or bean of the day    8.00
Vegan Breakfast Burrito tofu scrambled with vegan cheese, potatoes, spinach in whole-wheat tortilla, served on the side with vegan sour cream and chili or bean of the day    8.00
Bagel Delight scrambled eggs, tempeh bacon, vegan or dairy cheese and tomato on sprouted wheat bagel    6.50
Bagel Delight add chilli, bean of day or salad    8.00
Vegan Bagel Delight tofu scrambled, tempeh bacon, vegan cheese served on spouted wheat bagel    6.50
Vegan Bagel Delight add chili, bean of the day or salad    8.00
French Toast served with fresh fruit and maple whip    8.50
Vegan French Toast served with fresh fruit and maple whip    8.50
Oatmeal served with fruit of the day    5.25
Oatmeal add any nuts    6.25
Your Omelet Of The Day (gf). w/o bread, organic eggs with your choice of 3 vegetables (mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, peppers, avocado, zucchini, spinach), plus vegan or dairy cheese. served with spelt of whole-wheat toast and homefries    7.95
Your Omelet Of The Day have a salad instead homefries for additional    1.00
Your Omelet Of The Day bagel instead of toast for additional    0.75
Your Omelet Of The Day make your omelet with egg whites for additional    1.00
Bliss Omelette organic eggs with banana and walnuts, served with homefries and toast    7.95
Bliss Omelette have a salad instead for additional    1.00


Homemade And Vegan Granola With Fried Bananas, Cranberries Sweetened With Maple Syrup

With Soy Or Dairy Milk     4.75
With Fruit And Soy Or Dairy Milk     7.75
With Fruit And Soy Yogurt     7.75
Bowl Of Fresh Fruit With Yogurt     6.75

Egg Sandwiches

Add Dairy Or Vegan Cheese For $0.75 / Additional Egg For $1.

One Egg On Bagel Or Roll     2.50
Egg, Tomato And Cheese On Bagel/Roll     4.00
Egg, Cheese And Avocado On Roll/Bagel     5.00


Side Of Yogurt     2.50
Fresh Fruit     4.00
Homefries     2.50
Side Of Tofu Scrambled     4.75
Tempeh Bacon     3.00
Bagel With Butter And Jam     1.50
Bagel With Tofutti Cream Cheese     2.25
Bagel With Cream Cheese     2.00
Side Of Avocado     1.50
Side Of Chili Or Bean Of Day     2.00


Soup Of The Day with wheat roll    4.50
Soup With Corn Bread (gf). w/o bread    5.50
Three Bean Chili with wheat roll    4.50
Three Bean Chili (gf). w/o bread, served with corn bread or corn chips    5.50
Chili Con Pan large portion of chili topped with vegan sour cream, pico de gallo and corn bread    7.50
Super Nachos (gf). organic corn chips topped with chili, vegan or dairy cheese, pico de gallo and vegan sour cream    8.00
Quesadillas grilled organic whole-wheat tortillas filled with vegan or dairy cheese, pico de gallo served with extra sour cream and pico de gallo on the side    8.00
Quesadillas add portobello mushroom    8.75
Hummus Plate (gf). w/o bread, homemade hummus served with raw veggies and warm wheat bread    8.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich vegan or dairy cheese with tomato on whole wheat bread with soup or chili    7.50


Dressings: Carrot-Ginger, Lemon-Tahini Miso, Peanut, Creamy Dill, Bliss (Oil, Lemon, Mustard) Add Tempeh Or Tofu For $2.

Lentil organic seasonal lentils served over spinach topped with pico de gallo and balsamic vinaigrette    8.00
Simply organic mixed greens served with shredded carrots and beets, with choice of dressing    6.50
Garden organic mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, sprouts, mushrooms and steamed tofu with choice of dressing    9.00
Spinach green apples, walnuts and red onion served over fresh spinach topped with balsamic vinaigrette    7.00
Bliss green apples, cucumbers, tomatoes red onion, avocado, shredded carrot, strawberries over organic mixed greens served with bliss dressing    9.00
Side mixed greens with shredded carrots, and choice of dressing    3.50


Served With Vegan Coleslaw And Option Of Brown Rice Or Corn Chips Have A Salad Instead For Extra $1.

Grilled Portobello Zucchini Sandwich served with tomatoes, greens and spicy sundried tomato pesto    8.50
Seitan Steak Sandwich homemade seitan with caramelized onion, vegan mayo and choice of vegan or dairy cheese, served on multigrain roll    8.50
Tofu Club Sandwich grilled tofu and tempeh bacon with tomatoes, sprouts, mixed greens and vegan mayo    8.50
Veggie Burger homemade patty with cauliflower, tomatoes, mixed greens and mayo. served on sprouted wheat bun    9.00
Veggie Burger add vegan or dairy cheese    0.75
Grilled Tempeh Sandwich grilled tempeh served with shredded beets and carrots, spinach and spicy peanut spread    8.50
Hijiki Tofu Burger homemade tofu patty with cucumber, tomatoes green and mayo on organic sprouted wheat bun    9.00
Hummus Wrap grilled whole-wheat filled with greens, fresh veggies and homemade hummus    8.00
Crunchy Vegetable Wrap tofutti cream cheese, spinach, sprouts, shredded purple cabbage, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onion    7.00
PBJ Sandwich organic peanut butter, jam and bananas, on whole-wheat bread, served with greens apples on the side    5.50
Black Bean Burrito whole-wheat tortilla stuffed with seasoned black beans, sweet potatoes and portobello, served with vegan sour cream, pico de gallo brown rice and side salad with choice of vegan or dairy cheese    9.95


Dressings All Vegan And GF): Carrot-Ginger, Lemon, Tahini, Miso, Peanut, Creamy Dill, Extra Dressing $0.75.

Bliss Bowl organic brown rice, beans, steamed mixed veggies, kale, sweet potatoes and wakame seaweed. served with choice of grilled tempeh, steamed tofu or soba noodles and dressing    9.95
Bliss Bowl have breaded or grilled seitan instead    11.95
Harvest Plate (gf). w/o corn bread. garlic sauteed vegetables, seasoned lentils, brown rice, kale and corn bread with choice of grilled tofu or tempeh and dressing    13.95
Harvest Plate have breaded or grilled seitan instead    13.95
Curry Supreme (gf). organic tofu and mixed vegetables sauteed with garlic in rich coconut curry sauce and brown rice    11.95
Orange Citrus Sensation breaded homemade seitan chunks, mixed vegetables simmered in fragrant orange sauce, served with organic brown rice    11.95
Pasta Special soba noodles with garlic sauteed vegetables, option of grilled tofu or tempeh, served with side salad and choice of dressing    11.95
BBQ Tempeh (gf). seasonal sauteed green beans with brown, rice kale and mashed sweet potatoes    11.95
Black Bean Burrito whole-wheat tortilla stuffed with seasoned black beans, sweet potatoes and portobello. served with vegan sour cream, pico de gallo, brown rice and side salad with choice of vegan or dairy cheese and choice of dressing    9.95
Seitan Picadillo Burrito stuffed with rhyme, tomato, onion, raisins, almonds, rice and seitan, served with corn chips and side salad with choice of dressing    9.95


Steamed Kale     4.00
Garlic Sauteed Kale     4.50
Steamed Vegetables     4.50
Garlic Sauteed Vegetables     5.00
Rice, Beans Or Chili     2.00
Green Beans     3.00
Grilled Tofu Or Tempeh     3.00
Sweet Potatoes     4.00
Corn Bread     2.75
Side Of Dressing     0.75
Side Of Lentils     3.00
Side Of Seaweed     4.00
Tempeh Bacon     3.00
Side Of Avocado     1.50
Steamed Tofu     3.00

Desserts And Baked Goods

Vegan, Wheat Free And Homemade Cane Sugar Free, Sweetened With Maple Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup And Fruit

Muffins     2.00
Corn Bread     2.75
Apple Crisp with maple whip    5.00
Cookies     2.50
Slice Of Pie Or Cake     5.00
Side Of Maple Whip     0.75

Fresh Organic Juices

Orange     3.50
Carrot     3.50
Apple     3.50
Valley Vixen apple, lemon, ginger    4.50
Spirit Juice carrot, beet, lemon, ginger    4.50
Bliss Juice carrot, orange, lemon, ginger    4.50
Energy Bee orange, apple, honey, ecchinacca    4.50
Classic Juice orange and carrot    4.25

Hot Beverages

Organic Coffee     2.00
Organic Chai with soy/dairy milk    3.00
Hot Chocolate with soy/dairy milk    3.00

Organic Hot Teas $1.75

English Breakfast   
Earl Gray   
Black Tea   
White Tea   
Yerba Matte   
Green Moroccan Min   

Iced Beverages

Available Seasonally (GF) Gluten Free.

Organic Iced Coffee     2.50
Organic Iced Herbal Tea     2.50
Organic Homemade Lemonade     3.25
Organic Iced Chai With Soy Or Dairy Milk     3.25


191 Bedford Ave
Btwn N 6th & N 7th St
(718) 599-2547
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