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Belle Harbor Steakhouse

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Fried Combo mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fried zucchini & fried calamar 26.75
Hot Combo clams, shrimp, mini lobster tails & stuffed mushrooms w/ crabmeat in white wine & garlic sauce 45.00
Cold Combo clams, oysters, shrimp, mini lobster tails & lump crabmeat w/ cocktail sauce 48.00
Cold Appetizers

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 15.75
Lump Crabmeat Cocktail 17.75
Lobster Cocktail two 5oz. tail 22.00
Fresh Mozzarella & Beefsteak Tomato 8.95
Littleneck Clams On The Half Shell (1/2doz) 8.75 doz 16.50
Top Neck Clams On The Half Shell (1/2doz) 8.75 doz 16.50
Oysters On The Half Shell (1/2doz) 9.75 doz 18.00
Smoked Salmon with tomato, chopped onion & capers 10.50
Grape Leaves with feta & kalamata olives 10.50
Hot Appetizers

Stuffed Mushrooms with crabmeat (4) 10.50
Fried Calamari w/ light or hot sauce 9.75
Baked Clams (1/2doz) 9.25 doz 17.50
Clams Casino (1/2doz) 9.75 doz 18.50
Oysters Rockefeller doz 19.75 (1/2doz) 10.25
Zuppa Di Mussels with red or white sauce 9.75
Chicken Fingers with marinara sauce 7.75
Buffalo Wings w/ bleu cheese dressing 9.50
Lump Crabmeat Cakes Lightly Breaded & Pan Seared 15.50
Mozzarella Sticks 7.75
Grilled Octopus w/capers, oil & lemon 16.50
Artichokes Oreganato 10.50
Escargot Ala Bourgaronne 13.25
Entrees & Saute

Chicken Francaise in a light lemon wine sauce over rice 17.50
Chicken Marsala with mushrooms over linguini 17.50
Chicken Cordon Bleu swiss cheese & ham in a white wine lemon sauce over linguini 18.50
Chicken Sorrentino in a light red sauce topped w/ mozzarella cheese over linguini. 18.50
Veal Marsala with mushrooms over linguini. 18.50
Veal Francaise in a white wine lemon sauce over rice 18.50
Veal Sorrentino in a light red sauce topped with mozzarella cheese over linguini 19.50
Veal Cordon Bleu with swiss cheese & ham in a white wine lemon sauce over linguini 19.50
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana over linguini 18.50
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana over linguini 19.50
Shrimp Parmigiana over linguini 23.95
Eggplant Parmigiana over linguini 16.25
Sauteed Calf 's Liver w/ grilled onions & bacon, potato or vegetable of the day 18.50
Shrimp Fra Diavolo with clams & mussels over linguini 28.75
Shrimp Scampi in a white wine & garlic sauce with rice 23.50
Frutta Di Mare fresh seafood. clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, scallops & mini lobster tail with fresh tomato in a spice or light sauce over linguini 35.75
Steaks, Chops & Poultry

Rib Eye Steak with sauteed mushrooms (20oz) 36.00
Filet Mignon with sauteed mushrooms (10oz) 27.75 (16oz) 36.00
Boneless Shell Steak with sauteed mushrooms (14oz) 25.75 (18oz) 34.00
T-Bone Steak with sauteed mushrooms 36.00
Porterhouse with sauteed mushrooms (for 2) 75.50
Veal Chops with sauteed mushrooms (2) 29.00
Lamb Chops 35.50
Rack Of Lamb (for 2) 75.00
Pork Chops center cut. 19.50
Surf & Turf Lobster Tail & Tender Filet Mignon 47.50
Chopped Steak with onion & mushrooms 17.35
Roumanian Tenderloin Steak with grilled onions 26.50
London Broil with mushroom sauce 25.95
Chateaubriand (for 2) 76.50
Cold Salad Platters

Chicken Salad 10.50
Tuna Fish Salad 10.95
Egg Salad 9.25
Shrimp Salad 12.95
Whole Jumbo Shrimp Supreme 17.50
Ind. Can Tuna salmon or sardines 10.50
Chef Salad turkey, ham, roast beef, swiss cheese & hard boiled egg on a bed of mixed greens 14.50
Ala Carte Offerings

Green Giant fresh spinach on pita topped with low fat swiss cheese 7.50
Chicken Alba a on pita with mushrooms & spinach topped with low fat swiss cheese 9.50
Greek Pizza spinach, feta cheese & lite tomato sauce on pita topped w/mozzarella cheese 7.75
Stuffed Potato with broccoli or spinach topped with melted american cheese 7.50
Chicken Souvlaki on pita with chopped lettuce and tomato 8.75
Grilled Chicken on pita with chopped lettuce and tomato 8.25
Gyro on pita with chopped lettuce and tomato & tzaziki sauce 8.25
Bed Of Chopped Lettuce And Tomato with chicken salad 5.95
Bed Of Chopped Lettuce And Tomato with shrimp salad 8.75
Bed Of Chopped Lettuce And Tomato with tuna salad 6.50
Homemade Desserts

Cheesecake 6.00
Apple Or Blueberry Crumb Pie 4.50
Tiramisu 4.75
Chocolate Mousse Cake 4.50
Chocolate Or Rice Pudding Or Jello 3.95
Ice Cream Or Sherbert 4.50
Tartufo 6.75
Peach Melba with raspberry syrup 6.25
Creme Brulee 4.75
Pound Cake 2.75
Assorted Danish 3.00
Manhattan Truffle 6.75
Mom's Coconut Gelato Truffle 6.75
Mango Or Lemon Sorbet 6.75
Molten Chocolate Cake 6.75
Salads $8.50

Caesar Salad with our homemade caesar dressing
Greek Salad
Chopped Tomato Salad with kirby's, artichoke hearts, italian parsley & red onion
Arugula Salad Drizzled with fresh lemon, virgin olive oil & shaved parmesan cheese
Baby Spinach Salad with warm bacon mushroom dressing
Burger Corner

Burger dlx 8.75 5.50
Cheese Burger dlx 9.50 6.25
Veggie Burger dlx 8.75 5.50
Atlantic Salmon Burger dlx 9.75 6.50
Turkey Burger dlx 8.75 5.50
Sliced Steak On Garlic Bread dlx 17.50 14.25
Grilled Chicken On Garlic Bread 8.25 dlx 11.50
Fried Or Broiled Filet Of Sole On Bun dlx 11.75 8.50
Jumbo Fried Shrimp On Bun 8.75 dlx 12.00
Philly Cheesesteak 7.75 dlx 11.00
N.Y. Reuben 9.25 dlx 12.50
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana On Hero Bread 7.75 dlx 11.00
Eggplant Parmigiana On Hero Bread 7.50 dlx 10.50
Buffalo Wings with french fries and blue cheese dlx 10.25
Chicken Fingers with french fries and marinara sauce dlx 9.75
Eggs & Omelettes

One Egg Any Style 3.25
One Egg Any Style with bacon, ham or sausage 5.75
T Wo Eggs Any Style 7.25
T Wo Eggs Any Style with bacon, ham or sausage 7.25
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs 7.95
Virginia Ham Steak & Eggs 10.25
Roumanian Steak & Eggs 16.25
American Cheese Omelette 6.95
Swiss Cheese Omelette 6.95
Western Omelette 7.25
Spanish Omelette 7.25
Mushroom Omelette 7.25
Onion Omelette 6.75
Cottage Cheese Omelette 6.75
Mozzarella Omelette 6.95
Broccoli Or Spinach Omelette 6.75
Greek Omelette 7.50
Nova Scotia Lox & Onion Omelette 11.75
Eggs Benedict t wo poached eggs with canadian bacon, served on an english muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce 8.25
Egg Sandwiches

Fried Egg Sandwich 2.50
Fried Egg Sandwich with ham, bacon or sausage 4.25
Two Fried Eggs 3.25
Two Fried Eggs with ham, bacon or sausage 5.25
Western Omelette 4.50
Deli Sandwiches

Brisket corned beef or pastrami dlx 11.75 8.50
Roast Turke dlx 11.75 8.50
Roast Beef dlx 11.75 8.50
Ham And Cheese 8.50 dlx 11.75
Bacon lettuce & tomato dlx 9.75 6.50
Grilled American Or Swiss Cheese dlx 8.00 4.75
Grilled American Or Swiss Cheese with tomato dlx 8.50 5.25
Grilled American Or Swiss Cheese with bacon or ham 7.00 dlx 10.25
Grilled American Or Swiss Cheese with bacon & tomat dlx 10.75 7.50
Shrimp Salad 6.75 dlx 10.00
Tuna Salad dlx 9.25 6.00
Chicken Salad dlx 8.50 5.25
Egg Salad dlx 7.50 4.25
Ind. Can Tuna salmon or sardines 6.75 dlx 10.00
Tuna Melt 7.75 dlx 11.00
Triple Decker Clubs

Sliced Turkey w/ crisp bacon dlx 13.50 10.25
Egg Salad w/ crisp bacon 8.25 dlx 11.50
Chicken Salad w/ crisp bacon 9.25 dlx 12.50
Tuna Salad & Hard Boiled Egg 9.25 dlx 12.50
Assorted Wraps

Roast Turkey Wrap fresh turkey, bacon, lettuce & tomato 11.95
Chicken Caesar Wrap grilledchicken & romaine lettuce, mixed in a caesar salad dressing and topped with parmesan cheese 11.95
Greek Wrap grilled of chicken & greek salad mixed with our own greek salad dressing 11.95
Tuna Salad Wrap tunafish salad, lettuce, tomatoes and fresh sliced onions 10.95
Chicken Salad Wrap fresh chicken salad, lettuce, tomato and fresh sliced onions 10.95
Griddle Specialties

Pancakes, French Toast, Waffles Add With Ham, Bacon, Sausage Or Two Fried Eggs $3.

Pancakes 5.75
Silver Dollar 5.75
Blueberry Or Strawberry 7.25
French Toast 6.25
Challah Bread French Toast 6.25
Golden Brown Waffles 6.25
Toast, Muffins & Bagels

Buttered Toast 1.50
Cinnamon Toast 1.75
English Muffin 1.75
Corn bran or blueberry muffin 1.95
Buttered Roll 1.50
Toasted Bagel 1.75
Toasted Bagel with cream cheese 2.75
Bagel Platter with cream cheese & lox 9.75
Bagel Platter w/ cream cheese, lox, lettuce & tomato 11.50
Bagel Platter served with cream cheese, nova scotia lox, crisp lettuce, tomato, sliced bermuda onion, and olives (for 2) 21.95
Homemade Soups

Crock Of Baked Onion Soup 5.50
Soup Of The Day Or Chowder Of The Day cup 3.00 bowl 4.00

Broiled Norwegian Salmon 22.95
Broiled Filet Of Lemon Sole 22.95
Broiled Deep Sea Scallops 25.50
Stuffed Shrimp with crabmea 27.95
Stuffed Filet Of Sole with crabmeat 26.95
Broiled Swordfish 26.25
Broiled Fisherman's Platter shrimp, scallops, stuffed clam with crabmeat, mini lobster tail & filet of sole 40.75
Broiled Lobster Tails 57.50
Broiled Seafood Combination shrimp, scallops, filet of sole & stuffed mushroom with crabmeat 27.95
Fried Deep Sea Scallops 24.50
Fried Jumbo Shrimp 24.50
Fried Seafood Combination shrimp, scallops & filet of sole 24.50
Fried Filet Of Sole 21.95

Fettucine Alfredo 9.95
Penne Ala Vodka 9.95
Pasta Primavera 9.95
Pasta Marinara 8.95
Linguini with clam sauce 15.95
Side Orders

Onion Rings 6.00
French Fries 4.00
Baked Or Stuffed Potato 4.00
Mashed Potato 4.00
Green Beans Almondine 4.00
Steamed Asparagus 4.50
Children's Menu $9.95

Chicken Fingers With Fries
Grilled Cheese With Fries
Roast Turkey with gravy and mashed potato
Roast Beef with gravy and mashed potato
Jr. Burge with fries, lettuce, and tomato
Juices & Fresh Fruit

Assorted Juices orange, tomato, grapefruit, apple, pineapple & cranberry 2.00
Half Grapefruit 3.00
Fresh Melon In Season 4.00
Fruit Salad 4.00
Assorted Cold Cereals 3.00
Hot Cereal 3.50

Coffee Or Tea regular or decaf. 1.75
Milk 2.00
Hot Chocolate 2.50
Vanilla Or Chocolate Malted 4.50
Soda 2.00
Espresso regular or decaf. 2.75
Cappuccino regular or decaf. 3.75
Iced Coffee Or Tea 2.25
Double Espresso regular of decaf. 5.00
Fresh Lemonade 3.00