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Bangkok Thai House

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  • 6735 3rd Ave, Brooklyn 11220 40.636998 -74.0254
  • (At Senator St)
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  • (718) 748-9354
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Thai Satay charcoal grilled, marinated chicken (4) or flank steak (3) on skewers served w/ peanut sauce and cucumber salad    6.50
Tofu Satay skewered crispy tofu (3) marinated in thai curry spices served with peanut sauce    5.50
BKK Dumplings a unique thai appetizer! homemade steamed dumplings (4) filled with minced chicken, radish & thai herbs served w/ soy sauce    5.50
Curry Puff fried dumplings (4) stuffed with minced curried chicken & potato served w/ sweet chili sauce    4.50
Shrimp Sarong shrimp(3) w/ bell peppers & thai herbs wrapped in crispy rolls served w/ sweet chili sauce    4.50
Assorted Appetizers 2 of each: thai fried spring rolls, siamese samusa, tofu a la bangkok & lentil fritters served w/ both sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce    8.00
Thai Fried Spring Rolls crispy rolls (3) filled with shredded vegetables and clear noodles served w/ sweet chili sauce    3.50
Lentil Fritters crispy yellow lentil fritters (4) served w/ sweet chili sauce    3.50
Tofu A La Bangkok golden crispy tofu (4) served w/ sweet chili sauce    3.50
Siamese Samusa crispy triangle shells (4) stuffed with thai spiced potatoes served w/ sweet chili sauce    3.50
Fresh Vegetable Roll jumbo fresh spring rolls (2) stuffed with shredded vegetables & tofu topped with chef special brown sauce    4.50
Thai Fried Calamari lightly battered calamari served w/ "num jim" (thai chili dipping sauce)    8.50


Chicken/ Shrimp/ Or Tofu. Seafood Shrimp, Squid & Mussels $2 Extra

Thom Yum* delicious & nutritious, our traditional thai recipe of thom yum soup is known for its many health benefits! thai style hot & sour soup w/ lemongrass, lime & oriental mushroom with choice of meat    5.00
Country Style Thom Yum* creamy thai hot & sour soup with coconut milk, lemongrass, lime, oriental mushroom & choice of meat    6.00
Thom Ka thai coconut soup w/ lime, oriental mushroom, galangal, kaffir lime leaves & lemongrass with choice of meat    6.00
Twelve Ingredients Hot Pot clear broth soup w/ mixed vegetables & choice of meat    5.00


Papaya Salad very popular in thailand-it's low in calories, but high in taste! shredded green papaya mixed w/ tomatoes, string beans, chopped nuts & thai chilis, tossed in lime vinaigrette dressing    7.00
Stringbean Salad blanched string beans (or fresh plum tomatoes) chopped nuts, carrot & cabbage tossed in lime vinaigrette dressing    7.00
Bkk House Salad fresh, crisp salad vegetables topped w/ peanut sauce or vinaigrette    5.00
Shrimp Or Beef Salad (Yum )* charcoal grilled beef /shrimp/or squid with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes & thai chilis tossed in lime vinaigrette dressing    10.00
Shrimp Or Beef Salad (Yum )* add crispy duck salad    16.00
Tofu Salad* fried tofu, chopped nuts, carrot, cabbage & thai chilis tossed in lime vinaigrette dressing    7.00
Thai Rice Salad* jasmine rice, carrot, cabbage & red onion tossed in sweet chili vinaigrette dressing topped with toasted sesame seeds, served room temperature    8.00


Chicken/ Shrimp/ Tofu/ Or Vegs $8.50. Beef Sliced Flank Steak $9.50

Famous Pad Thai classic thai recipe, thin rice noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, egg & choice of meat, topped with peanuts & lime  
Red Hot Chili Pasta(Pad Kee Mao)* also known as "drunken noodles" , thin rice noodles sautéed with thai basil, string bean & thai chili sauce w/ choice of meat  
Pad See Ew (Soy Noodles) pan fried thin rice noodles stir fried in light soy sauce with broccoli, bean sprouts & choice of meat  
Northern Noodle Soup* (Kao Soi) egg noodles & choice of meat cooked in thai coconut curry soup    9.00  10.00
Chicken Noodle Stirred Crazy (Gwitiew Gai Kua) created in the 1950s, this dish became just as popular as famous pad thai! thai rice noodles stir fried with chicken and egg, served with a side of chili sauce for spicy lovers    8.00

Fried Rice

Chicken/ Shrimp/ Tofu/ Or Vegs $8.50. Beef Sliced Flank Steak $9.50. Brown Rice $2 Extra

Oriental Express Fried Rice traditionally served on the railroads in thailand, jasmine rice stir fried w/ onion & egg w/ choice of meat  
Thai Festival Rice* spicy fried rice with thai basil, chili & string beans with choice of meat  
Pineapple Fried Rice the signature dish of thailand, jasmine rice stir fried with sweet pineapple chunks, egg & choice of meat  


Served With Jasmine Rice (Brown Rice Add $1). Tofu/ Or Vegetables $10. Chicken/ Pork/ Shrimp (M) $10. Beef Sliced Flank Steak $11. Seafood Combination Of Shrimp, Squid & Mussels $12. Cod Fillet Of Fish Steam Or Fried $15

Thai Basil* fresh thai basil, string beans sautéed w/ choice of meat in thai brown sauce  
Garlic Sauce choice of meat sautéed w/ coriander, black pepper & fresh veggies in light garlic sauce  
Spicy Melody* roasted dried chili, zucchini, peanuts sautéed w/ choice of meat in thai chili sauce  
Ginger Sauce choice of meat sautéed w/ oriental mushrooms & veggies in fresh ginger sauce  
Sweet & Sour choice of meat sautéed w/ tomatoes & pineapples in thai style sweet and sour sauce  


Thai Curries Are Exquisitely Thai In Flavor, So If You're A Fan Of Thai Food, Be Sure To Give Our Popular Curries A Try! Served With Jasmine Rice (Brown Rice Add $1). Tofu/ Or Vegetables $11. Chicken/ Pork/ Shrimp (M) $11. Beef Sliced Flank St

Panang Curry also known as "peanut curry" , choice of meat cooked with kaffir lime leaves, string beans & peanuts in panang coconut curry  
Thai Red Curry choice of meat cooked w/ fresh thai basil, bamboo shoots, string beans & eggplant in thai red coconut curry  
Thai Green Curry a little spicier than thai red curry, thai green coconut curry cooked with choice of meat, fresh thai basil, bamboo shoots, string beans & eggplant  
Mussamun Curry an authentic favorite! choice of meat cooked with potatoes, onions & peanuts in mussamun coconut curry  
Yellow Curry our milder curry, thai yellow coconut curry cooked with potatoes, onions & choice of meat  


Jasmine Rice steamed fragrant white rice    1.50
Sticky Rice     2.50
Brown Rice     2.50
Coconut Rice     3.00
Curry Rice     3.00
Extra Peanut Sauce    lg 3.50 sm 1.00


Thai Ice Cream one scoop, mango, green tea, coconut, or vanilla    2.95
Traditional Ice Cream sweet sticky rice topped with thai coconut ice cream & sprinkled with chopped nuts    7.50
Ice Cream Sundae two scoops ice cream w/ whipped cream, chocolate syrup & nuts    6.95
Thai Pumpkin Custard our most famous dessert! topped w/ whipped cream    3.95
Fried Bananas topped with powdered sugar & honey, served w/ vanilla ice cream    6.95
Fresh Mango w/ sweet sticky rice    6.95
Hot Fudge Brownie w/ vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, fudge syrup & nuts    6.95
Ice Cream Slice vanilla ice cream in graham cracker crust, topped w/ whipped cream, chocolate syrup & nuts    6.50
Frostee Coffee thai iced coffee topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup    6.50



Thai Iced Tea w/ milk    3.25
Thai Iced Coffee w/ milk  
Lemon Iced Tea   
Mango Juice   
Chrysanthemum Iced Tea   
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade     3.95
Young Coconut Juice   
Poland Spring Water     1.50
Soda Can   

Beer $5

Served On Premises

Singha Light   
Amstel Light   
Kirin Ichiban   
Coors Light   

Our House Specialties

Served With Jasmine Rice

Lemongrass Chicken* grilled chicken breast marinated in thai spices & lemongrass, served w/ lemon chili sauce & side salad    10.00
Pineapple Mango Shrimp a delicious, tropical dish! lightly battered shrimps topped with sweet pineapple mango sauce    12.00
Aroydee Duck crispy duck breast topped with choice of thai style bbq sauce (or garlic sauce), served w/ side salad    19.00
Mussamun Short Ribs* thick-cut beef short ribs braised w/ potatoes, onions & peanuts in our signature thai mussamun curry    20.00
Thai Mango Chicken healthy & certain to please everyone's taste buds! steamed chicken breast topped w/ tangy mango sauce    10.00
Tamarind Duck* crispy duck breast topped with chili tamarind sauce, a powerful thai combination of sweet & sour, spicy & salty    18.00
Pineapple Curry Shrimp* if you like exotic, you'll love this! fresh shrimps cooked in sweet pineapple coconut curry    13.00
Thai Style Ribs slow cooked pork spare ribs in your choice of thai style bbq sauce or garlic sauce    16.00
Banana Leaf Fillet* a specialty, once served only to thai royals! cod fillet of fish in thai red coconut curry & steamed in fragrant thai banana leaves    19.00
Chicken W/ Cashew Nuts* chicken breast, cashew nuts & vegetables sautéed in light thai chili sauce    12.00
Popular Pork Garlic pork lightly sautéed in garlic sauce served with side salad and cucumber chutney    12.00

Dishes, All Day $7

Find Your Favorite! Please Order By Number. Sorry, No Substitutions Or Special Requests

#1. Grilled Chicken Salad grilled chicken & salad veggie stopped w/ peanut sauce or vinaigrette dressing  
#3 Ginger Tofu tofu lightly sautéed in ginger sauce over jasmine rice  
#4. Thai Noodle Salad egg noodles tossed w/ salad vegetables and topped w/ peanut sauce dressing (served room temperature)  
#5. Thai Chili Squid* over jasmine rice  
#6. Farang Fried Rice shrimp fried rice w/ onion, egg & tomato  
#7. Yellow Curry Fried Rice chicken fried rice cooked w/ curry powder & veggies  
#8. Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice thai fried rice with mixed vegetables  
#9. Pad Puk mixed vegetables stir-fried in light brown sauce over jasmine rice  
#10. Spicy Chicken* chicken & veggies stir fried in thai chili sauce over rice  
#12. Gado Gado S steamed mixed veggies topped with peanut sauce  

Main Dish

Pick One Main Dish From

Fried Rice   
Stir Fry   
Curry Dish     14.95

With One Choice Of

Shrimp (M)   

Comes With

* Please Choose: Mild, Medium, Spicy, Or "Thai Spicy" (Most Dishes Can Also Be Made Not Spicy) Peanuts Are A Main Ingredient In Thai Cuisine. Please Let Us Know If You Have Any Food Allergies Prior To Ordering.

Side Salad w/ peanut sauce dressing  
Appetizers fried spring roll & siamese samusa  
Jasmine Rice for stir fry or curry  


Bangkok Thai House
6735 3rd Ave
At Senator St
(718) 748-9354
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