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Bagels & Brew

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  • Bagels, Deli Food, Sandwiches
  • 43-05 Broadway, Astoria 11103 40.757846 -73.916279
  • (At 43rd St)
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  • (718) 545-4440
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Bagels & Pastries

Bagel     0.95
Mini Bagel     0.60
Bagel With Low-Fat Flavored Cream Cheese     3.50
Flat Bagel     1.25
Bialy     1.00
Kaiser Roll     1.00
Fresh Muffins     1.75
Fresh Croissant     1.75
Fresh Apple Turnover     1.75
Fresh Cheese Danish     1.75
Bagels    ( 1/2 doz) 5.00 (1 doz) 10.50

Homemade Cream Cheese & Spreads By Weight

Butter     5.95  3.00  1.50
Jelly     3.00  5.95  1.50
Peanut Butter     7.95  2.00  4.00
Plain Cream Cheese     2.00  7.95  4.00
Scallion Cream Cheese     8.95  2.25  4.50
Bacon & Scallion Cream Cheese     2.25  4.50  8.95
Vegetable Cream Cheese     4.50  2.25  8.95
Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Cheese     2.25  4.50  8.95
Olive & Pimento Cream Cheese     8.95  4.50  2.25
Strawberry Cream Cheese     4.50  8.95  2.25
Blueberry Cream Cheese     2.25  4.50  8.95
Mango Cream Cheese     2.25  4.50  8.95
Apple & Cinnamon Cream Cheese     8.95  4.50  2.25
Jalapeño & Cheddar Cream Cheese     2.25  8.95  4.50
Everything Cream Cheese jalapeño, scallion, bacon & veggies.    4.50  2.25  8.95
Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese     2.25  8.95  4.50
Low-Fat Plain Cream Cheese     9.95  5.00  2.50
Low-Fat Scallion Cream Cheese     10.95  5.50  2.75
Low-Fat Veggie Cream Cheese     2.75  10.95  5.50
Lox Cream Cheese Spread     11.95  6.00  3.00
Tofu Spread     9.95  5.00  2.50
Fresh Lox     11.00  5.50  21.95
White Fish Spread     3.00  11.95  6.00
Baked Salmon Spread     11.95  6.00  3.00
Tuna Salad     9.95  2.50  5.00
Chicken Salad     2.50  9.95  5.00
Egg Salad     2.00  4.00  7.95


One Egg Sandwich     2.00
Two Eggs Sandwich     2.50
Two Egg Whites Sandwich     2.50
Two Eggs, Bacon & Cheese Sandwich     3.50
Two Eggs, Ham & Cheese Sandwich     3.50
Two Eggs, Sausage & Cheese Sandwich     3.50
Two Eggs, Pastrami & Cheese Sandwich     4.50
Two Eggs, Turkey Bacon & Cheese Sandwich     4.50
Two Eggs, Turkey & Cheese Sandwich     4.50
Bacon, Egg Whites & Cheese Sandwich     4.00

Three Eggs Omelettes & Egg Plates

Lox Omelette Sandwich     6.95
Lox Omelette Plate     8.50
Hungry Man Omelette Sandwich bacon, ham, sausage and cheese.    5.50
Hungry Man Omelette Plate bacon, ham, sausage and cheese.    7.25
Mushroom Omelette Sandwich     4.00
Mushroom Omelette Plate     5.50
Spinach & Mushroom Omelette Sandwich     5.00
Spinach & Mushroom Omelette Plate     6.50
Western Omelette Sandwich     4.75
Western Omelette Plate     6.25
Peppers & Onion Omelette Sandwich     4.00
Peppers & Onion Omelette Plate     5.25
Cheese Omelette Sandwich     3.50
Cheese Omelette Plate     5.00
Ham & Cheese Omelette Sandwich     4.00
Ham & Cheese Omelette Plate     5.50
Tex-Mex Omelette Sandwich onions, tomato and jalapeño peppers.    4.00
Tex-Mex Omelette On A Plate onions, tomato and jalapeño peppers.    5.50
Spinach Omelette Sandwich     4.00
Spinach Omelette Plate     5.50
Greek Omelette Sandwich feta cheese, tomato and onions.    4.75
Greek Omelette Plate feta cheese, tomato and onions.    6.75
Veggie Omelette Sandwich tomato, spinach and mushrooms.    5.50
Veggie Omelette Plate tomato, spinach and mushrooms.    6.95
Garden Omelette Sandwich green peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.    5.00
Garden Omelette Plate green peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.    6.50
Two Eggs Breakfast Plate served with home fries or french fries.    3.75
Two Eggs & Bacon Breakfast Plate served with home fries or french fries.    4.75
Two Eggs & Meat Breakfast Plate served with home fries or french fries.    5.75
Avocado Omelette Sandwich     5.00
Avocado Omelette Plate     6.50
Lulu's Omelette Sandwich egg whites, provolone cheese, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.    5.00
Lulu's Omelette Plate egg whites, provolone cheese, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.    6.50


French Toast Breakfast Plate     4.25
Pancakes Breakfast Plate     4.25
French Toast With Two Eggs Breakfast Plate     6.25
Pancake With Two Eggs Breakfast Plate     6.25
French Toast With Fresh Fruits Breakfast Plate     6.25
Banana Pancakes Breakfast Plate     6.25
Chocolate Chip Pancakes Breakfast Plate     6.25
Pancakes With Fresh Fruits Breakfast Plate     6.25
Silver Dollar Pancakes Plate     4.50
Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes     7.25
Silver Dollar Chocolate Chip Pancakes     7.25


Homemade Oatmeal With Optional Toppings available all day.   sm 2.00 lg 3.00

Soups Made Daily

Chicken Noodle Soup   
Split Pea Soup   
Chili With Cheddar   


Served With Bagel Chips. Salad Dressing Choice: Oil & Vinegar, Ranch Dressing, Caesar Dressing, Balsamic Vinegar, Thousand Island Dressing.

Garden Salad     3.75
Garden Salad With Grilled Chicken     5.75
Garden Salad With Fried Chicken Cutlet     6.75
Garden Salad With Scoop Of Tuna     6.00
Garden Salad With Scoop Of Chicken Salad white meat only.    6.00
Garden Salad With Scoop Of Egg Salad     5.75
Garden Salad With Scoop Of Whitefish     6.75
Garden Salad With Scoop Of Baked Salmon Spread     6.75
Chef Salad made with only boar's head products.    6.50
Greek Salad     5.75
Greek Salad With Grilled Chicken     7.75

Salad Sandwiches

Egg Salad Sandwich     5.00
Chicken Salad Sandwich     5.50
Tuna Salad Sandwich     5.25
White Fish Salad Sandwich     6.50
Baked Salmon Salad Sandwich     7.00

Cold Cut Sandwiches, Chicken & BLT Sandwiches

Genoa Salami & American Cheese Sandwich     5.00
Ham & American Cheese Sandwich     5.00
Honey Maple Turkey & American Cheese Sandwich     5.50
Roast Beef & American Cheese Sandwich     5.75
Pastrami & Swiss Cheese Sandwich     5.75
Oven Gold Turkey & Swiss Cheese Sandwich     5.50
Grilled Chicken Sandwich lettuce and tomato.    5.50
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Sandwich lettuce and tomato.    5.50
BLT Sandwich bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.    3.75
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with american cheese.    3.25
Cracked Pepper Turkey & Swiss Sandwich     5.50
Cappy Ham & Mozzarella Sandwich     5.25
Cappy Ham, Mozzarella & Roasted Peppers Sandwich     5.75
Cappy Ham, Provolone & Roasted Peppers Sandwich     5.75
Salami, Provolone & Roasted Peppers Sandwich     5.50
Salami & Provolone Sandwich     5.50
Salami, Mozzarella & Fresh Tomatoes Sandwich     5.50
Bacon, Avocado & Tomato Sandwich served with mayo.    4.50
Turkey Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich served with mayo.    4.75
Ham & Swiss Cheese Sandwich     5.50

Triple Deckers

Sliced Boar's Head Turkey Triple Decker bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato.    7.75
Tuna Triple Decker lettuce, tomato and cheese.    7.75
Roast Beef Triple Decker lettuce, tomato and cheese.    8.75
Chicken Salad Triple Decker bacon, tomato and cheese.    8.75

Specialty Sandwiches $7.95

1. All-American Specialty Sandwich deluxe ham, ovengold turkey, roast beef, swiss cheese, american cheese, lettuce and tomato.  
2. Turkey Melt Specialty Sandwich ovengold turkey, melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and mayo.  
3. Chicken Cutlet BLT Specialty Sandwich everroast chicken or grilled chicken, crispy bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.  
4. The Monte Cristo Specialty Sandwich smoked turkey, deluxe ham, crispy bacon, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.  
5. Cosmo's Italian Specialty Sandwich genoa salami, cappy ham, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar.  
6. Chicken Delight Specialty Sandwich blazing buffalo or everroast chicken, monterey jack cheese with jalapeño, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  
7. Roast Beef Supreme Specialty Sandwich hot roast beef, melted cheddar cheese and caramelized onions.  
8. Pastrami Supreme Specialty Sandwich hot pastrami, melted swiss cheese and crispy bacon.  
9. Tuna Melt Specialty Sandwich tuna salad, melted american cheese and tomato.  
10. Lulu Chicken Cutlet Specialty Sandwich fried chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers with oil and vinegar.  

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

American Cheese Sandwich     3.25
Muenster Cheese Sandwich     4.00
Provolone Cheese Sandwich     4.00
Cheddar Cheese Sandwich     4.00
Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich     4.00
Pepper Jack Cheese Sandwich spicy.    4.00
Swiss Cheese Sandwich     4.00

Gourmet Wraps $6.75

Chicken Salad Wrap chicken salad, swiss cheese and crispy bacon.  
Pastrami Wrap pastrami and melted american cheese.  
Smoked Turkey Wrap smoked turkey with swiss cheese, tomato, romaine lettuce and mayo.  
Grecian Wrap everroast chicken, shredded lettuce, red onion, black olives and feta cheese with oil and vinegar.  
BLT Wrap bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  
California Wrap grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado, roasted peppers and ranch dressing.  
Vegetarian Wrap grilled eggplant, mesculin, roasted peppers and balsamic vinegar.  
Caesar Wrap grilled chicken, romaine lettuce and caesar dressing.  
Tex-Mex Wrap buffalo chicken breast, jack cheese, jalapeños, red onions, tomato and lettuce.  
Turkey Club Wrap ovengold turkey, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  
Greek Salad Wrap grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, olives, red onions, oil and vinegar.  
Mexican Wrap grilled chicken, jalapeño, avocado and jack cheese.  

Panini $6.75

Delightful Panini ovengold turkey, american cheese, tomatoes and honey mustard.  
Honey Bear Panini maple honey turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.  
Toasted Monte Cristo Panini deluxe ham, smoked turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.  
The Italiano Panini grilled chicken, peppers, mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce.  
Broadway Special Panini grilled chicken, haloumi cheese, romaine lettuce and tomato.  
Tuscan Sandwich Panini fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, roasted peppers, arugula and balsamic vinegar.   
Steak Panini roast beef, fresh mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers.  
Mexican Panini grilled chicken, jalapeños, jack cheese and avocado.  

Grilled Burgers & Off The Grill

Beef Burger served on a fresh kaiser roll.    4.00
Veggie Burger served on a fresh kaiser roll.    5.00
Cheeseburger served on a fresh kaiser roll.    4.75
Bacon Cheeseburger served on a fresh kaiser roll.    5.50
Broadway Burger sautéed onions and melted provolone cheese. served on a fresh kaiser roll.    5.50
Costa's Burger bacon, cheese and tomato. served on a fresh kaiser roll.    6.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich served on a fresh kaiser roll.    4.00
Philly Cheese Steak onions, peppers and melted american cheese. served on a hero.    6.00
Chicken Fingers With Fries     5.95


Deep River Snacks Potato Chips chips choice: original salted, zesty jalapeño, mesquite bbq, sweet maui onion, sour cream & onion, salt & vinegar.    1.25
Strawberry & Blueberry Cup     4.50
Side Of Home Fries     2.50
Onion Rings     2.50
Spinach Pie     3.50
Feta Cheese Pie     3.50

Homemade Salads By The Pound

Chicken Salad     9.95
Egg Salad     7.95
Tuna Salad     9.95
White Fish Salad     11.95
Potato Salad     2.95
Macaroni Salad     2.95
Coleslaw Salad     2.95
Baked Salmon Salad     11.95
Tuna N Macaroni Salad     5.95


Fruit Salad     3.75
Rice Pudding     3.50
Yogurt Parfait with granola, blueberries and strawberries.    3.50
Brownies     2.00
Muffins muffin selection corn muffin, blueberry muffin, raisin bran muffin, banana nut muffin, lemon poppy muffin, chocolate chip muffin, double chocolate chip muffin.    1.75
Apple Turnover     1.75
Cheese Danish     1.75
Croissant croissant selection: plain croissant, chocolate croissant.    1.75
Chocolate Chip Cookie     1.50
M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie     1.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie     1.50
Fresh Crumb Cake     2.00
Strawberry & Blueberry Cup     4.50


House Arabica Brewed     1.25  1.50  2.25
Decaf Arabica Brewed     1.25  1.50  2.25
Hazelnut Brewed     1.50  2.50  2.00
French Vanilla Brewed     2.00  1.50  2.50
French Vanilla Blend sweetened and mixed.    1.50  2.50  2.00
Cappucino Blend sweetened and mixed.    2.50  2.00  1.50
Lipton Tea     1.25  2.25  1.75
Celestial Seasons Herbal Tea herbal tea choice: green tea, lemon zinger, black cherry, english black tea, chamomile, orange zest, peppermint, cinnamon apple spice.    2.00  1.50  2.50
Hot Chocolate     1.50  2.50  2.00
Iced Coffee Arabica Blend    (16oz) 2.00 (20oz) 2.75
Iced Hazelnut Blend    (20oz) 3.00 (16oz) 2.50
Iced Frappé    (20oz) 3.25 (16oz) 2.75
Iced French Vanilla Brewed    (20oz) 3.00 (16oz) 2.50
Brewed Iced Tea     2.25  1.50  1.25


Boylan Soda all natural cane sugar soda. boylan flavors: orange, grape, ginger ale, cream, orange cream, black cherry, lemon seltzer, root beer.    1.65
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice     3.95
Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice     3.95
Tropicana Juices apple tropicana, grape tropicana, orange tropicana - no pulp, orange tropicana - some pulp, orange tropicana - lots of pulp, orange tropicana - calcium, orange, strawberry, banana tropicana, orange, peach, mango tropicana, lemonade tropicana, cranberry tropicana, pomegranate blueberry tropicana, red ruby grapefruit tropicana, pineapple orange tropicana, strawberry kiwi tropicana.    2.00
Soda coke, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, ginger ale, sprite.   can 1.15 (btl 20oz) 1.65
Poland Spring Water    reg 1.00 (1lt) 2.00
Seltzer Water     1.65
Smart Water     2.00
Snapple fruit punch snapple, mango madness snapple, kiwi strawberry snapple, lemon tea snapple, peach iced tea snapple, diet peach snapple, diet lemon tea snapple.   (20oz) 2.00
Vitaminwater energy vitamin water, xxx acai berry vitamin water, power c dragonfruit vitamin water.   (20oz) 2.00
Gatorade fruit punch gatorade, frost riptide rush gatorade, lemon-lime gatorade.   (20oz) 2.00
Zico Coconut Water natural, chocolate, pineapple.    2.75
Naked naked choice: berry veggie, blue machine, green machine, red machine, orange carrot, mighty mango, strawberry banana, power-c machine.    4.25
Organic Cold Honest Tea & Ade honest tea choice: honey green tea, half & half (tea & lemonade), sweet tea (not too sweet), peach white tea, lemon tea, pomegranate blue, orange mango, super fruit punch.    2.00
Cold Milk    (12oz) 1.75
Nesquik Flavored Milk chocolate, strawberry.    2.00
Red Bull regular red bull, sugar-free red bull.    2.75
1/2 Gallon Of Tropicana Orange Juice     5.00
1/2 Gallon Of Skim Milk     3.00
1/2 Gallon Of Whole Milk     3.00
1/2 Gallon Of Half & Half     3.00


Bagels & Brew
43-05 Broadway
At 43rd St
(718) 545-4440
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