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Barbes Restaurant

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Soupe Du Jour 8.75
Hummus puree of chick peas, tahini, lemon juice & olive oil 9.75
Zaalouk roasted eggplant with tomato, garlic, arugula & balsamic vinaigrette 9.75
Salade Mediterranean zaalouk, hummus, chackchouka, tomato & arugula 12.75
Tomate Montrachet warm tomato stuffed with goat cheese, pesto & served with shallot tomato vinaigrette 11.75
Salade Verte Organique organic mixed green salad with champagne vinaigrette 8.75
Salade D'Endives endive salad with roquefort cheese & champagne vinaigrette 9.25
Artichaut A La Moutarde whole artichoke with mustard vinaigrette 10.25
Salade De Lentilles lentil salad with red onion, tomato & avocado 10.75
Salade D'Arugula arugula, tomato, red onion, lemon juice & olive oil 8.75
Confit De Canard duck confit with roasted beets, lentils & balsamic vinaigrette 12.75
Gateau De Crabe Marocaine crab cake with moroccan spices 12.75
Saumon Fume smoked salmon with baby arugula served with dill honey mustard 12.75

Brochette D'Agneau lamb skewers with moroccan spices & salad 14.75
Brochette De Poulet chicken skewers with yogurt cucumber sauce 12.75
Brochette De Crevette shrimp skewers with fresh tomato & cilantro sauce 14.75
Brochette De Merguez spicy lamb sausage skewers with tomato cilantro sauce 14.75
Brochette De Legumes vegetable skewers with fresh herbs & olive oil 12.75
Brochette De Saumon salmon skewers with lemon vinaigrette sauce 13.75
Sandwiches & Wraps $14.75

Served With French Fries & Fresh Fruit

Sandwich De Legumes zucchini, eggplant, tomato & asparagus
Poulet Sandwich grilled chicken breast with avocado, arugula & olive tapenade
Sandwich Au Steak hanger steak with shallots, tomato & arugula
Poulet Wrap grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato & yogurt sauce
Merguez Wrap grilled tuna, mixed greens, tomato & guacamole
Thon Wrap grilled tuna, mixed greens, tomato & guacamole
Crevette Wrap shrimp with lettuce, tomato & cilantro sauce
Fromage De Chevre goat cheese with vegetables & mixed greens

Appetizers $9.75 / Main Course $17.75

Moules Marinieres mussels with shallots, fresh herbs & white wine
Moules A La Marocaine mussels with garlic, cilantro, crushed pepper & tomato

Salade Cobb diced tomato, chicken breast, avocado, eggs & bleu cheese 15.75
Salade Nicoise mixed greens with tuna, eggs, tomato, olives, anchovies & mustard vinaigrette 16.75
Salade Grecque salad of feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves, romaine lettuce, cucumber & citrus vinaigrette 14.75
Salade De Thon Au Coeur De Palmier seared tuna with heart of palm, avocado, tomato, mixed greens & champagne vinaigrette 20.75
Salade De Poulet grilled chicken breast, romaine, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese & lemon red wine vinaigrette 16.75
Hanger A L'Echalotte hanger steak with shallot red wine sauce served with french fries 20.75
Crevettes Au Pistou grilled shrimp with pesto couscous & coriander harissa sauce 21.75
Saumon Savage Grille wild grilled salmon served with seasonal vegetables & mustard sauce 20.75
Bronzini Grille grilled bronzini (whole of fillet) in olive oil& lemon sauce with seasonal vegetables 24.75
Hamburger Maison hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion & french fries 12.75
Omelette Au Fromage De Chevre goat cheese omelet with asparagus, tomato & mixed greens 12.75
Blanco D'Oeuf Omelette Aux Legumes egg white omelet with diced mixed vegetables & mixed salad 12.75
Deux Oeufs Sur Le Plat Aux Merguez two sunny side up eggs with lamb sausage & mixed greens 12.75
Specialites Marocaine

Tagine De Poulet tangine of chicken with preserved lemon & green olives 19.75
Tagine De D'Agneau tagine of lamb with sesame seeds & prunes 21.75
Tagine De Poisson tagine of marinated fish with charmoula sauce & seasonal vegetables 20.75
Kefta Tagine lamb meat balls, french green peas & moroccan spices in a light tomato sauce 19.75
Couscous Marocaine Traditionnelles traditional moroccan couscous with your choice of chicken or lamb 20.75
Couscous Royale traditional moroccan couscous with lamb, chicken, & merguez 24.75
Couscous Au Legumes traditional moroccan couscous with seasonal vegetables 19.75
Pistilla brick stuffed with chicken, almonds, cinnamon, coriander, & onion 19.75
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